46 Years Old, 3 Kids, Size 38G, Hoping to Finish at a Size C, Edmonton, AB

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I am finally scheduled for breast reduction...

I am finally scheduled for breast reduction surgery on May 16, 2016 in Edmonton, Alberta with Dr. Ladak. I first saw Dr. Ladak in spring 2014 and was approved for the procedure. But I wanted to lose weight first. I am currently 5'6 and 176 lbs. But I didn't lose the weight. Then I had surgery scheduled for October 2015, but I couldn't quit smoking, so cancelled. I was finally able to quit smoking December 1, 2015 and scheduled my surgery for May last month (February). I have a small boned frame and my goal is to lose about 45 lbs. So I have started eating clean and getting more active. Doing push ups and back exercises and cardio. My weight loss journey will continue with a clean diet after surgery and eventually return to working out after recovery. My breasts have made me feel much bigger than I am, having to shop in plus size stores for my bras and tops for the past 4 Years. I'm hoping to go down to a size C and I'm afraid I'll look pregnant after surgery if my tummy doesn't go down a bit. I know this will be a process, but it will be so much easier to work out after surgery and recovery. I'm encouraged by seeing the 5 star reviews on Dr. Ladak on this site and feeling even more motivated to get as healthy as possible before surgery. Getting very, very excited!!

7 weeks Pre-Op Reduction May 16, 2016

I've been busy moving this week, packing, cleaning, painting...hopefully I've lost some weight with all the sweat!! I'm quite concerned about the size of my tummy post-op in proportion to my post-op breast size. I don't want to look pregnant!! I now see all these "mommy makeovers" on here and wish a tummy tuck was free with health care!! Can't complain tho. Guess I'll just have to start a tummy tuck savings account!! I'm getting really excited for the surgery. I've waited 2 years...because I wanted to lose weight first (which didn't happen) and then I had to quit smoking, which I did successfully in Niv 2015!! I'm kind of obsessed with looking at post op bras online...wondering if there's one out there that is comfortable and helps with healing. Another member kindly posted the post-op bra my doctor uses for the first couple of weeks. But I'm looking at other front closure ones that are kind of cute since I'll be going into warm weather and probably wearing tank tops. Any suggestions on your favorite post op bra/sports bra for reduction?

Discouraged by weight GAIN

I quit smoking in Novembet 2015 so that I could proceed with reduction surgery. I've been trying to eat well, but have slowly ballooned to 180 lbs. this is THE MOST I've ever weighed when not pregnant. I didn't realize smoking cessation changes metabolism. I thought people gained weight after quitting smoking because they replaced it with eating. So I have been extremely discouraged this past week, trying to decide if I should post-pone the surgery AGAIN. I'm afraid I will look pregnant with smaller boobs and big belly and people will ask me "oh how far along are you??" AAACK. So I've finally decided to meet with s personal trainer who I had connected with over a month ago. I'm meeting her tomorrow for a consult and to get her evaluation. I'm 5 weeks to surgery so I'll decide what's going to be best. I did ask my PS about my physique and he said exercise was the only thing to make my upper tummy go down (I could have a tummy tuck for lower abdomen, but that's not in the budget now). I was crying today. Just SO frustrated. The PLAN was to lose weight before surgery and my body has done the total opposite. I've also been moving this entire past month (from condo to new duplex rental) after divorce last year. 3 kids, 2 dogs, painting new place, now unpacking. My boyfriend is super supportive and is planning to help with post surgical care (he used to be an EMT and is really good with medical stuff). So I guess I will talk to my new trainer tomorrow and decide what the best course of action will be. I've been waiting since 2014 for the right time for surgery, wanting to lose weight first and then quitting smoking. Feeling defeated.

Getting Nervous and excited!!

May 16 is quickly approaching. Î considered delaying the surgery because of my concern about lack of weight loss in tummy area. As long as I stay away from gluten I don't get the super bloat that makes me look pregnant. The first person who asks me "oh how far along are you" is going to get a black eye. Okay maybe not. I saw my wonderful GP yesterday and I discussed my concerns with her and she said that she thinks I should go ahead with the reduction as it will improve my self-image and make me want to exercise to get rid of my tummy (after recovery) which will help my mental health. So it's all systems go. 18 Days away. The hospital called today to confirm my personal details so they can have the file ready. Other than that, I want to go to the second hand store to get some front opening blouses (I have none...usually hate them, but don't want to be lifting my arms at first). Also go to Walmart to get some Fruit of the Loom Front opening bras in a couple different sizes. AND hopefully get some freezer meals made ahead of time. I'm wondering how recovery will go, as it seems everyone has a unique journey. I'm going to continue with my stomach and core exercises to strengthen those muscles to help with movement post-surgery.

Found a GREAT Website for Pre-Op Prep

I was looking online for post-op bras after reduction and came across www.hospitalbra.com. They have some AMAZING lists and info to download under FAQ for pre-op prep and post-op care, including a grocery list and setting up your recovery oasis. Their bra is also made of bamboo, which I was looking for because it's super soft! They are based out of the U.K. and sent me a personalized message about my order and I was able to confirm my size choice with them. See pic below. I also checked out the Intuition Recovery Bra at www.postopbra.com. They are out of some of their stock so they sent me an email suggesting a site called www.curediva.com (which is directed towards cancer patients but has a wide variety of post op bras). I ordered the bamboo bra from www.hospitalbra.com because it looks really comfy and I ordered it BIG to consider swelling.

16 Days til D day!!

I'm getting impatient, but also have lots to get done in the next 16 days before surgery. I've been eating as well as possible (not perfect) and the gluten bloat has definitely gone down. I sent my doctor's secretary a list of questions yesterday and asked if I should come in for a pre-op consult again. She answered all my questions (like will I be sent home with prescriptions day of surgery...yes. My bf will run out and get them). She also suggested I could email him any photos of what I was hoping for...so I sent him MY current photo and some pics of women who are close to my age, weight and current breast size showing their "after" results. I'm very particular about things and I know that as everyone's breasts look different, so do the end results. I just hope I've chosen the right Doctor...I'm not starting over with a wait list with a different doc!! He did answer all my questions when I last saw him before booking my surgery, but he seems kind of nonchalant...like he has done hundreds of these and I'm an "easy" case. I think I just need to relax and do my best to feel prepared as possible for my recovery. Thanks for reading ???? Anything you WISH you would have done BEFORE surgery? I'll be with my boyfriend the first week and he is an amazing caregiver (used to be an EMT) but will have to get the kids off to school the week following. My ex-husband is also great- we are still very good friends, and my sister is busy but around, so I think I'll have enough people to support me afterwards.

Making my list and Checking it Twice

I'm usually a last minute procrastinator but I want things done early. I've ordered post-op bras, some supplies from Amazon and hit the jackpot today at Value Village!! Everything was 50% off! So I got 3 button up blouses, one which I might actually wear after from The Gap, 2 short sleep zipper hoodies, 1 long sleeve zipper hoodie and 2 Pajama sets that are spaghetti strap to pull up from bottom and comfy. I had a job interview today that is for distance education so I would primarily work from home...dream job as a teacher. But they want to start in office training in June. That gives me about 20 days to recover if I get the job. It seems like ladies are posting they are turning a corner around day 10. Whatever is meant to be will be. My sister said "postpone the surgery" but I just want to get this done for ME. I'm really discouraged by my body weight...saw myself in a family photo from yesterday. I've never been this heavy. That's another reason to question timing of surgery...but also I think the surgery will be a turning point for complete change and dedication to doing what it takes to feel good about my body image.

5 Days Away...

I got the job position that allows me the most flexibility to work from home...so I no longer concerned about having to go into an office too soon after surgery for training purposes. I had some kind of bug the last 2 days..,but feeling well today. I've got EVERYTHING on my shopping list for pre and post surgery. Just going to continue resting and trying to eat well this week. I am soooooo excited. I had ordered the Post Op Bra shown below and it was very expensive in Canadian dollars and was way too tight around my ribcage even before surgery so I contacted them and am able to return it. It is really nice though!! I ordered one off of Amazon that I saw quite a few people wearing and made sure to order EXTRA big band width. So that's it for now. Wishing I would have been working out hard core these past 3 months, but with moving it just didn't happen. That's okay...the surgery will be my fresh start. I'm not going to ask the doc for a cup size. Just what is proportionate and will look good. ????

Surgery Time Booked 10:45 Monday, May 16, 2016

Called hospital for my surgery time this afternoon and I am to arrive at 10:45 am. Took a few more "before" shots to compare to after surgery. Is it possible I could actually go braless in a tank top or maybe not have under boob sweat all year round?? Oh the thrill of the thought!!

Bye Bye Boobies TODAY!!!

Off to the hospital in 3 hours!!

Finally..,surgery done!!!

Seriously..,Finally!! My doctors was running FOUR HOURS late. Got to hospital at 10:45 am. Rolled into surgery after markings aroun 3:40 pm. Good thing was I was his last patient of the day and he felt bad for me I think, so he was the most relaxed and funny I've ever seen him...that rapport goes a LONG way toward making me feel super confident in his hands. I was completely relaxed going into the OR room. He did the markings before rolling me into OR and I asked him to take pics. I think he was pretty happy about that!! Me asking. I will have his secretary email me the pics tomorrow. I have am appointment for dressing change and into post op bra this morning at 8:30. He gave me tramadol for a painkiller, because I didn't think T3 would work for me as well, since I've had to take it 3 times this past year. However, I don't think this tramadol is working very well at all, so will ask for T3 rx in the morning. All I can say is THANK GOD for my boomerang pillow (someone had posted about on this website. Try Amazon) and Lansinoh 3 in 1 Thetapearl Breast Therapy cooling gel packs. I've just placed them below my gauze near my ribcage and they feel AMAZING. I was extremely itchy after surgery (even though no morphine because of severe itching reaction). From the Anasthesia. I had also purchased this "dry brush" from Amazin THANK GOD and took it to hospitals. So much better than scratching myself raw with finger nail Polisg. I can't believe I can look down and can see my toes!!!'

I can't believe how light I feel!!

Dressing change this morning and Dr. ladak's assistant brought 3 post op bras for me to try on. Feels so good to have the support! 20.00 each so I got 2. My Black Cizalus one arrived today as well. I really like it but should have ordered XL not XXL. I may swell more though? And I sew, so I will just tailor it and take it in as needed. I'm a happy girl. I can't believe this is my body. I've got my station set up in bed and just rest, rest, rest. Especially after travelling back and forth to dr office this morning. He didn't use drains on me, so I went in today for fresh steri-strips and nurse check. She said very minimal bruising. Looks great. I will post a pic later.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things for Breast Reduction Surgery!!

Post Op Recovery Items. Most of these were listed on this website. Some where my own ideas. So glad I had these things on hand!! Also look under www.breasthealthinline.com. Suggested to drink lots of water with lemon. Hope these ideas help someone else heal well and be comfortable after surgery.

Dressing Change morning after Surgery

Nurse said everything looked wonderful. Minimal bruising.

24 hours post Surgery

Bruising coming out. Healing!! Resting. Still in disbelief. Feel like a new woman :)

Holy son of an ITCHINESS batman!!

So I told the hospital staff I had crazy itching reaction last year after my hysterectomy from morphine. My GP said to make sure to tell them I'm allergic. However, I still got extreme itchy from the Anasthesia. Used my dry brush all over my extremities in the hospital. They sent me home with a painkiller called Tramadol the first night and I had zero pain relief except from the Motrin I was allowed to add in. Yesterday morning at my appointment, I told them no pain relief and awake all Monday night, so they switched me to Tylenol 3. That STILL didn't work. Finally at about 2 pm u called the PS office in tears saying my pain level was still at a 7/10 with maybe a one hour window of relief, followed by SEVERE itching from the codeine. So they switched me to Percocet and I was FINALLY able to sleep last night, but woke up with massive itching again at 2 am. Just had to used the dry brush all over my back, arms and legs, took 2 benedryl and Aloe Vera is the only lotion that brings relief to the itching. I get to shower today and I think that will feel delightful :). I'm really surprised my stitches are itching so much on day 3. I guess it's a good sign of healing. Itchy, itchy and trying not to be bitchy. Have a great day all!!

A shower changed my life!!

Thank God doc said I could shower today. It calmed the itching and I was finally able to sleep from 10 am- 3pm. I have a headache, but just sticking to Tylenol extra strength or Advil. I like seeing the bruises develop. My honey (former firefighter/EMT) says the bruising shows healing. I just like looking at my new boobs!!

3 days after surgery

Started to feel human last night. I think the Anasthesia was making me itchy (the nurse said another patient from the same day had the same complaint of major itchiness which the secretary had never seen before...so something wonky with the mix maybe?). Anyway, I've been drinking lots and lots of lemon water and I think my system is clearing. I slept really well last night and feel alive today. I can see how this could get boring by about week 3. Lots of bruising coming out. I like taking pics of my journey. Pain is low. It looks so much worse than it feels. I got my bamboo hospital bra from the UK yesterday. www.hospitalbra.com. Love it. So soft and naturally antibiotic/breathable. Slight padding on nipples feels good. I'm happy with the sizes of bras I have to go from what I thought would be too big (the XXL CzSalus from Italy through Amazon is my bigger comfy go to bra in black) and the hospital bra in L is a smaller fit. Then I have the two provided by my doctor's office that are for night or anytime. They are not as much "compression" so good when it just want some light support. The Lansinoh Breast Therapy Pearl Gel Pads kept in the fridge feel really good on the bruising for about 10-20 minutes. Not too cold. I'm wondering about my future journey...of getting into shape once no can start exercising (walking to start with in a few weeks).

My boobs look like Globes

I've decided my breasts look like the globe found in classrooms. All the colors...blue, brown, yellow, purple, green. (Thank God no longer of global proportions!!). Today I was very, very tired and had to have two 3 hour naps. Today was also the first day I looked at my silhouette from the side and was like "wow...I'm going to look skinny again!" Getting the bowels going yesterday helped and I could see that I no longer look plus size and will only be here holy motivated to work towards my healthy eating and fitness goals.

1 week Post Op

May 23/16 so it's almost 1 week since I've had surgery. I have been absolutely knocked flat on my ass tired the last 3 days. Just sleeping, and sleeping and sleeping some more. I'm just listening to my body and it says SLEEP. I've been having a hard time eating as healthy as I was the first part of the week cause I'm asleep more than I'm awake and I have very little appetite. But I mixed up a whole can of Tuna with some Mayo today to get that protein in. My bruises have all turned yellow now and I can't believe how quickly that happened. Usually if I bruise my leg it's blue for a week and takes a long time to go away. So I'm thinking the supplements I've been taking are actually working. Omega 3, Bromelain and homeopathy Arnica Tablets. I'm REALLY sore and uncomfortable in my under breast incisions. They are itchy and if I move the wrong way give a good ouch. I'm wondering if anyone else experienced this at close to the 1 week mark? I desperately want to take the steri strips off and put fresh ones on, but I was instructed to leave them on until they fall off. I see nut doctor in Tuesday (2 days) and he'll probably change them. I know there was a "forum" on here for people of similar surgery dates to post but I can't find it??? Any ideas how I search for it? And again....anyone else have itchy, sore, tender under breast incisions at week 1 point (worse than at beginning of week). Thanks all. I'm slowly getting used to my new physique and can definitely see why ladies are itching (excuse my pun) to get back to working out. I've lost 10 lbs, but have a long way to go towards my goal. I finally have the motivation to work out and now have to wait. What?! Anyway, I'm going to focus on my diet this week.

One Misersble Gal

So if you've been following my story you know that I have struggled with severe itching off an on this whole first week. First 3 days because of anaesthetic, then where my incisions are, esp under boobs. I saw my dr yesterday and I was feeling fine and he said everything looked good. But I don't know why he didn't change the Steristrips and they weren't bothering me at the time, so I just asked if I could take them off cause they were bugging me. I came home, had a shower and put new Steristrips on last night. I almost gagged from doing this myself. I've never had incisions before and seeing them without the Steristrips was a little rattling. I couldn't sleep all night and after the kids left for school, I jumped in the shower to remove the new steri strips from last night. Underneath my skin was bright ref and irritated. Sent pics to my doc. He said leave strips off and wait for Benedryl to kick in. I slept all day cause of the benedryl and feel totally groggy gross. The incisions seemed "raw" and unsupported without the Steristrips, so I put on micropore tape. Allergic reaction within 20 minutes!! Took that stuff off...thank God I'm still pretty numb. It didn't hurt to get it off. So now I'm back to bare boobs under my bra. And waiting for the benedryl tablet to kick in. I'm just wondering how my incisions will heal WITHOUT Steristrips or tape? I'm worried they won't heal as flat or nicely. Did anyone else remove their Steristrips/tape in the first week or two?? Sincerely, still itchy and bitchy.


So I've been healing from my allergic reaction to steri strips and tape over the past 3 days. But still dealing with a lot of itching, burning and feeling like my boobs were going to fall apart at the stitches (I'm a worry wart). I could only wear my CyZalus bra...any other rubbed in my incisions. My new friend that I met on here recommended the silicone breast "strips" from Rejuvenesse. I think they are only available in Canada (which is where I am) They are 99.00 for set of 2 on Amazkn.ca. I paid for the two day shipping and all I can say is HEAVEN. I feel supported, the itching, burning, tearing sensation in my under breast incisions went away almost immediately after putting them on. Much less pain...first night not using a cool gel pack for 20 min. You can check them out here: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/aw/d/B00A7CD9FO/ref=mp_s_a_1_7?qid=1464415779&sr=8-7?=AC_SX118_SY170_QL70&keywords=ReJuveness&dpPl=1&dpID=018Ph0k6ECL&ref=plSrch
My energy seems to be improving, although I still need to rest when my body tells me to. I have been doing the "relaxation" colouring thing while watching tv. Usually I can't sit down long enough to watch tv. I'm really liking it. I'm an art quilter and one of my friends on Facebook suggested I have my colored pics transferred to fabric and make a "colored" quilt. Otherwise, not really sure what to do with the finished product. So things are perking up over here...especially my boobs!!

21 Days Post Surgery

I haven't posted for awhile. I don't want to sound like I just keep on complaining! I'm very glad I had the surgery...but it is a MAJOR surgery and not everyone "gets it". My neighbor said to me one week after surgery "are you coming to the soccer game?..,your boobs are fine. Anyway I am still resting a lot and if I go out more (like on the weekends) then I am absolutely exhausted afterward. As my nerves start to heal there has been more "aching" and swelling. Pain continues but is tolerable. I went to the specialty bra store and got a new post op bra that offers much more support than the one I was using (I was only able to use one out of 4 because my ribcage measurement wrnt from 36 to 42. So I wear the new one during the day for way more support. I thought maybe I had an infection, so I sent my doc the pic below yesterday. It is NOT an infection, but bruising that continues to emerge. However, he wants to see me first thing Tuesday. I'm tired of worrying about my boobs and have decided to give up on the worry. They're not going to fall off. I just realized that I had ZERO itching on the lower incisions today so that's a huge improvement in comfort level.

I am a C!!

Forgot to say I am a C cup when I went to get a new post op bra and was measured. I seriously can't believe it!! I need my sister to go shopping with me...I feel like I don't know my own body and feel kind of shy or unsure of what looks good on me. I'm so used to trying to hide the girls that it is really strange to wear a "normal" shirt that might show my new shape. I also haven't really seen anyone who would really notice a difference (like people from work, etc..). I'm really struggling to adapt to this new body image, as I was not at my weight loss or fitness goals before the surgery. I'm starting my clean eating diet this week...bye bye carbs!! And looking forward to working out to reach my total body goal "look"

Holy Nipple Tingles Batman!

It's funny- you read and read on here about what to expect at what point in time along the recovery period. BUT THEN when it happens to you it's like "what the heck is happening NOW with these boobs???" My nipple nerve sensation is definitely healing. Let's just say that.

6 Weeks Post Op Sharp Pain Right Breast

I have a question... I have resumed a lot of my normal activities just within the last week. Energy is finally better and I did 3 half days of substitute teaching last Wed-Friday. On Friday I carried a box of final exams quite a distance. It probably weighed about 15 pounds. Then I came home and had a nap. I fell asleep on my right side (have still been sleeping on my back) for about 2 hours. When I woke up on Friday I had a sharp stabbing pain like a needle jabbing into my breast. All that shows is a small red area beside the nipple. But it's probably the sharpest pain I have experienced in a very specific area in all the time post op. ANY IDEAS?? I'm taking Motrin and Tylenol and it helps stop it for awhile, otherwise the pain is constant. Cold pack helps. I don't have a fever and energy is good. I see my doctor Wednesday for 6 week check up. But I work the next 2 days and I'm a bit concerned about what this might be.

Photo Showing Sore Boob from Post Below

So So Happy That I Went Through with This Surgery

I am so happy with my results at the 5 almost 6 month mark. I feel so much more confident...I don't have to shop at plus size stores anymore. And I don't have constant "boob sweat" and rashes. I am a happy girl working on trying to get in shape and get rid of that tummy!! I love being able to wear my shirts without feeling self-conscious. I cried at my 6 week check up when I told Dr. Ladak what a difference the procedure had made in my level of body confidence. I am so impressed with the way my scars are healing and I had no feeling in my left nipple for the first 5 months, but the feeling has come back now. The scars are healing nicely and fading so that they are almost impossible to see around the nipple area. He is a talented physician!!

Edmonton Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ladak is young and knows the latest in research and procedures. He is a talented doctor with an excellent, gentle bedside manner. His secretary is FANTASTIC and will answer every single question you can think of. If you have questions immediately after surgery, either Teresa (secretary) or Dr. Ladak will get back to you almost immediately. My results are outstanding. Beautiful work.

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