25 y/o - 1 child bf - 5' 11" - 32B

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I've been dealing with so many health issues in...

I've been dealing with so many health issues in the last 2years and since giving birth. I feel like I take good care of myself, I am physically better. After many years of wanting bigger breasts & not fitting clothing the way I would like to I've decided that this is for me!

I have never in my whole life thought I would get plastic surgery and this scares me to death.. But I feel that it's time. I've come to a better understanding of who I am, after trauma as a child I've always felt like I wasnt good enough. That I would never be good enough. But after some therapy and finding my amazing partner of many years who encourages me everyday, I've realized (painfully slowly!) that I am worth it! I am amazing just the way I am, which sounds kind of crazy, but that is my reason for wanting to do this. Because I AM comfortable in knowing what I'm worth, and that MY opinion matters, and mine alone.

I've had some trouble explaining why I want to do this to my friends, but I've stopped trying and just kept going along. Because this isn't for them. They aren't supposed to understand!

My pre-op appointment is with Dr Jonathan Toy on March 5th and my surgery date is March 18th 2015. I am thinking between 300 - 350cc's under the muscle

The only time I haven't been flat chested, was while breastfeeding. I had amazing breasts, so full and big! They were perfect. This is another reason why I'm ready to get an augmentation, because I know how I look with breasts! And it's lovely. I'm looking to document my journey here, hopefully get some support from women going through the same type of situation.

Any advice is welcomed!
Thank you for reading my story!

Pre op!!!

Had my pre op appointment with Dr. Toy yesterday. It was great, very exciting and informative. We've settled with 385cc's Smooth round Silicone sub muscular implants. A little worried they'll be too big.. I Will be staying with my mom for 1week, which is so great. She's very supportive.
I'm trying desperately to get my shopping list done and am wondering if anyone's tried or heard of Eden's All Natural Breast Augmentation Kit, or anything similar? I just really like the idea of buying all my products at once from the same place. Any help with this would be appreciated.
I'm still very excited and nervous!

Surgery in 2weeks, the time is flying by! Will post another review tomorrow with pre-pictures. Thanks for all the support ladies!!!


Some preop photos w/ rice sizers, approximately 380cc's in each. Just a good guess for what I'll be later.

Very excited for my size that I've chosen, settled on Moderate Profile 385cc's smooth round silicone, submuscular, inframmammery incision.

I've started using the antibacterial soap (I'm using tea tree oil Dr Bonners soap, and I've added some extra essential oils, lavender, Arnica oil, and some coconut oil for moisture) it smells lovely. As well as taking 2 arnica Montana tablets daily, really low dosage, 1/2 of what the bottle reccomends for now, moving up to 4 /day 3days prior to surgery. My body needs time to adjust to things, so this is how I do it :)

Also I have been using Bio oil for the last month on my breasts, and of course thanking them for serving their purpose of feeding my child, and for being so incredibly good to me thus far, haha. I'm thankful for their health, and my health!

I love my body, and the amazing little person it's helped make, I'm just ready to love my body in a different way. :)

Thanks again ladies for reading and sharing your stories, it's helpful and encouraging!

Wherever you may be in your quest for breast, good luck!!!


All done surgery! Very quick, all that stress for a 1hour surgery ;)

Got up this morning and did some stretching to help me relax and work out any kinks in my shoulders and back, was at the surgery centre for 12:30.
Nurse checked me in, gave me a lovely fuzzy robe, a pink hospital gown, which was so cute, booties, a hat.
Put those on, Dr.toy came in, went over our final decision briefly. Did the markings and some pictures.

In the surgery room for 1:20, everyone was very kind, the nurse asked about my tattoos and gave me a warm fuzzy blanket, which was a very good distraction. I was smiling the whole time. woke up at approximately 2. Nurse gave me and my mom a run down on meds, and gave me a gravol. A little nausious, but didn't throw up!

I brought ginger ale, almonds, crackers, meds, (just incase) gum, water, a bucket and Chapstick in the car. Very good idea, I felt so happy and prepared for the drive home.

Back at my moms, just listening to music, laying in bed, she made me some homemade chicken soup! Feeling a lot of pressure and a dull pain, but not bad! I can move my arms and stuff, just not a lot and not very quickly. Definitely can't use them for getting up or much at all - I'm more worried to move than actually restricted.

Anyway. Doing well. Very high and tight atm. It feels good to see your comments! Just say anything if you read this, it means more to me than you know! Thank you all!!

Another photo that didn't upload.

2 days post op

Dr Toy had to adjust righty to make them more even, right nipple sits higher than my left naturally, so my right side looks smaller. Once it drops they will even out. I think they look amazing though! So happy with his work. And I can't wait until they look like normal boobs, rather than torpedo tits. Hahaha, YAY boobies!!!!


Okay, so post-op especially after having time to sit around and feel the full force of this decision 24/7, I've noticed I'm already more confident in myself!. But I'm having some regrets! Worrying, what they'll look like! Will they ever drop? Have I chose the wrong size???!! I don't know why I've done this!!!!!! In saying that, every time I have those regrets I want to be able to come back to my real self page, read this and remember why I did this... This is stupid. I'm so happy I have boobies! Lol!!

Regardless! So I just remembered that completely devastating feeing of trying to find something to wear that I felt good in, going to an event, or even to work some days.. Nothing to wear, getting unnecessarily angry with the world for not making women's clothes that fit me, hating my body so much to the point of tears.

Knowing, and being told by my spouse every day for 7years that I am beautiful, loved, and amazing!! Just not feeling it. All because of the size of the fat on my chest! I could change it, and my spouse supports it! He loves me in full force with or without breasts!!! But now I have them, and we can both enjoy them, what's wrong with that!? The answer is nothing. Absolutely nothing.

If you aren't happy, then change it! What is the point in living life, going through the motions because it's what we're just supposed to do, If you can't even look yourself in the mirror because your so uncomfortable with your appearance? What's the point!? Love yourself!

I'm not sure if I did this subconsciously or what... but 99.9% of my friends are well endowed, they have amazing boobs. They just do. Born with it. The one I had, who didn't .. Who's more like an acquaintance... Got a boob job, last year... Which was just the final straw for me. I had to do it. I can't be the only flat chested girl out there? Wtf! I am not kidding, when I told one of my friends, who btw is much younger than me, you guessed it, very large chested, like can't find bra's her size she's so big,( but she is in no way over weight, which seems crazy unfair to me) I showed her my before pictures and she just sat silent for a moment, and she was very quiet, she said "I'm going to try and be as gentle as possible, but I didn't even know it was possible, for a woman.. To be that small in the chest" I was pretty numb emotionally to hearing that, because I've heard myself say some of the most rude things about my chest, over the years. People with natural breasts, just don't get it! It's crazy!!!

I'm so glad, and fortunate to have been able to have this surgery, like I said, I'm so much more confident already, and happy with my results. And lastly, I am more thankful than I can even express, to the rest of you Real Self girls, for having the balls to share your stories and pictures with the interwebs, and being so kind and helpful!!! How sensitive of a subject that you've struggled with, yet you let yourself share your experience, with all of us! Thank you! your courage has helped me more than anything else through this process! Sorry for getting all cheese ball on you!
Again, thanks for reading!

Actually Update!!!!

As of 6 o'clock today, absolutely no pain!!!
Not sure what happened, but it was like a switch flipped! And I've been massaging them, not even an inch of pain!! Woo!

Still look the same :) doing great though!

Doing great so far!

Loving my new girls more everyday, I can feel the change in them already, still high and don't look any different yet.

Took the tape off today to change it, Dr Toy reccomends it to be changed every 5-7days for 1-3months for optimal scar healing. The scars look great. No complaints :) happy healing.

1month post op

I feel great, looked back at my preop pics and it was really odd to see how small I was :)
I'm still very happy with my results and very impatiently waiting for them to D&F. Massages that my surgeon reccomended are pushing down on the tops and holding for 10 seconds and pushing them together, and holding for 10seconds aswell. I will admit that I'm supposed to do them both together at the same time, but am massaging the right more than the left because she's still sitting higher.
Incisions look great, no bruising wich is awesome, I attribute this to the Arnica Montana, it worked really well in my opinion.
They are getting softer and easier to move every week, they still have a long way to go but I am very happy with them!
Everything from my nipples down is numbish, and has been tingly/ itchy for the last 2 weeks, but I just assume they're waking up I guess? Nothing serious anyway. :)

3 months post

Doing great. They feel natural, move around in the pocket very well. not much fullness on the top which is exactly what I wanted. Was fitted as a 34D!! Woo! I started with a B cup but couldn't ever fill the cups. And just to clarify I got 385cc's submuscular smooth round silicone implants.

I got my first REAL bra fitting, and real bra. I'm so happy with my results. Dr Toy is wonderful to work with.

9 months

No concerns. Love em' and I'm loving being able to wear nice dresses to Christmas parties, comfortably. Used to double up on bras, just to fit into nice dresses. :)

9 months

9 months

I was having trouble posting my 9 month photos. Here they are, not much of a change since the 3 month photos.

Dr Jonathan Toy has been great to deal with, very informative and kind. He took a while to get in to see for a consult (and by a while I mean min 6months), but he's well worth the wait. In my opinion, if your seeing a surgeon right away for a consult and there's no waiting list, I would have reason to question his abilities. Dr toy is very thorough, patient and I never had any questions for him, because he covered everything in his handouts and consultations. He's quick and observant, gets to know what you want right from the beginning, and what YOU expect out of getting a Breast Augmentation, not what HIS opinion is, although he does give it. Very much reccomend Dr. Jonathan Toy.

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