54yrs Old, Need to Explant Ruptured Allergan Implants - Edinburgh

My 34DD breasts have unfortunately ruptured so...

My 34DD breasts have unfortunately ruptured so must be removed....my operation
will be in just over a week so I am returning to the surgeon that I visited 7 years previously. I do not want an uplift and am much encouraged by the
other results of ladies similar to me. HELP.....what will I look like !!

COUNT DOWN !! ........5 days until explant

Trying to keep busy the dog has never been walked so much!
I have started looking at pretty underwear and my lovely
husband ordered me 2 new underwear sets which I will
put on when I have fully recovered. Curiosity as to what
size I will be is foremost on my mind.....A SIZE B WOULD BE GOOD. I have confidence in my surgeon as he is highly experienced but I'm still a little nervous.

'FEELING GREAT'...2nd day post

I am delighted and happy.....it is over and I am back to me
again and loving it!! My surgeon was wonderful so were the nurses, they all made me feel so at ease and the operation went okay with little pain and discomfort. It was
not nearly as bad as I thought and my breasts are healing
nicely already. One is slightly larger due a little swelling
with bruising due to a more difficult extraction of the implant. Other than that it all feels good.
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