40 Years Old, 3 Kids, Deflated B/c Going with 600 Silicone Unders! Edina, MN

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I have looked at tons of people's reviews and...

I have looked at tons of people's reviews and found them helpful so I decided to post mine. I saw Dr a Philbin from Edina plastic surgery in Minnesota for my second consultation today to finalize size and questions since my initial consultation. It was great to talk with him again and be reassured on my size. I initially chose 500-550 silicone but in my return visit I liked the 550s more so he said he always goes slightly bigger because he has learned over the years that the size seems smaller under the muscle after all the settling takes place. So 600cc silicone Allegan hp implants with a lollipop lift is what in going with. He made me feel very reassured and confident that my 5'6" 156lb frame would handle that size well. I was a D cup when pregnant and nursing and lost about 20 lbs from my prepregnancy weight after my last child. Surgery is January 14th! I'm very excited!!!

10 days to go!

Only 10 days to go until surgery! I have been super busy but I am very excited!

6 days to go

Getting more excited and nervous I think. I've kinda been snappy with my hubby and kids. I think it's nerves. When I look at my pre-op pics I think "who is that?" And then I laugh because I can't believe my boobs are pancakes! So that just reassures me! Got my pre-op physical and blood drawn. Got some arnica gel and mederma. My ps said he wasn't convinced they would be that beneficial. I guess we will see.

Less than two days to go

Surgery scheduled this Thursday at 10:30. I'm a little nervous but all I have to do is look at my pre-op pics and I get more excited than nervous! I'm tired of the extra push up bras and still feeling small! I'm so excited to have bigger breasts!

Postop day 2

Well the big day was Thursday, January 14. My husband and I drove down from Duluth Minnesota to Minneapolis. I got up early and of course had to run 3 miles on the treadmill before we left since I know I won't be running for A good month. When we got to the surgery center the nurse brought me in and help me change my clothes into a hospital gown and help me put on Ted stockings. Then I got a nice warm bear hugger to keep me warm. The nurse anesthetist came in and started my IV. Shortly after that starter Philbin came in and doublecheck everything that we were planning to do and size of implants and being 600 mL. He measured and Mark to me one more time and then I walked into the operating room with the nurse. I got on the table and they put the Bear hugger warmer back I need to keep me warm. And the next thing you know I was waking up in the recovery room. My sternum hurt the most. A pain level of six out of 10 which was constant. I think she give me a few doses of fentanyl and then give me a Norco pain pill. Very shortly after that they gave me discharge instructions and helped me up and got dressed and my husband and I left. My husband had went to get our prescriptions while I was having surgery so we basically left to go to the hotel. My pain was consistently a 5 to 6 of the 10 most of the night I was always looking to see what time it was to take the next pain pill or the next muscle relaxer. The pain is tolerable but seemed a little more intense than I was expecting. I used ice packs constantly. I felt like they helped significantly. The next day postop day one I had an appointment and Dr. Phil been said my results looked exactly how they're supposed to be. They are high and somewhat flat but he said that was perfect because they will dry up and fall into a good place where they're not too low or saggy. I don't have very much bruising right now. Because my kids are so small being ages 13 and five, my husband and I decided to go to a work conference in Florida. So after my postop appointment we went to the Minneapolis airport and flew down to Chicago and then to Miami. Traveling was not so bad. I still had a lot of pressure but was able to be mobile and walk around and rested whenever I could buy sitting down. I was able to sleep on both planes. We are now in the Florida Keys and I have an relaxing in the hotel all day today. My pain is significantly better maybe a two or three out of 10 but I am still taking pain pills and muscle relaxer. And my postop day one check up Dr. Phil been gave me Percocet which was a little bit stronger than Norco and he also gave me Ativan which is to help with the muscle spasms as well. I feel he covered all the bases for payment for me and even though I am a little uncomfortable, I feel he really has done everything he can to make my recovery as comfortable as possible.


Post op day 3

Pain is better bust still taking narcs and flex aril around the clock. If I muss a side I canreally tell. My breasts become more rigid and stuff like the muscle is contacting. Better each day though.

Postop day 4

Getting better and better every day. Able to lift my arms above my head. Some pain if I'm not careful and lean on one arm or the other. Taking the flex aril every 8 hours and one Percocet every four hours. Still swollen. Was icing them up till this morning because them seemed to feel so much better. Now I think the icing maybe only helps a little. Went shopping with my husband today. Now we are headed out to eat. I did sleep off and on all morning though!

Postop day 4 pics

Post op day 5

Minimal bruising. Scars covered with tape...seem to look ok. Still swollen. Ice packing at times which seems to help. Still taking pain pills and muscle relaxants. Painis well controlled.

Post op day 6

Using minimal pain meds. I am wearing the strap as much as possible per my ps and it's uncomfortable so I've been taking flex aril for that. I think my right breast is starting to look lower than the left and maybe everything's a little less swollen.

Post op one week!!!

Feeling good! Tripped and caught myself with my left arm and felt a twinge of pain in my left boob. I layed down and rested a bit and the pain is gone but that made me nervous. Today my hubby and I are headed back to reality in Duluth Minnesota leaving the Florida keys. I'm excited to see my kids but worried about trying to not pick them up! They live to be held and carried so ill have to modify how to do that. I also feel like a slug from laying around for a week. I know I'm supposed to but hopefully I can get some walking in at least. I itch all over and noticed a rash all over my back. I'm thinking heat rash so hopefully it'll go away once we get into frigid Minnesota! I'm wearing the strap as much as possible but that is truly what causes the most discomfort lately. My ps said that is what will help them come down and that's what I want so I'll wear it!

More pics

9 days postop

Finally just taking Tylenol for pain and muscle relaxant at night! I thought I had a good pain tolerance but I guess this is different! My left breast is still bruised. I wore a more supportive bra all day today and maybe that helped. My pain is really just soreness and achiness. My back really ached today! I might be overdoing it since we got back from Florida. My 30 lb toddler really wants me to carry him and my ps said just use good body mechanics. So I've been putting him on and out of the crib carefully but I think my muscles feel it!

10 days postop

Back to work tomorrow! Wish me luck! Finally minimal pain and feeling pretty good!

Two week check up!

Went to see ps yesterday! Took tape off incisions. Everything looks great! Got more flexaril to help with sleeping. Pain is only achy that Tylenol is helping. All is well. Got a target sports bra 38DD. The 36DDD fit but I liked the way I could tighten or loosen the 38 better...for now. Still have a lot of dropping to do.

16 days postop

I guess I'm overall pleased with my results. I'm not really sore anymore unless I'm squeezing or pushing them o we way or another. The pec muscle hurts if I try to lift too much though. Can't workout even just light till 4 weeks postop and back to anything I want at 6 weeks. I feel like I'm getting chubbier!! ????????. I've been chasing my three kids though!! Anyway in my pics I put tape on again. My ps said paper tape will be just as good for scar treatment as expensive scar treatments so we will see what happens. I did get some mederma for when the incisions are healed completely. I feel they've dropped some it from the side they still look high. My nipples are super sensitive in an annoying way when the tape is off. Hopefully when the incisions are healed it won't be so annoying. Life is getting back to normal which is nice.

Three weeks postop

Can't believe it's been three weeks! No pain unless I try to lift something too heavy or reach a bit too far. My incisions are sore and I can't seem to find a comfortable bra to wear all day at work without wanting to just take it off. I think my incisions are 95% healed with a couple small spots that have crusty old blood that if I pick off it actually forms more blood tinged fluid. The nipples are super sensitive! I'm really pleased with everything so far. They're still riding high but my ps said they are right where they should be and should continue to drop over the next 1-2 months.

A little bra shopping

I know I shouldn't shop much for new bras yet but I'm tired of wearing the same two bras! So to VS I went and was sized at 36DDD or 38 DD. We will see how that changes in a month or more. Anyway this pic is a swim suit top but seems small. I did find two underwire free bras I decided to get for now since they're just comfy and soft.

Oh no!

II lifted something that was too heavy and now my left breast is hurting. They feel ok when I squeeze them but there's a sharp pain under my left lateral breast. So I'm relaxing and actually icing them. Now I'm scared if I hurt them! Any advice or thoughts?

All ok I think?!

So I think all is well but I waffle between thinking I didn't hurt myself and then back to thinking I did! I think my pics look similar from the other day. I'd love some feedback of if you all think they look the same or not than a few days ago. I have pain once in a while in my left lower breast on the outer underside but everything feels soft. My right feels ok too except I think I can palpable the implant which I think is normal. Anyway, I guess I'm driving myself crazy. I looked up the symptoms of displaced implants and hematoma but I can say I don't think I have swelling or pain that's warranting a visit to the doc. And I don't see bruising either. I took all these pics in the last half hour with different angles and lighting. Let me know your thoughts!

4 weeks postop

Hard to not do more than I should! I feel good and get to start light exercise tomorrow!

4 weeks +

So on my first and only so far checkup with my ps at two weeks postop he commented I had tape blisters from the tape. I guess I felt they were minimal. When I asked about scar treatment he said just a thin piece of tape over the incisions would be just as well as expensive scar treatments. So I've been changing the tape once a week and my midline scars look great. But I've noticed an itchy feeling but not too bad. Anyway,today it seemed extra itchy so I took them off and noticed a small white head/zit like thing where my T is at on the bottom of my left breast. I ran my finger over it and it did drain a tiny amount of drainage. I added slight pressure to all sides of it but nothing else cane out. So I washed it with soap and water and it looks way better. So I've decided to keep it as clean as possible and use Mederma gel and leave the tape off. Any thoughts? Suggestions? My ps is 2.5 hour drive away and it's super hard to get daycare for days I'm not actually at work. Plus, as I've looked at several others postings that's what I've seen others do.

Itchy breasts

Here's some pics of the incisions

Still some itchiness but better

No tape overnight. Just Mederma.

Different light

So I looked at my pics from last night and tried to duplicate the lighting. Then I took a pic in bathroom light and they really look better. I think the night flash really distorted the color.

One month postop!

Well one month ago today I had surgery! Overall I am very pleased with my results. Everything I look in the mirror or put clothes on in thrilled! No pain. I do feel like they are apart of me! Reminds me of my breastfeeding days when they were this big! I quit using tape on my scars and my redness has gone done significantly. I am using bio oil on my skin and mederma on my scars. I think they're looking good too. I wear a very supportive bra some days and then a minimal support elastic Walmart bra on other days which I find the most comfortable. Some of the original cheap elastic bras I bought are actually too small. Originally I didn't know it because my boobs were so high. Now they've dropped some and ingesting an idea of what's comfortable and what's not, I guess it all takes time. It's hard to be patient but it's so worth it!

First bit of exercise in a month!!

I decided to do the 21 day fix and focus mostly on the diet and do the easy versions/no weights or jumping of the workouts. Funny how sit-ups make my center sternum ache like immediate postop but of course not nearly so bad. So I had to forgo the sit-ups when it started to hurt. ????. Anyway, feeling good! Redness is much much improved and just slight itching that resolves with lotion or bio oil.

5 weeks postop

Well it's been five weeks. I feel like my incisions are healing well. They're not hardly sore at all and they're starting to be very smooth. I put bacitracin on them once a day and my derma on them once a day. I can feel a stitch in the left areola but I'll wait untilmy postop visit at eight weeks.overall I am very pleased with my results and feel I would recommend my surgeon to anyone.

6 weeks postop

Feeling great! In general a little uncomfortable when my kids lean back on them but excited to up the exercise. My ps said I could do anything at 6 weeks. I'll still see how my body feels and take it one day at a time.

Some pics with clothes on! 6.5 weeks out

I saw someone else post a "pics with clothes on" so I thought that might be a nice change!

7 weeks postop

Well I went shopping at VS. I didn't think I'd need a push-up bra sizing at 36DDD but I find the push up pushes them together more than upward. It gives me more cleavage. My favorites were the fabulous and obsessed.

Running on the treadmill

7.5 weeks postop. Started running this weekend and I'm in search of a very supportive sports bra. Ideas?? I'm loving how they are looking. Dr Philbin did a great job! My scars are healing well. Using mederma some days and just bacitracin on other days.

2 months out!!

Saw my ps yesterday for a two months postop visit! All is well. He said they've probably dropped almost as much as they will. He said maybe abut more and they'll soften a bit more too. I've been running on the treadmill! Kinda weird at first but getting it done!

Cleared to swim!

My ps said I could swim so I tried on my suit that I took pics in preop! Quite a difference!!

Sorry pics didn't post!

3 months postop

Can't believe three months has gone by! All is back to normal except doing push-ups is still uncomfortable...just doesn't feel that great or easy. Love the way they look and they're pretty soft. Size is a full 36DD in Victoria's Secret. I almost feel like I'm spilling out. 36DDD fits good too but feels slightly big. Sports bras are 38dd target brand champion I think and 36DDD. Id recommend Dr Philbin to anyone! I feel like his work is perfect! No complaints at all. I guess I'll post topless pics in the morning!

3 months postop

More pics

Doing ok but small new lump noted

Hello! I'm doing ok. Still love my results but have noticed a small pea sized lump on the underside of my right breast that I don't think was there before. It's a little tender but not super painful. Of course I googled lumps and silicone implants/lifts and fat necrosis came up. Anyway, il sure I'll call my ps tomorrow but was looking for some of your thoughts/ideas on this.

Four months postop -lumps

Four months postop and found a couple small pea sized lumps on right breast. Mammogram showed oil cysts or fat necrosis which is normal after surgery. It is decreased blood supply to some tissue and the tissue liquified and I think eventually goes away. One spot is not for sure benign so I'm electing to get a biopsy next Friday. I'm
A little nervous because of course s risk is punctured implant. ???? but it's done under ultrasound do it should be ok. Plus it's the only got sure way to know if it's cancer or not. So since I've got three little ones at home I need to know for sure. I'll keep y'all updated and will post a four months out pic. You can't see the small lumps.

5 months postop

Here's my 5 months postop pics. Overall I'm super pleased and feel my surgery was 100% worth it! I found a couple lumps over a month ago which turned out to be oil cysts and scar tissue. Both products of surgery. I can slightly feel them but they're not visible. My scars on the under inside of my breasts seem a little thick but otherwise I've healed well. I ran a half marathon this last weekend and wore Moving Comfort Juno 36F which was comfortable tight helping to reduce bounce more than any other sports bra and I think I tried them all!! . My Victoria's Secret everyday bra size ended up at a full 36DD but their sports bras that are more comfortable are a 36DDD. Anyway, my implant size is 600cc on my 5'6" 160lb frame. I feel they are not too big and not too small. I started out preop as a empty 36B. Anyway, hope you are all well! Let me know if I can help any of you on your journey!

5 month pics

I don't think my pics went through!

10.5 months post op 600cc silicone on 5'6" 160lb frame.

10.5 months postop. Love them! No regrets! Dr Philbin truly is a talented surgeon. I'd recommend him to everyone.
Edina Plastic Surgeon

Dr Philbin was fantastic. Straight forward with expectations for results. Answered all my questions. Made me feel comfortable with my choice in size and procedure.

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