Liposuction and Fat Transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift) Journey. Edinburgh, Scotland.

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I'm 30 years old, have had two children and have...

I'm 30 years old, have had two children and have gained a little bit of weight in the last three years or so. I'm generally happy with the size I am now but not so happy about some lumps and bumps I have as a result. After some deliberation and lots of research I've decided to do something about it!
Losing lots of weight may be the obvious choice but when I lose weight the first place I notice it is my boobs. Growing big boobs is a really positive side effect of gaining some weigt so I really don't want to lose too much and end up with saggy non boobs. After I gave birth my body seemed to go back to its pre-pregnancy appearance almost right away but with the extra weight gain in the last few years came the extra flab!
I have a small waist, a bit of extra flab in the love handle areas with a less fatty area just below and then very ample hips resulting in a bit of a wobbly contour from the front. In profile I have very big boobs, a bit of a belly which I have acquired in the last few years and I do have a bit of a bum but I feel like it's not in proportion to my boobs or to the width of my hips.
What I hope to achieve with the surgery is a flat tummy, an improved silhouette and an improvement in the proportions of my breasts and bum.
I went for a consultation with a surgeon and have decided to go ahead with the surgery. My only reservations are that I have only consulted one Doctor and that he's not experienced in this specific procedure. Of course he is experienced with lipo and fat transfer, I'm not a complete idiot and nor is he but buttock augmentation is not commonplace where I come from so I would have to travel much further afield to find a surgeon with lots of experience and a proven track record in this procedure.
The hospital I'm going to for the procedure is in my home town about a 30 minute drive away so it's very convenient for me, my surgeon is lovely and I do feel like I can trust him to do a good job and I think a good relationship with your doctor is invaluable so I've decided to go ahead! I've booked my surgery for October and I'm really excited about it so I will keep you posted!!!
Mr Widdowson

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