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Met my surgeon last year in April, without any...

Met my surgeon last year in April, without any hesitation he said I was a great candidate for a reduction. I had already had back surgery from lugging around heavy breasts. With each pregnancy they got bigger. With three kids I went from a C cup to a G cup. Had surgery on January 14 2016....so far I'm UBER happy. They are much smaller, Perkier and I lost 200g from each side. The surgeon did a great job and scaring should be minimal. He even left me a handwritten note saying surgery went well. If you don't like your boob's do something! Self esteem is good!

More of my journey

More photos

I had been asked for some before photos....here you go! I'm not shy and I would like to help anyone who is considering a reduction make the best choice for them......

One week post op

I don't know if anyone actually reads any of these on here. But per chance that somebody does I hope that they can take what any of us are going through and learn from our experiences. I have learned that taking it easy is very important. Despite having three small children to tend to. I cannot stress enough not to lift your arms. Rest when you can with ice. Get a good fitting bra. Last night my husband and I change the tape over my incisions and I felt naked without my bra. 1 week post op things looking really good minor bruising still quite tender but the breasts themselves and incisions look great. I am finding sleeping on my back only every night extremely painful and have a hard time getting a good night's sleep. Tonight I'm planning on taking some over the counter sleep aids so maybe I can get a good rest.

11 days P.O

Well time seems to be going fast. My breasts are still quite tender I still have a lot of swelling under my right arm which comes from my breast and goes under my arm on to my ribcage. It is quite sore feels like I was punched in the ribs. Around my area my new areolas must be healing as it has been producing somewhat of a sharp throbbing pain. I know it's not infection nothing is red or hot I'm guessing it's just nerves reattaching. I'm still limiting myself to pretending my elbows are glued to my side so I don't lift my arms too high. Really don't want to chance any sort of pear. Found out today that you are not supposed to take the tape off it supposed to fall off by itself. At my dressing change the day after surgery I was told to change it every 2 to 3 days and that was also in the literature that got sent home with me. Called the office today because my incision still looks open, it's not losing or bleeding but the first few layers are not fusing together. The receptionist told me I was not supposed to take the tape off its supposed to fall off by itself but last night in the shower a piece looked quite loose so I proceeded to remove it in doing so I noticed the open incision and taped it back up. Sort of frustrating about the miscommunication is that pretty important information.

12 days....

Damn....why doesn't anyone tell you about friction pain. Have you ever gently rubbed your own skin on your arm back and fourth so long it begins to hurt? That's how I'm feeling being trapped in this bra 24/7. Had to have a very quick shower today as from all the constant rubbing, even the water running over my breasts hurt. Not finding any pain relief helpful. Was given t3s post op but they just make me groggy, and can't be a very good parent stoned on t3s. I was using ice, but that too has become painful. If anyone reading this has ideas....I'm all ears!

made it to the 2 week Mark!!!

So I've learned a valuable lesson. I don't know how many of you live in cold climates. But I do and I got goosebumps for the first time yesterday and it is super painful on the incisions they made for my new smaller areolas. So now I tried to wear sweaters more often to prevent getting goosebumps. Hitting the 2 week mark doesn't feel significant to me as I don't see my surgeon until the 1st of February. Been in touch with his office a few times never get a chance to talk to him directly about any of my concerns. I have had tape on my breast now for over 10 days and its not giving at all. I don't know if I should be trying to remove it or just leave it and let it get gross. If you look in one of my photos I have discovered I have a long future hanging out. Below that is a large Tucker I'm not sure what that is but it resembles pain when you have a festering sliver. Still feeling the friction pain and contemplating covering my breasts with a maxi pad. Boy there sure is a lot turning up that I never expected it's very interesting. I'm finding friends and family offer no support. Whereas if we had cancer we would be treated much differently. They see it as elective and nobody cares. I have nobody I can talk to my husband likes the new breath but doesn't want to hear my complaints. So I'm very thankful to anybody who reads this and offers me support & feedback.

15 days

So it sure is nice that some of you lovely ladies actually read or follow my journey. It's a nice thought to know that every day I can come on here and someone is encouraging me. My husband seem to have quickly forgotten that I've just had surgery and expect life to be like it was. I'm finding myself doing things I probably shouldn't be washing the floor carrying laundry up from our basement. It's been a very interesting journey. My younger sister actually stop talking to me because I had a breast reduction and she is very against it apparently. I thought she of everyone would have been more understanding as she is a nurse. I sort of wish this fight was more like Facebook and a little bit more interactive. I find myself on here a lot looking at all of the different stories and procedures that can be done. I know it was the right decision for me but still I'm having a hard time adjusting. I also suffer from depression and AM on antidepressants for it so I find that having the surgery just makes me want to lay on the couch and be left alone. But that can't happen I've got a two and three year old home with me all day my 6 year old goes to school but when she comes home she wants mommy time too. Then when my husband comes home he wants my time so I have no time to myself. There's so many days I would just like to lay in the bath tub and soak but as we all know you can't do that with your tape on your incisions.

A new view

Still Uber sore. Felt like a little old lady today, moving slow, trying not to walk to fast, taking shallow breaths. Taking a deep breath hurts, guessing the skin on my breasts stretching is causing me pain, the incisions around my areolas still REALLY hurts. Meeting with my PS tomorrow. I'll give ya'll an update then.

my 'two' week check up

Well, met with my surgeon this afternoon. i had been anticipating what he would say. he says they look great but we won't know my size for sure as there is still a lot of swelling. he did tel me they weren't the worst he had seen pre-operatively. lol. he is a really nice guy and makes you feel comfortable standing half naked infront of him. everything is healing up nicely, now if only i could find some good pain control. tylenol extra strength just isn't cutting it. i totally forgot to ask him today about pain meds, though i'm sure he'd say i should be fine at this point. anyone else still super sore two weeks post? any suggestions?

New discovery

22 days post op

Man, I feel like such a diaper baby. I am still in a lot of pain. I called my PS a couple times today....initially post op I had pain in my left rib, the pain has been slowly migrating south, now its down to my hip and if feel like there is a 'cord' or tendon sticking out of my bottom rib and MAN it hurts, can't sleep on that side. my areolas still hurt like rug burn. anyone else experiencing this much discomfort? or do we all just need to keep our smiling faces on???


You know I like to think of myself as fairly tough. Being a redhead apparently our pain threshold is supposed to be higher. I managed to give birth to my children without drugs. I've been kicked by horses stepped on by horses, I've had ankle surgery and back surgery. But this breast reduction surgery is taking me a lot longer to heal from. I find it very frustrating. When I called my surgeon's office even the office manager said I shouldn't still be so sore 3 weeks post-op. But who is she to say how long it will take me to heal. Finding out that I have a broken rib also really sucks. My husband while he can be supportive often forgets that I've had things done. It's nice when I get feedback from you ladies on here it's reassuring to know somebody gives a damn. If you've been following my post my sister still aren't talking to me. So I don't have anyone else I can talk to. I have one friend who wants to get her breasts in large so she has no idea what I'm going through.

25 days PO

So if you've been following my story you know that on Friday it was discovered that I had a cracked rib where the Carla Jimbo and meet. I went and met with my surgeon today and apparently that can happen sometimes after surgery when the staff are moving you from the surgical table onto the gurney. I told him maybe they should remember that we are humans and they need to be a little bit gentle. So having this for rib and my boobs are still sore really isn't much fun. On the plus side they're healing nicely.

more photos...

just wanted to document the healing journey too


previous to my surgery....I asked my PS if he could record the operation...he said that he couldn't but he could take photos. I have a bit of a morbid curiosity and appreciate seeing what was done to my body......

Friction pain is almost gone!!

So I have noticed that the annoying friction pain is way less than a week ago! I had a nice long shower last night without pain or tape.... Gave the boobs a nice gentle loofah .,... Got rid of a whole bunch of dead skin. Hubby pulled out a suture that was about 1\2" long.... The area was the one that felt like a festering Sliver..... Feels WAY better now.

Feeling not to bad!

I have noticed that there aren't many people keeping up with their updates. Maybe I'm weird but I'm using this as a diary of sorts. No one else has access to my account and I feel this is a safe place to vent. It amazes me so how blind people can be to the health problems of having large breasts. My dad was in for a visit and wanted to give me a hard time for having a reduction as he saw it as unnecessary. He didn't remember me having back surgery, he clearly didn't know about the issues buying clothes, bras, or leading an active lifestyle. My sisters haven't contacted me in weeks. My friends in their minds, I'm fully healed. My husband one day tells me I'm doing to much, then in the next breath is telling me to finish the bathroom renovations. I feel so frustrated. Anyone I know who has gone through this don't seem to want to talk about it. What do you ladies do for support? Looking for any input. Do you all ask for help with everything??

Just over a month!

Wow surprisingly the month went by pretty quick. I'm now looking for some honesty. I think my left breast is noticeably larger than my right. Thoughts?
Feeling better. Anxiously waiting for my damn rib to heal. Can't reach for things with my left arm as it pulls too much on the ol ribski. Looking forward to the day when I can sleep on my tummy!!!

Amazing weekend!

So, went in a road trip with my two youngest to visit my cousin five hours away. She wanted to go swimming with the kids. Note previous to surgery I HATED shopping for session suits as I had to buy a two piece, the bottoms medium and the top either XL or XXL depending on where the suit was bought. So, it was rather exciting when I got to buy a two piece ALL FROM THE SAME RACK!!! It was such a good self esteem booster to tick both breasts in a size medium suit! I did call my PS and was given the greenlight to go swimming. Apparently according to his office it's okay to go at for weeks.

Six week check up!

So, I JUST left my six week check up, and was told I can go buy under wire bras! I'm so excited to find out what size I am! He says they look good and the left over being bigger was because it was bigger to begin with. I'm still not in love with it. Especially after the honesty I got from you ladies. Not sure what to do. I passively mentioned that is bigger and it was just sort of passed off as normal. If he won't make it smaller what can I do? I am not going to a private clinic to have my breast adjusted when the reduction was paid for by Alberta health care. I'm confused, frustrated and sad. Told my husband what was said and he said I should match right back in there and voice my concerns. The doctor is already 2 hours behind, doing think they would just sneak me in. Maybe it's still swollen? Thoughts?.......

Seven weeks

I know by seven weeks I should be pretty excited at how my boobs look. But still everytime I get naked I grown at the side of my left breast. Anybody who sees a picture of it agrees that it looks weird. I know I didn't have to pay for my breast reduction but I don't think I should just have to accept what I get and be happy. It's really affecting my self esteem more than I thought it would. I have a double D bra on right now and both seem to be sitting in there fairly nicely it's only 1 I'm naked that I feel insecure. My husband and I when were intimate I leave my bra on because I feel grotesque. I'm nervous at the surgeon isn't going to do anything to fix it and will just tell me that in time. Balance out. But I don't want to wait for my other breast to become saggy so it looks like the other one. For those of you who have been following my journey you'll remember my sisters being b******. My older sister gave me a call yesterday and told me she was pregnant. Her and I had been very close speaking on the phone every day. She is 4 months pregnant and has told everybody else and just now told me. I feel very angry inside but yet I feel an urge to stay connected to her because she is my sister. The rest of my family has sort of fallen apart I haven't spoke with my mom in over a year as she called me every name under the Sun and tried to tell me I was a horrible mom. So to keep my sanity I decided to cut her out. A lot of people judge me for doing that too and I have a hard time getting to the point where I don't care what people think because I do. Anybody have advice or a book you've read any information on how to become stronger in that area. I hope everybody else is healing well or looking forward to your surgeries it has been a rollercoaster of a ride for me. My rib is still super tender and I can't sleep on my left side. But I guess that's a risk we take when we go under the knife.

The saga continues

Hi sistas!, if you have had surgery I hope your healing is going well.... If you are awaiting surgery I hope you are excited cause you will soon feel so much sexier!
I know some of you following my journey have also had reductions. I'm 7.5 weeks PO and am still sore. My left breast was sore enough today I had to take some T3s. It's sore enough I feel like I should ice it. Boo. I'd also over flowing my DD bra. Double boo. Other than that things are still going. I find wearing an under wire uncomfortable as it presses in my incisions. So I still wear my post op bras a lot. Anyone else wanna share?

For Real?

So, 8 week check up with PS. Met another lady who also had a breast reduction around the same time as me with the same surgeon.....interestingly enough same problem. Our left breasts were left noticeably larger than the right, probably a cup size. The surgeon told both of us that he was more aggresive with the left side and took more from it so its prbably still swelling. As any of you know who follow my post, I am anal about taking lots of documenting photos, I have noticed NO change in the shape and size of my left breast since about one week post op. Pretty sure its size now is its size 4 months from now when he wants to see me again. It was disheartening to learn that after I expressed my concerns and loathingness towards my left breast he said that he really doesn't like to do a second surgery. So does this mean my journey is going to be a long and painstaking one? Having to find another surgeon to 'fix' it? I feel that they are still too big too, really jiggly in an underwire bra; which I can't wear more than a couple of hours or its REALLY tender the next day. Oy vay hey girls......I do love that they are smaller, don't get me wrong, but still the self esteem plays a role too. Being intimate with my hubby poses issues for me as I don't feel 'sexy' being lopsided. well, heres to an optimistic next few weeks! Shrink baby shrink! lol

Photos at 8 weeks

Just some photos I forgot to post yesterday.

the saga continues.....

so, after my last visit with my PS, I was feeling really heavy hearted as I felt he conveyed a disinterest in wanting to revise my reduction. This was conveyed to another one of his patients the same day too.
In light of that I met with my family doctor today to express my concerns and see where to go if he didn't want to do it. They ended up contacting the office and were told that I was told I had to wait for all the swelling to go down and that he would absolutely revise.
Tired of the miscommunications and feeling like a wank. When my doc called me back i felt like a bonehead for even asking. We are just supposed to wait. At this point I feel that I will be really suprised if they end up looking the same. Still feeling lopsided, sore and unattractive.

Having a hard time letting this go......

So, if you have read; my last visit with my PS went way less awesomely than I expected. You know i understand why we need to wait the full six months. But,....the thing innever mentioned before was at this visit he had a medical student with him. I mentioned my lopsidedness, so my PS asked me if i had taken before photos; (maybe this should have been a red flag in hindsight;he has no portfolio) ; he then asked me to come on Realself and pull up my before shots to show this medical student. After which he made the comment to nher, " I can't believe these women who post photos of themselves on the internet!"
While I was there i just let it slide and kept trying to find these stupid phots. But since my last visit his comment is eating at me! What a dick! He was the one who TOLD me to come on here for information and photos! If nonone posted photos, how would any of us have ANY idea what the hell to expect. I feel so enraged, frustrated and somewhat almost betrayed in a way. I know it was just a comment, but this website has meant at times almost life and death. I was going through some really tough times with family not talking to me cause of the surgery, my husband not wanting to hear about my concerns\complaints and having NO one to talk to!
I feel in my heart if I do need a revision he will not be the one holding the scalpel. Between this comment, his lack of support with my concerns and the fact he left not only myself feeling insignificant but at least one other woman.
Just needed to get this out there. Think I will call his office manager and explain, I really don't want to go back.


So, any of my fellow breast reductionists go and get properly measured post operatively? I just went to my bratique and am still a friggen 32 E!

Here is me....giant, lopsided boobs

Argh....despite my doctor not wanting to send me for a new referral, with all you lovely ladies support.....I'll go out on this venture on my own. He won't be putting his scalpel to me again.

Post op report

Just a quick read for those interested, this is what a surgical report looks like. I wad expecting a little more.

It's been awhile

Haven't been on here much. Been battling with some personal struggles, you know family and self esteem. I am envious of you ladies who had a doctor who did breast surgeries more full time. Found out my PS does reconstructive surgeries on mainly hands, legs and feet. Still not in love with my boobs.

Still unhappy.....6 months

Well soon it will be my six month mark.... Still feeling lopsided. is looking in the mirror after my shower today and feel like I look like I some type of surgery on my right breast and the left was left alone. it has more of a square look to it. I cannot recall my fellow Edmonton breast buddy who was going to give me the name of her surgeon, but if it's you please send me the info! I don't want this hooligan cutting me again!

8 months post op

I know they aren't that bad; but to me the unevenness bothers me... Thoughts?

A before and after comparison....

Just a better image for comparison....


Hey ladies! So; i know I haven't been on here in a coons age; I have been withdrawn from everything. Depression was getting worse, had an uncle pass away whom we were very close with, my family is still being dickish.
BUUUUUT: I met with another plastic surgeon who, once he saw my breasts agreed that they are not good enough and he wants to come up with a game plan on how he can help!!

more of a detailed update....

So the last time i had to sign off abruptly previously because of my kiddos! lol.....so;
This new surgeon is Dr. Toy. It was super awkward as I had to see him in the same outpatient clinic as my previous PS, who was also there doing his rechecks. I had a few moments of panic and cold sweats as I thought I would run into Dr. Zhu and have a confrontation and feel awkward. But, that didn't happen.
Dr. Toy was unlike Zhu. He didn't make me feel rushed, he took his time and was very thorough. Answered any of my questions, was very hands on showing me how he can make the changes. He also enlightened me to the fact that my left breast is DD and my right is a C. My right nipple is lower, and the aereola is bigger. The left will need another reduction, and the right will just need some skin cut out and the nipple and aereola moved up.
I am looking forward to the final job. I have been so unhappy and felt alone. Everyone wanted to try to save my feelings by saying they look fine, but I knew from two weeks after surgery that they were not fantastic. Oh well. Live and learn right? lol

Day three PO!

Well, it is amazing how your body remembers things and gets others. I recall the pain, but not how important it is to take it easy.
Yesterday I was home alone with my three and four year old. It wasn't too bad. They enjoyed being given permission to climb on the counter to get things too high up for mommy.
Today my hubby took off as he wasn't feeling well. This time around he is adamant I have a great healing. So I can't lift anything heavier than my coffee cup!
It's nice be cares!
Had my first PO shower, one spot started bleeding, but all else looks great!

Not alone

I know I can always count on lovely ladies I'm here at real self. I like to be a really open person and share my experiences but I found through my last surgery but it might not be okay and everyone's mind to have cosmetic surgery. A lot of people don't understand that having giant breasts made me feel so self-conscious and unattractive. Already after the second surgery I love looking in the mirror so I'm very sore and tender and tired I still enjoy it. I've only had a couple of minor bleeding issues and am currently on the way to get some new pain control and muscle relaxants. If anyone out there is considering a revision I implore you to look at yourself and want to change. I know we all have that one thing we wish we could change and through cosmetic surgery we are allowed to change many things about ourselves. I feel like I'm falling in love with myself all over again and it's a great feeling. Doctors who had left me lopsided and hating my body. I never wanted to be intimate with my husband didn't want to go swimming or even get in the shower because I have to look at myself. I put it to my husband who didn't understand why I was so unhappy how he would feel if he had one foot that was two sizes larger than the other and the inconvenience he would have it trying to buy a pair of shoes.
Thank you ladies for allowing me the freedom to express my true feeling. I haven't told any of my family or many friends I had a second surgery.

Weight gain

Soooooo; in about April of last year (2016).…...I stopped eating sugar. Lost 12 pounds. Now because I'm recovering, and not very mobile I'm noticing weight gain. Anyone else? How do you battle the bulge?
Also, went to change some paper tape today, and it was Little more sticky than what I thought.... Just under my areola on my right. No pain, but pulled the take off and began bleeding. Note to fresh surgeries; learn from my dumb ass moment..... Let the tape fall off

Just some photo progressions.....

I think I tore something in my left breast today. Sharp, seering pain. Been hunched over all day, tried ice, heat..... No bleeding but I'm sure there is some sort of damage inside.....
I also had a large water drop sized pus ball ooze from the incision on my right breast.
But healing is going well. Still excited to look in the mirror at the new girls!
And I like I can share here!!

More photos

Just some more pix of the healing process

Check my other review

So ladies, I've got another review if you want to follow my revision adventure..... Photos are up!

Guess I'll just update here.....

So, doc said my boobs look great! I'm so happy. I asked my girlfriend if she knew how awesome it is to look in the mirror and see symmetrical boobs in your reflection?; She sarcastically replied, of course I do! I have had a few concerns, which turned out to be nothing. On my right breast in the incision where the one from around the areola and the long one under the boob meet; there was Green pus, after a little of my own investigation i found it was a suture dissolving.

The weeks PO, breast job #2

Well, time flies! Can't believe I have been uncomfortably sleeping only on my back for three weeks!
I wish I could share with the world how happy I am that I did this. I know there are some many ladies who don't have happy endings, or get infections or end up with bad scars. So far so good. Incisions look good, mostly closed, pain is rare. I feel sexy.
Went to a surprise birthday for my dad this past weekend..... My uncle told me I need to stop losing weight. In my head I was laughing, it hasn't been weight I've lost... It's breast tissue and get from my chest. I'm mostly excited to go get some pretty and in inexpensive bras!!
Hope you, my followers are doing well!
Dr. Jay Zhu

Well at least the incisions look good.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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