34 DDD and loving them more each day

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I have spent so much time on this site over the...

I have spent so much time on this site over the past three months I felt I should leave a breif summary of my experience. I am a 30 year old mother of 5 including two sets of twins and I nursed all my babies. I started having my children young so I can barely remember enjoying my perky breasts pre baby but nursing killed my boobs right from my first born so I have wanted a breast augmentation for the past ten years. My twins are now two and I have spent the last year getting the baby weight off and living a healthy lifestyle. I am 145 pounds, 5 foot 7 and was a very deflated 36C.

I had my surgery November 16 th and I am now two weeks post op. I went with 492cc silicone under the muscle. My recovery has definitely been tougher emotionally than physically- an element of recovery I wasn't expecting. I felt I was so researched and educated that I knew what to expect but I guess I was wrong. I'm a perfectionist by nature so in my head I envisioned this magical moment when I first got a glimpse at my new and enhanced self. This was not the case. I was so petrified that my nipples were going to fall off with the gauze during my first shower that I made my husband look first. To my relief they were still attached, lol. I was all marked up with permanent marker which really interfered with my first impression. My breasts were boxy, swollen and nipples pointed downward. The incisions were not taped which I had hoped for so I was pleasantly surprised at how well the incisions looked. I spent the next two days wondering if I had made the right choice. Constantly checking in the mirror to make sure my implants hadn't fallen out ( yes I'm slightly paranoid) and preparing myself for impending doom. Don't get me wrong, I knew right away that they were a huge improvement from what I'd had, but I didn't spend all this money and go through this process to just like my new boobs- I want to love them. I am not an emotional person, yet I shed many tears the first week. I felt as hormonal as if I'd just given birth. My pain was manageable, and once my ten percosets were done, I didn't even bother with the T3s. I felt pressure and tightness and engorged. What I was not prepared for was the back pain- excruciating back pain. I don't know if it was the weight of the implants on my back, the anesthetic, the awkward sleeping position or all of the above but the back pain was a doozy. I barely slept the first 4 days which took a toll on me. I was extremely bloated and constipated which didn't help.

I went for my first post op at one week. My surgeon was pleased with the incisions and told me I could sleep on my side. I had a few questions for him but the apt was in and out. Just the usual no underwire for 6 weeks, back to my full workout routine at 6 weeks etc. I was feeling pretty good so I decided to go to the mall and try to buy my own sports bra and get out of this not so appealing surgical bra. Boy was that a mistake! I didn't want to risk infection so I tried on a couple over top of my surgical bra so I couldn't really tell if I would get good support. Of course I know I'm still swollen so I don't want to spend too much money until the swelling goes down, but I was so discouraged that I am resorted to wearing this. I have done so much research on what kinds to buy, asked my friends with BAs what they wore and I still don't really know what to look for. I'd like something that's flattering and still shows off my new cleavage but gives me good support too. What do you ladies reccomended? I have a Christmas party to go to at 3 weeks post op and I need something flattering for under my dress.

Week two was definitely better than the first emotionally but tougher physically since my husband went back to work so I am back to super mom while still trying to nurse my new boobs. I have seen a huge change in the appearance of my breasts every day and every day I like them more and more. I am less hormonal and feeling more like myself now that I can wash and blowdry my hair and put on makeup. I am sleeping better too but despite my doctor telling me I can sleep on my side, I am paranoid so I spend most of the night on my back. I am having weird sensations in my breasts and they still feel achy and bruised. I have no feeling in my left nipple at all and I'm hoping that eventually comes back. My right nipple is extremely sensitive and even though I have no drainage or oozing I wear gauze just for comfort. I know everyone talks about dropping and fluffing but I really hope mine don't drop because I'm pleased with where they are. When I asked my Doctor about this he said they shouldnt move too much just soften up and round out at the bottom as they are still a bit flat where the incisions are. They are so firm right now and don't move at all so I'm hopeful that once they soften I'm able to get some nice cleavage and definition in a bra.

While this has not been an easy experience by any means, I would do it again in a heartbeat. And while I still have a lot of healing to do, I'm optimistic that I will fall in love. It may not have been love at first sight like I originally expected but sometimes the best relationships start off as friends and evolve into something far better than you ever imagined. My biggest advice to anyone going into this is to set realistic expectations and have patience. Don't be so hard on yourself and allow your body the time to heal. Trust in the process even though it's not always easy. And lastly, have a solid support system. My husband has been my rock throughout this whole thing from start to finish, and there's no way I could have done this without him. He has been there to support me through my emotional and sometimes irrational ups and downs, and all the physical demands of holding down the household. I know he would do it all over again too. Of course he loves my new boobs and can't wait to reap the benefits ;)

Post op day 16 Feeling better everyday..Still...

Post op day 16

Feeling better everyday..Still slightly uncomfortable and looking forward to getting back into my routine. Seems as though I'm flip flopping- one day I love them and the next day I question. My breasts are so firm they don't really move. A part of me loves this but I really hope as they soften up I'm able to get some nice cleavage in a bra. I really like them naked but I guess I'm undecided on how they look with clothes on. Still optimistic I'll fall in love.....

6 weeks Post Op I am 6 weeks post op and was...

6 weeks Post Op

I am 6 weeks post op and was finally able to do the much anticipated bra shopping. It was the first time in ten years that buying a bra wasnt like pulling teeth. I was sized at a 34DDD at VS and was a little surprised because Ive been wearing 36 for a long time. Probably wearing the wrong size for many years. Needless to say I was thrilled that every bra i tried on fit great. Sure makes a girl feel good. Now to get back into my work out routine and burn off this Christmas weight ive put on :( Physically my boobs feel good. Almost back to normal. I do feel weird when i move a certain way or roll over too quickly from one side to the other in bed. I can also tell if theyve been manipulated too much but maybe im just babying them a bit. They have definitley softened up but still arent as squishy as normal breast tissue but I kind of like the firmness. The doctor told me I was good to do everything at 6 weeks but my workout of choice is Chalean Extreme and Im feeling a bit nervous to start the strength training....maybe ill start with Turbo Fire, although all that bouncing makes me worried too. Will I always be this paranoid?? Just dont want to do any damage..

Happy New Years Ladies!!!

Too natural??

15 months post op. Still like to keep my girls supported. Most days I wear a bra with a sports bra on top.

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