I Am 47 5ft3inches and 133 Pounds - Edmonton, AB

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I am hoping for a DD when I am finished. Currently...

I am hoping for a DD when I am finished. Currently I am a deflated c. Dr. Edwards was wonderful and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable with him. Booked my surgery the same day. I have gone to 3 consults and I believe he is the right one. I have been wanting to do this for a while as I am very active with cardio and weights. I can't wait to see the new me! Will post pictures soon.


I am now scheduled for Sept 16th. Starting to get nervous. One month from today. Will update and share some photos soon


My surgery is booked for Sept 14th


I am now booked to have my surgery on the 7th of September. I am starting to get nervous. A little more about me. I have 2 daughters 30 and 32. I am also a grandmother of a beautiful 1 year old girl. I have never liked my breasts. I developed at an early age. I was a D by 15 years old so never have had perky breasts. I am with a wonderful man for 11 years and he is very understanding about me getting this done.

Before pic

This a pic of my deflated C breasts in my vs bra


Getting more nervous as the days go by. Been having dreams about the procedure. Anyone else have dreams about their procedure?

4 more days!!!!

Getting really anxious. Almost had to cancel my surgery. My dad started having seizures yesterday. Trying to figure out why. Thank God for my hubby. He said to not cancel and he would take care of everything. Good luck to everyone who has had surgery and r about to have surgery.


3 more days and counting.


These r my before pics. Not very good at taking selfies. The scar u see is from having a piece of my aorta fixed.

2 more days!!

Can't believe it is only 2 more days till my surgery. It seemed to take forever to get here.

1 more day.

Tomorrow is my surgery at 8:30am. Hope everything goes well. Good luck to others that r having a surgery or who have had a surgery.

All done.

Had surgery at 9am. Finished at 11. Everything went good.woke up in extreme pain but they gave morphine and 2 percocets. Pain on a scale from 1 tsp 10 my pain is a 3. The nurses and anestist were awesome. Made me feel very calm.

Muscle mass

My doctor said I will have more pain cause I have a lot of muscle mass from working other. It doesn't seem to be too bad.

After photos

1 day post op

Went to see the nurse today and everything went great! They put in 560cc smooth HP under the muscle implants. Pain today is around 4 to 6 out of 10. The reason my pain is up there is because I have muscle mass from going to the gym and lifting weights. I already miss the gym. But having this surgery makes it all worth the while.

3 days post op

Chest is very tight. Still taking pain meds. Keeping up on them so as not to let the pain get too severe. Hope everyone is doing well.

4 days post op

Day 5

Pain is getting better. I love them already. My ps did an incredible job. Will post more pics in the next few days. I am trying to get used to them not moving at all lol.

8 days post op

Pain is getting better. Right one feels good. Left one still feels really tight and painful.

11 days post op

I am 11 days post op and think the r dropping a little. Very happy with my decision in doctors. I think he did a wonderful job.

2 weeks

Well it has been two weeks and I think they have dropped a little. My ps told me to massage twice a day for 2 weeks. Hope all u girls out there are healing well and good luck to those about to go in :)

1 month 2 days po

Here r the pics I said I would post. No more pain and I think they have dropped a bit.

1 month 2 days po

No pics

My pics won't load. Will try later

1 month 2 days po

Here r pics

5 weeks 4 days po.

Well it's been a while since I have updated. Not much has changes except I believe my breasts have dropped some more. Very happy with my results. Would recommend Dr. Edward's to anyone looking for a great surgeon. Hope everyone is healing well and the ones going for surgery soon good luck ????
Edmonton Plastic Surgeon

He is a wonderful and knowledgeable person. Felt very comfortable with him.

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