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I have been wanting to get implants since I was 16...

I have been wanting to get implants since I was 16. Now after having three beautiful kids and being 29 years old I think I am ready to take the leap!!! I have my first consult tomorrow! Eeep!! I am excited and scared and well just about freaking out! I wonder if I will be able to archive the results I want with out a lift?? Or if I am even a good candidate I just can't wait to talk to a ps and see what we can come up with. I have always had strange shaped breasts and felt uncomfortable with what I have and hope that I will be able to have tatas that I can be proud of! Now off to fight my nerves... Eish what will I be like once my surgery is booked if I am nervous already? ; )

Ok I am sorry that I havent updated since I went...

Ok I am sorry that I havent updated since I went for my consault on friday however I was so confused after that I didnt even know what I would write... The Dr was fine and I am glad to have met him. I felt like he was just telling me what he thought I wanted to hear. Being that it was my first consault I didnt know what to expect but I guess I still expected a bit more then I got. It only took about 15 minuts to talk to him and then it was done. Although I did have to wait for an hour and a half as he was late. He wasnt rude or anything but i dont know how to discribe it... He was not the dr for me I guess. He said it is the same price for either saline or silicone and I thought that was strange. (is that odd??) and I guess for him the price does not change based on size either... I am just really confused and for a bit I thought you know, I would be stupid to do this to my body... But I want to do this. People thought I was stupid when I got my first tattoo and the next and the next hahaha!! and I will do this too! I am going to go see more PS's and I will find the right one for me. I am very nervous about meeting more drs at the moment but it will pass.

I am also struggling with the idea of spending so much money on myself. I know i could stick to my plan and have the money saved up and get my surgery done in january if I tried really hard but I am a mom of three little people and I dont want to sacrifise any thing with them. I want to go on holiday with husband and them in febuary... I guess i just have to see where life goes and if I can budget enough to do both then I will be a very happy mamma!! If not I will have to delay my surgery ... that shouldnt be hard as I cant find a dr... haha I sure hope to have happy perky boobies for my thirtith birthday!! That may be the new goal boobies by april!! Sorry for rambling but ... well thats just kindof what i do... haha

back on track!!!!

ok so i am sorry for taking so long to update but there really wasnt much to say... Now though I have many things to say!!! After many disappointing appointments with dr's i didnt like I have booked my surgery for september 17th!!!! I am soo excited!!!!!!! EEEEEP!!!!!!!! I found Dr.Mcdonnald in Red Deer and I like him very much! I feel like I have met the best dr for me!!! I have another appointment with my dr on the 8th of this month to figure out size and then I guess i will just need to get ready for surgery day!!! I cant wait to finally have the body I've wanted for so long! eeeep!!!! woohooo!!!!!

11 days away and my nerves are... bad

I think I am driving my husband and my family and friends insane!! I am a nervous mess!!! I am still excited but soo stressed out too! I want the house to be totally clean and have easy meals in the freezer and make sure I have all my post op stuff ready but I am stressing so bad that I cant even think... lol... I am scared that I will wake up after surgery and have crazy huge boobs... I am sure this is just my brain being stupid but none the less it is freaking me out!!! hahaha I am also worried about the pain which my dr said wont be nearly as bad as I am thinking but I have three kids... all school aged thank god but... they still need me sometimes... hmmmm Is any of this making sense??? My dr said it is normal for ladies to get a little bit crazy before their BA ... I am definitely on the crazy train... I am suffering from boobie over load... I have had to cut myself off of google because I just keep making it worse... no more searching the internet for anything boobie related. Anyone have any advise as to what all I should have around for days right after surgery?? And when I wake up am I going to be like stupid drunk feeling or just sleepy??? I hate feeling not in control so if it is drunk feeling .... yikes... oooh hummmm... ok I am done for today... sorry this is so silly and confusing I am just.... meh?!

oh my goodness!!! 1 week!!!

wowsas!!!! I cant believe that I am only one week from having my new tatas!!! I was really stressed out about it but today I am feeling much better! I have been working on getting everything ready around the house but PMS is slowing me down... might be a good thing because then later in the week I will be feeling better and have all the house work to keep my head clear! I have all my post op shopping done and my lovely mamma is going to come and help me the day after and make me some of her yummy home made soups!!! I am so thankful for her and my hubby and my best friends they are all so willing to help me and are super supportive! I am very lucky they love me even when I am being a bit nutty!! and so thankful to this site and all the girls on here!! bra shopping was super stressful! It took forever to find a front closure bra but I hope the one I did get will be ok.... I took my busty bestfriend with me to show me how to buy a big boobie bra hahaha! I cant wait for my breasts to be full and wonderful!! eeep!! I have got to remember to take before pics soon to post on here!!

wow 1 week post op!

hello I am sorry that it has been so long since I have updated. I had my surgery on tuesday the 17th and everything went really well. I got 460cc gummy bears over the muscle and they look amazing!! However a couple days after the surgery I ended up having a severe reaction to one of the meds I was on. I was in the hospital for a day and they gave me an IV with benadryl and some steroids. It was horrible. My face was swollen and I had red itchy angry welts all over... I looked like frakenface!!~! I mean frankenface but with beautiful tatas! :) I am now doing much better so I will fill you in on how the procedure was

I was scheduled for surgery at 7:45 am soo had to be at the hospital for 6:30am Got there and the nurse had me wash up with warm antiseptic wipes and change in to a gown... Beautiful backless type :) to wait for the man of the hour Dr Mcdonald!! then they moved me into the holding area and the dr came to talk to me and the anesthesiologist talked to me. After that the nurse came and got me and wheeled me to the OR. Then I woke up with big boobs and talked about them none stop. I felt great no pain or anything just a tightness in my chest. We were on our way home by 11:00am Everything about my surgery was great except the allergy but no one could have guessed that would happen. Now that I have gotten over the allergic reaction I feel really good and am soo happy with my results!!!

He and all the staff at Red Deer hospital were amazing! I am soo happy with my results and so glad I found him for my dr!

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