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I have been thinking about having a breast...

I have been thinking about having a breast augmentation for the last 2 years but could not find the courage to see a PS. I'm tired of having to wear double padded bras only to take it off & see that I'm flat chested. I unfortunately wasn't as lucky a my sisters who are all well in doubt, full D's. After much thought i finally went & had my initial consultation on June 14th. I was extemely nervous that day, but the entire office staff was very nice & pleasant they made me feel very comfortable & at ease. I met with the nurse who discussed size, price, took photos, & showed me videos. I left the office extremely excited & nervous with lots to think about. I've decided to go ahead & proceed with the BA. I'm thinking about going with the 800cc high profile silicon gel implants...really liked the way they looked. Going to meet Dr. Rios on the 30th of July to further discuss sizing & my scheduled date for Aug. 30th. Don't know how to feel, have mixed emotions...this is something I've been wanting this for a really long time. Any feedback & words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.

Disappointed...When I originally booked my consultation I wanted a BA with Lipo to my abdomen

When I originally booked my consultation I wanted a BA with Lipo to my abdomen because I have a lipoma right above my belly button. Forgot to mention in my prior post I'm 5'9 200lbs with scoliosis. I was hoping that I could do everything at once but was told by Dr. Rios nurse that a lipoma removal could be covered by my insurance but had to be done by a general surgeon. I saw a general surgeon last week & came out very disappointed. Dr. Hilmy the consulting general surgeon was very rude, no bedside manner whatsoever. Was told that he would have to make a vertical incision on my abdomen which caused some concern for me. After I ask several questions he told me "well you seemed to be very concerned about the incision/scar i suggest you see a PS", mind you this Dr. does cosmetic procedures as well. Need to mention I've worked with Dr. Hilmy on a professional level & his attitude and mannerism have been wonderful but as a patient he was extremely rude & arrogant. He basically told me that it was medically necessary but that I should go see PS instead. I call my PS office & notified them of my consultation with GS & was told that they do not deal with insurance. I'm disappointed only because I wanted to get everything over & done with at once. Hoping to find & consult with another GS soon so I can do the surgery the same time that I'm out of work for my BA.

Ladies HELP!!!

I went to go see my PS on Tuesday & it went very well. I'm getting more & more excited as the days go by. My BA is set & scheduled for Aug. 30th, I actually got a call from the office today to see if I wanted to bump up my date to the 13th but because of work think I'm going to have to stick with my original date. Ladies I need your help...I had my mind set on going with 800cc silicon gel implants but after talking with my PS he said I could actually go with either one saline or silicone if I wanted to considering the amount of breast tissue I had. I like how he was honest & not trying to be money hungry, he mentioned if I wanted to save money I could go with the saline. Money is not an option to me I just want the absolute best results. So ladies tell me what is your take on saline vs silicone. I also went for a second opinion with a GS & he too recommended that I go see my PS. I mentioned to Dr. Rios about my possible lipoma & he said that he could help me with that too, although he couldn't promise me my skin would retract after the Lipo he said my best bet would be to have a tummy tuck after I have kids (which I have yet to be blessed with). Please HELP!!!
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