8 Month Update...

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*Treatment results may vary

Hi, I am a mother to 3 girls, 10, 8, and almost 3....

Hi, I am a mother to 3 girls, 10, 8, and almost 3. I have struggled with my weight since puberty. At my heaviest I was 260 pounds in 2011. I am now down to 168-172. I am 5'6" tall, and I tend to gain my weight all over. With my last child I decided I would get a tummy tuck if I could lose weight and stick to an eating plan. It's been 2 years now and maintenance of 1 year. So I have booked and paid for my surgery. I am SUPER SCARED of the recovery and outcome because you never know if you will like the end results...you know?

So I am have an extended tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo of abdomen, flanks and waist.

I will attempt to post a current pic of my gross belly soon.

5 weeks and 1 day...counting the days

I am using Real Self to document my experience for myself and for anyone who wants or needs to hear someone else's story. I am counting the days now. I have my recliner, $50 on craigslist!! Woot woot! I keep hearing this is a must have item for recovery. Feeling anxious and impatient, but while swimming at the Y this morning I am truly enjoying being able to move my body free of pain. It will be so hard to not workout while recovering. Also thinking about being so sedate while in recovery, will I gain weight back?? Ugh!

Before pics

Here are some pics I took today. I need to also take a pic sitting down which really shows how floppy my belly is.

Current measurements

Waist under ribs at smallest point: 32"
Around belly button: 39"

I desire a 28" waist at the natural waist line, and it would be awesome if around my belly button it could be 33"?? Not sure what's realistic because I have had this pooch for so long and I also have to consider my bone structure too I suppose.

Chubby chaser man

Anyone else's man desire you at your heaviest? I met my s.o. almost 5 years ago and I was around 215 pounds!!! He loved every roll, and inch of my chunky body. I got pregnant at 244 pounds, and was 260 by delivery. When I started losing weight he would comment about missing my old larger body. I was a size 18 at my heaviest weight. I hated it. I ignored his comments and kept moving forward. But let me say this too, I actually do think a curvy, slightly plumper frame is attractive on a woman, so I told him I wouldn't get skinny, bony, or too thin because I just wanted to get to be able to shop for clothes on the normal side of the store and not the damn plus size section!! Now I am a comfortable 10/12 size Large shirt sometimes a medium and a size Large dress, also sometimes a medium or size 10 or 12 dress. It all depends on the designer or store.

Anyways he thinks my tummy tuck is silly but he supports me. I told him it's the muscle repair that is so awesome because that is what really gives you a better shape after all the skin is removed.

Surgery date change

So this is not a huge deal, but just got a call from the PS office and they are changing my surgery date to Friday April 4th. Not a big deal or change, but I was kind of hoping to have that extra day of recovery. PO day 3 will be Monday the 7th, which scares me, because I will be home alone Monday. Maybe I should have my mom stay with me Monday in case???

Nerves, concerns, life...

I have been full of nerves lately, and on top of that just dealing with crap. My van needed a new radiator, my water pipe busted in my basement, and now since my doctor is on maternity leave I have to have another doctor fill my birth control rx, and they are acting like it's a problem!!!

Here's the issues, my doctor is awesome, she has been there with me since my last child was born. She is super gentle during a pap, and even did a LEAP procedure on me on 2011. So I keep putting off my annual exam which prevents me from get my birth control pill! Ugh!! Sucks because I need it to prevent my hormonal acne, and I have PCOS. My fiance has had a vasectomy so getting pregnant isn't an issue. I am more concerned about getting my hormones thrown off. Just irritated right now.

Correction from above post

Oh and I have been putting off the annual pap because she is on maternity leave, even though I know I will need to see another doctor. I also get super scared the pap will show abnormal cells again, and I will need another colposcopy (spelling?) and maybe even another LEAP!! I worry too damn much! So my annual is actually scheduled for after my TT just in case. I don't want anything to prevent me from having my TT on the scheduled date. Which leads me to the preop exam...freaking out, what if my blood work shows something is wrong, what if they don't approve me?!! Oh geez, I just want it to be April 4th with the surgery completed and I'm home safe.

Stage 1 vs. Stage 2 garment

I know the doctor will send me home in a simple cg that wraps around my midsection but should I be purchasing a stage 1 cg from somewhere or should I just purchase a stage 2 garment?? How long do I need to wear a stage 1 and how long do I wear a stage 2? Hope someone knows the answers :)

TT party

So I am sick right now with a sinus infection or an upper respiratory infection. I did an online e-visit and the doctor prescribed amoxicillan. 10 days worth of medicine 3x day...ugh! I have not told my PS because I do not want to reschedule. I will be done with the antibiotic the 25th, which is the day before my preop exam, so I should be okay. I will talk to the doctor at my preop about the antibiotic.

Anyone have a TT party before they had their surgery? My PS said no alcohol within a week of my TT. So I plan to go out this weekend, Friday, to celebrate my upcoming surgery and enjoy one last night out before the surgery woo hoo!! If my preop exam goes well then I plan to take the kids to Nickelodean Universe at the Mall of America the following weekend the 29th as a way to get out with them, move around, go on rides and enjoy being healthy before I'm hunched over recovering.

Healthy eating, ItWorks!

So I know what to eat, just not the best at always choosing well. But I hear about many women on here choosing to do smoothies and protein shakes after surgery since your appetite tends to lower. Anyone try the ItWorks! brand? They offer greens powder and protein powder. A friend of mine sells it and I was thinking of maybe trying it. I saw one woman on here who used their body wraps on her arms, I was thinking of doing that too. Just thought I would see if anyone can vouch for the flavor of the greens product and protein shakes.

TT Incision

I have been thinking more about the placement of my incision, and how I have seen so many different placements on women. I know it depends on the body of the woman sometimes, and also the amount of skin and fat she has, but just was thinking about that. I want mine as low as possible, as most women do, but what if the PS does it too high?! My nerves are a little high at the moment about this. I have also though about getting a tattoo to cover the incision if I do not like the placement, but I feel like if I tell my PS to make it as low as possible, and as tight as possible he should listen. I was going to call the PS office next week and bring it up, and see what they say. Just feeling a little bit like I have NO control over what the PS chooses to do while I am sedated.

Update on TT Incision

Okay, so I called the PS, because I just couldn't wait until next week. I know he is super busy today with surgery, and he only has one assistant who answers his phone, but he answered! :) Anyways, he said he works as hard as possible to place the incision as low as possible, but it is also dependent on the woman's body, so pretty much what I was thinking! I am a spaz right now, brain is going at a 1,000mph thinking about everything.

BBL and Isosensuals

Okay so I am on this RS site too much because I am seeing all these beautifully shaped women who got TT, lipo, and BBL in the Dominican Republic and WOW!! These women are gorgeous! Now I am thinking about having a BBL some day in the future, obviously far in the future, like 2 years....sigh. :( wish I could win the lottery. Anyways, as much as this site is a blessing I think it is also a curse, it really makes me look at ALL my imperfections.

I have also looked into Isosensuals which is a butt cream. I don't want a huge unrealistic looking butt, just more projection and roundness. So for $150 I thought I would give it a try for 6 months and there are so many positive reviews on amazon about it. I am a true believer in every one of us can see change using different products it all depends on our own personal biology. It works for some people while others see no change. And this can go for many different products. And I may not see any changes in my butt after trying Isosensuals but I thought it might be worth a try before going for surgery. I don't know...maybe I'm just being stupid. 2 years is a long long way away. So I suppose I should wait until 2016.

Pre Op Exam tomorrow

How long does it usually take to get your results from the preop exam? I am going in tomorrow morning, and I would rather not have to go around for too long with a nervous belly waiting to hear the good or the bad.

Pre Op Exam

I am waiting for the doctor to come in for my pre op exam! Aaaahhhhh! Here are some updated pics of me sitting down, hunched over, it looks better when sitting with good posture. Who am I kidding! It looks horrid.

Pre Op Results

Woooooo hoooooo!!! All is well. I am so happy :) I plan to celebrate this small hurdle. My hemoglobin is 13.5, which is great. So now it's the waiting game game.


Oh my God! After reading some negative reviews, horror stories, revisions, I am starting to worry about my results. I am a week away from my surgery and I am feeling like running away hahahahahaha! Seriously though, AAAAHHHHH!!! Just super scared. I do not want a revision in my future, I just want to love my results. I have already come to terms with the idea of having more lipo in the future to achieve a better shape, but I first want this flabby belly gone, and once it is gone I want to heal, get back into my workout routine, and then in a year or two look into more lipo if I still want it. Just scared and nervous today.


So I decided to buy a waist cincher, and I found the Ann Chery 2025 and it has great reviews. I figured I could wear it starting around 4 weeks??? I am not sure when to start to be honest. I still need to get a good compression garment for after I am done with the thing the PS puts on you after surgery. Or maybe I can start wearing the Ann Chery garment sooner then I think. I don't know. It's all very confusing to me.

Amazon order and Suggestions please

I went ahead and purchased Arnica Montana pills and Bromelain from Amazon for healing. I keep seeing these items on other people's RS reviews. I am trying to think of anything else I may need so if anyone has any suggestions for healing faster let me know please. I have decided I will not purchase a stage 2 garment until I speak with my PS at my first post op appointment. I need to see what my measurements are first. The corset I bought had so many reviews that said buy a size up so that's what I did with that one, I sure hope it fits and helps my body shape while I'm healing.


I want to put this on here now before I have my TT. We pay a lot of money to have our bodies altered and I think a quality human being would see their error and want to correct it. A good PS gives their patient the best results they can. I want to send out my thoughts to the women on here struggling with their results. I know there is swelling, and sometimes our incision is too high or our bb looks funny. But if there is an actual need for more skin or fat removal or there is a dog ear or a bb that needs fixing the PS should just do the work, smile, be kind and appreciate that they have an important job to perform and that this job pays extremely well! I pray, hope, and just out it out their in the universe now. Please let my PS see me as a human being who deserves respect, acknowledgement, and concern and if there is a need for any revision no matter how big or small that he will acknowledge me and be willing to revise his work free of charge or at least have me only pay the anesthesiologist who is not at fault for a PS error.

Nerves are high again, more confusion

I got a call from my PS office and they said they did not get the fax from my clinic of my pre op appointment results which of course heightened my nerves.

They told me they will be giving me a wrap around garment that I will need to wear for 6 weeks. But I bought a different cg, I will post a pic, that I was hoping to wear starting after my drains are out. I want to get the ab board to wear under the cg I bought too. So I am confused about the cg thing again! I hear from all you beautiful TT vets that those body cg's work wonders with an ab board, and then a corset for later after you feel your original cg is too loose. Compress, compress, compress!!! This is what I keep hearing. Just seems like the simple wrap around cg wouldn't be tight enough?

Almost there, come on Friday!

I have been eating like a pig this past week. My nerves have been high and I want to enjoy sodium and naughty foods to my hearts content before I have surgery and my appetite drops, plus I don't want to swell up like a balloon after surgery and I know salt will be awful! Just eating and eating, enjoying moving my body and being around my family in good health :) I am ready for Friday! Oh and my stupid amazon order of Arnica and Bromelain won't be deliver for another week!! So Thursday I will be off work and getting them from the store.

Received Ann Chery corset

OH HOLY HELL! This thing is super tight, I am pretty sure I would pass out if I wore it for more then a few minutes. I bought the XL, and I should have bought the XXL. Oh well. I will keep it. Maybe after surgery and healing it will fit. If not I will buy the larger size and then move my way down to my XL. I hope the cg I bought will fit. If not I will return it for a larger size. I could probably wear the corset over the cg for extra compression if I want.

Current Measurements and Weight

So after eating crap for over a a week my measurements are awful. Waist under ribs at smallest point is 34", around belly button is still 39", and around my hips/but is 45". My weight is 175lbs. Granted the waist measurement will be down in the morning. I am also getting my period, which doesn't help at all! Ugh! As quickly as I gain weight I can lose it. So my goal is to get down to 160 by the beginning of June.

Received the CG

I tried on the size large cg I ordered and it fits, it is very tight, but I bought in a size large so that it would be tight. I hope it fits when I get my drains out, because I would like to wear it under my clothes when I go to work. Then eventually I will wear my corset over the cg if the cg starts to get loose. I really want to try some waist training to see if it will work for me.

Today is the day!

It is here, and snow has arrived as well! ,:/ I am not happy about that. It will all melt by tomorrow or Sunday, but who wants to drive on bad roads and walk through snow after surgery?! UGH!!!! My surgery is this morning around 10:30am, so I am taking the kids to daycare and then waiting for my mom. My stomach is in knots.

Winter Wonderland in the Spring

This is what it looks like, heavy snow everywhere!

Sorry here is the winter pic

Winter pic for my morning drive to surgery


I have never experienced pain like this. The binder is so tight! I had an awful time waking up. Thankful for Zofran.

PO Day 1

I see the PS today. I am about to eat some eggs and toast and try and walk around. I am almost completely bent when walking. The walker is the greatest thing. The muscle repair is the worst pain ever! Not to mention the swelling underneath my tight garment. Thankful for my toilet seat thing that has handles on each side. I will post pics when I can. For now I am in the worst pain ever and my PS doesn't want me to take my Vicodin all day. But I might have to take one along with anti nausea medicine.

PO Day 1 PS Appt

Still in a lot of pain. The PS wants me up and walking. I just can't without my body telling me to pass out from the pain. It's like I am hyperventilating. He doesn't want me to be dependent on the walker! But without the walker I can't walk more then a few steps. I may need to just take the Vicodin regardless of what my PS says. I cannot handle this muscle pain and burning. My thighs are a bit numb and swollen. The drains suck, but I knew they would. On a good point he said he removed almost 4 pounds if skin and fat. And that he took my stomach muscles in 3 inches! I will take my first shower tomorrow and I am scared of the pain.


I've never had pain like this before. I just want it to stop! My body wants to pass out whenever I feel it. Horrible burning, muscle pain and nothing I do helps. I have lost all hope that this will stop. I'm regretting every having this surgery. All I wanna do is sit here and pray it stops. So far this is the worst decision of my life. :*(

PO Day 2 Sunday Morning

I started taking my Vicodin every 4 hours and my pain is better. I have some bad back pain and burning around my right drain sight. The swelling in my upper abdomen and upper thighs is awful! I will take a shower and change my dressing with help soon.

Swollen to the max

I am so swollen, it is disgusting. I felt better after my shower. I just pray I got the incision dry enough with the hair dryer. I am very gross looking, so I won't be posting pics probably for a long time. I am in a depressed mood for sure.

PO Day 3 Severe Burning Pain

I have horrible severe burning pain along my incision. I wish I would have never had this surgery. I have done some pretty stupid things in my life but this has to be by far the worst choice I have ever made. Please if you are considering having a TT and you have a low tolerance for pain do not get a TT. I hate myself right now for inconveniencing my family, treating my body to such trauma, and putting myself in such a horrible place. What the hell have I done!? I know a lot of you have been saying it will get better, but after all the reading I have done I have not heard anyone in such severe pain as I am. No one else seems so debilitated by severe burning and pain. Every one is taking pics and standing up straighter, everyone is happy about their choice and here I am lower who cannot make it through day 2 and now on day 3 I just want to go away.

update, I am a loser

I meant to say I am a loser who cannot make it through day 2 and now on day 3 I just want to give up! I am still bent over a complete 90 degree angle.

My apologies

I would like to apologize for all my negative posts. I will stay away from posting for a while. I am currently going through regrets, pain, bloating and swelling and all of that is causing me to become angry, depressed, bitter and whiney so I will take a break. I sure hope everyone else who is post op day 3 is doing well and not going through too much pain and discomfort.

Okay I will vent

What I miss:
Picking up my 3 year old, holding her tight, and having her lay on me.
Curling up next to my fiance at night.
Simple body movements, and walking faster then 0.5mph.

My PS pulled me so tight! The scar is super low and I can feel my body trying to straighten but it won't, I really don't like the feeling of being this tight.

The bloating and gas are the worst! I did have a bm today and it was awesome but it is so easy to become bloated and gassy all over again.

Burning Pain

Anyone experience burning pain along their incision and in their thighs? I have heard this is from the liposuction and nerves coming back together or something like that. To be honest that is the source of most of my pain. Well off to Vicodin land I go, I sure hope I not having any serious issues.

PO Day 4

Okay so I have ditched my walker for unless I want to use it to transport stuff from one room to another that I don't think I can carry.

I am walking straighter but still very very slow and my back is killing me! Can we use icy hot on our backs?

Legs still numb in places and swollen.

I ate a huge bowl of my favorite cereal for lunch, not a good idea! I now feel like I just ate a 5 course meal. But I know now to keep sticking to my protein shakes, toast, applesauce and yogurt. Small portions only!

I still hate sleeping in a recliner away from my fiance. He will sleep down on the couch next to me on Friday and Saturday night. Looking forward to that :)

Tickle in my throat, slight cough and AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! HOLY CRAP! No fun! Hurt like a bitch! Scary too because I don't want to ruin any of the 3 inch muse repair.

Overall things are better. I am ready for these drains to go, but I have some time for that I know.

THANK YOU ALL for your support and out pour of love. I really needed it.

PO Day 4 Picture

I am soooo swollen, it is insane! I look awful compared to some people. I also think my PS should have brought my scar a little further around. But that will be something to review in the future.

Oops! Here is the pic

Pic PO Day 4

Post Surgery Needs and Wishes

Okay so I thought I would post the stuff that has really assisted me in recovery.

1. Your mother :)
2. Lift Recliner (my wish)
3. Toilet seat thing with handles (Awesome!!!)
4. Walker
5. Neck pillow for sleeping upright
6. Lots of sweatpants

I do have a recliner but it is a stiff kind that i always needed help opening and closing until i figured out a method that worked where i didn't need help. But i think a remote lift chair recliner would have been so nice. I think you can rent them too.

I am on PO Day 6 and i am feeling much better. I will be so much happier when the drains are removed. I also still walked a bit hunched over so back pain is awful.

Okay that's about it. Happy healing to all of you!! :)

1 Week Post OP Swelling, hardness

Right now I am happy to be 1 week out from surgery but I am really wishing I was as flat as I see some of you beautiful women. Instead my tummy is very hard and looks swollen. When I bend over there is no loose skin or anything, but my belly skin feels very tight and hard when I push on it and feel it. I guess I am just scared because I am not seeing what I see on other women's pictures...sigh...I know I need to have patience, but I guess I am just concerned.

Correction, tummy feels firm

I guess I should be more accurate, my tummy feels very firm, not necessarily hard like a rock.

8 Days PO

Feeling good, still walk hunched a bit. The sponge like firmness is still there. Not really diggin the new belly yet. The pictures I am posting are shown from a bottom up angle because I had to set my phone down on the sink. But notice the shadow above the incision, that is the swelling I am talking about. From the side view you can see the puffiness, also my back is hunched, so not stand in straight makes it look even worse :(

Before and After Pic

Here is a before and after.

Belly button

So I took of my dressing today to take a shower. And there was blood on the dressing where the belly button is. I think it's an infection. And I am ignorant to what an infection really looks like. So I put some hydrogen peroxide in there and used my hair dryer to try my incision and belly button.

Here is my issue. From what I have seen on here many of you were told not shower for days or had your bb or incision covered by a waterproof dressing. I was told to take a shower right away on PO day 2 and wash the incision and bb with dial soap and water. Well, what I do know is a wet area is a breeding ground for infection. So I am assuming I probably did not dry the bb well enough. I take fault for that piece. But I really wish my bb could have just been sealed off with a better dressing. Whatever, I am so over this whole experience.

Day 12 PO

Today I go see my PS, I will find out if I have an infection in my bb or anywhere along my incision. I am paranoid and assume the worst. Anyways, nothing new has really changed. I am still stupid swollen with no end in sight. But that doesn't surprise me. I will post more pics probably tomorrow if I get my drains out today.

Drains are out!!!! Woo hoo!!

OMG!! It is totally true what everyone says, having these drains out is awesome! :) I was able to put on my Marena Stage 1 garment, and it was plenty tight with all my swelling. I bought an ab board as well to wear with it, but I have to pick it up from the post office tomorrow, apparently when you order it from LipoExpress they make you sign for it, and I wasn't home when it was delivered. I am so happy to be done with the drains! More pics to come tomorrow. I do not feel like taking this garment off for the rest of the day :)

Thanks so much for all your support and continued kind words! Happy healing :)

PO Day 13 Pic

So here is a pic I took this morning. I am still swollen, bb not looking nice at all, but I am hoping in time everything will settle down and smooth out. I am just happy I have no drains.

One question, anyone have a stubborn part of their incision that didn't want to scab over? Can I put a bandaid on it? Or use something else?


Here's the pic

Lipo Express Ab Board

So I started driving today, and I loved being able to just go where I want, when I want. I went shopping, got my eyebrows waxed and picked up my new abdominal board from the post office. When I got home I was VERY swollen! I am wearing my Marena stage 1 garment, with my wrap around cg my PS gave me, and now I added the board. Wow! The board is awesome, I find myself being able to stand straighter, move better, and walk easier. You would think with all that stuff that I am wearing I wouldn't be be able to breathe, let alone move, but trust me, it is awesome!!!

I also am using polysporin and bandaids on the part of my incision that is bothering me. Hope it helps! :)

Abdominal Board Pic

I am posting a pic of the abdominal board I bought online from Lipo Express. It was roughly $36, that includes shipping too. There is also a website called The Pink Room and they sell many different boards, I went with Lipo Express for no particular reason.

Update on Ab Board and BB

Okay so I wore the ab board to bed and when I woke up the swelling was definitely down where the board was but it kind of pushed the swelling to wherever the board wasn't. So I purchased a bigger ab board from the Pink Room. It is wider so I hope it helps better, it is more flexible too. Not sure if it will help more or not or if maybe I can where the harder smaller board over the flexible board for even more support? I will update once I get the new one.

My bb seems to be getting smaller, almost like it wants to heal all the way up! Scaring me, so I put some gauze in it with polysporin, I hope this is okay :( £ get the BB stitches out April 30th.

BB Help

I need some reassurance about my bb situation please. I started putting gauze in my bb today to keep it open, it looked so tiny, and I am scared of it being tiny. I heard of using a marble but I still have stitches in it that will be removed April 30th. Anyone have ideas or similar problem? Did you use a marble while stitches were still in your bb? I also heard of using an ear plug, any other ideas? I just want some suggestions, I am hoping someone else had a similar problem and can tell me :) Thanks!

PO Day 15

I have a part of my incision that does not want to close up. I don't see the PS until April 30th so I hope it's okay.

I woke up pretty flat, but still swollen. I tried to get on my other cg but I couldn't get it zippered up, but to be honest I think the garments zipper sucks because my Marena garment fit the same way when I put it on but I got it zippered up.

No real changes to report, I will post pics.

Icky part of incision

Should I use butterfly bandaids for this to help it close up. It looks bigger in the pic but it's about an inch in length along the incision.

Swelling in hips and thighs

This is no fun, the swelling in my hips and thighs is awful. Not to mention that I can see myself going back for more lipo in my future. I will attempt to lose more weight first of course. I think I am just not feeling very great today about my results. It has mostly to do with my lack of exercise and feeling out of sorts with my eating. I look forward to being able to work out again, and I just hope for the best with this swelling. I know we all go through some level of this ups and downs feelings and today is a down day. No pics to post because there really hasn't been much change.

Update on abdominal board

So I purchased my second abdominal board from The Pink Room, and I will post a pic. This board is shaped much better and is more flexible, it wrapped around my tummy. Only con is that it can be a bit uncomfortable when you try and sit down, but once you're sitting you're fine. Now my only issue right now is the compression garment bodysuits, they are very annoying. I ditched mine today for just my wrap around doctor provided binder and also I wrapped my belly belt I bought for exercise a long time ago around the binder. This has been much nicer today. But the abdominal board really works well inside body suits! So I may have to purchase another body suit unless I can get the ab board on under my binder...I will let you guys know. But this ab board is awesome!! It really helps with the tummy swelling.

3 Weeks PO

No changes to report. Still feel gross because I can't workout.

Coconut oil is great, I have been putting it on my face, and body. It actually mattes my face, weird, but cool, it has helped with the little lines around my eyes too.

The new ab board does work under a regular binder which has been great.

The swelling in my pubis area is horrible.

Still not completely sure if it is worth it yet. I mean the swelling really has kept me from seeing what the final results will be. Maybe it's because I am feeling gross while on my period, plus swelling, plus no exercise, and not feeling as flexible and mobile as I want to be.


Sorry if this offends anyone, but I thought it might helps those who have not had their surgery.

I had sex finally! My girl parts are still swollen, but the drain holes are all healed up, just a little scab. I was on top to control my own needs, I knew he would be too cautious and worried, and I also wanted to just go at whatever pace I wanted to without having to direct him. Okay, so it was awesome, my stomach muscles are tight afterwards, and my only issue was I had more soreness in my belly. But I also noticed that where the drains had previously been, deep inside my belly were sore and burned afterwards, perhaps I moved my torso more then I should have?? I don't know. I hope it feels better, those two little areas are still sore and burn today.

BB Stitches out today

Hopefully the bb stitches will come out today. I will post pics from this morning. Again, no real changes.

Corset, and doctor appointment

The doctor did take out my BB stitches, he told me to keep my incision opening dry and to not put any bandaid on it. He wants it to scab over. So I will start wearing a dressing over it that is dry.

I decided to try on the Ann Chery waist cincher, and I got it on! :) it is right but it corrects posture. Keeps me very bound, and I hope it helps with swelling, and keep my shape forming well.

The PS told me that what I thought was swelling is not swelling! So he basically said I will not be as flat as I was hoping. Not sure why. I am not happy about that. Time will tell I suppose. But I will have no problem getting liposuction in the future next year if I need to.

Pics from tonight

I'm almost 4 weeks PO, feeling pretty good, still sore, and have pain, the pain is like a stabbing or burning feeling under the skin. Not sure how to describe it. I am sleeping on both sides. My wound is drying out. Using a hair dryer held further away from the wound to dry it out. A wound care nurse at work told me to do it.

Officially 4 weeks PO Today!

So happy to be 4 weeks PO, as I mentioned in some replies below, I am not sure how totally happy I am with my results. I mean, I know it looks better, the pooch is gone, but I still feel like I am swollen and puffy around my belly button, and along my incision line above it. So I am officially giving my body 1 year of healing, wearing my compression garments, corsets, and whatever else I can find, as well as working out, and see where I am at. If I still feel uncomfortable with my belly I will see about more lipo. I think it was very discouraging to hear from my PS that he thinks what he sees is my final results at 4 weeks!!!!, now he did say keep wearing the binder and I will get a little smaller, but that I am pretty much seeing the final results! I was like, HUH!! Um NOOO! All I ever read from the other women on RS and from the doctors on RS is that swelling and puffiness lasts for months, up to 6 months, and then intermittent swelling up to a year depending on how hard you are working your body. So needless to say I am not happy with my PS right now.

My fiance is wonderful and has been really awesome about my whole healing process. He is not horrified by my scar, and is only concerned about the open part to my incision, it makes his legs hurt, like his nerves get shocked when he sees it. I am the same way when I see other people's wounds :) hahahaha!

Let's see, what else to say, I have been wearing the Ann Chery corset going on day 3, I wear it to work and that is it. Not sure if it is really doing much. I can hook it to its tightest hooks, but I do not do that yet. I will probably give my body another week in the corset, and then move to the next hooks. I am thinking of getting a squeem??? Or maybe the smaller size down in the Ann Chery corset, but get a vest version next. If I can get into the next size down in the Ann Chery then I will feel like maybe it is really working.

Sitting down pics

I am currently sitting in my recliner blow drying my little open wound. Not that much fun. I took some pics sitting down, and showing what I am unhappy about. The areas I will want lipo on if I don't see improvement in a year. I still have lots of stretch marks too. I will start bio oil in 4 weeks and anything else I can find for stretch marks.

Posting a video? and other things

Hope everyone is healing well and those who are about to have surgery, takes your meds! Hahahahaha!

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone and I took video of my belly, how do I post the video? I click on the add video but it asks for the videos embed code, what is this?

I am still feeling puffy, my open wound is healing and seems to get better. I have not worn my corset since Friday May 2nd. Over the weekend I didn't want anything covering my open wound, including my binder, nothing, so I was air drying it and using my hair dryer. Today I covered it with gauze but I still didn't want my tight corset pressing on it. So I will use the corset after I heal some more.

My muscle repair hurts still, especially my upper abs. Also the ends of my incision hurt, they are taking the longest to heal.

RS Email, was it worth it?

RS emailed me asking if I thought the surgery was worth it. I don't know yet. I was able to hide my belly under clothing pretty well so I am basing my results on how I feel once I am healed. I also want to see how it looks in a month or so. Some women on here are healed up and flat so quick, I feel like it's taking me way longer. So as of now I have not had a wow moment. Just being honest.

Update on Ann Cheryl corset

This corset offers me the best compression in my upper abs, so I decided to just put it back on today. And guess what, I tightened it to the tightest hook. But the only thing that truly does flatten out the swelling is my ab boards.

5 Weeks PO Today

Hi everyone, just checking in to give my 5 week update, nothing too much has changed. I still have an open wound, I am working on it.

I ended up getting a little red spot above my bb from the tape I was using, when I take the tape off I take al ayer of skin with it and it gets irritated.

The larger ab board I bought helps sooooo much with the swelling.

I woke up this morning the flattest I have seen myself, which is nice. So I do believe the puffiness is at least somewhat swelling. I will post a side picture. All of the front view pics were fuzzy :( But I will post the fuzzy one too, and I will try to take more tomorrow morning before work.

5 Week Pictures

Here is the fuzzy front view....sorry, hopefully better ones coming tomorrow. And a side view.

Not Worth It for me

For me personally it is not worth it. I am official unhappy with my results. My bb is closing up, which means I will have a very ugly and weird looking bb. My wound is still open and I feel like my results are awful.

Belly Button

Here are the pics

Belly Button

So I put an ear plug in my belly button last night to try and see if that would help, and it did not. So this morning before work, I put a marble in there, not sure if this will help either. I think I am unhappy with how tiny it is, it seems so unrealistic. Perhaps I feel this way because I do not even remember the last time I had a normal looking bb, but I do remember I always had a normal sized one. Mine is looking smaller then my kids! I here about revisions, but do any of you know of an RS lady whose bb closed up and they had a revision? I would like to see their pics. Thanks!


I was reminded by a RS lady that depression is real after cosmetic surgery. Your body is forever altered, and you have to now go through recovery and live with this choice you made. I hate going to the doctor, and having any medical issues, so this experience has been very difficult for me. I made my bed, now I must lie in it. I am sick of the binder, the open wounds, the belly button issues, and the way my body feels. Just tired of it all. I want to feel normal again, and right now I feel just terrible. I will go to my PS tomorrow about my open wounds, and also to have him look at my bb to see if it has an infection and tell him my concerns.

Pic after work

I ate so much food at work for our Mother's Day celebration. I am still feeling like a walking medical condition. Plus my allergies are awful! Thank you all for your support. You will see in the pic the outlines from my ab board, my red marks from taping over gauze in my bb, and some other marks. I would really love to one day not need the binder or gauze! :'(

Saw my PS

So my PS thinks my bb looks fine. No infection or issues. He says it take 3 to 4 months for a bb to fully heal. So what I am going to do is at my next appointment with him I will discuss coming back in a couple months to see how the bb is looking. I am going to keep using a marble. He says I can ditch my binder...can't do it. I tried and I feel like my stomach muscles are falling out. He said ditch the gauze pads and wear a 100% cotton shirt over my wounds and let the body heal without a bunch of stuffy gauze. He also thinks the binder is preventing proper wound healing. But I just can't go without my binder!

6 Weeks and 4 days PO

Not sure if it's swelling or not, but my happiest pic was my side pic from May 9th at 5 weeks PO. Other then that my belly is still not flat, I hate it. My belly button is better, and I am happy with that now, but I will need more lipo, and possible revision but my PS will not do it for free. He thinks I look great. So next year after I am fully healed I will see another doctor for a consult.

Oh and my public area is still swollen.


My results continue to worsen. I will need to live unhappily and diet like mad or hopefully I can afford some touch ups next year. I can't believe I looked better at 2 weeks and 5 weeks then I do today.

Positivity, depression, high expectations, and realization

Yeah the title of this post pretty much sums up how I am feeling. I need to stay focused on the end results, and not on the puffy swollen belly. I woke up flatter this morning, and I see now that I truly am going through some swelling. I thought that this was it, that my puffiness was the end result.

Regardless of what the end result is, I cannot let it affect my mind, I need to know that I do look better the before, and being positive is the only way to continue my tummy tuck journey. My high expectations are what got me here, and I still judge every little issues I have with myself. This will be a lifelong struggle.

Time to realize that depression is mother effer!! And I went through it! So please if anyone else is going through regrets and depression I feel your pain and mental anguish.

When puffy, my belly feels hard, and sore, and when I am more flat, I feel lighter in the belly region, and I do not have as much pain. Anyways, hope everyone else is loving their results without any of this dreaded depression.

7 Week PO Pics

The pics in my undies are pre shower this morning. Woke up with a little hardness, sore and a bit of swelling. The pics in clothing are after I ate breakfast, and I am at work. Swelling gets progressively worse as the day goes on. Most of my pics are taken from the side because that's how you can see the puffiness and swelling better.

Quick Update

Had a great long Memorial Weekend, hope everyone else did as well!

So I am just letting everyone know, please do your research very well, some doctors are just better at making sure you get that awesome flat tummy and desired shape.

I know I am almost only 8 weeks post op, but I am no fool, I know my results are not nearly as good as they could be. I am still extremely insecure when I sit down, because I clearly, and without a doubt have a lot of fat still there that should have been liposuctioned. I paid for liposuction so there is no reason why I would still have this amount of fat that I can physically grab between my fingers.

Needless to say, I am very disappointed, and I will drop the rating of my doctor. So to anyone who thinks about choosing this doctor, please explain to him what you truly desire. I did express to him that my biggest issue was when I sat down I hated having that icky bulge. He said that wouldbe gone...well it is not. So there you go, money down the drain.

Doctor Rating

I chose to leave my doctor rating as 3 stars because I do not think his results are so awful that he should be given a 1. I think he is a good man, I just think I got to involved on RS, and saw too many other peoples results, and now I am not able to accept my own. I may close my account soon, but it sounds like my info will remain on this site per the terms and agreement.

8 Months Passed

I have not been on here for a while. Everything is going well health wise. I did put on about 15 pounds after surgery due to lack of motivation to work out and eat well after surgery. I went through depression, and just did not care. I still do not have my eating under control, as I enjoy food so much. I realize I do not want to live my life dieting, rather just do the best I can. I have found 100daysofrealfood.com blog, this has helped me a lot with preparing more wholesome real foods for myself and my family. I started going back to the YMCA in October. I am now taking Tabata and Bootcamp classes every week, usually M-Th and then on Saturday. I feel stronger, but I will always have issues with my body and how it looks. All those years of restricting food and then binging on whatever I wanted messed my mental state up in regards to eating well.

So now I do not count calories, or I try not to. I eat "real foods" most of the time, but do induldge on holidays and weekends more often. I ended up losing 5 pounds of the 15 gained. That is nice. But my goal is to just take it one day at a time, and NEVER stop working out, this is good for my mind, body, and emotional well being.

I will post pictures later on today or tomorrow. I sure hope everyone out there is doing well. And if you have any questions or if you also have an eating disorder, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. This has been journey that has opened up many body issues, and food issues I kept hidden.

8 Month Pics

I am about 182 pounds now. My results are fine. Just learning to accept the fact I'm not supposed to be super thin. I was made to be chunky and fat. So learning to work with what I got. My scar is still purple and raised in some areas. Swelling still occurs, but nothing awful. Some mornings i wake up and feel great and super flat. I will look into liposuction in the future after I've been working out for at least a whole year or so. So probably get lipo in 2016.
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

Updated review 12/4/2014 - Dr. Smith was great, real, and honest. I know for more money I could have gone to another doctor who would have done more lipo, and I would probably be happier about my results. But I did not have money for that. My results are good.

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