400cc gummy bear sub muscular 25y/o 5'6 142 lbs! - Edmonton, AB

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I am so excited to finally be getting breast...

I am so excited to finally be getting breast augmentation! I have always wanted full, proportionate, perky boobs and have been planning to get breast augmentation for 4 years! Finally, we are getting it done tomorrow. Going hard with 400cc under the muscle sliceing under the breast! Our doctor is Dr Feng Chon here in Edmonton. I didn't consult with any other doctor. I had consulted almost three years ago with Dr Chong as I had spoke to a few friends who recommended him. When I did my consult almost three years ago finances and job situation got in the way and BA was not the top priority at that time. I think Dr Chong is incredible but be prepared with research already done and questions prepared. He likes to get to the point which I appreciate but I enjoyed his humour. The more comfortable I was with myself and him the more I felt comfortable and the more relaxed he seemed with me. I do have a very joke like sanguine personality though. I felt great about Dr Chong and I didn't want to waste any surgeons time asking questions that I can research unless I'm unsure of the answer or needed more details. I haven't seen my results yet but I'm very confident with the 400cc as well as my surgeon. When I consulted almost three years ago I had chosen 425cc's but now I have a little more muscle and breast tissue and went with 400cc's. I have a muscular athletic build I am currently a small 34B and I am 5'6" tall and 142lbs. My boobs are about a full handful right now. Can't wait for tomorrow!!

Post Op Day 1

It's all finished! Went in for surgery at 1215hrs and stepped into the OR at about 1300hrs. It is really different being worked on but I was pretty calm. I am a former nurse so it helped a lot to know what was happening, if I hadn't had the knowledge from being a nurse I think I would have been freaking out. The nursing staff were nice and I felt good about it all. I woke up very cold I was vibrating and teeth chattering with a 6/10 pain level and a lot of pressure in my chest I think just because I was shaking and tensing my muscles so bad from being cold. My vision was blurred and I was seeing double but it subsided after about 15 minutes. My throat was very sore but is feeling a lot better this evening. They gave me a few warm blankets and the pain started coming down after she gave me pain meds. My pain meds aren't too strong, I still know if I hurt myself in my movements but it takes the edge off that shabby nagging pain which is nice. My husband was incredible he took good care of me but we are trying to figure out what I can and can't do comfortably. Thank god for strong legs and core because I can stand and manuver myself without any pain. It's hard to isolate my biceps and truces to not use my peck and shoulder muscles but I'm figuring it out! We got home and put me in bed I dozed off watching a movie for an hour and felt much better when I woke up. The pain is getting much better I don't feel so sore this evening as before. Constipated feeling but lots of bowel sounds present just eating a light diet right now and drinking a lot of water. It feels really good to get up and walk around every few hours to keep my circulation good because of laying on my back in bed! We have our follow up tomorrow can't wait to see what it looks like under there! My husband can't stop staring at them lol me neither!!! So excited :D

2days post op pics

Had our follow up today with Dr Chong at his office. Felt so good to take the bra off and see what's under there! I can't believe we did it it's so surreal that we finally got boobs! My we and mean my husband and I lol. But they're magnificent! Dr Chong seemed quite pleased with his work as well! It's hard to picture what they'll be like once they've dropped and fluffed but we are excited! I'm still constipated but took laxatives today. Pain is coming down and I'm being able to move my arms better and take care of myself now. Recovery is going really well!

Post op day 10!

Today is my 10th official day with 400cc implants in my chest :)! It has been an interesting heeling process but it's definitely gotten a lot better! For the first 7 days I was telling my husband I wanted the implants out just because of restriction of activity, the nagging annoying pain, not being able to sleep all that well because I must sleep on my back and then the bra. Sorry, I know I sound like I'm whining! It's not like I didn't think this would happen, it's just that there was a few days where things got more painful frustrating and it's hard to keep perspective that it won't be like that forever! But now things are going very well! Oh right, I should include that I would never have the implants taken out I was just frustrated when I told my husband that I did want them out! After about the fifth day things started getting better in all the areas I listed above! And today I can sleep on my back no problem and my bra hardly hurts, sometimes my nipples hurt because they feel irritated from the bra. With the sleeping thing, I wasn't near as active as normal in my first 7 days of recovery and my REM cycle for sleep was messed up from the narcotics. When I went back to work and was able to tire myself out in a day I started sleeping better. Things are heeling great! When I walk my breasts want to bounce a little which pains my incisions a little but not too bad. I just have to focus on walking smoothly and gracefully! I can't wait for the implant to drop and fluff! My breasts aren't rock hard anymore but they aren't squishy nor should they be at this point. But they're looking much better my husband says :) I can now fully function in day to day living in terms of washing my hair... Things that require me to reach and to lift my arms high. We are very excited for the next weeks to come and to see the final result!

Post op 25 days

Things are going very well now! As of a couple of days ago I can walk normally without pain in my incisions from my boobs wanting to bounce! My nipples are not longer sore and I am used to my bra and sleeping on my back :)! I sometimes turn on my side and pile a corner of my duvet under the one boob for support! It's nice to switch positions for a little bit. They're dropping nicely too! The left is bigger than the right but we knew that would happen as it has always been that way and we have the same cc in each breast! I still haven't seen my incisions because the original tape Dr Chong put on is still sticky and I don't want to pull it off to look. I'm waiting for it to start falling off. i have been exercising on the bike in the gym just 25 minutes a few times a week and I swear that is why I've had a speedy recovery the last week and a half! My progress has really gone up since I've been doing light cardio! Good blood flow and high quality vitamins and it sure helps!
Anyway, here are some pics!

Loving my 400cc Unders

Well I am two days away from being a full 8 weeks post op. I have had to wear the compression bra the entire time. I have been very gentle with my breasts in recovery working to not agitate them too much but still exercising and being active. Yesterday I slept on my stomach with no pain. Thank god!!! Today I will go bra shopping for the first time and absolutely fall in love with my new boobs :D! My 8 week follow up appointment is on Monday :)

I sure hope this helps people as much as other people's experiences and stories helped me!

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