Ideal Implants, 39 Yr Old, 5'8", 120lbs 340cc

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Hello RealSelf sisters! First off I want to thank...

Hello RealSelf sisters! First off I want to thank all of you who have posted your stories on RealSelf. I have been quietly visiting this site several times a day for months and it has helped me with my own big decision immesely. Had I not had this resource, I'm pretty certain I wouldn't have gone through with the procedure. I would've talked myself out of it! Because of that, I feel that I should do my own review to help others with their own journey, questions and comparisons!

I just had my surgery this morning. I am roughly 5 hours post op. A wee bit early for me to say right now how I feel about my new breasts, but I'm confident that if all goes according to plan with no complications in the coming weeks, I'll be a happy woman. :) Fingers crossed!

About me

I'm a mom who breastfed both babies and after that, my breasts were never quite the same. They lost all perkiness and a lot of top fullness. Not that they were ever "full", but they were nice and I never thought a thing about it. Pre breast feeding I was a small 34 b. Afterwards 34A...some bras I could do a 32b.

As I said, my stats are:
bWD 10.9

My implants are Ideal Implants (saline) 340cc As for profile, with Ideal, they only come in "high profile".

My husband has been there for me the whole way, supporting whatever it is I need to do to feel better about myself. He always says he loves my body as it is. But he understands that this body issue with my proportions has been a big deal for me for years. So he's stood by, helped me with my research, listened to my endless obsession with boobs, and now he's taken time from work to be my own personal nurse. Sweet guy!

Not gonna lie, my first 24 hrs was pretty brutal. I haven't even slept yet. The painkillers I have take the edge off for about an hr. That's it! And I can only take them every 4hrs. My back is killing me. I feel like throughout the night I was passing a kidney stone. The pain in my back left and tummy was unbearable. Hopefully it subsides so that I can rest. Breasts are tight and sore like when your milk first comes in. They are hard as rocks! But my sternum is incredibly tender an sore. Feels like it was hit by a bus.

Have my follow up with the Dr. today. I sure hope he can prescribe me something to help so that I can sleep.

I'll post some before photos. Haven't taken any afters yet.

Day 2 & 3

The first night was brutal. I think the meds I had just made things worse...didn't help with pain and made me feel sick. Tylenol wasn't cutting it. But luckily I had my post op check with Dr. Toy the morning after my surgery and he prescribed Valium and Toradol. And wow! What a huge difference that made! I slept all night except to wake at 3 to take my next dose. Feeling much better today.

The girls are riding super high. My right seems to be trying to squeeze up into my armpit! My underarm, around to my back and shoulder are very sore and tender on the right. The left is feeling ok.
I'll post a couple pics. It looks like I've got a couple stretch marks. :( I wasn't expecting to get them. Didn't get one stretch mark from either of my pregnancies. So I hope it's minor and not noticeable.
I am hoping I didn't go too big. I'm not used to these big bazongas. They feel pretty huge right now, and hoping as they soften and drop, they won't be so obvious.
If I can give any advice, it would be to prepare ahead of surgery by working on your core and legs. I've been using my core a lot to help get me from laying or sitting down, up and out of bed. It's amazing how much we use those chest muscles in everyday arm movements!
Another thing I think helped me was the few days prior to surgery, I drank water like crazy. I was peeing all day! But I think being so well hydrated helped with the anesthesia. I didn't get sick once. Thank goodness, because I imagine throwing up with such a sore and swollen chest would be awful.
And my last bit of advice is to relax. Pamper yourself. Sleep, watch your favorite movies, read, and just enjoy time spent on YOU. You deserve it! :)

10 days post op

Things are going ok. My right side is definitely giving me more trouble than the left. It's more sore, especially up high by my armpit. It also appears higher and bigger. The Dr. filled it to 340cc and the left is filled to 318cc. My left was always a tiny bit bigger but not really noticeable unless the top part bulged a bit from my bras. I really hope that I don't end up with my right side too big now. Hoping it's just more swollen and slower to drop?
Otherwise I am very tired. I'm surprised that on day 7,8 and 9 I was so damn exhausted! I'd be bagged just after taking a shower. Hopefully I can get back to normal soon, as I'm feeling like I just want to have some energy back!
Often when I'm walking around I can feel the implants inside me. It feels like two rocks in there pressing on my chest. I don't like that feeling. Does it go away once they soften? Or do you just get used to it?
Anyway, I hope everyone else out there is doing good, whether you're gearing up for your BA or recovering from one! Chow for now :)

Just over 4 months post op

Things have dropped and settled. Will be seeing my ps soon for a check up. My left is smaller and sits higher than my right and it's really bothering me. The left has 318ccs and the right has 340ccs. It's not noticeable in clothes and barely noticeable in my bras. But when I look at them naked it's very obvious to me and my husband. My creases are uneven by a cm or more. Will see what the Dr thinks.

6 month update

Saw my ps and he noticed right away that my right breast is sitting lower than my left. The implant is right on the crease. It's not really bad and he said that he can easily correct it with a minor surgery but that will have to wait until my scar capsule thickens. Around 9 months post op or more he said. It'll be just to secure my implant up under the crease to match the other breast. Then they will look perfect! ;-) I'm happy with everything else. I admit that sometimes I get some boob greed and wish I had gone a tiny bit larger, but then I remind myself what I had before...and that was nothing but a flat chest. So I'm happy with my size now. They don't get in the way when I'm exercising and they are not heavy or saggy.
I always feel better after I see Dr. Toy. Even though he's busy and sometimes I don't get a lot of time with him, I feel so confident in him and can really tell that he strives for the best outcome for his patients. Love him! I will see him again in 3 months time.
Edmonton Plastic Surgeon

As soon as I met and spoke with Dr. Toy, I was certain he was the one! He listened to my story, my concerns and gave me the information I was looking for, but most importantly he put me at ease. He is busy, so be sure to come in with your questions written down so you don't forget! If you do forget though, you can call or email his office and the girls do their best to help you out. I waited 6-7 months to see him for my first consult, and it was worth the wait. After the first consult, the wait time for surgery was much, much shorter. They were very accommodating with my schedule. Dr. Toy and the nurses who took care of me have a wonderful, warm beside manner, which to me is important! If you are looking to have a cosmetic procedure done, I highly recommend Dr. Toy!

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