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Hello my fellow bbl beauties! so i am 25, a mother...

Hello my fellow bbl beauties! so i am 25, a mother of two little ones; i have a 3 year old and a 2 year old; love love love them to death but not super happy with what they did to my body!!! To be honest i was pretty happy with what i looked like before but pregnancy and weight gain had its drawbacks and now i am at a point where i just cant stand what i see in the mirror!! So i have been researching and browsing the bbl community and reading all of your blogs , so you ladies out there who are blogging about your experience i would like to give you a great big THANK YOU because i have finally booked a consultation for September 27, and i honestly feel like i couldn't have taken that step without you bbl beauties!
pre pregnancy measurements
bust 36
waist 25
hips 36
current measurements
bust 36
waist 31
hips 38
wish measurements
bust 36
waist 24-25
hips 40-42

i will try to keep you guys posted with updates!!

P.s i forgot to mention my height and current...

p.s i forgot to mention my height and current weight 5'4 130 lbs


Ok so I've been getting questions about where I had booked the consultation and just here to say that I didn't end up going to the consult.
I should've known it was too good to be true; why? Because when I originally had booked the consult it was because I had a promo offer in a coupon book! I know I know how stupid, but hey could you blame a girl for wanting a luscious booty? Didn't think so.
That was the place offering this promo price for the bbl. I have never heard of them so I figured I'll just google them, and holy cow was I ever glad I did! There was everything from the Doctor not being sanitary, basic lIke BASIC hygiene measures were not followed, clients suing the studio, a client being burned severely from a laser treatment, seriously though I could write an essay about everything wrong with the place!!
So my beautiful bbl sisters I am here to say that I will not be getting this procedure done.
Don't get me wrong I still want that luscious booty but I have opted out of plastic surgery for the gym, and I gotta say I'm in love with my results so far.
It has taken a ton of work, some tears and a crap load of frustrated days but I am glad to say that I am happy and excited about my body.
Happy with the changes I have made and excited about the final results of my hard work.
I know I'll never get that Kim kardashian booty but I have come to terms with it and I'm ok with it.
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