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Operation day Got given some cream to put on an...

Operation day

Got given some cream to put on an hour and a half before surgery. Felt a burning sensation but it was okay. Everyone at the hospital was lovely. Had a chat with the surgeon who went over what we had talked about at the consultation.

I was given a local anaesthetic which was quite sore but that was obviously the worst bit. The procedure flew by, only an hour and a half in and out. Could feel pressure of movement during the surgery but felt totally calm and fine. Felt great after the procedure in the car on the way home but that was because the anaesthetic was still working. When I got home it did start to burn and sting which i was worried about because I didn't know i was having a reaction to the cream or if it was just normal. I also had quite a lot of bleeding which I was worried about because I was just expecting spotting. Just took it easy and tried to sit still.

Surgeon said to not be scared to wash in the shower but I'm a bit scared to do that because I felt I was bleeding a lot but it is now the next day so I think I should because I'll need to clean up the blood. Scared to put on the cream, I don't really want to touch it! Going to the toilet is fine, no burning.

Day 1

Woke up after a good night's sleep. Was happy to see there wasn't as much blood. Found it slightly easier to walk but still walking like a penguin.

Had a shower! Was a bit worried at the beginning because I could see blood in the water but after it was washed over once it was fine. I didn't really touch it, just let water flow over and didn't use any toiletries. (It's the next day now and going to wash my hair so I'll update on that tomorrow). Put cream on after the shower which I was happy about. It was the first time I had touched it and it was fine, didn't sting or anything and am pleased with the results so far. I'm not taking pictures though, I don't want to see anything until it's pretty much healed.

I just stayed inside yesterday. Was helping out my boyfriend more who has been looking after me. Made lunch and dinner with him. Feel like I can get up when I want now but still keen to sit down and just rest :) today was the first day I went to the toilet and when I was drying there was no blood so happy days!!!

Day 2

Had another good nights sleep. Haven't found sleeping bad at all except I have to lie on my front or back.

Blood has definitely gone down, now it is just occasional spotting. Had a shower washing my hair and that was fine, no burning or anything. put makeup on and did my hair so felt a bit more normal. Forgot to mention yesterday, one side is definitely more swollen then the other and it is that which is making it awkward to sit down because it touches the pad and is very sensitive. It it's worrying me slightly because the other side is totally fine but I'm just going with it, nothing can be done now.

Managed to go out for tea last night which was great, first time out of the house since the op. Had to get a taxi into town but that was fine. Little awkward sitting at the table but managed.

Happy with progress.

Day 3 + 4

Not much to update. I have managed to go for two short walks which has been good. Could probably go further but it gets a bit uncomfortable and itchy.

Got my period last night so have had to deal with that too. Little uncomfortable putting in and taking out tampons but not bad.

Sleeping fine and managed to lie on my side which was nice. Back to work tomorrow so will try driving tonight. Hope it's not too obvious it's uncomfortable for me to sit down and get up.

Looking forward to getting back to doing exercise. Feeling very lazy!

Day 10 (10 full days after surgery)

Definitely feeling like I am getting back to how things were before surgery.

Stopped wearing a pad a week after surgery. By then there was still a little bit of spotting but didn't need a pad. Also stopped applying the cream I was given after every time I went to the toilet. It was awkward being on my period putting tampons in and out but as long as your slow and gentle its fine.

Swelling has gone down a lot and I can give it quite a good clean now without it being sore around the stitches. I did notice I had quite a bit of white creamy discharge after day 9 but I think that could have just been because I wasn't really cleaning that well and it was just bits of the cream.

I'm going in for my 10 day post op check up tomorrow so the nurse will have a look and see if she thinks things are healing well. The bit i mentioned was quite swollen and sensitive before still protrudes a bit so I will ask about that. Expecting the stitches to fall out soon as they were just dissolvable ones.

I started walking a fair bit of distance on day 7/ 8 and yesterday i managed quote a long walk to the top of a local hill with no problems so I think I will try some exercise this week. I'm signed up to do a half marathon in 2 weeks so really need to start preparing but will take it slow so I'm sure I'm fit for it.

Stopped being so awkward sitting down on day 5 or so. All in all I've noticed big changes every day :)

12 days after surgery check up

I had a check up with the nurse 12 days after surgery. Very quick visit. She had a look and said some of my stitches were still there and I mentioned the bit that was sticking out. She agreed and said that bit might need touched up then said she would see if the doctor was around to have a look. He was so came in to see. He said he said not to worry about it and he thought the area was still quite swollen and believed it would go down. So I've taken his word for it and he will have a look again in December, 3 months after surgery. In my opinion I don't think it's still swollen and I think that bit got missed out during surgery. If it is still the same in 3 months I'm going to insist it is touched up because i paid for the service so want to be happy with the results.

It's been another 4 days since then and that area is still the same. I also think it is a bit itchy and burny so I might go back to putting on the anti bacterial cream.

Touch up

So I'm going back in to the hospital today. The bit I had mentioned in previous posts that stuck out after the surgery is still like that so he is going to sort it out today. He decided to book me in after our 3 month review so he would know it wasn't still swollen. I'm not sure how it happened but he said lots of anatomical words so I didn't really follow. Should be a shorter procedure today but still having to take time off work.

After Touch Up Surgery

Went back into the hospital on Wednesday. For some reason I didnt feel as relaxed and felt like the procedure went on forever! I must admit the local anesthetic was very sore this time. Again I could feel movement and a few pin pricks at one stage but told the doctor and he sorted out.

After the surgery you feel fine and on top of the world but that is before the anasthetic wears off. When it wears off I find a couple of hours I am very grumpy and sore. Got over it though and felt much better by the evening.

It is now Friday and had surgery on Wednesday. There is a certain bit that is quite sore when I sit down, I am worried a similar thing has happend to last time and there will be a bit of a bump again when it is healed but at least this time it shouldn't be sticking out. Will just have to see how things go.
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