4 Year Old Son, and I Lost 70 Lbs - Edina, MN

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So my tummy tuck will be on july 21st. This is my...

So my tummy tuck will be on july 21st. This is my first surgery ever so i am utterly terrified!

So a little about myself, I am 190 lbs, 5 foot 7. I am 27 years old. And alot of my weight is carried on my tummy. I have done all the cardio i can possibly handle and I just cant lose any more weight. My tummy is big. It's saggy. It takes all my confidence away. I am so sick of wearing corsets under my clothes and slimming bands. It's annoying! And at the end of the day i itch from the tightness.
I have my childcare planned. My everyday help planned. Gym membership on hold. School (college) on hold its all taken care of.

What im so scared of is the pain. The healing. The outcome.

Am I starting too fat? Will it look dumb, will I regret doing it now? Will I get fat in my healing time sitting on my ass? Lol

All i am prescribed is hydrocodone, for A DAY! I am beyond terrified.

Did you walk right after?
Did you go pee on your own or does that get real personal?

Any input please!

2 weeks left

Getting closers to the date!

Preop physical this week!!

So this is the week, my Preop is Thursday!! Then exactly 7 days after is surgery!!! Oh maaan am I scared. I have looked at my naked self over and over and become rather depressed thinking im too fat for this and will be let down. I wish my arms were smaller to start as well as my back. Will I be uneven and weird looking?? gosh I hope not!! I also took a few better photos for everyone to see and myself. Before I lost 70 lbs I hated myself. I dont have body photos from then and now it sucks...you cant look back and see exactly how you've changed. exactly what you achieved. I will take as many ugly photos of me as possible just to see how far I have come. And I hope you guys dont make the same mistake I did. My depression has sank in quite hard about this surgery. I should be utterly excited. I am. But Im not. Wish I could look into the future at how this will turn out. I hope I dont have complications. I am very excited to wear skirts and dresses and most of all jeans. I refuse those things right now. Jeans actually freaking hurt my tummy. I have little hips and a little butt they need to be tight to stay on but then my stomach kills from the button after just 20 minutes. Im scared of the drains. I am not grossed out by anything. not blood, not guts, Im a piercer so ive poked many people and made many people bleed. I am a mother Ive seen it all...but these drains going into peoples bodies and the thought of that sticking out of mine. my gosssh I just cant handle it.

Post op day 1

These drains could have better placement. My undies are irritating them.

I am in much more pain than yesterday.

Getting up and down is the worst.
My back hates me already.

I am super lucky i am using an old lady walker couldnt imagine not having one.

I havent seen my surgery yet. I go in today and it will be my first peek. Super scared to even mess with it.

Bearable pain. But there has been tears while trying to get up. Walking with my walkers is a bit better than laying really.

They removed 10 lbs if skin and fat

Post op day 3

Day 2 was sheer hell. Most pain ive had. But today i woke up and i feel pretty good. Didnt even take all of my pain meds today. It sure is a ugly view. Hard to imagine how nice itll look when the mega swelling is gone. And the bruising. I am soo swollen that alone hurts. Thanks for all the comments and words of wisdom. I kind of suck at this site. Its hard for me to navigate it right

Post op day 4

No pain meds. Feeling pretty good. Besides my back.

One week post op!

Im still pretty stiff. These drains are my biggest pain in the ass! Ive been wearing dresses to avoid pushing on the drain sites. Im in the itching phase. My belly is still numb but has an itchy sensation. I have a love hate with my girdle. Hate it on, hate it off. Lol my incision is starting to burn a little. However it looks great and didnt burn when i went to bed. Im guessing this is normal? I am swollen like nobodies business. I have seen a lot of post op pictures of people, why do i look so mega swollen compared to others? I now know what swell hell is! I was able to do dishes yesterday. And man, it felt good to do a simple task for once! Back pain is managed. Thank the lord for icey hot patches!

We all know...poop issues

I wanted to take a minute to address the issue everyone comes across. How to poop after. Before surgery i knew this was a problem id face from my pre op searches. I had started a miralax regimen a week before surgery. Immediatly following surgery, we started the dreaded prune juice. Half a cup twice a day. If you take steps in advance it really helps get you through the first and worst days youll endure. Even at this point post op week 1, im still doing miralax and some fiber gummys. Make a poop plan ladies. Lol

11 days post op

So much swelling. When people said swell hell, i looked at their photos they looked close to normal to those who didnt know their pre op body that much. Well, i look deformed from my swelling! And its normal i guess. Ugh. I went into ER last night thinking my drain sites were infected. Turns out, they are not. Typical to see highly aggregated drain sites. Even tested for infection. Glad i dont, but dang they hurt. Heres some photos of currently

Drains out. Swelling going down

I got my drains out. It was a gross feeling. It only hurt for a second and was done. My swelling has subsided a bit since that. My belly button on the other hand, looks "great, and normal" to me....it looks ......lets just say it makes me feel woozy. He just unpacked the original gauze yesterday. Its been about 3 weeks now since surgery day

Belly button

Belly button healing is a struggle. Its gross, and its a pain. Welcome to the crappy part. Blow drying it a few times a day to keep it dry and prevent raw skin and infection. It gets gooey all day naturally from healing. Ew

Fatty necrosis

Fat necrosis is my only complaint at 2.5 weeks post op. Its rock hard near my incision up to my belly button and around it. The swelling goes up and down more around those spots. It feel rock hard, lumpy. Tender, and what ive been told its just a waiting game on that one. I massage it through out the day, and itll leak tiny bits from my incision which os good and means its breaking down. But sooo slow. Gaah

Well 1 month post op

Lots of swelling. Depression about my image. Love handles like never before. But i finally am back to the gym. Salt is the devil of swelling. Ive been taking diuretic pill to pull water bloat out from salts. Also they have caffiene, yay my energy level has not returned yet

About a month and a half post op

Had to cut salt completely from diet or id swell so much.

I use diurex for extra bloat
And ibuprofen all day for swelling.
No more complications or pain. Just restrictions in gym
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