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Have been searching the site for a few months now...

Have been searching the site for a few months now while I contemplated ankle liposuction I found very little information from Scotland therefore have decided to put up my own. I am quite a curvy lady who has always found it impossible to get boots and ankle straps to fit my ankles this being exasperated by the fact that I have size three feet. Even when I was extremely thin when I was young I had thick ankles and could not get boots to go round them . The calves were never an issue as the zips would never pass my ankle and anything with an ankle strap or high front was out. I believe my ankles are hereditary as I see other members of the family with the same problem. I had also developed unsightly lumps on my ankles one being much bigger than the other which I always put down to water but on further inspection this was found to be fat . On discovering it was in fact fat I decided to have it removed and my ankles reshaped a bit to take the thickness away from them.

Having done my research (which was not easy as there was not a lot of information on ankle lipo available) from what there was I knew this could go terribly wrong if I did not chose a very experienced surgeon. With this in mind I chose Mr Awf Quaba. As I had used him for my previous procedures (both reviewed on here I had no hesitation in selecting him to carry out the procedure it was just a matter of deciding how I was going to have it carried out. Had I decided to just have the lumps on them reduced/removed I had the option of having it done under local anesthetic. However I decided I still would not be content with the large ankles and would like them reduced to give a more shapely appearance and hopefully allow me to fit into ankle boots and strappy sandals. Although this was not a big operation as such, he would have to go quite near the bone so a general anesthetic was decided on.

The operation was carried out on 21st September and I was lucky enough to be first on the operating list therefore had less time to fret about it . My room at Spire Murrayfield was ready for my arrival and I immediately was prepared with my gown on and was visited by the anethetist who was a lovely lady who listened to all my concerns and who I had full confidence in. Mr Quaba came in shortly afterwards and took several before photos of my ankles which I am glad off as they are not easy things to take a selfie off. He then marked up my ankles and I was almost set to go. Not long afterwards I was walked to a little room adjoining the operating theatre where I was swiftly rendered unconscious and never knew a thing until I was back in my room. I had what looked like elastic bandages on both legs and when I was sufficiently awake I could already see a difference in them. I as not in any pain when I woke up and the nurses were most intent in ensuring that I was not in pain at any time during my stay by asking me how I rated my pain and administering painkillers accordingly. At the moment there is not a lot of swelling (day four) and even with swelling they are still smaller than before I started so I am confident of a good result. Mr Quaba took a photo with one leg done during surgery so I could see it compared with the one which was about to be done so if I can get a copy I will put it up. At the moment I have teds on 24hrs a day so can not tell if I have any bruising but I have a nurses appointment tomorrow so will see them then. I only have paper stitches to let the wounds drain so no stitches to come out.I have been advised to keep my legs up to minimize swelling and that appears to be working well so far.

I believe ankles are prone to prolonged swelling so I will put up a series of photos at different intervals so anyone interested can see how quickly or slowly they progress.

After Day Five Checkup

Here are some photos taken when my TEDS were off for the five day is a lot of bruising but I did expect that and was prepared for it. There is also a good bit of swelling but to keep it in perspective they are not any bigger than what they were before. The nurse took the paper stitches off and the scars can barely be seen they are so small. They actually look like a freckle or tiny spot so I have tried to show them in the photo in a close up as they are tiny. Mr Quaba looked at them and is very pleased with them and says I will get a good result and I am confident I will as I can now see the lower leg coming in a bit. Im not in pain despite how it looks but they are very tender. Im struggling with the Teds cutting in at the back of my knee and have had to cut them a bit. I was remeasured but as my legs are a bit short they are slightly too long and do not come in a shorter length. I have ordered others but in the meantime am persevering with the teds.

After two weeks

I take the socks of each night to inspect my ankles and then put them back on to sleep. The bruising has faded a lot now. Swelling varies a bit and Im stil trying to minimize the amount of time I spend on my feet but I can see the shape changing and Im confident that in the end they will look good. There was a lot of dry skin on my heals but I have managed to smooth that out now. The teds that were previously too tight behind my knee are now ok so I can only assume my whole legs were previously swollen or else they loosed in the wash. Feel I could do with them a bit tighter at the ankle but not the leg. I have a nurses appointment on Monday so will take more phots then.

Nearly four weeks

Bruising gone but still feel very tender. I continue wearing the TED socks as they feel more secure with them on. Swelling not too bad but I do have numb areas around the ankles. Much more shape to them now and Im very happy with the way they are going.
Edinburgh Plastic Surgeon

Excellent work from a very skilled surgeon who is very easy to talk to. The fact I have have used him for all my procedures speaks volumes. I would highly recommend him and all his team First Class all the way and will always be my No 1 choice.

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