Cosmelan for Dark Spot Removal

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Hi, I'm a 32 year old female, who developed a dark...

Hi, I'm a 32 year old female, who developed a dark spot of pigmentation just below my right eye around 2 years ago. I had two attempts of IPL, much to my regret due to my problem being hormonal. I'm going to provide an update every day on my Cosmelan treatment. Please feel free to ask questions. 

Day 1 to 3

First of all I had the Cosmelan 1 on for 8 hours, it was manageable, but I was restless as there was only so much you could do. It didn't crack, but oils did come down my neck from my face so wear old clothes. I was anxious to shower it off but was fine. Within minutes my face became red. I cleansed and toned as advised and managed to sleep. My lips did swell so lots of Vaseline, blistex on them. For the next two days my face was red, very tight and swollen. Had a shine to it, but applied cosmelan 2 three times a day. Didn't find stinging too bad, I was more bothered with the tightness.

Day 4 to 5

The peeling started round my mouth and nose, the hydra k didn't really give me enough moisture. Very difficult to apply the Cosmelan 2 as my skin is so dry. By end of day my whole face is scaling like a snake. First trip outside to get my nails done and was very self conscious. Everyone said it's not as bad they imagined but I didn't agree. Face very hot and my chin ended up cracking. Clinician has sent fast repair cream to help the dryness. My 'bad' area still not peeling. My end of day 5 signs of healthy skin beginning to show. I dreaded showering as I couldn't stand putting face under water. After shower I cleansed with face cloth which helped the peeling then toned, which stung a little. Lips still swollen slightly. Using hair dryer is a big NO!!!!

Day 6

I'm going out today.... I applied Cosmelan 2 as soon as I got up then showered 3 hours later. Most of my peeling is over with the exception of my bad area and forehead. However my face is still tight and very red. I can only describe it as I look like I have been on a sunbed and fallen asleep! The fast repair came today which stings a little but definitely hydrates but seems a bit oily. My bad area has half peeled. I can't really decide what to think, it definitely looks better especially as I have no make up on but I'm sure I can still see an outline. There is a definite white mark which I did expect as a result of the IPL, but I can live with that rather than the dark mark. I've only put Cosmelan on this morning and I will do again before bed. I couldn't put on mid day as it makes my face so orange I would have felt self conscious. Before Monday I need to figure a way to blend it in. I would like my face to become cooler and less red now. But so far I'm otherwise pleased.

Day 7

I cleansed, toned and applied Cosmelan 2 before bed last night and I've woken up with clear skin. My mark has gone, there are very very faint marks, small white spots but to anyone else I have perfect looking skin. My skin is blemish free all over and has a glow. Today I am so so pleased. My face is still red, hot and very tight but just feels it needs hydration. I can actually go out today make up free, which I could never do before regardless of mark.
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