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Hello Ladies!! I am a mother of three wonderful...

Hello Ladies!! I am a mother of three wonderful children. I had my first child at a very young age. I've never had full breast. I had a small B/full C and they grew to full C/ small D during pregnancy. My breast were never the same after that. I actually dislike them very much to the point where I don't really let my husband touch them and during intimacy I leave my bra and sometimes my blouse/ t-shirt on. I have wanted a BA ever since giving birth to my first child. I became serious about it about 3 years ago but I always put my family's needs and wants first. It's actually kind of a bad habit I have. Even when it comes to shopping ( which I dislike so when I do it's actually a treat to myself) I grab things I like and I slowly talk myself out of buying them for myself and I return them to there racks. So a little bit about myself I'm a stay at home mom/wife and I've been doing it for going on about 3 years. I currently weigh 119lbs, 5ft flat, 29 years old and well I finally put myself first this year because my wonderful husband has been telling me for the past three years that he'd buy me my boobies of my dreams. So here I am visiting everyone's stories that I can relate to and I'm proud to say that I'll share my story too.

Consultation Photos

These are my consultation photos. I had tried to upload them the first time but they didn't go through. I am currently a 36B and getting 445cc on right breast and 420cc Inspira Natrelle SRX silicon implants.

Can't Wait!!

I am about a month away from my BA and I just can't wait!!! Hope these weeks go by fast!! I'm super excited and definitely anxious. I think I'm also stressing out for some reason. Maybe I'm scared of the what ifs!?! I've never been on anesthesia better yet I've never even broken a bone let alone ever had any surgeries in my life. I've been restless at times and then just completely mentally exhausted. I wake up with my jaw clenched sometimes. I'm looking forward to it yes but I guess I'm also afraid. I feel pretty good about the size I've chosen. I do second guess it but overall my answer is the same that I'm satisfied with it. I don't want to be too big but I don't want to be too small. Anyway real self dolls just wanted to give an update. I've also gathered a few items for post op.

Officially Two Weeks Away!! Yay!!!

i am officially two weeks away from my BA and I find myself more addicted to this website each and every day. I am ecstatic and anxious for this count down!! I won't lie. I am a few days away from getting my menstrual and hoping I'm not pregnant!! My husband and I don't use any type of birth control but have been very careful for way over a year and we just use the pull out method. Birth control does not go well with me. I have tried dozens and all sorts from the pill to IUD. After long months and years of pain, very irregular periods, and emotionally, mentally, physically exhausting myself out I finally realized it was the birth control messing with my body and emotions. So I had a long talk with my husband and we choose to for go with stopping all birth control. And as for condoms. They suck!! Lol. Ladies save me the oh but you can still get pregnant etc talk. I know that already. I wasn't born yesterday. Lol.

12 Days To Go!!

Hello Dolls,
Just wanted to update on my post op care products I have purchased for my big day!! I shopped at Walmart and Marshalls!! I found some really cute pajamas at Marshalls that are buttoned down. One is a short set and the other is a pant set. My 3rd one is just a gown but still very adorable and name brand (nautica and dkny) for a great bargain. I also found some cute slippers!! At Walmart I purchased my smart water(electrolytes!), crackers, powerade, cup w/ straw, Campbell soups, soup microwaveable bowl, arnica cream(not sure if I'll use it), pill box, socks, and 100% cotton intimates, germ x, wipes, and gel bead packs. I stayed away from buying bras including sport bras due to not knowing what size I'll need. Also as you see socks and underwear in list cause I was advised that I could wear my own socks and underwear as long as they were 100% cotton. So I choose my own cause I've seen the medical ones and boy are they hideous. Lol! Also I will be traveling 4 hours for my surgery and will be staying at a hotel for about a week!! Almost like a spa week for me!! Yay!!

Pregnancy Scare!

I have been stressing out about possibly being pregnant but only because my surgery obviously has been paid in full and I think I'll lose a certain percentage due to cancellation. Don't get me wrong! We'd love another child. We want one more! So we'd be thrilled if I were to be pregnant but of course I wouldn't want to lose money. So we decided to buy a pregnancy test just to get me to relax! Lol.

Pre BA sad saggy boobies! 36 B. After 3 children!

So we traveled to Corpus Christi TX for the weekend to relax doing a little fishing and hitting the beach!! Thought I'd show you pre BA boobies in my swimsuit top.

I'm less than a week away!!!

ahhhhhhh.... I'm suddenly feeling super nervous! Like and anxiety nervous!!! I am super excited but I am freaking out a little bit!! I also forgot to let you all know that I was advised when I booked my appointment that I would not know what time my surgery would be until the day before but I called last week and thought it wouldn't hurt to ask to be one of the first patients. Due to the fact that I don't do well not eating for long hours since we need to be fasting. I get extremely bad headaches, nauseated, and dizzy at times! I'm also a very moody person when hungry! So they told me I could and that I could request to be the second patient so I took that! Yay!!! I will have to be there at 8am!! Also forgot to let you all know I purchased a neck pillow and a back support pillow with arm rests! I'm not a back sleeper so I know it's going to drive me crazy but hope the pillows help!!

Almost 24hrs away!!! Wednesday here I come!!

I am super excited and anxious!! I did all the laundry cleaned the whole house entirely yesterday and did my grocery shopping since I will be leaving later this afternoon. I am about 4 hrs away from Dr. Rios and was told it would be best for me to travel the day before. I will also be getting a phone call from them to tell me my surgery time for sure. I hope I am the second patient as per my conversation with one of the receptionist. Woohoo!!!

Today is the big boobie day!!

Good morning ladies. I am wide awake. Yesterday I got the call around noon and was told to come in at noon. I was bummed to hear I obviously am not the second patient. It is 5:07am and I'm wide awake. I've become accustomed to wake up so early without an alarm due to the hours my husband has to be up every morning and I make him breakfast and I join him for breakfast at this early hour so yup I'm already feeling hungry because I guess my body is used to being fed at this time and I usually have lunch right around noon also because my hubby comes to lunch at noon and I start making lunch around 11am. So I can already tell it's going to be a long morning!!! To all the dolls that got surgery this month and who will be getting surgery after me. Good luck. Best wishes. Happy healing.

Finally in Boobie Land Ladies!!

Good morning dolls!! Sorry I haven't gotten on to update you all I was very loopy yesterday but First of All Id like to THANK ALL OF YOU BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL LADIES for your well wishes and prayers!!! I am doing great this morning! My appointment for my BA yesterday was set at 12 but I was called to come in at 11am instead. That was a plus. Although I was hungry yesterday I think the nerves of excitement and anxiousness pushed the hunger away! Haha another plus! From what I could see my breast look gorgeous!! Doctor wants me walking and moving my arms! Also wants me to start massages today and I can shower today with my back only facing the water!! DOCTOR RIOS AND HIS STAFF ARE JUST SO WONDERFUL AND AMAZING!! I love you guys!!! JENNIFER MY NURSE WAS ALSO AWESOME AND MY ANESTHESIOLOGIST WAS SUCH A SWEETHEART ASWELL!! Love you all!! Dr. Rios you have an amazing staff and surgical team!!! Last but not least MY WONDERFUL HUSBAND HAS BEEN SO AMAZING TAKING CARE OF ME with feeding me, making sure I'm drinking plenty of fluids, giving me my medicines on time and timing my ice packs to put them on, and even helping me in the bathroom!! I love you baby you are so amazing!! And THE BEST HUBBY EVER!!!

5 days post op Ladies!

I am 118pds and I am 5ft flat. I was a 36B before. I got 445 cc on my left and 420cc on my right sorry I have not been on or posted any pictures. I treated the days after like a spa/beach vacation with my husband and my brother and his girlfriend. I was very loopy the first day right after having my BA and felt great the second day but I think I over exerted myself the second day so I woke up sore as heck on the third day. Only in the morning twice. Then we headed to SPI that morning right after the ride was smooth. Saturday I went to the beach as my hubby, my brother and his gf did surf fishing. Oh I forgot to mention the horrible bloating you all ladies have mentioned and gone through too. So I bought laxatives and finally had a bm but let me tell you I really didn't have much of an appetite at all. I felt so hungry then when I'd get my food I'd take 4 to 5 bites and I was done and full. Then I'd get horribly nauseous so I had my hubby take me back to the condo and I slept it off after taking my Dramamine. I was able to have a full meal that night. A nice big steak. Sunday same thing break and lunch was like not happening. I realized I wasn't even in much pain any of those days not even the second day so I cut all medications and have been doing. Great. Overall my BA experience was amazing I don't think I should have even taken the meds to begin with because all I really felt was soreness and ice packs and my massages took all that away! I have not taken any pictures due to when I was taking the medicine they just made me feel like crap. Like I was there but wasn't. I will soon though. I love them and they look beautiful! Last night I let the girls out just to get some relief from the surgical bra and my husbands face lit up like a light bulb!!! Lol!! He couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear!! It was hilarious!!! Hope the rest of you ladies are healing wonderfully!!!


I am one week post op! Won't be seeing Dr. Rios till next week Wednesday for a two week post op since I live 4 hrs away!!! Here's a one week post op picture of me in the same swimsuit top so you can see my one week post op after!!! I am doing great and I have been off all medicines since Sunday. My implants are still sitting high as you can see! I am doing my massages daily!! Can't wait for them to drop and fluff!!! I still am bloated slightly although I did suffer from diarrhea for 24hrs due to something I ate at a restaurant on Monday! I felt like crap yesterday due to that!! Glad it's finally out of my system!! Hope all my other April BA ladies are doing well and healing happily!! Much love!!!

Good Bye 34-36B push up BRAS!!!

hahahahaha!!! CRUELLA DEVILLE laugh!!! Just tossed them in the garbage and it felt damn good too!!! Lol. I'll be in my surgical bra for the next 5 years weeks now!! I got two from my surgeon!! So I'm good!! Will wait to buy new ones once I get the okay!!

Sleeping on my back!

Oh my this is a success story!! I am a belly sleeper and of course because of the new twins I have been sleep on my back but last night I was finally able to sleep on my side!!! Woohoo!!! I was told I could sleep on my back and side only!! Trust me dolls I've been trying to sleep on my side since like day 4 post op and nope never could till last night!!! It felt soooooooo goooood!!!! Ugh to finally get off my butt is great at night!!! Haha. I have this crazy thing and tall might think it's weird but I don't like being on my butt for too long sitting nor laying I feel like my butt will take a flat shape if I do that! Haha. And quite frankly I LOVE MY BUTT!! It's actually nice and perky!! I have a a good butt for being short and petite. I also got thighs and calves!! Which my husband said was the first think he liked about me when he saw me for the first time years ago!! Hahaha. They have always been my great assets and I took pleasure in taking care of them at the gym! And we'll now I got some nice titties to match so I'm stoked!!!! I won't lie looking at some of those BBL results by Dr Hazani got me thinking! A little more hip and butt would be nice! I mean c'mon he does great work!! Happy healing to all my dolls!!

Yesterday I was 2 was Post Op and Appt

Yesterday I was two weeks post op and traveled about 4 hrs and 45 min to get there. I finally got my stitches removed. It felt great and also had the steristrip removed. I was told I no longer had to wear the band around my chest if I didn't want to. I could also do light exercise like walking on a treadmill etc. I could also go back on vitamins or protein powder( that I make a banana shake with) for muscle purposes!! Yay! I back to using regular medicine if need be like Motrin or ibuprofen. I more than likely will continue to wear my band around the house. She said I needed to massage more like aggressively. Other than that everything looked great. Scars look good too!! Yay!! But I think I want to buy those steristrip stop help reduce the scar. Here's a two weeks post op picture I took yesterday morning for you all before I went to my appointment. Also my right is more of my problem boobie. Grr.

3 weeks Post Op! Today!!

Today I am 3 weeks post op and I'm feeling great girls are healing and constantly changing from week to week from how they look to sensations. Hope all you BA ladies are healing nicely!! Here are my 3 weeks post op pictures in the same bikini top to show the changes. Left boob is still healin, dropping, and fluffing faster then right but my right is just behind it.

Update! 5 weeks post op today!

I'm feeling way better glad I'm not so limited on doing things around the house cause it literally was driving me insane. Lol. My right is still slightly higher then my left. Overall healing well and very happy so far with my results and my progress. Can't wait to get back in the gym!!

Here our My Girls!

Here are my beautiful breast in a v neck top. The most I've ever shared! Lol. Loving my cleavage!!
Edinburg Plastic Surgeon

Updated! I think Dr. Rios is blessed to have such a wonderful gift!! His breast augmentation skills are phenomenal!! I can honestly say I really had zero pain!! I did take the pain and muscle relaxers but not because I needed them. I just thought they might help with my recovery. I stopped taking them three days after. My breast look amazing!! His staff especially his surgical staff are phenomenal!!! He has a great surgical team!!! Dr. Rios keep up the GREAT WORK!! Thank you and your wonderful staff!!! I had my first appointment and only appointment on March 9, 2016 with Dr. Rios and his staff which included the consultation, lab and paperwork, and meeting my surgeon for his expert opinion all at once because I live 4 hours away. First impression was great. His office is beautifully decorated and the ambiance just speaks tranquility. His receptionist was nice and polite. Jessica my consultant was actually pretty intimidating to me. She was so serious and business like. While I was elated and happy to finally be there but none the less she softened up and I enjoyed our conversation very much. Christina the lab technician was a joy to meet and she was also wonderful to speak to over the phone. Dr. Rios was nice and informative about what he thought was best for me and how he would enhance my breast.

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