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Four weeks from today I will have a new look. I am...

Four weeks from today I will have a new look. I am so excited! First a little background info for those who are interested….
Currently an empty 34B, 5’1”, 110lbs. I have 3 children and I never breastfed any of them. Friends and family were quick to tell me how my stomach would change but no one said anything about my boobs. I was a 32B when I got pregnant for the first time and they ballooned to a 38DD. I thought they were obscenely huge and I couldn’t wait for the milk to dry up. When it did I was devastated – my perky, little B’s were gone. I don’t hate the size I am now I just miss the fullness.
About 4 years ago I went to see a PS about a lift but when I found out how it was done and the scars it would leave I decided I’d just have to accept the changes brought on by three pregnancies. In November of 2011 I started to think about implants. I broached the subject with my husband. He didn’t think I needed anything done, said he loved my boobies but he also realised that I wasn’t happy with them and said if that’s what I wanted then he would support me. I researched online and found this site and have been lurking around on and off for several months. ? I have enjoyed reading everyone’s stories and the doctor’s comments.
In May 2012 I had my first consultation. I brought some photos with me and I chose photos of women’s whose breasts looked like mine before their BA and their after pics were what I wanted mine to look like. (No unrealistic expectations.) The PS was very informative and said the sag in my breast was minimal and he didn’t feel I needed a lift at all. He measured me and we (he) decided on high profile round 300cc cohesive gel implant (gummy implants) with a periareolar incision and they will be placed under the muscle. The PA said this will take me from a 34B to a 34C. I am wondering now if maybe I shouldn’t go a little bigger, like 310cc. I don’t want to be a D just a big C. I’m tiny so too big would look out of place on me.
My husband thought I should get a second opinion so in June I saw another PA. What a different experience it was from the first consultation. The second PA took one look and said he wouldn’t dive me implants without doing a lift first. This made me a little angry because from everything I have read online, on this site and others, about ptosis I knew mine was very minor as my nipple is not below the inframammary crease. I felt this PA just wanted my money. Maybe if I wasn’t so well informed I would have believed him.
Needless to say I decided to go with my first PA, made deposit and booked my surgery for November 24, 2012.
I am nervous and excited… excited to have fullness again, nervous about the pain, the recovery time, the scars. I see from the pics here that some women’s boobs look fantastic in just a few days while others still have the spongebob squareboobs months later. I am going to Mexico mid-December and I hope, hope, hope mine look great by then.
A question to all you ladies who have already had your BA… how long was it before your husband/boyfriend could enjoy the new you … um … physically? Meaning when could he get aggressive in his handling of the new and improved you? I’ve looked around for an answer to my question and haven’t seen one, maybe I’m just being pervy but I want to know and I’m sure others want to know too
Well, this is my story so far. I will post some pics later. I am moving to a new place on October 1 and my house is in disarray at the moment. Need to find the camera.

I just realised I put the wrong date for my...

I just realised I put the wrong date for my surgery, it's October 24 NOT November 24. I spoke with the PS office today and I am booked for 7am with a surgery time of 7:30. I have decided to go with 325cc.

I also took some pics this morning with my iPhone.

October 3 - Exactly three weeks from today. I am...

October 3 - Exactly three weeks from today. I am getting super excited. Reading everyone's stories, it's nice to know what to expect. Psyching myself up for the pain and hoping it won’t be that bad. Pouring over pics trying to get an idea of what I'll look like. I think I am driving my hubby crazy with all the boobie talk. I haven't told anyone I am having a BA done so he is the only one I can talk to about it. I had printed off some after pics of what I was hoping to achieve and left the in my laptop. My daughter found them and I had to tell her I was thinking of having a BA because she thought my hub was looking at porn. She said she didn’t think I should get implants. Still not comfortable talking to her about it not to mention she’d blab it to my parents. I guess soon enough everyone will know. I need to make the hotel reservation for the night before and night of the surgery. There isn’t a PS in my city so I have to travel 4 hours. I’ll see him the day after the procedure and then drive back. Hopefully the meds will make me sleep in the car. I still need to pick up a sports bra and really have no clue what size to get. If I am a 34B now and wear size small what size sports bra do you ladies recommend? Also need to pick up a few zippered tops. Did your PS give you an anti-inflammatory? I am allergic to NSAIDS and hope there will be another alternative to aid in the swelling. Well these are my ramblings for today.

Two Weeks From Today – Well I made my final...

Two Weeks From Today – Well I made my final payment today, it was a lot of money and I was able to pay cash for my BA so I’m not in debt which is nice.
I am getting super excited. I am not worried at all about the anesthesia as I have had a few surgeries in the past few years (tubal & ablation), I go under and come out with no problems. I am worried about the pain afterwards. I hate being in minor discomfort, let alone real pain. It will be worth it though. My PS didn’t say anything about giving me a muscle relaxant. Is this a given or should I specifically ask for some?
I took my last two night shifts off because I have one day of travel and my BA is scheduled for what would have been my last shift. That will give me six days of recovery before I have to come back to work. I hope it will be enough time. My co-workers (all men) have asked what kind of surgery I am having so I just said “a girly thing” and they asked no more questions. I haven’t told them and I hope my uniform will be loose enough to disguise the fact that my boobs are bigger after I come back.
I am going to try to take a before pic in one of my favourite LBD and then post an after pic to show the comparison. I know I’ll fill it out so much better than I do know.
I am starting to drive my hubby up the wall with all my boobie talk. I still haven’t told anyone I am having a BA so I babble on to him about it all. Guess I have to stop before he really gets annoyed with me.
Question to all the ladies who have already had their BA: how long after the procedure can you hubby/boyfriend really give the new boobies some squeezing?
Well this concludes my ramblings for today.

So my emotions are on overdrive. Anyone have that...

So my emotions are on overdrive. Anyone have that problem?
I kind of lost it at my hubby yesterday. I don't feel he's taking this serious and he's already starting to complain about taking care of me after the surgery. He’s never had surgery and has never been in the hospital so he can’t even begin to relate but he needs to try. I told him he needs to stop making light about this that it is surgery and I will be under anesthesia and it serious. On my PS website I found this blurb about recovery. “Breast Augmentation can result in discomfort equal to that of a C-section. Adequate pain control is important. Plan on 3-5 days of no obligations to rest after your surgery.” I also copied someone’s journal here and emailed it to him. It opened his eyes as his ex-wife had 3 C-sections so now he has a better understanding.
I know I hate having to depend on other people. I was single for a long time and I am used to doing everything for myself. I understand it will be a drag for him to have to stay with me 24/7 but he needs to understand that it will also be a drag for me having to rely on someone to do stuff for me, especially if I feel he’s resenting it. But, I also know from the last surgery I had that it’s so important to not overdo it. Last time I went back to work too soon and had the mindset that I was superwoman and I could do everything. “I’m okay, I can do it myself.” This time I am taking it easy.
Then of course after he read what I emailed him he asked why I am doing this to myself. Grrr. I’m not doing it for him or anyone else, I am doing this for me, so I feel better about myself, so I have more confidence. There’s a cartoon out there that shows a beautiful, fit woman and a fat balding man each looking in a mirror, the woman sees her reflection as being fat and ugly and the man sees his reflections as being buff and handsome. Has anyone else seen that? We as women are so hard on ourselves.
I am worried about the pain after. I am worried I’ll have SpongeBob Square Boobs and they’ll be like that for months, I am worried my hubby will think I‘ll like a freak, I’m worried I think I’ll look like a freak, I’m worried about double-bubble, the waterfall effect and capsular contraction. Oh emotions please stop. Of course I could be making a mountain out of a molehill. Perhaps it won’t be as bad as I think. But better to prepare for the worst and if it’s not as bad as all that, bonus.
Sorry for rambling but it feels good just to write down what I am feeling.

8 days to go - Thank goodness for this site. My PS...

8 days to go - Thank goodness for this site. My PS didn't give me a list of things I should be avoiding (except aspirin, ibuprofen & alcohol) or things I will need, except the anti-bacterial soap. The soap I bought yesterday day, it smells terrible. I never would have thought of dulcolax or bendy straws. Many others on this site got their prescriptions in advance; maybe that is a difference between American and Canadian doctors. I am sure I will get sent home with a few meds to keep me going until I get my prescriptions filled, at least that has been my past experience. (Hoping for really good pain meds and muscle relaxants, I am a baby when it comes to pain.)
My company is offering flu shots on Friday, so I need to call the PS office and find out if it’s okay to have one.
Not really anything new to report other than my excitement. I’m concerned about going too big or too small. And I have had a few weird dreams. For example, I dreamt my new boobies were each the size of a cow udder. I guess I am stressing about size, even in my sleep. I ordered two zippered sports bras from Sears. I was really unsure what size to get so I hope they fit.
(Read over my post from last week - wow, talk about PMS. I am glad that is out of the way for another month.)

Four days to go before my BA procedure. I am...

Four days to go before my BA procedure. I am starting to flip-flop about the incision site. I originally thought I wanted a periareolar incision because it can be hidden. Now I am thinking maybe I should go inframammary. Some pics show minimal scarring around the nip, just a faint white line, while others show a mean looking red scar. Mind you the same can be said for inframammary scars. I am worried my hubby will feel the scar when we are intimate and it will be right there in his face. I don’t want him to be turned off by the sight or feel of the scars. What to do, what to do. Ladies… any advice?
I am still fretting about size. I don’t want to go too big but also don’t want to regret not have gone bigger after this is all over. I just want them to look like I have fantastic looking natural boobies. One poster mentioned when you are short and go too big you can end up looking matronly… certainly don’t want that.
Hubby is starting to get worried about me. He is such a macho man and tries not to show his concern too much but I can tell. Keeps saying I can change my mind, wants to know just how bad the pain will be, and says if I am not ready to go back to work after 6 days I should ask someone to cover me. He wants to know what they will feel like after everything is healed. I don’t know what they will feel like but I hope they feel more like pre-pregnancy boobies than the soft feel they have now. Ladies… comments on what yours feel like?
I am adding a pic of me in my favourite LBD (no bra) and one in a bikini top. I never realised how terrible my chest looked until I saw the pic. The top of my boobs are flattened. Not very sexy. I can’t wait to see the after pic in the same dress.

What a difference 9 days make ... my husband is...

What a difference 9 days make ... my husband is really getting involved now and asking lots of questions. Perhaps because it's so close to the big day but I think he's getting quite excited to see the new me.

After flip-flopping I have decided to stay with my original decision and go with the periareolar incision. As for size I am going to ask my PS about going 350cc and see what he says. Maybe settle half way with 325cc. I just can't help thinking that if I stay on the smaller side maybe I won't get the square boob look. It seems to me from the hundreds of pics I've looked at that it is implants over 400cc that seem to cause that look. On the other hand I want to look at myself and know I got something for all this money and pain. Did anyone else drive themselves crazy with the sizing or is it just me?

On top of everything else, I am dreading asking my male boss for a new uniform and I know I'll need one even if I go with the 300cc as they were custom made to my measurements.
Ahhh well ... that concludes my ramblings for today.

Surgery Day - Five hours out of surgery. I am...

Surgery Day - Five hours out of surgery. I am still dopey from the pain meds but I thought I'd write a bit while everything is fresh in my mind. I arrived at the health centre at 7:10am. They gave my hubby my prescriptions so he could get them filled while I was in surgery. I kissed and hugged him good bye and the nurse took me into a prep room. The PS took a few pics and marked the areolar incision area, said he'd do the rest drawing in the operating room. I expressed that I wanted to go a bit bigger than we discussed at my pre-op appointment. I showed him the "hope for look" I bought with me at our first appointment and the new one. At our first consultation he thought 300 cc would give me the look I wanted but said with the new pic I'd need 350-400 cc. I told him I didn't want to look matronly or to have boobs that screamed implants and that I wanted a size that would look good with my frame but I'd leave the decision in his expert hands but I didn't want to go over 400cc.

The nurse took me to the operating room and hooked me up to the blood pressure machine and took my temperature. The anesthesiologist put in my IV and I told him to make sure I wouldn't wake up until this was over. The nurse put an oxygen mask on me and the anesthesiologist put a med into my IV. I tasted it. Then he put the second med in I tasted it too. Next thing I know I am awake in the recover room.

I felt a great deal of pressure in my chest. I rated it 6 out of 10 for pain. The nurse put 4cc of morphine in my IV but it really didn't help so she gave me 4cc more as well as 2 Percocet tablets. In a bit I asked for more so she gave me 3cc and raised the bed. That made a huge difference as the pressure in my chest diminished a lot. After a bit she went over the post-op instructions with me. I have to keep the bra they supplied me with on day and night for 2 weeks. I don't have a band on. No icing or muscle relaxants. I go back tomorrow and the nurse will do a massage. I'll need to massage 4 times a day.

I was in the recovery room an hour and then my hubby took me back to the hotel. When we got in the car he looked at me and said, "You're stacked." Every time he looks at me he's smiling. Once back in our room l I got a look at my new self. Although they are bigger than I wanted I am happy with the way they look - no more flat upper pole and they sit away from my chest at the bottom. Of course I can't get a really good look because of the bandages and bra but they are not up to my collar bone which I am extremely happy about, I was so worried about that! They are very swollen and feel very full. There is no way my old bikini tops will fit me now unless they are so big because of the swelling. The nurse told my hubby that I have 400cc but my Mentor card says 350cc so I will ask tomorrow at my post-op appointment what size the PS actually gave me. I do know they are Mentor smooth, round high profile gel. They are completely under the muscle.

Right now I am not in what I'd call pain and I actually feel pretty good. It's more like a pulling sensation and pressure. . At first the soreness was at the top of each boob but it has moved and is now between my 2 boobs, the sides on the inner curve. Taking a really deep breath intensifies the soreness. My throat feel like I have frog in it.

I just asked my hubby for his initial thoughts, he said when he first met me my boobs were big, then I lost 20 lbs so they got smaller. Now I have big boobs again and he says likes the look. I was worried he'd think they were too big.

To sum it all up: right now I think they are too big I am not sure how much of the size is from swelling and how much is from the implant. I love the overall look though.

That's all for now.

Oct 25 – POST-OP DAY 1 Last night around 7:30pm...

Oct 25 – POST-OP DAY 1
Last night around 7:30pm I noticed my right boob swelled 15% bigger than the left. It’s really tight. I understand this is normal but still freaky to see. My back is hurting, not sure if it’s the way I am sleeping or from the surgery. My throat really hurts from the breathing tube. I would recommend stocking up on popsicles. Hubby got me some last night and they really helped a lot with my sore throat.

This morning I went to see the PS nurse for my post-op appointment. She thought the swelling may be a hematoma. She gave me another 10 Percocet to take home. This is the first time hubby got a look at my new boobies. The look of revulsion on his face made me sad. Yes, they are huge and I don’t really care for the size either, but to see that look on his face was hurtful. My PS was working at the hospital so they arranged for me to go see him in between surgeries and I may need another surgery to drain the blood. A little scared at this point. After about 45 minutes my PS came to look at me. He thinks the swelling is just that, normal swelling as there doesn’t seem to be any other signs of hematoma. So he gave us the go ahead to travel the 5 hours back to my home town but he wants to see me on Monday.

We got back home at 6:30pm. I took it easy, we watched a movie. I am surprised that I feel as good as I do. There is no real pain in my boobs. My chest itself is sore but not unbearably so. My back is what really hurts. I went to bed around 10:00pm. I did get my daughter’s body pillow and two others to keep myself propped up, very comfy.

Oct 26 - POST-OP DAY 2
Woke up once in the night and took 2 Percocet, other than that slept very well. I normally am a back sleeper so it’s a little easier for me to sleep. My back still hurts like crazy today. It feels like my boobs weigh about 10 pounds each. They are both swollen and tight, the right is more so than the left. Other than that I am doing really well. My husband said he is surprised how good I am doing. He he’s being very helpful. I took my bra off for the first time to take a shower. It was the first time I’ve had a really good look at the new boobies. They are not so bad. It’s true they are swollen and huge but you can tell the shape is good, the nips are where they should be, I think when the swelling goes down I am going to like them. I hope so. I still feel they are too big for my body. Oh and the swelling is not just in my boobs, my stomach is distended and bloated. Looks like I’ve gained 15lbs which is gross, I can’t even suck it in.

My back is really sore, hurts more than my chest. Sat around with the heating pad most of the day. We did take a drive to pick up a few things. Was really hard to get in the truck. I am finding it difficult not using my arms. My chest (sternum) is sore from washing and brushing my hair. Other than that I am doing good, no real pain just soreness. I think having breast milk come in is way more painful than this. It hurts if I accidently use my hand/arm to get up off the sofa.

I went to bed – alone – at 10:30pm. Hubby has been sleeping on the couch; he says he’s afraid of rolling over and hitting me with his arm. I think he is just too repulsed by my chest to even get in the same bed as me. I have gotten 2 kisses since this surgery happened and they were pecks not real kisses. I have decided not to let him see my chest until the swelling has gone down. A little depressed over his behaviour.

POST-OP DAY 3 Well they are still tight and...


Well they are still tight and swollen today. No softer that I can tell. A new development is bruising. I had a small bruise on the underside of my right boob since the surgery but today it has grown and there is one on my left boob same place. Good news is my back doesn't hurt nearly as bad today. I must be adjusting the the size as I don't think they look huge in clothes, just in a bra or naked they still look massive to me.

I head back to Edmonton tomorrow. Hubby and I will overnight in a hotel then see my PS first thing Monday. He'll decide if I have a hematoma in my right boob or not. Hopefully not as I don't want to hot through another surgery.

Oct 28 - POST-OP DAY 4 My new ones are still...

Oct 28 - POST-OP DAY 4

My new ones are still swollen but they are feeling softer today. That's an improvement. Learning to like them more as time goes on. See the PS tomorrow to get the verdict on possible hematoma on the right side. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

POST-OP DAY 5 I saw my PS this morning and I was ...

I saw my PS this morning and I was relieved to hear I do not have a hematoma. He showed me how to do the massages and changed the tape around my incisions. A little disappointed to hear I have to wear the tape for 3 months, not exactly a sexy look.

My upper chest is hurting today, right where my armpits meet my chest. The PS gave me another prescription for Emcet 30. I was really hoping for more Percocet but no such luck. The boobies are softer today and I notice the swelling is going down. The bruises are starting to turn yellow at the edges.

Had a long talk with my hubby last night. He told me he wasn't repulsed when he saw them but was a little shocked to see the bandages and bruises. He said he thought it looked painful. Our talk ended with some "sexy time" so I am feeling better about everything.

Still haven't been able to go to the bathroom. Ugh. I think I'll have to buy some prune juice.

POST-OP DAY 6 Last night both boobs swelled,...


Last night both boobs swelled, they both felt engorged, the right a little more than the left. I'm not sure why they swelled like that last night but today the swelling has gone down. The right side is still more tender and I have a pulling sensation at the top. I was able to "go" yesterday thanks to a Dulcolax suppository. Horrific measure I know but I was desperate. I know I am still terribly swollen but I used a bra calculator to get an idea of my current size. What a shock! I went from a 34B to a 34FF. I sure hope they shrink a lot more or I won't be able to buy a bra.

1 WEEK POST-OP My first day back to work. I had...

My first day back to work. I had to tell my boss as I can't get my uniform buttoned. He told me he went through this with his ex and we ended up having a very technical talk about implants. Glad that's over.

Yesterday I drove my truck out of the garage so my hubby could pull his car in and it hurt so bad, not just turning the wheel but just holding onto it made my chest muscle hurt. I took 2 of the Emcet 30's and although they didn't make me pain free it certainly helped once they kicked in.

Not really much change in the boobies. How is it possible that they feel softer yet tight at the same time? When I squeeze them they feel soft but just sitting here not touching them it feels like skin is pulled too tight. I guess in all reality it is. My right is still bigger than the left. Both breasts have 400cc and my PS said my right breast was slightly smaller than the left and it was a little more work to get it in, I guess that's why the right side is more tender and swollen.

When I look at the after pics I posted I don't think they look as big as they do in person. When I look at them I still see HUGE boobies. All a matter of perception. Speaking of pics, I took some this morning but forgot my phone at home (and wow do I ever feel lost without it), I'll post them tomorrow.

Quesion for all the ladies who are post-op. Does...

Quesion for all the ladies who are post-op. Does the firm feeling ever go away? What I mean is, will they actually feel like real boobs eventually?

1 WEEK POST-OP PICS I added the 1 week post-op...

I added the 1 week post-op pics I took yesterday. As you can see I am still swollen but the bruises are starting to fade. I wish I could get a pic with my arms down because raising them to take the pic changes how they look.My god they are still so huge. Arrrgh.

I was really sore this moring when I woke up. I finally understand what you ladies mean by "morning boob."

As you can see by my before pics, I had a fair...

As you can see by my before pics, I had a fair amount of tissue in my natural breast. At only 10 days post-op I do realise that they have many changes to go through but I noticed today that I can feel the implant on the underside of my breasts with my natural tissue surrounding, more so on the left as the right is more swollen. It's almost like the implant is too narrow for my breast. Can I expect to always be able to feel the implant sac? Or once the swelling in my tissues goes down will it be less noticeable?

I missed my two week review. Nothing really to...

I missed my two week review. Nothing really to report anyway. Bruises have almost completely faded. Chopped some carrots yesterday and that felt really weird, not painful just a really strange senstation under my chest. Still having a bit of nerve issues in my left armpit/arm but only happens when I put my arm a certain way.

Today is three weeks post-op. I am still wearing...

Today is three weeks post-op. I am still wearing the bra my PS gave me. I have a sports bra but find the material on my nips is too rough. My left boob is really itchy on the outer side, no rash so I guess it’s just the natural healing process. They both feel so swollen in the morning, gotta love “morning boob.” Wonder how long that lasts? They also seem more swollen in the evening, not as bad as in the morning, but still getting that tight feeling at night.

My right is about a week behind my left as far as dropping, it’s still slightly higher. The right is also still sore, I get bee sting like sensations at the top of the implant. At this very moment my left nipple is stinging. I realise these feelings are nerves regenerating so it’s a good sign. My nips are not completely numb, but also not 100% feeling either. I am able to sleep on my side which is great. I am still afraid to drive which is alright because my company provides free transportation to and from work. I cannot wait until I can have a nice, long, hot bath. My PS said not for 4-6 weeks, I’ll give it the full 6 weeks as I don’t want to risk infection.
I wish I could say I love the new me but I don’t. I read the reviews, saw the photos and knew they wouldn’t look like perfect boobies for weeks, months even, but I hoped it would somehow be different for me. I am still finding them way too big, too wide. I thought by getting HP they would be the same width as my real breasts but they are not. I know they are still swollen and have more dropping to do but every time I look in the mirror they’re right out there like 2 cantaloupes. Okay maybe not cantaloupes but large grapefruits. It doesn’t help that my husband has not said one positive thing about my new additions. The only thing he has said is, “you’re stacked” or “they’re out there.” Well is that good or bad??? He hasn’t made an attempt to touch them. I know he doesn’t want to hurt me but it‘s hard on my ego. My self-confidence is really low right now.

On a positive note, I do like the way I look in clothes. I tried on some of my strapless summer dresses and they look so much better. I like the way they feel and really find they are getting softer every day. I ordered some new bathing suits from VS because I can’t fit into the tops of my old ones. (Mexico in 5 weeks!!)

One of the doctors on here posted a sizing chart that determines cup size. I wish I had saved the link but you measure across the fullest part of each breast (one at a time) from breast fold to breast fold.
8” = B
9” = C
10” = D
11” = DD
12” = DDD or E

According to those measurements I am currently a 34D, certainly not an unreasonable size for my height. Maybe I’ll love them better at the 8 week mark.

I’ll take some pics tonight and post them tomorrow.

I am now at three and a half weeks. I noticed the...

I am now at three and a half weeks. I noticed the hard line 2 days ago when I was showering. It’s not painful at all and I have self-diagnosed it as Mondor’s Cord. Anyone else have this happen? If so, how long can I expect it to last?
Edmonton Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Edwards spoke with me about what I hoped to achieve and looked at the photos I brought with me. He then took measurements, including breast width, breast size, breast shape, nipple size, chest width. The day of surgery my PS and his staff were awesome, they all made me fell at ease. He even cleaned the black sharpie marks off my chest while I was still asleep. Goes to show how thorough he is. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Division of Plastic Surgery at the university here and serves as the Site Chief of Plastic Surgery at one of the hospitals and it shows in his results. I would recommend Dr. Edwards to anyone.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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