410 Allergan Breast Implant on 5'7" 135lbs

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A little about me. I have always been so very...

A little about me.
I have always been so very "flat" to the point that people would point it out to me (like I didn't already know). Since childhood I've never been comfortable with my body, I hated buying bras because what was the point, they never fit me. When I was younger I would apologize to anyone taking off my top, as it was vastly different once my bra was taken off. That was usually after the bra hit the floor with a thud because of the water implants I had stuffed in there... Lol...If I ever bent over in front of anyone I always had a hand on my chest, as the second I bent over my bra would gap open and my nipples would be on full view. In yoga in certain poses my top with gap open as well and I'd have to hide the fact that I had nothing to keep the top tight enough from doing that. Don't even get me started on bathing suits, I had to buy the smallest top they had and sew in pads, or buys the ones that were super padded but 80$!
If my arms went over my head I look like a boy with just nipples, it's very hard to have private time with my husband when I feel so ashamed of my body. It's such a big turn off. I was always trying to hide them, even going on holidays with family I'd leave my bra on till the last possible second, then wake up and put it on right away so no one saw how flat and pathetic I really was.....
Finally my husband and I discussed after our boys are old enough handle things on their own that it was time. Time to feel like a woman should, time to be proud of my body and time to buy adult sized bras!!!
I booked my first appointment with a family friend plastic surgeon , I think that appointment was 15 minutes long, consisted of him asking me saline or silicone. He asked me to lift up my top, didn't touch me, and told me I could pull off any size, handed me a card with his price hastily written on it, that was it ..... Well gee thanks...
So appointment #2, the doctor was amazing. I had a full hour appointment with him where he went over the pros and cons of the 3 implants he offered. Then he marked me up and said because of my "no volume" told me the anatomical would work best on me to achieve my natural look that I wanted. We would talk sizes the next appointment. After i had a half hour appointment with his assistant, who talked prices (which were printed off and on professional paper) and made sure i didn't have any other concerns...
So I went home and found this amazing site that let me view pictures of people and their stories and it really helped me out a lot.... I now know what I'm getting myself into. The price of beauty hey?

Sizing appointment

So I had my sizing appointment yesterday. The doctor picked out 5 sizes that he thought would look good on me. I tried them all on and of course liked the biggest one the best. Since I'm getting the allergan 410's, there's only so many sizes that would fit my body.
So we decided between two sizes 375cc MF and 420cc MF. I was toying between the two, I really wanted the 420 cc's, but it will JUST fit my frame and may stick out a bit...so he's going to see while in surgery if it will work, if not then I'll get the 375cc's. Either way I'm getting boobs! The assistant went over all my drugs that I will be getting and what to do before hand. I'm not nervous at all, I'm so excited to finally be able to feel sexy!!!
By the way I forgot to mention I'm 30 years old with a 3yr and 5yr old boys.
I'm booked and partially paid for the jab 9th appointment. My husband has taken a couple days off and my sister will be coming by to help as much as possible.
My husband wants to take the boys swimming tonight but I really don't want to put on my tiny swim suit top and feel pathetic when I see a 13 year old with bigger breasts then I have..... Oh well less the a month to go!!
The count down is on, let the house cleaning begin!

The countdown is on, 3 weeks to go!

The clock is slowly ticking down! I've cleared my closet of all the clothes that just fit now, probably wasn't the smartest thing as I took a trip to Florida and only had long sleeve shirts! Lol.
I've asked most of my friends and family who have implants on their thoughts about size and their recovery. Everyone was happy with their size that they decided on and everyone's recovery was different. My sister never took a Tylenol and was fine after 3 days whereas my aunt was 1 week on meds. So I'm hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.
I bought a huge bottle of Tylenol, face wipes,a heavy oil for stretch marks, I have all the shows marked on Netflix and anything else I could think of to make my go a little easier! (I know I'm a little over prepared) I've gotten my blood work done already, so I don't get busy and forget!
I know my husband will be a gem through all of this and he is more then Excited to rub the oil all over my new boobies! Recovery should hopefully be a breeze with him by my side helping with the kids and cooking the meals.
I will post my current boobie pictures soon!

10 days till bliss!

Almost there

Well it's 10 days away. I've been so sick with a sinus infection, bronchitis and a ruptured ear drum from flying with a sinus infection. Called my doctor In fear thinking I wouldn't be able to do my surgery. She said I'd be fine with a heavy dose of antibiotics! This is the first time in my life I've actually taken my meds, I guess the boobs are the incentive.
So it's been meds, lots of relaxing, drinking tons of water and Hot detox Epsom salt baths for the last week. Finally felt better to go to hot yoga last night to sweat it out! I'm going to try to go every day till my surgery, 4 months off from yoga will kill me!

On a Happier note my husband asked me if I was pregnant again from all the cleaning I've been doing.... He called it breasting! I know I've gone a little over board and that I'm just going to have to redo it In a week, but it takes my mind off of boobs. I'm sure I know everyone's profile off by heart by now..... Lol.
I posted pictures of the itty bitties, in 10 days I will be more then happy to kiss them Bye-bye! Can't believe its so soon, my mom is taking the kids for the night before the surgery, so we are going to have a nice date night on the 8th!

What did everyone else's doctor say about going to yoga after surgery? Mine said 4 months while my other consult said 3 months?..... Just curious as to other women's time frames.

6 days left!

omg it's almost here, only 6 days more to go!
So yesterday I paid the doctor in full and got the go ahead that my blood work was fine! phew nightmares adverted!!
I also got my arrival time which is 8:15am. I thought my original appointment was for 730, so something got mixed up there.....just means I will be more hungry by then.
my mother said she would take my kids for 2 blissful nights, making it easier on my husband to care for me.
I have been busy getting everything ready and cleaned for the big day, the kids start school on Monday so I will be able to go out kidless and get any remaining things I will need. I have to stock up on things I will run out of During recovery and since I won't be able to get to a mall, I have to do that soon!. My nerves haven't set in yet, more excited then anything and wishing time would speed up.
pretty sure my family is getting mad at how much I am talking about the 'big day', but I'm just so excited, they will learn to deal!
on a plus note I am almost finished my antibiotics and feeling 98% better! just have to work on the other 2%. hoping to just relax this weekend and sleep off any remaining cold in my warm house. weather man calling for -40c on Sunday, that's still -40f for my American friends out there! brrrrrr

3 days to go OMG!!!

Well according to my countdown app I have 2days and 17hours left to go! I've read reread and read again all my papers and 'what to expect'. I have To Do notes all over the house.....So ready!
Bought some new underwear in case they are in the new boobs picture...lol.... See what I mean? Over ready!!

The soon to be old boobs

Some more...

Added some photos of the soon to be old boobs! Will be so happy not to have to look at these every day!

im a big girl now!

So I arrived at 830 was brought right back into a roon where she took my temperature and temperature. The doctor came in and marked me up and off we went. I. the operating room I got one of those blankets that blow hot air, I may need one of those! My IV was inserted and I was out.
Woke up in some pain and feeling a little nauseous, was given some percaset and gravol and was fine. Waited 1hr post op and tried so hard to keep my eyed open, I felt cross eyed! We came home and took some pictures and I fell asleep for a good 3 hours! Some pain underneath the breasts but the ice seems to help.

big girl boobies

day 2 and day 3

Day 2...had an awful sleep, had a very hard time trying to sleep elevated, my back seemed to take the brunt of the pain. After waking up i was little more sore then I thought I would be. Im super swollen around the bra band, not swollen in upper poles at all so That's a bonus. Under the breast is the most painful but ice and staying on time with my drugs is the key. Saw my doctor for my post op and he was very happy with the lack of swelling I had. He had four surgeries and said he thought id be the most swollen out of the bunch. ..bonus! I also started to bruise yesterday but went I went home and rubbed arnicare cream on the babies and took the arnicare pills and the bruising seems to be diminishing.

day 3..... slept even worse last night, im so swollen in the bra band that my bra is super tight, even after getting a bigger one from the doctor. Ended waking up at 6 to come down stairs to throw some ice on the babies, took off my bra and take some more percaset. Today seems to be better, as long as I have ice on them im fine. Bruising is all gone and the breasts are starting to soften up on the top. The arnicare seems to be working, gives a comforting release with the gel and pills. All in all a rough 2 days but pain is beauty and its totally worth it!

swelling on bra band

Day 4

So on day 4 I developed some pain on my right breast right where the edge of the incision is. It hurts to touch and running my finger along the tape I can feel a little bump there. I fear I may have pulled a stitch while trying to be a big girl and put on my own jacket, I can't tell as there's tape covering it! Even putting a Kleenex on the site under the bra band hurts like a SOB. I emailed the doctor some pictures so I'm waiting to see when I can get in and get it checked. Other then That the pain is a lot better else where, swelling in the sides have gone down significantly. I'm very happy I didn't end up with a uniboob or frankenboobie which is frequently seen on here. My main point of pain in the tiny spot on the he incision site!
I'm enjoying my new girls and my husband has been amazing during this recovery time, he won't let me do anything! So it figures the one time I try I pull a stitch! Haha
Im hoping they move closer together as I feel they are quite far apart, my husband says they are perfect, but still I want closer boobs! Every day they are getting softer and softer, can't wait till I can squish them.

The last week

Well it's been 2 weeks today since my surgery. The pain has mostly disappeared, my arm pit and side still hurt on my left side of my body (was told my doctor was extremely aggressive with me to get the implant in). I'm getting sensation back into my left nipple just today, my right had it from the start. Which I'm thrilled about, I was worried I'd have numb nipples for a long time!
My breasts are looking awesome, the only bad part is the bra that I was given that I have to wear to keep my shape......They give me Madonna boobs complete with super long nipples! Haha so I've had to put a pad into my bra to tame the nipples a bit!
I'm still taking it really easy as I find if I overdue it, I get sore under my arms and then we have to put my trusty ice pack back on it. They are starting to get itchy dispite the fact that I put oil on them everyday and have been for the last month, but that's normal I hear!
I had my 10 day post op appointment on Monday where he took off the surgical tape, my incision site looks awesome and is healing well!

My kids only noticed the tape and not the fact that I got "bigger", so I'm happy that I don't have to explain that. I just said the doctors made mommy better, they have been so good through this whole process. They are very careful not to jump onto me or asking me to carry them, they can get their snacks themselves and even get it all out on the counter ready for me to make so they can put it all back! they have been very independent which is awesome!

I still can't believe I have them, every time I get ready I have to just sit there and stare. It's so amazing that I was able to do this with the help of my awesome husband. He still won't let me do anything around the house, which I'm sure is the reason I'm healing so nicely! Talk about a great catch!

Happy 1 month anniversary boobies!

My boobs are 1 month old today! They are looking awesome, are super squishy now and am pain-free. The left boob is a little sensitive, but I have feeling back into the nipple and back underneath the breast, right boob has had feeling right from the start!
Last night I went to the pool with the kids and was so happy and excited to go! I had cleavage!!!! It was the first time getting out of the pool that I didn't have to squish the water out of the breast pads! I didn't automatically try to cover them up to hide them, I was proud to display them!
It's still hard for me to sleep, I have a foam mattress so it's not so soft and inviting to my breasts. It's quite uncomfortable to lay on my side or tummy and my back doesn't like back sleeping! So hopefully they will learn to like side sleeping soon!

I'm still wearing the post op bra, which Is fine since it's so comfy. I bought a cheap soft cup bra that I got from target, I only wear it for lower cuts shirts and for short periods of time.
I'm so happy with the decision I made. I picked the perfect size and I'm so happy I went with the anatomical shape verses the round shape. They fit my body perfectly and I'm having fun trying on all my pre-boob clothes and seeing how much better they fit me.
My body needs me to work out and stretch it out, have find something to do until I can get back into yoga again.... Only 3 more months!
I started my scar treatment yesterday. It's a silicone skin colored sheet that I cut to cover my scar. I leave it on 24 hrs except for showers (it's reusable). I can wear the same cover for a week, it's the only thing my doctor recommends!

I'll post my 1 month photos soon!

breast break outs?

hey so has anyone else been breaking out in pimples on their chest? im breaking out where ive never before and its so annoying. all I want to do is show off my my assets and I cant due to red pimples! eeekkk
this happened to anyone else? ive read that this is a side effect, so just wondering how to get rid of them and how long I can expect this lovely surprise!

4 months later

Well its been 4 months since my surgery and I am loving them more and more each day.
I am a full C cup with no padding but a small D cup if there's any padding in the bra! How fantastic is that?!
I started back to yoga at 3 months, one month earlier then suggested, but I needed to get back!I just took it really easy for a month..... I love peeking down in certain poses and seeing them all full, such a great feeling compared to before.
I am so happy with my decision to get them. Its awesome trying on new dresses that I never would have looked at before. Braless is a great feeling!
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