Laser Can Actually Cause Body Odor - Edmond, OK

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I have a hair laser review on a previous...

I have a hair laser review on a previous experience and didn't think that it met my expectations.. Several years have passed, so I thought I would try it again and write a separate review. I did Brazilian and armpits. I have fair skin tone with thick dark hair in pubic and hair in armpits is a little lighter and not as thick. I had 6 treatments. For the pubic area Overall I am pleased with the results. In six treatments it did not completely remove all the hair but has greatly reduced it and made it much thinner and more manageable with razor and trimming as desired. I'm happy with this result because I prefer to have at least some hair down there. In the arm pits, it worked while I was receiving treatments but over time seems to be about where I started. I never minded having to shave my armpits so I wouldn't pay to have Laser there but it came free with purchase, so I did it. I did notice that during the treatments, i barely had any armpit body odor even if I forgot to put deodorant on that day which was unusual for me. I was very pleased with this but months after I stopped treatments I started to notice that it came back which seemed normal but a couple months after that, I started to notice that it was worse than it had ever been and continued to get worse. I'm not an expert, but it is my opinion that the laser kills all the bacteria so initially this reduces the odor but once you stop the laser the bad bacteria takes over because there is no longer any good bacteria to keep the bad bacteria under control and this causes the increase in body odor. I read online that hydrogen peroxide can be used to reduce BO by killing the bacteria, so I'm using that now. It is working really well at killing the BO bacteria, but I'm not sure what will happen once I stop. I might have to start putting yogurt under there or something.. Sorry for typos, I'm on my phone.
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