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After 3 visits to my plastic surgeon, I finally...

After 3 visits to my plastic surgeon, I finally bit the bullet and booked my surgery :D
Like everyone else this is something I've wanted for a very long time, I spent countless reading all your stories and reviews. I cant wait to share my experience!

But more then anything I cant wait for...booobs

In less than 2 weeks, I'll finally have them :)

Some photos...

What else do I need!?

My supplies :) what else do i need!?

~Baby wipes & face wipes, surgeon recommends no shower for 48 hours D:
~ zip up bras
~ice packs
~laxatives, surgeon recommends senekot (hoping i dont need these)
~paper tape, surgeon highly recommends leaving incisions taped for a looong time after surgery (is this normal?)
~bio oil
~antiseptic body wash (for pre op, prescribed by surgeon)
~a huge fluffy "boyfriend" pillow, since sleeping laying down is going to be out of the question for a while!!

Bendy straws are put away in the kitchen & ive picked out plenty of good movies to fill my recovery time :) Am i missing anything!?

I've never been so prepared...

7 days away, ill be working every day from now until the day of surgery (may 22nd) & boyfriend/my sexy nurse arrives home on the 20th, hopefully the next week flys by..I'm so anxious but extremely excited. I've wanted this for so long, 3+ years of saving everything I could. The only think I'm nervous about it the anesthesia, according to mommy dearest my family has a history of being very pukey after being put under. Lucky I only live 45 mins away from my surgery location (heavy sarcasm) D:

I'm fairly certain I now have everything I need, except my post op drugs which I will get the day of surgery. Boyfriend will be with me day & night for a week (i'm a lucky girl)

Netflix, puppy cuddles & computer games are set and ready to go. 7 days...

ladies who have seen dr chong, what does he prescribe for post op drugs? Codeine doesn't seem to agree with me at all, does he prescribe antibiotics?

The grass is most definitely greener...

Well Its just about 55 hours after surgery & this is honestly the first time I've felt good enough to turn on the laptop! Immediately after opening my eyes after surgery the pain started, tylenol 3's are definitely not doing anything but making me constipated..haha thank goodness for herbal remedies or I would be in agony.
PS called the next morning to report that surgery couldn't have gone better (yay!)
I'm able to take a quick shower tomorrow, thank god..its been a hot few days here in Edmonton! Ive read numerous times that day 2 & 3 are worse then 1, but day 1 was definitely the worst. My skin felt like it was going to rip open!

Havent had even the slightest hint of a bowel movement yet..getting very very bloated over here haha I'vr already taken 2 senekot and will be taking another one tonight before bed!

They look so awesome already :D Couldnt be happier & I know these girls are gunna look amazing in a few weeks!!

Feeling much better :)

Everything is starting to feel quite normal now :) far less pain, I can move my arms, bowel movements have resumed (thank.god.) I've been sleeping through the night and I've been able to do things for myself like cooking and getting dressed :)

The girls are still pretty darn hard but I think they're already dropping down a bit and have gotten a little bit closer together :)

The right breast is a lot more sore than the left, however the left one has a big ol bruise!!

One thing I did not expect was how many crumbs and little bits of food these girls collect hahaha

Had my first post op appoinent with my ps yesterday and he said everything looks fabulous and he expects I'll heal perfectly :)

Almost 1 month.

Almost a month post op, Ive been a little too busy too post but more so I've been a little depressed and worried. About a week ago my tape came off and to my horror i saw the hole i had in my incision. I consulted all my post op papers from my doctor, read that it isnt uncommon and to just leave the hole un-taped and apply a little polysporin. So after a few days of doing that, i realized that the hole was growing. I called my surgeons office and the girl i spoke too told me again it was common and i shouldnt worry unless it got to the size of a dime. Last night when i was applying polysporin i realized that it had gotten bigger and was definitely the width of a dime. I called dr chongs office again and spoke to his manager Michelle, she told me rather then wasting my time coming in I should just send her a picture.

Which brings us to now, i just took off my surgery bra to clean off the discharge and remaining polysporin so I could take a photo and even more to my horror I saw that my hole is now large enough that I could easily put my index finger into it. I understand that cuts like this heal from the inside out, but I'm really sick with worry now.

I emailed Michelle immediately and asked to get in to see Dr Chong on friday, I know there probably isn't much he can do but i really need some peace of mind and probably antibiotic.

Has this happened to anyone else? I'm so worried this is going to cause an infection and a massive scar. :( :( :(

Unscheduled visit

Dr Chong's manager agreed that i needed to see him today. Now i dont only have 1 hole, but 1 on each incision. This just keeps getting worse and worse. Ive been off work for 2 days now and my initial hole seems to be getting a little bit better. My surgeons manager said that my stitches are internal and it seems like im having a reaction to those, my body is trying to push them out, she said the other possibility is that im having a bad reaction to the tape. At this point i dont care what is causing this, i just pray it can be fixed.

I posted a question to the doctors on here asking them if this was normal like my surgeons office keeps telling me and every doctor said the NO, ive been told the photo i posted was alarming, i could have a chronic infection and theres a possibility of losing my implants. I've never been such a depressed mess of anxiety. I havent slept in 2 nights and every bone in my body is just praying that this is fixable.

Wish me the best of luck, ill update in a few hours when i find out whats going on.

Second procedure is now scheduled.

I saw my surgeon yesterday, he said my holes don't seem infected which seems awful strange to me as both holes are excreting a goopy, yellow material which I would only classify as infection? I'm not a doctor though so I'm trying my best to not be my controlling self and leave this issue in his hands.

Im going in next wednesday morning to be put under local anesthesia and have more internal stitches put in. He suspects that the holes are both being caused from my body rejecting both knots on both ends of the initial internal stitch.

I have a little bit of peace of mind but to be perfectly honest, I'm still nervous. When i saw my surgeon it was at the surgical centre in between his surgeries and he barely glanced at them, didnt touch them or have a chance to see the infection, he asked me no questions about how long it took them to get to the size they are, if i was in pain etc.

Right now my main concern is getting an infection and this problem continuing to spiral, hopefully on wednesday this issue will be totally taken care of and i can stop worrying and go back to healing.

Ill update everyone again on wednesday and let you all know how the procedure goes. Thank you so much for the support and kind words, its made this much easier

Sorry for the late update!

Whew, celebrated my birthday last week and kind of forgot all about updating everyone! So sorry!

Well brief summary first of all, i had my corrective procedure almost exactly 1 month post op. Just under 2 weeks ago, I got external stitches and they are going to be coming out in 2 days. They will have stayed in exactly 2 weeks!!

The procedure was really crappy to be honest. Being awake and being totally aware of exactly what the doctor was doing wasn't pleasant in the least. He started with giving local anesthesia by needle, directly into the hole on both incisions (cried like a baby). Then he scraped out all the internal stitches. Next up he used some kind of little wand to burn the inside of the incisions and stop the bleeding, then the external stitches. He was kind and talked to me the whole time which made it a little better.

I was pretty sore for a few days, certain movements led to tugging which kind of turned my stomach!! Can't wait to get these things out!!!

My left breast, which had a smaller hole to begin with seems perfect but the right seems to have opened a little bit again (sigh, hoping not. really cant afford to miss anymore time at work!)

Guess i will know more on Wednesday when i see Dr Chong to remove the stitches! I honestly had no idea something like this would happen, i hope no one else has to go through something like this! Dr Chong said the holes were caused by my body simply rejecting the internal stitches and that it is fairly common! Pre op ladies, say a prayer this doesnt happen cause it really sucked!!!

On a very happy note, everything else seems pretty normal :D
I have a very small numb patch still left on my left breast but nothing compared to the entire lower half being numb before! I haven't lost any nipple sensation. My twins are getting really squishy and starting to jiggle :D I think they've totally fallen into their permanent homes now and they look so great in my opinion! I havent gotten ANY stretch marks at all, ive been putting bio oil on them 1-2 times a day, totally avoiding the incision area!

Fingers crossed that in 2 days I can stop worrying about my incisions healing incorrectly & all will be well :)

Is good news too much to ask for?

Well I saw Dr Chong today to have my stitches taken out, its been exactly 2 weeks since they were put in. And what do you know..still no good news.

He didnt even have to cut any of the stitches because they were already totally ripped out of my skin. Yay........

He said at this point there is no sense in putting in more stitches as my body is just not accepting them.

He is going to let the holes heal themselves, he scraped the surface again (ouch) and then put silver nitrate in them to dry them out (ouch again). He said the nitrate will cause them to drain a lot in the first few days and then they should dry and start to heal quickly.

He also said that a scar revision surgery is very likely in my future. I know already that I'm going to have massive scars.

So, I'm just going to take a few months to let the holes heal totally and then the discussion for another surgery will be on the table. Sigh.....I'm quite depressed over how this has all worked out, I've missed a great deal of work and my credit card debit is getting higher then I'd like.

I asked him today if I'm allowed to do light exercising, like yoga. He said absolutely not.
I went into this surgery weighing 112 pounds and i stepped on a scale today and I've hit 133. I've never weighed this much in my life and that's just adding to the negative feelings.

I'll be seeing him at his office about every 2 weeks to monitor the holes and make sure no infection is happening. Thank god I live in the city...

I'm still very hopeful that in the end everything will be totally worth it, they look great aside from the holes and all the redness that's surrounding them. I'll take some pictures when I'm changing my bandaids tomorrow morning so you guys can see the progress.

Any suggestions on supplements / vitamins that assist in healing wounds like this? I drink protein everyday because I'm a vegetarian but I'm thinking even a multi vitamin might help out.

Incisions, 2 weeks after having external stitches put in.

New bras :D

Since VS & La senza were just having their semi annual sales, I had to buy a few new bras! Even though they didn't fit when I tried them on originally (hard boobs up to the neck don't fit in bras LOL)

I managed to guess really well! I got mostly 32DD and one or 2 34D's! I think I could fit into VS's 32DDD, their sizes seem to run smaller then la Senza!

I can't wait to be able to wear this in a few months :D

2 months!

So yesterday marked exactly 2 months since the surgery, and what a crazy 2 months it's been. I'm really lucky to have awesome bosses, I think I've missed more time than I've worked! When people tell you to set extra money aside for unexpected costs, they're right. Listen to those people!!

I've been cleared to go back to my "normal life". I look forward to being able to workout, I've gained about 20-25 pounds at this point!! I've never been heavier then 120 before in my life so sitting around 135 is a little depressing for me. I suppose it's hard not to gain weight when sitting around is the only comfortable thing to do after surgery!!

The girls have definitely dropped into place, they're getting softer by the day! (They were hard lumps for a solid month!!) I still have a numb spot on my left boob, Dr Chong said at my appointment a few days ago that it may be permanent, but nerves can take 6-12 months to fully heal! I hope the feeling comes back because the numbness is just strange and almost annoying, I can't stand to touch it!

Incisions still look kinda gross, it's so unfortunate that my skin rejected the sutuors and caused such a mess because my incisions would have been perfect tiny little lines :( still hoping that someday they're tiny perfect little lines.

11 weeks post!

So in love with the girls :) they turned out great! My incisions are still healing and sore but I'm still so thankful that everything turned out ok and I could keep them! I have absolutely no pain in my chest/muscles anymore! Just my incisions a bit :)

More boobies pictures!

So going into this surgery I was worried about having my breasts be really far apart! I didn't want the "Grand Canyon" between my boobs. I waited 21 years for cleavage!!

I'm a picky girl tho, I also wanted side boob :p I'm not sure if it's because I'm pretty skinny but I got both and a lot of both

15 weeks post op

Made it to 15 weeks woohoo! So at this point everything is pretty healed (thank Every god out there) my boobs haven't dropped anymore in a while, they're staying where they are which in happy about, they're still super perky!
My nipples are still sensitive but I have full feeling in both so no complaints.
I went through a period of time where it would kind feel gross when I could feel my implants moving (for example, sweeping, driving, moving around when I was sleeping) but I think I've just gotten used to that now and it doesn't bother me anymore.
My PS told me a few weeks ago that I could wear normal bras with padding and wire if I wanted, I have a few times but I don't really like it yet. It makes me feel really stiff after an hour or 2, not to mention Pamela Anderson. It also seems to put strain on my back where more supportive bras don't do that! And because my boobs are so round and haven't really softened up yet, they don't seem to fit quite right!
And last up, my incision holes have FINALLY totally closed over, literally within the past few days they both have finally closed. I've been wearing bandaids over the holes/cuts for what feels like an eternity, my skin around them grew to be so irritated from changing the bandaids twice a day. I had bleeding little cuts at some points from the bandaid adhesive ripping away little parts of already irritated skin. It was hell and scary and I'm so glad that after everything I went through with these (pardon my French) fucking holes, it's over and they're closed. Now half of my incision is beautiful and perfect and half is a fairly ugly scar but in hopeful that bio oil will help a lot and it it doesn't help enough, my plastic surgeon has already told me he will do a scar revision. The future of my girls is looking totally clear now :)

Even though I had a really hard time with the healing process, I can say that I would do it again to have the boobs that I have now. When people ask me was it worth it, I try to answer honestly and explain the struggles that I had but I also love what I have now :) you have to go into this surgery knowing that recovery IS hard, the risks ARE there, there Is a VERY good chance that not everything will go perfectly! But a few months after, when everything is seeming to back to normal, you'll know too that it was worth it :)

6 months!

So I'm just a week shy of 6 months! Woohoo :) at this point everything feels pretty much completely normal, I'm sleeping on my sides and stomach (don't tell Dr C.) I'm occasionally wearing padded bras and I can lift etc completely normally! Yay!

Bras with wire are definitely a little uncomfortable because the wire tends to sit directly on my incisions which are still slightly tender! After wearing a "normal" bra for a few hours it just gets a little annoying, but on the flip side it's getting colder up here and my bandeaus and sports bras sure don't hide cold winter nipples LOL

I'm a LITTLE worried about my right boob, it seems to kinda fall off to the side (more then leftie) when I'm laying down flat on my back, I'm not sure if this is completely normal or if the implant is able to move to much, I see Dr Chong in January, assuming nothing comes up before then I'll have to ask him about it!

My incision scars are unfortunately not pretty, I'm still taping them and in between tape I slather them with bio oil. The scaring is slowing fading but I think I may still take the revision that my doctor has already offered. Even though I know the scars will fade, we had to let the big holes heal on their own, and so the skin pulls in funny directions when I move and it kinda rubs together sometimes and bothers me!

One last note, no one warns you pre op that bra shopping becomes hell LOL implants definitely do not fit into bras the same as natural boobs do, do yourselves a favour and wait until your at least 3 months post before you start blowing money on expensive bras! The bras I bought early on still fit me but because the implants dropped, the fit differently and cut into my incisions so bad :(!!

I'll try to take some new pictures and post them later this week!!
Edmonton Plastic Surgeon

Dr Chong & his team have been amazing so far! Super friendly, happily answered ALLL my questions. Can't wait to see the outcome. The ONLY complaint that I have is that bedside manner is definitely not one of his strong suits. However, his skill and professionalism make up for the lack of bedside manner in my opinion. I would gladly recommend Dr Chong to anyone.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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