25yrs; 5'5 In; 135 Lbs; It is Time for New Boobs! - Edmonton, AB

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I am just a normal girl who loves herself but...

I am just a normal girl who loves herself but won't feel complete until I have my desired breast size. I have been thinking of doing this since I was in high school. You can only hear so many times "she'd be hotter if her boobs were bigger." Don't get me wrong I love my body and I think my breasts are beautiful...I just know I will feel and look better with larger breasts and will have a more hour glass shape. Yay!!

Wish Boobs!!

SOooo...at first I was leaning more towards the anatomic/cal shaped implant so I could have a natural slope of the breast, but as I look at more before and after photos of that implant I am seeing that once they have settled they (not all, but most) look slightly droopy (to me anyways). My desired result is to have fuller/rounder breasts. At the moment I feel my breasts are lacking fullness at the top and are fuller at the bottom (I am not ever really able to have cleavage; even in push-up bras). I feel Moderate Plus Round Gel implants at 325cc/350cc would give me the fuller/rounder look that I want. I am currently a 34B (I have lost 20 Lbs over this last year and I don't really fill out any of my B bra's anymore) and want to be a full C, but wouldn't mind being a D as long as I looked proportionate.

***Sorry if I have used photo's from anyone's personal review on this site. I have looked at so many photo's in the last few months. If I have and you don't want it on my review please let me know and I will remove it:)***

Consultation on Thursday.

Going for my first consultation this Thursday. There are only a handful of surgeons in Edmonton so hopefully when I go to see this first doctor he ends up being the one (hopefully I can get on of those 3D before and after thing done). Plus his office is only 10 blocks from my house!!

Consultation today.

I went for my first consult today. Told the Ps what I was looking for and he said I would have my best results going with 375cc to 400cc. Seems large but I will get a better idea once I try the sizers on.

On a side note...I used to be 155-160 Lbs and am now 130-
135 Lbs and my mind hasn't caught up with my body yet. The Ps called me "thin" which made be pretty happy to hear coming from a doctor.

Anyways...I was told I could book for May. But upon further thought I think I will book for September so I can enjoy my summer without any pain limitations and so I can save money while my workplace is in its busy season.

So I probably won't post much until the date is sooner:)
Wishing you all great luck and awesome results!!
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