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This is my first tattoo. The artist was nice and...

This is my first tattoo. The artist was nice and made the experience pleasant...but the outcome is not what I wanted. It was supposed to be smaller and prettier. I tried to like it, but it just looks like a huge, weirdly shaped flower on my shoulder. I tried getting it fixed a week later. I really wanted to make it what I hoped for....instead I just grew to hate it more. People say it's "not so bad," but why would I want something so huge and mediocre on me forever?? I know I won't stop feeling this anxiety until I get this faded enough to cover it up with a much prettier sunflower. I'm going to my first laser treatment consultation on Thursday to see how much it'll be and what to expect.

Consultation Day

I went to my free consultation and told the assistant (I didn't meet the doctor) that I want only part of the tattoo removed and all of the purple shading has to go. I think most of the petals came out okay, but the ones I circled in the picture just don't match the rest of them. I also told her that maybe towards the end I could get the orange parts lightened because I'd prefer more yellow. She told me that it would definitely be possible. For each session I'll be paying $175. She said it'll take me many sessions, maybe even 13. Purple and yellow are hard to remove. I'm hoping that because the purple isn't to heavy, and the amount of ink wasn't that much, it won't take too long. I guess we'll see how this goes. I can't wait to get this faded enough to where I can fix it up, and it can look a lot better.


I decided that I'll just remove the whole tattoo. I wanted to try and salvage it, but I think it's never going to be that good. I went and bought a few cardigans to wear and cover up my tattoo while I get rid of it. I'm so sad. The treatments are going to be such a financial burden that could have totally been avoided.


Do you all think it would look better if it was more yellow and the center was darker?

Can't wait.

It's been about 4 weeks since I got this tragic tattoo. I now see the final product, and I can't wait to start removing it. Only 1 week until my first treatment!


Oh, I forgot to mention. The price is now $300 instead of $175 because the whole thing will be removed.

First Session

I had my first session today, and it went pretty well. They used a hose that pumps out a cold blast of air on the area while they use the laser. The girl doing the treatment started me on the highest setting on the Astanza laser to see if I could handle it. If I couldnt, she was going to turn it down. I really want this tattoo off me as quickly as possible, so the idea of being on the highest setting sounded good to me. It really wasn't very painful. It just felt like a small rubber band snapping my shoulder repeatedly, but it went by fast. My eyes were covered for their protection, so I couldn't see it happening, but I didn't feel scared or anything. I was very comfortable. I didn't really feel irritation until the ride home, but it was just a feeling similar to a sunburb. It went away in a couple of hours. I set my next appointment for 8 weeks from now. I know I shouldn't expect results too quickly, but I can't help but feel excited and hopeful already! I'll keep you all posted.

One Day Post First Treatment

So it has only been about a day since my first treatment, but I already felt like doing a side by side comparison just because I'm curious. I took the pic in my car, so the lighting can be about the same. I swear there is already some fading! I'm going to try to be consistent about the lighting, so I'll try to just take them at home indoors.

5 and a Half Weeks Post 1st Session

Not a HUGE difference, but the color is definitely fading. Looks a bit less ugly now. My next session is on 3/25/16.


I'm feeling so discouraged today. I know it's only been one session, so I shouldn't expect much but ugh. 2 weeks until my 2nd session, and I can't stop thinking about how much money this is costing me. I just need to get rid of it, though. It's so ugly, and it makes me mad just looking at it. I really hope it doesn't take that many treatments for it to fade to the point that makeup can cover it at least.

Session 2

So they really amped it up this time. The assistant asked if the first setting was bearable, and I said yes, so she amped it up and asked again. I have a pretty high pain threshold, so I told her I still felt fine. She amped it up 2 more times before saying she couldn't go higher because of the risk of damage to my skin. It did hurt, but I really want this off ASAP, so if more pain may equal less waiting time, I'm all for it. At the end she said she was very impressed at how I didn't flinch once. Haha, but boy am I swollen right now.

Finally Seeing Progress

A day post my second session, and I'm really not feeling any pain. I am finally seeing a major difference! I'm surprised, though because I expected not to be able to see a difference until days or at least a week after the session. The black is significantly faded now, and even the purple is starting to budge!

Healing Nicely

There's a few blisters, but they are tiny. Over all, the irritation is gone, and now I can see the tattoo itself more clearly. I'm so happy to see the improvement! I don't know how long the color will take to remove, though. I was quoted at 10-13 treatments, but I feel a lot better now that the harsh black lines are vanishing. It's a lot less ugly!

Day After Session #3

They increased it yesterday and told me that I will blister for sure this time. Sure enough, I woke up with a few blisters. I'm excited, though. Hopefully I'll see a big change once I heal! I really want to be able to give hope to those other people trying to get rid of large tattoos that have color.
Allure Dermatology

Will see her on Thursday.

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