41 Yo. Saline Under Muscle Implants Removed and Tummy Tuck with MR and Lipo - Edmonton, AB

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Hi all! I am 41 yo and have had 280cc saline...

Hi all! I am 41 yo and have had 280cc saline under muscle implants for 18 years. I'm super nervous to write a review but all of your pictures and stories have given me so much hope. I've truly loved my implants for 17 years. No one can tell they are fake and people are shocked when I tell them. I was a AA before BA and was initially a full c small d. After having and nursing 4 kids I'm now a DD. they are too big and I feel like they make me look extra heavy. I've gained some weight but even when the weight is off they are still DDs. The ps thinks I'll have about a b cup. I'd be happy with that. My biggest concern is the sagginess. When I saw the ps I told him I thought my implants had bottomed out. He kindly pointed out that no, my implants right where it should be I actually have a double bubble and my natural tissue is hanging over the implant, um, lovely! I really don't want a lift but I'll wait a year and see how things look.

I've never had any issues with my implants. They feel pretty soft and squishy but I feel like I'm just waiting for something to happen. It's time for a mammogram and I'm picturing POP POP!!! I know it's either time to replace or remove and since I don't want to deal with them anymore it's time to say goodbye. My only complaint has been neck and shoulder pain and constant muscle tension headaches. The headaches have become a daily obstacle since my boobs grew. Not fun! The ps suggested waiting til they rupture but I do not want 18 yo saline leaking in to my body. Yuck!!

I've also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. They really clear up when I eat a clean whole food diet so I can't really say if the implants are responsible or not. Maybe I won't be so sensitive to everything after. Who knows. I'll just be happy if the headaches improve.

I'm also getting a tummy tuck, mr and lipo. Four kids and lots of fries took their toll. I'm nervous about the recovery from the tummy tuck but more nervous about the explant results. I hope I'm not so drugged up that I can't appreciate the light feeling of having the weight off my chest.

I have lots of support and help so hopefully all will go well. 4 more sleeps.

I'll try to post pictures but they're all upside down right now.

I'm a wreck

It's official.. I'm a total wreck. Bladder infection, antibiotics and dry heaving for two days. The infections cleared up but my nerves are killing me. I'm staying at my MILs house for ten days and not going to see my kids. I'm worried I'm not packing everything I need. Ugh. I bought my kids ten little gifts. One for each day I'm gone. I don't want them to see me looking so rough. Four boys ages 10, 6, 5 & 3. My mom flies in tonight and is staying for 3 weeks. I'm so thankful.

I'm truly not nervous about the breasts. It's the tummy tuck recovery. I'm excited to get my implants removed. Hopefully I can ignore them for a few days while things recover. I am worried about wrinkles. The Dr assured me my stomach skin is not an indication of what my boob skin will do. I'm praying he's right. I'm also praying he's right that I've got about a b cup. I hope I'm not in denial. If I can't stand my wrinkly stomach why do I think I'll be fine living with wrinkly boobs? I guess a tummy tuck doesn't scare me as much as a lift. cutting my nipples off does not feel like an option I'm willing to pursue. But I guess time will tell. If they look like 41 year old boobs that have survived 4 pregnancies and nursed them all I guess that's reality.

Well...hoping to be flat everywhere tomorrow. Goodbye stomach muffin top and boob muffin top. Don't think I'll be spilling out of any more bras.
Oh by the way. My husband is here for the surgery and then leaving on a fishing trip. Yup. Really. It's probably better. He's such a worry wart he'd drive me crazy. He'd be nagging me to call the Dr for anything and everything. He'll be better off fishing.

One more sleep!! (Dry heave!)

I'm alive

Yippie! I survived and I'm doing well. Little loopie from the meds. My boobs feel nice and soft and small. I haven't dared to look yet except from the top. There's actually a nice handful there. As soon as I get pics I'll share. Before surgery I asked the ps if he thinks I'll want a lift and he said no. I hope he's right. But he did say healing will take up to a year.

My hubby is amazing. He went and bought me an electric recliner to live in for the next while. He offered to cancel his fishing trip but I'm actually doing better than I thought I would be so I told him to go. I thought I would have boob drains but the ps decided I don't need them. That's a relief.

I'll post pics soon.

Well....here they are. Day 1

It's really hard to tell what they'll look like. My tummy tuck binder is holding them up. But, hooray! I have boobies. They don't look too wrinkly. I haven't confirmed with my surgeon but he said he was going to remove part of the capsule and leave the part on my chest wall. They are so soft and warm. I think I like them so far.


I think the freezing must be wearing off because I'm starting to get itchy. I peeked again today but they look the same. I'll get more pics tomorrow. They feel so small when I put my hand over them. But at least there's a little something to grab.

Day 3

Hmmm... They are definitely drooping and missing that upper pole that everyone talks about. When I put my arms up they are quite wrinkly. I can't say I didn't expect this. Hopefully they will retract a bit more. I'm happy with the size which is surprising. I was a aa before implants 18 years ago. Hopefully they will keep improving.

I'm a little worried about my bra. The surgeon put me in a 36 when I'm usually a 32 so it's not compressing at all. I tried on a zip up sports bra I bought but it was so tight around and the zipper kept coming undone. Now I'm in a soft comfy one piece thing but again there isn't a lot of compression. I don't have drains so I'm kinda worried about fluid. I go see him in 3 days so I'll ask about it.

Grateful. Day 5

First off I just want to express my gratitude to all you ladies who have shared your journeys and offered support. If I had gone into this without reading so many stories of what to expect I think I'd be panicking and running to my ps. I don't expect perfection, especially after 18 years of stretching and squishing but at least I have an idea of what to expect realistically. I can have hope for improvement but I also know I can appreciate what I have. A good bra can work wonders. And I know not to look for that bra ant time soon based on others experiences. So thank you dearly for all you have shared and from saving me from going totally off the deep end.

Because yes, they are a little sad. The upper pole is hollow and all of the tissue sits low and wide. Hopefully they will perk up a bit. I just dont know if my bra is tight enough. They really aren't being squished at all. I see the Dr tomorrow. Hope it's not too late.

Happy healing to all!

A hard day

I am officially constipated. I have taken my stool softener twice daily, mom for 2 days, one suppository and sennokot. Tiny little bm but it has been 8 days. Yikes! I'm at a loss. I see my Dr today. Praying he can help. I don't feel bloated or backed up. I'm at a total loss. I'm working my way off Percocet but honestly Tylenol may cause the same problem. Time for something drastic I'm afraid. Which I thought the suppository was drastic. Ugh. Not feeling good.

I wore a really tight zip up sports bra last night because I do not feel like the Drs bra is compressing at all. I switched back this morning. I don't feel like they've changed at all from day 1. Sigh. Maybe I have drug induced blues. Day 6 post. I thought I'd dodged the emotional roller coaster but apparently not.

Not feeling well!


I have had success in the bathroom and feel so much better. I saw the Dr today and he said no more Percocet. So I haven't taken any since this morning. My tummy hurts a little but I haven't felt anything in my boob area.

I got to see my tummy. Yeah. I think it's going to be well worth it. He said everything looks great. I'm hardly bruised which I'm counting as a blessing. He made me laugh. I had asked him prior to surgery about needing a lift and he assured me no no no. But he said when he removed the implant he was surprised how much loose skin was there and he made a terrible face. I told him I'm glad I didn't see his reaction or I might have cried. Haha. But at least he assured me they've already made leaps and bounds of progress. He's also very happy with my comfy bra he gave me so that's a relief. No fluid accumulation and all is good. He said give it time.

I wanted to know how my implants looked. He said they were both intact and the fluid was still clear. Oh what a relief. He also said they were textured saline and he rarely sees that. So we laughed about putting them in an implant museum. 18 Years is a long time. They're antiques. I'm so glad they looked normal. I do feel without the weight of them that my back is happier.

Having a much better day. My new goal is to walk with less of a hunch. It's hard to enjoy my new small chest when I'm so bent over. It's funny. As much as I hope they improve I'm not sure I really care if they don't turn out cute or beautiful. I'm just so relieved they are out. I'm not sure why I felt they needed to go but the nagging kept getting louder and louder and so I knew it was absolute the right choice. I guess in that way I feel like I didn't have a choice but to remove and therefore it really doesn't matter what they look like. It had to be done. But it does help to have a little tissue there that I can lift up and pour into a bra. Nothing wrong with wearing a cute bra 24/7.

Feeling much better. Thanks for kind words. Hope everyone else is healing well

1 week post op

I'm not sure how I feel. I'm off Percocet so I think I'm clear headed. On one side I just dont really care what they look like. They will be fine in a bra. I needed to get them out and I know it was the right decision. On the other hand I'm a little nervous. I'm not seeing any change and I feel really flabby all over my top half. There's a weird indent on the sides because they hang so low and wide. They look weird. I nearly needed a lift with my implants so I can't imagine my nipple is going to raise very much. Because I had a tummy tuck I'm living in sweats and hoodies which hides everything. So I'm not sure how I will feel in normal clothes.

Oh well! All I'll need is a good bra. I do love that I have some natural tissue. I was a AA before implants so it's like a Christmas present to have a nice soft gushy handful. Will they firm up a little?

Day 12 post op

I don't feel like much has changed honestly. Sometimes I feel my boobs tingling and I'm careful not to move or touch them in case it's the fluff fairy. I can use all the fluff I can get. I think the weird side dents are starting to look a tiny bit better. I keep telling myself that anyways. My hubby is super supportive but he seems less than thrilled with the changes. Maybe when I can finally wear a cute bra he'll be more enthusiastic. I have to wear my non-compressing compression bra for at least two more weeks.

I hate looking at my BA pics cuz they kind of look nice. Droopy and too big but at least not weird and wrinkly. I think I'll try some firming creams. Probably a long shot but they need a little help. I know I will not get new implants and probably won't go for a lift so I've got to start embracing these new girls now. I do look skinnier without all my tops hanging off my big boobies. And they look great in a bra. Trying to stay positive. I think I'm not excited to try on bras and clothes because I have this ridiculous tummy tuck binder on and I can only wear baggy clothes to hide it. It's no joke recovering from the TT. I think I'm doing great and then next thing I know I'm hunched over again and need to lay down. Just getting impatient to feel like my old self. Looking forward to the day I can put on jeans and a t-shirt.
Happy healing to all!

The Good, the Sad, and the ugly

The Good
I love the size of my little natural boobies. I think they're probably a small b. They'll look great in a push up bra.
I feel so light and free. I had no idea how much they were weighing me down. I was praying they were the cause of my muscle tension headaches. I haven't had neck or shoulder pain since removal. No muscle tension headaches. That alone is a quality of life changer. And when I lay on my back there is a definite weight missing. I can sit up without needing back support to hold me up.
My flat little tummy looks ah-maze-ing. That along with smaller boobies make me look 10 lbs lighter. Always a good thing.
I have arthritis in my big toe joint. Makes it very hard to wear heels. If I remove all gluten from my diet it improves. Since removing the implants it's almost cleared up even though I've been living on gluten filled comfort carbs for weeks. An unexpected happiness!

The Sad
My poor boobies are saggy and still indented. I promised myself I would not pass judgement on them for 6 months but it's hard. I haven't checked them out when laying flat on my back yet, but I'm worried my hubby won't be able to find the nip in all the wrinkly skin. It sat like a birthday candle on top of a cake with the implants. Patience, patience, patience. I've read a few breast lift reviews, ugh! Just gotta take it one week at a time.

The Ugly
Where my old belly button got pulled down and meets the tummy incision opened a tiny bit. Disgusting!!! I might have just pulled the scab off when removing tape. I'm really not sure. I sent a picture to ps and he put me on antibiotics as a precaution. This is my fourth round of antibiotics in 2 months. I feel like I need a serious detox. The incision looks good now so I'm not worried any more.
My kids start school tomorrow, which means facing school moms with no more implants. I have to keep my compression bra for at least two more weeks and to hide my TT binder I have to wear loose tops. Which leaves me looking super flat. It's cool enough to wear a light scarf so I might go that route. I don't want to resort to stuffing my bra like when I was a teenager!!! I'm not worried they'll notice the missing implants I'm truly just a little embarrassed by how flat I look in baggy clothes and a compression bra. I can't wait to wear normal clothes again. I know they'll look amazing in the end. Especially in a great bra.

The road to recovery is filled with twists, turns and hills.


I am having serious difficulty finding back up bras. How long is everyone wearing their compression bras for? My ps said 4 weeks, but the darn thing is ruining my style! Yesterday I bought a danskin sports bra thing that's cups stood up by themselves. It's a 36 B (smallest I could find) and it's NOT comfortable. My boobies were swimming in it. After school pick up and drop off I couldn't get it off fast enough. I just didn't want to look incredibly flat around the school moms. It did give me a good profile. I'm completely happy with my new size but it's not the greatest to have my little awesome boobies smushed up so flat. I have two of the front zip ones and they are way too tight. And a no support genie type bra that leaves my boobs down by my belly button. Before I spend any more time and money on temporary bras I need advice. I do not have a target store (Wahhhh!). I have Walmart and a good department store. I don't know how long I have to wait to wear underwire. The day I'm cleared for underwire, watch out Victoria's secret.
Any advice is appreciated. Thanks all you awesome ladies!

So happy!!!!

I was thinking today how happy I am that I am implant free. The feeling of lightness is more overwhelming than I imagined it would be. I think my shoulders and neck will finally be able to heal. They just simply don't hurt anymore. I was living with daily headaches for the last two years and I've found such relief since explant. I can't believe how much easier it is to sit on the floor with my kids and not feel like I'm going to topple over. It's a wonderful feeling.

I'm also not in constant fear that my implants will rupture. Once I realized I'd had the same pair for 18 years I went into panic mode. I felt like I was just waiting for the day they would pop. I don't regret getting them at all, because I truly loved them for most of our time together. I do regret not removing them after my first son was born so that I could've breast fed my other kids with less difficulty. But it doesn't matter now. I am free and light and loving it!!!

Good luck to all of you on this crazy journey. I wish you all peace with whatever decisions you make.


My uncomfortable danskin bra from Walmart is growing on me. It's not very comfortable but it makes me feel presentable. I just haven't had time to hunt for a better bra yet. It gives me shape in baggier clothing. Not because I'm filling it out, as you can see, but because the cups keep a nice shape on their own. My underarm and side boob fat are killing me!!! It actaully hurts to put my arms down when I'm driving. I think my TT binder pushes everything up. I cannot wait to get back to the gym to shape up that area. I never noticed it with my implants but now it's sooooo obvious. I also put Spanxx on the other day so I could try on some jeans for fun. I guess the implants also disguised the size of my bum! Yikes!! Time to get serious about getting in shape.

I was having some down days. Feeling like I'd definitely need a lift down the road, even though that scares the life out of me. I realized I was really just nervous for my husbands reaction. He loved my implants but they definitely weren't the be all end all to our relationship. I was also getting scared thinking of my doctor doing an exam. Just basically feeling really embarrassed with how my boobs look. Anyways, my husband and I finally did the deed last night and everything is perfect!! He looked, he touched and he said they're cute and he loves them. I can't tell you how relieved I am. He seemed so indifferent before that I just assumed he was unhappy with them. They aren't the centre of our relationship so I knew it wasn't that big a deal but it's nice to know he's good with them. He's especially happy because the sensitivity has come back. Plus he told me I look so tiny and skinny without implants, so yeah, I'm feeling good!!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Week 4 & fluffing????

I'm 4 weeks post and finally seeing some improvements. Last week was hard cuz all of the swelling went away and they looked more deflated. This week I think their rallying for a nice comeback! I swear my nips are a teeny tiny bit higher! Hooray!!! The indents are starting to fill in, which is such a relief. At first my chest bone seemed further out than my boobs, but now it looks a little more 'normal', whatever that is.

I saw my PS yesterday. The bad news, I have to wear my binder and compression bra for at least 2 more weeks. Which is alright, I want to heal properly. The good news, he said I'm not a candidate for a lift. I asked for info just so I could try to put my mind at ease. I could easily start obsessing about getting a lift in a year. He squeezed and lifted and reminded me that it takes at least 6 months to see results. Then he said it's just not worth it, my nips aren't low enough. I can't tell you how relieved I felt. Another weight has been lifted from my chest, haha. He's such a great guy. I couldn't be happier with my choice to go with him. I know wanting a lift is a personal decision and it's really up to me, but having him tell me it's not worth it was just really reassuring. Now I'm going to quit thinking about it and focus on eating healthy and healing.

You girls are all amazing. every story is so helpful. It's nice to know I'm not alone on this wild journey. Happy healing and decision making to all!

2 months post and freaking out a little

Something weird is going on with my left nipple (hate that word). It keeps going inverted whenever I'm wearing a bra. Wth?!?! I keep pinching it back out. Now every time I walk by a mirror I'm checking it and pulling it back out. Last night I went braless for a bit to see what would happen. It stayed out. I'm trying to pull it out and up in my bra, but it's not working. What is going on?!?!? Too much compression?!? Not enough air time?!? When I went braless I could feel how saggy my boobies are...not a pleasant feeling. I wanted my bra back on. This just started 2 days ago. No bra changes, no routine changes. Argh!!! Any ideas? Anyone?
Other than this mild catastrophe I really am happy with my new girls. I think I'm a small B cup which is just perfect. Yes I wish they were perkier, yes I wish they weren't wrinkly at all, but after all they've been through I'm impressed. They look like typical 41 year old post pregnancy boobs. What more could I ask for! I'm posting pics, but honestly I don't see ANY change at all.
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