32 Yo 5'11" 118lbs. Tall and Skinny. 350cc Gummy Bears - Edmonton, AB

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Decided to finally write a review and post some...

Decided to finally write a review and post some pics. I found it really really difficult to find reviews with stats that matched mine. I am tall and skinn . Try as i might gaining weight was not in the cards for me. I have always felt out of proportion. My butt has always been curvy and great, however lacking up top made me feel lopsided. When i got pregnant i was so excited. My boobs looked freakin fantastic! Then i stopped nursing And they dissapeared. Less than the little bit i had before. I hated wearing tank tops, bikinis, blouses, etc. It was horrid and a complete drain on my self esteem whenever i caught a glimps in the mirror. So when hubby and i decided no more kids he suprised me with the money in hand and said go for it. Since i had been researching this procedure for approx 15 yrs i knew what when and where. Just needed the who. First consult was great. He confirmed everything i already knew. Pros and cons. So sizers were tried. My sports bra was very tight but the 325cc were the look i wanted. He suggested we go for 350 cc. I have a very narrow frame and chest wall is small. So any more cc's and we might have run into problems. I was hoping for a full C since i wasn't even an A i thought that would be more than enough. We then paid our deposit and booked Surgery. Surgery day: i was sooooo hungry. Preop staff were fantastic, very calm and reassuring. Then they led me do . The hallway and it hit me...this is happening! Nerves kicked in, but dr chong and his anesthesiologist were very supportive and excited for mE. Told me id be in recovery in no time. I tried counting to 100 and i think i got to 10. Lights out. Waking up was easy, all i wanted was some wateR. Within 10 minutes i was walking out. Hubby said he barely had time to get my meds and i was done. Pain was very managable. I only took two pain killers through the first night. Hardest part was sleeping on my back. I felt only a tightness in my chest and very weak upper body strength day two post op checkup was quick and sweet. Got to check out the twins. Double checked post op procedures and restrictions with me and reminded of the dos and donts. Home we went. First week was totally fine. Could wash my own hair on day three, but with limited reach. Very difficult to just sit around and do nothing. I was very bloated and swollen and my boobs were very high. When they say you get franken-boob. Its for real. They looked totally weird. By day ten everything was settling and i was feeling more myself. swelling was going down, soreness was definitely less, and i was getting itchy to try on bras First follow op- dr. Chong was really pleased with how everything looked. Even though they were still pretty high he said they will settle nicely. My only concern at that point was the hypersensitivity i had. He reassured me that nerves take time to regenerate and that i was quite stretched to get the size in. He gave me the all clear to go buy some bras. Wahoo!!! No more scratchy surgical bra. to the mall i went. And much to my suprise i was a D!!! From nothing and only being able to buy padded bras to being able to buy whatever bra i wanted was so freeing and fantastic. Swim suit shopping was Next. Here i am almost a year out, i know that i still am healing and they are still a bit high but i am thrilled with my decision. Anybody sitting on the fence about getting a BA needs to put the what ifs out of your mind. This is the best decision i have made. My self esteem is through the roof and let me tell you, going on vacay and struttin my stuff without an ounce of care is a very freeing experience.

before BA

before pics

surgery day

day of

as we go

from 1 week and forward

today month 9 post op

most recent pics, although still high, they are definitely settling. left (dominant hand) is settling much faster than right side. right side still has some hypersensitivity. mostly at the upper pole and around my nipple. left side is still a bit more pink around scarring, but my oils and time will heal that. right side i am confident will chill out soon enough.


Forgot to post some pics of my scars.

One year update

Went for my one year checkup and the end of June. Dr. Chong was very pleased with the twins. Took some pictures for my file and answered some left over questions i had. My hypersensitivity went away at the end of May. I wondered if they still looked too high and Dr. Chong thinks they may settle a bit more but not much. I love the size we went with but boobie greed does happen. I look down and think nope not big enough then i look in the mirror and yes they are plenty big. My husband is finally happy cuz he can now "play" with them freely and doesnt have to worry about causing me any pain/uncomfort. I will update some pics tomorrow. A year later and it still was the best decision ive ever made.

Before and 1 year update photos

Finally got my photos uploaded that Dr. Chong took of before and after.
Must say if your surgeon gets that excited about his work then their pretty good!
I still have boob greed and think maybe should have gone bigger, then i look in the mirror and shake my head, they are plenty big. my frame will not support much more than what i got, and i had no desire to look like a big fake barbie doll. just natural and some curve.
They have settled a bit more since these pics were taken. the upper pole is still quite round but i did go with the high profile, so i assume that it why. no complaints, really just didn't fall quite like i expected them to based on other reviews. i love that i can wear my clothes and not feel like my boobs have taken over, and when i want to show em off i can. still the BEST decision ever!

One year plus

Just some pics to
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