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Hey everyone! First off I want to send out a huge...

Hey everyone!

First off I want to send out a huge thanks to everyone who has shared their story on this site!! It was a tremendous help as I prepared for my surgery and now that I'm almost 4 weeks post op, I wanted to do the same!!

I'll start off with my stats as that's what helped me when choosing what reviews to read:
5' 6"
125 pounds
Pre-op 36 A/34 B
400 CC HP Mentor Round Smooth

2nd post :)

My first post was just a quick little update to get things started, I’ve heard so many stories about how people had written a huge post and then they lost it all! So I am typing everything in a different program and copying it over!

My story with breast augmentation began in 2007. My youngest had just turned 2 so I talked to my family doctor about getting “boobs”. She referred me to a plastic surgeon in Saskatoon, SK and he was really good and informative but it just didn’t feel like the right time. The two big questions were, what if I DIE?!? Not sure how to explain that one to a 4 & 2 year old. My next question was feeling as though I didn’t want 2 foreign objects in my body! The 2 things that I remember from the appointment was the size that was recommended (350cc) and Mentor smooth silicone.

Fast forward to the summer of 2011. A very close friend of mine went through the process of getting a BA. We talked endlessly about it, and even then, I still couldn’t imagine putting two “things” into my body. She also used Dr. Chong and told me how fantastic he was so I knew what the process was with his office.

Fast forward to the fall of 2014. This has been something that I have been thinking about on and off for seven years! Conflicting thoughts always…they went from what’s the big deal? to is this really necessary? Why not just leave well enough alone? To answer my questions once and for all, I picked up the phone in September and called Dr. Chong’s office. The FIRST available appointment for a breast augmentation consultation was FEBRUARY 9!!! Seriously?? I thought that was crazy! But it also shows how incredibly busy they are so he’s definitely in high demand. I let her know that I could make a cancellation appointment if something came up sooner, and also let her know that I would be in the city for the October 17th weekend. (I live about 2 hours from their office). I talked to Sarah on the Monday of that week, just to let her know that I was still coming up. She explained to me that Dr. Chong was going to be out of the office on the 17th but if a cancellation came up for Monday the 20th she would call me. She also explained that it would probably be late Friday afternoon before she would know about cancellations for Monday.

Friday morning, I drove up to the city to see my 2 sisters in Edmonton. We decided to go shopping at Kingsway mall and as we were walking out of Victoria’s Secret, Sarah called to let me know they had a cancellation for Monday at 11 AM. Woohoo, yes I’ll take that please!! Interesting time for her to call as well!!

Monday morning, my sister and I arrived and were taken into the consultation right at 11. Dr. Chong came in, introduced himself, explained what his training was and how involved he is with Plastic Surgery in Alberta. In all of my meetings with him, he explained all of the information first, and then opened it up to questions if he hadn’t already answered them. So by the time he finished, I really only had a few basic questions. I wasn’t in his office very long (maybe 15 minutes) and then I was off to Michelle’s office to go over pricing and payment options.

Michelle was awesome!! She was very informative as well, showed me my pricing ($9450.00 CAD) and when money was due etc. Because they knew my situation, of having to drive back and forth with such distance, they offered for me to stay and try on the sizing part of the consultation. Normally this is done in two appointments.

I went back into the consultation room, Dr. Chong took all of my measurements, explained that I do have a slight sag, so therefore would be recommending high profile implants for me. He set out 4 different sizes, 325 cc, 350 cc, 375 cc, and 400 cc. He then gave me time to try them all in the surgical bra that they give you post op. My sister and I died laughing with the sizers!! It was so funny to see me with boobs. I tried the smaller sizes first, and thought, well, this really isn’t any different than what I look like in my bras now…..because they are so darn padded!! Anyways, when I got to 375 cc that’s when I broke out into a huge smile! I also tried on the 400 cc and also thought they were amazing. Dr. Chong came back in and before he could say anything, I said, I want these!!! So we decided on the 400 cc as you lose about 25 cc by going under the muscle. I had to sign off on the size and we both initialed the paperwork.

After that I went back into Michelle’s office and she gave me a list of surgery dates. I’ll never forget the look on her face when she said, we have one November 20th. You could tell she was confused that they had an opening that fast. She followed up by saying, hmmmm, that’s weird, that doesn’t usually ever happen! I didn’t book anything that day because I wanted to chat with my hubby and really think about it because it all happened so fast.

My husband and I chatted for over an hour on the way home and it was awesome. We talked about my concerns, and his concerns as well. He made sure to tell me that this was my decision and my decision only, and that he would support me with any decision that I made. He is so awesome!! I was absolutely flying, I remember saying to him, if I could go for surgery tomorrow, I would. There was always that feeling of this just feels right!

So I waited about a week, and called Michelle back to say that I was interested in the November 20th date. I really wanted that date because we have a very active kids sports life through the winter and timing wise, it was the best date possible!! Otherwise I would have been into Febraury/March and I just didn’t want to wait that long. Because of healing, dropping etc…

Surgery was booked!! I was so excited!! In that time though I made a huge list of questions that I had realized I hadn’t asked in the appointment. My biggest fear was looking like I had two baseballs on my chest. My other fear was that my gap would be too wide going with the high profile. I emailed Michelle my questions, and because of the list and type of questions she really wanted me to discuss them with Dr. Chong. We set up a telephone appointment and he phoned me right on time, I asked him all of my questions and even asked if I could move up to 425 cc. He explained that because of my breast tissue he was only comfortable with 400. Perfect! He answered all of my questions and took the time to make sure I understood and was comfortable with all of the answers. Dr. Chong is very matter of fact but very easy going and relaxed all at the same time!

So surgery went like this…my surgery was booked at 2:00 PM. I got my kids off to school that morning and then drove the 250 km to Edmonton. I went to my sisters house to meet my 2 sisters. I had to be at the surgery centre at 1:30 so we left and got there about 1:15. We went up, I filled out the necessary paperwork and we all went back in to the meeting room. A nurse came in and chatted with how things were going to go, gave me my gown, robe, slippers etc and got me to get dressed. Dr. Chong came in, took pics, marked me up with a sharpie, he explained how the surgery was going to go, discussed risks with me and again, made sure I didn’t have any questions. They were running early that day, so the nurse came and got me, I said goodbye to my sisters, and I went to the operating room. I’ve had surgery before so I totally knew what to expect. They started me off with an IV, oxygen, then the anaesthesiologist came over and started chatting with me, she was super nice, and I actually just closed my eyes, focused my breathing, and the next thing I knew, the nurse was telling me that surgery went fantastic and that I did awesome!

When I woke up, I was in no pain at all, just achy, as though I had a very tough chest workout. The nurse gave me 1 tramacet and she got me up and off the table into a wheelchair, moved me into a consultation room where my sisters were already waiting, and then discussed recovery with all of us. I was in surgery for maybe 35 minutes? My sisters had enough time to go to the mall, buy me a gift, and come back. Probably would have been easier for them to just stay ?

We then headed back to my sisters house, they took excellent care of me, opened car doors, did up my seat belts, fed me, helped me to the washroom, basically did everything for me. It was great!! One thing I highly recommend is buying a heated blanket, they are just so cozy!! I had ice on my boobs, and heat on my body…it was heaven!

The next day I went back to the office for my post op appointment. Dr. Chong, again, was amazing. He was very pleased with my results so far and told me how well surgery went. He went over a few post op things again, and then my sisters asked him about questions that they had about possible surgeries for them. It was awesome. We went for a walk outside in the fresh air after and it was so nice to be up and moving.

On Saturday, my husband and kids came up to Edmonton and picked me up. I was so extremely thankful that he was able to stay at home and be Mr. Mom while my sisters took care of me. Honestly I would have loved to have him with me, but my sisters and I are so close that it really was the perfect decision for us.

This is what I needed in my early days of recovery…heated blanket, meds – I took my prescription tramacet and my antibiotics religiously. I was off the pain killers on Saturday (2 days post) and then switched to Tylenol until early Monday. Pillows, I slept elevated for almost 2 weeks. I had 2 pillows behind me, one under each arm and 2 under my knees. I had a little spot on the bed for my bum and it was comfy!! Food, I kept my diet very very clean for the first 2 weeks and have slowly started introducing other foods into my diet. Lots of water!! Water to clean out all of the meds and anesthetic in my body!

I highly recommend asking for help when you need it. My family has stepped up and have really lightened the load for me. They have been amazing. Think outside the box, instead of lifting laundry baskets, I throw all of the laundry on the floor and shuffle it to the washer. Kicking clothes is kinda fun!! Haha!

Over the past 4 weeks, I’ve learned that it’s hard to be a lazy bones, but it’s so worth it. 8 weeks of taking extreme care of your body pays off. I couldn’t be more thrilled with my results. My scars look amazing and I will continue to tape them until I don’t know when….at least 3 months!!

One thing of discomfort I will note, is about at day 10-11 my boobs became extremely itchy. I was given one post-op bra and then I bought 2 more from their office when I had my follow up appointment the next day. When I got home I washed them with regular Tide detergent and then after that broke out with little bumps and itchiness!! It was terrible. So I went and bought free and clear Tide detergent and re-washed the bras. Then I had some flannelette fabric that I lined my bras with for about 5 days until the rash/itchiness subsided.

The other product that I have been using is seabuckthorn oil on my breasts every day and night along with vitamin e lotion. It has helped keep my skin lubricated and feeling awesome. I would highly recommend using these products.

So tomorrow will be week 4 and I couldn’t be more happy with my decision. Because of the timing of everything, the appointments and how I was able to get in so quickly, to the surgery date it just felt right and it still feels right. I wish I could remember the day that I originally phoned for the consultation but I know it was September. My consult was October 20 and my surgery was November 20. When I told Dr. Chong how everything had lined up even he couldn’t believe it!

How did I overcome my fears? I have gotten to a place in my life where my life is about me. How I feel inside was not matching up with what I looked like on the outside. It was hard for those inside feelings to show through when I wasn’t expressing myself physically. I hope that makes sense!! It’s also about the energy. This was the right time to do this, for ME. And it’s working. Can I feel the implants? Yes, but that’s ok. I won’t pretty soon, because I’m already noticing that they aren’t as tight inside of me. The place where I feel it the most is along my chest wall. It’s so cool to be able to feel something from the inside. I also notice them when I go outside and they get cold. Things definitely tighten up, that’s for sure!

The biggest thing for me as well with recovery, was not to focus on the small details. The big big picture is what I have been focusing on. How do I want them to look? How do I want them to feel? I have spent many hours getting very specific on what I want my outcome to be …that’s where I spend my energy… not on whether or not they are dropping at the same rate. Have I taken pictures? Sure….do I look at them? Not really. I have chosen to trust my body and this process. That’s why everything has happened the way it has.

So at the end of this very very long post, thanks for listening. All of the profiles that I have read, has been a tremendous help to me. Thanks for being brave and sharing the most intimate parts of your life with me. I hope that my story has helped, if anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Thank you!! Wherever you are in your journey, trust your body and your instincts, they are always right ?
Edmonton Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Chong and his staff were absolutely amazing!! Very professional and helpful with everything! I would highly recommend using Dr. Chong to perform any of your plastic surgery needs….he is THAT good!

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