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My story starts with, I always had small breasts....

My story starts with, I always had small breasts. I wore a 34 b for the longest time and found out I was wearing the wrong size bra. I was a 34a. I was 100-110 lbs for years and had gained another 15 lbs. I was able to fill a 32c push up bra very comfortably. I had great breasts, just no top volume. Had to push them up to look nice in clothes or to even see that I had boobs. No bra they kind of just disappeared. So here I am, 46 year old, 2 sons, wife of 23 years. My husband says" I know you always wanted a BA. Do you still want to get it done" ? Absolutely I say !!! I was googling best plastic surgeon in Edmonton (the closest city to us) and there he was right at the top Dr. Feng Chong.This was Jan 14th 2013, I made my consult appt. It was a 4 long months away. May 14th. I had so much time to start my research ....more to come...

1st consult

My 1st consult was in May. Dr Chong was so very nice and very informative. This appointment was just about the ins and out of the procedure. A quick look at the girls. I told him I had waited all my life for this and I was ready to proceed. Off I went to see Michelle to look at cost and book my sizing/pre-op appointment.

2nd consult

My 2nd consult was in the 1st part of June. We did measuring and discussed what size would be best for me. I tried 350, 375, 400 . I liked the look of the 400's the best. With all my research many women my size and shape wished they had gone a little bigger. I was not going to let that happen to me. Having boob envy my whole life, I explained that to Dr. Chong and he suggested 425's to get the look of the 400's in my sports bra.

My Surgery

My surgery was scheduled for the end of June. Everything went well. 425 cc Mentor HP gummie bear implants. I am now 2 months post op. Feeling great I had my 2 month post op appt with my Dr. this past week. After wearing my surgical bra for 8 weeks, I now can wear any bra I want. I do have to wear a bra for 3 more months 24/7. Paper tape on incisions for 3 more months . I went to VS after my appt. and I am now a 34DD.


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