55 and TT Was Long Overdue! - Edina, MN

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I always wanted a TT but life always seemed to get...

I always wanted a TT but life always seemed to get in the way. Then, while researching Coolsculpting on Angie’s List last September, I came across a glowing review of a PS in the Twin Cities area and a little voice inside me told me…this was my time. The decision process happened very quickly and before I could over-think it, I was scheduled for an extended TT with lipo of hips and thighs on November 21, 2014. I was prepared for the pain to be worse than anything I’d ever experienced…but it wasn’t all that bad. I am thrilled with the results and would absolutely do it again!

Before and After Pics

My pre-op pics are so embarrassing! It seems my tummy looks like an old lady's face. Even though my recovery has its highs and lows I'm still really happy that I did it.

More "after" photos.

These pics are from 9 days post-op. Before I originally uploaded all my pics, I took the time to organize them all in order, only to have them upload in random order anyway. So...here are my 9 day po pics.

Still more "after" pics.

These pics are from 15 days po.

Drain Tube: Day 20 PO

Drain Tube: I am 20 days po today and have an appointment with ps on Monday, ostensibly to have the drain tube removed, however, he has stated that it stays in until I'm draining 15cc's or less per day. Currently I am draining 30cc's per day so I called my ps to see if he would still remove the tube and was told...probably not. Best thing for me to do is rest (can't do that cause I'm working full-time!), beyond that I just need patience...not my forte. AAARRRGGG!!

24 Days PO

I finally got my drain tube out today. Yeah! I was still draining about 25cc's per day but ps felt the tube was causing more problems then it was solving so he took it out. I have an appointment in one week so he can check up on me. So happy to have it gone... but worried about swelling. We shall see.

25 Days PO

Got my drain tube out yesterday and the swelling began immediately. My ps told me to fold up a wash cloth and place it over my scar (below the bb) and under my cg to apply extra pressure on the scar as that is where the worst swelling usually occurs. This seemed counter-intuitive to me, but I did it and wore it all night. Boy did it work! When I awoke this morning my stomach was flatter than it has ever been and I am able to manage my swelling today. I've also decided that getting take-out for lunch at work or eating out at all is out of the question for now because even non-junk take-out is loaded with sodium and makes me swell up. I'll be eating in and brown-bagging it until I'm sure its safe.

26 Days PO

CG is skin tight today! Trying to eat wholesome food and drink lots of water. Just before the ps removed the drain tube two days ago, he injected two syringes of steroids into the tube to help combat the inevitable swelling. He said I shouldn't have any side-effects... but he was wrong. I have a steroid flush and a steroid high, along with lots of swelling. Sorry for the whine, I know this is all part of the healing process.

27 Days PO

I continue to wear a folded up (dry) wash cloth on top of my scar just below the bb (under my cg) and the added compression seems to help keep the swelling down. A tin of cashews just arrived at work this morning from a client. CASHEWS! How in the world am I going to resist cashews?? These things are going to make me swell up in more ways than one! I'm going to post more pictures soon.

28 Days PO

Four weeks ago today I did this thing that changed my life forever and for the better. It has been a long four weeks. Even though I only took 6 full days off work, then 5 days at 1/2 time, boss has been less-than-understanding about the amount of time I've taken off for po appointments and such. Had to give up some time with my granddaughter at Christmas to keep him happy. I'm trying to see it from his point of view, but hard to do. Sorry for the whine.

4 Weeks PO - On a Lighter Note

We enjoy casual Fridays at my work and this morning I made the ill-fated, last-minute, decision to NOT wear my big sloppy jeans, but instead to wear a pair of my smaller, more stylish jeans. I think you can guess the rest of the story... I'm in swell-hell and quite uncomfortable. Oh well... live in and learn I guess. Can't wait until I can comfortably wear any pair of jeans I want!

Pics from 23 Day PO

These pics were taken the night before I got my drain tube out.

29 Days PO

I got my drain tube out last Monday and I'm feeling good.

Before and After Pics

This is the same basic T-shirt I wear all the time (in various different colors). I've realized that I always bought tops one size bigger than I needed, just to try an hide my belly.

More Before and After

Loved this top, bought this top, wore this top thinking I looked good... then saw a picture of myself in this top. Never wore it again until now.

Found this in my closet... it had never been worn.

I bought this last winter while on a cruise, brought it home, put it in my closet and never thought about it again. When I found it I felt like I'd just found hidden treasure! It looks so good, I love it! I can wear it and actually be proud to be seen while wearing it.

Getting my sexy on!

Found some items in the back of my lingerie drawer. The hot pink panties were a freebee from Victoria's Secret that I never wore, but I have no idea when or where I got the red lace bra. Either way... my hubby was happy!

31 Days PO

Doc says I'm doing really well, no post-op complications at all. I can begin to slowly ramp up my workout, I've been walking at zero incline and now I can up the speed and incline. I can also start going without my cg for up to 2 hours at a time. Need to remember to massage my scar and entire area several times a day.

Stage-2 Garment Shopping

On Christmas Eve I got off work at noon, removed my cg and headed for the mall to find a stage-2 garment and possibly some work pants that wouldn't fall off me. First stop Macy's, a helpful clerk showed me where all the shapewear was located and I picked out several Spanx to try on. Just as I had suspected, I hate Spanx! Moved on to Maidenform and found 1 garment that was comfortable enough to buy. I also bought two pair of Jockey that could be worn under shorts. I then stopped at Target on the way home and bought another Maidenform. Christmas day I gleefully ripped tags off everything and accidentally got lotion on one of them. I put one pair on and after wearing it a short time, I realized that I bought them one size too big. They are all quite comfortable, but they don't really give me much support. I wore the garment a few hours but when I put my cg back on it felt wonderful! Guess there will be more stage-2 garment shopping in my future.

6 Weeks Post Op Today!...and... I've come down with a cold.

Can hardly believe that six weeks ago today I had this surgery that changed my life forever and for the better! New Years Day I went to a local shopping mall to snag a few deals and I've found that shopping is a lot more fun now than it used to be. Today I am wearing a pair of jeans with my shirt tucked in, TUCKED IN! It has been many many years since I've done that! I've never been a shop-aholic and the last few years shopping has been a chore I'd rather avoid. My body, fine as it is (haha), finally gave into the cold I have been fighting all week. I'm exhausted and I can feel a small pain in my stomach that is probably a pulled muscle from coughing. Hoping my boss will have pity on me and send me home early.

Trying to survive this cold.

Saturday night and I spent another day laying on cushions on the living room floor. This cold has delivered a punch that I'm finding hard to recover from. I haven't been sick with a cold or flu in years and I guess I forgot how miserable they can be. I actually had to keep an over-the-counter drug log today because I keep forgetting what I took and when. I'm still struggling with stage-2 garments but I spent the day in a "firm control" Maidenform that worked rather well. Gonna take my last dose of Tylenol for the day along with a sudafed and hit the sheets. Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day:)

45 Days PO Today

I feel as though I have turned a corner with this cold I'm fighting and the patient is gonna live! Stage-2 garments AAARRRGGG! I have spent a small fortune on these things! First try I bought them waaaay too big, partly due to shopping at the wrong time of day and partly due to old mind-set thinking. Second try was better but still a little too big, third try, I think I'm getting there. Every garment I buy is anywhere from $15 to $40 and I now own 7! I'm thinking it's about time to post some new pictures, but I'll wait until I'm over this cold.

7 Weeks PO Today

I weighed myself this morning and I am down 10 lbs since the day of surgery. This is very encouraging as ps stated he took about 3-4 lbs off during surgery. My cold has gotten much better and, thankfully, it hasn't moved down into my lungs (knock on wood!). I have been resting every evening after coming home from work and, unfortunately, that means that my house is still decorated for the holidays. My tree needs to come down and everything put back into its proper place. On top of that, I need to do some clothes and swimsuit shopping for our upcoming cruise because most of my shorts no longer fit me. This should be a fun time but I am a little overwhelmed right now. More update pictures are coming soon, I promise!

7 Week PO Pics

Hello All, Here are my latest pics. I don't see much, if any, difference from my 29 dpo pics, do any of you see a difference? More pics to come.

7 Weeks PO - Close-up Scar and BB Pics

I think my scar is healing wonderfully, it's smooth to the touch and not terribly discolored. My bb, however, is another story. I kinda think it looks weird and man-made, not natural at all. Those folds are so close to the surface that it feels like it could turn from an innie to an outie at any moment. I admit, the ps didn't have much to work with, I was born an outie and only became an innie after my first child was born.

CG & Stage-2

Each of us who have been on this journey had to wear a cg for weeks or months after surgery and it occurred to me that others reading this may not fully understand what a cg looks like. Different cg's are used for different sx, I had a tt with muscle repair and lipo of hips and thighs, which helps explain this breast-to-calf number I'm wearing. I realize we didn't all have the exact same cg, but you get the idea. The tan one is a stage-2 "everyday wear" Maidenform that I wear to work. I still wear the cg to bed most nights, nothing handles swelling like the cg does. I get a kick out of how it bags around the thighs and hips, certainly didn't do that when I first started using it!

8 Weeks PO Tomorrow

Last weekend I finally got the house de-decorated from the holidays. Even though the bins are still in my living room I consider that a win. I continue to sleep in my cg (I have two) and wear my Maidenform stage-2 to work everyday. I have disassembled the "sick bed" made of cushions on the living room floor so I'm spending my evenings sitting rather than laying down. I'm struggling with whether to take my cg's on vacation with me. I won't be able to wash them at all, sooooo they could get kinda gamey. The "playground" has been open for a few weeks now and it's great! I don't mind my hubby seeing me "nekked" any more. (Oh... how I used to hate that!) 8 Weeks is quite a mile-stone, so happy to have made it!

Before & After Picture Progression - Front View

What a journey!

Before & After Pic Progression- Right Side

The journey continues.

Before & After Pic Progression - Left Side

9 Weeks PO Today

Today I'm dealing with the most significant swelling I've had in weeks. Not sure why I'm so swollen now, but I feel as though I could pop! The stage-2 is tight, my jeans are tight and my tummy is hard to the touch...uncomfortable. I'm a touch constipated, but nothing I haven't dealt with before. When I get home I'll address that, lay down and put my feet up, and I know this too shall pass (no pun intended lol).

9 Weeks and 1 day

Much better today and much happier too. Went swim suit shopping today, needed a tankini top, holy moley those things are expensive this time of the year!! Fortunately I had a coupon. I still can't get over how I look in clothes now, it is just so nice to buy tops that actually fit rather than XL size to hide my huge belly! (Yeah, couldn't resist buying a couple t-shirts too.) Monday is my next po appt, I don't have any real issues to discuss with him, just hope to find out when I can be released from my cg. Stop by and say "hi" whenever you can.

CG - The Love Affair Is Over!

My love affair with my cg is over! A couple weeks ago I noticed that it just wasn't fitting me like it used to. Maybe it's because it's now too big for me, but it rubs on my crotch and thigh area in weird and uncomfortable ways and it just doesn't feel like the "warm hug" it used to. I can only conclude that it is time for me to put my cg out to pasture and let it roam free. Anyone out there feeling the same?

PO Appointment

PS says I am healing beautifully and I can ditch my cg at anytime and wear my stage-2 as needed. He said something else I found quite interesting, he said that I am actually still swollen from the lipo and that I will continue to get smaller! That is crazy to me because I feel so small now! At any rate, I am to continue massaging the scar and the entire lipo area a couple times per day and go back to see him in 3-6 months. PS took "after" pics at this visit, I told him that I'm down 11 lbs and he was really happy about that. (He did mention though, that I shouldn't hit the buffets too hard on my upcoming cruise :o) This journey has been so amazing, absolutely worth the pain, effort and expense. Stop by and say "hi" when you can.

Confessions of a Smart-alec

Remember earlier this week when I went on about how I was tired of my cg and so happy that my ps released me from it? Well...I spent 24 hours without it, didn't even sleep in it two nights ago, and yesterday evening I was a swollen miserable mess. So...back into the cg I went. One of my biggest problems with the cg is that (because it comes down to my calf) it torks my knees in a funny way and makes them hurt. So, I struck a blow for freedom last night and cut it off just above the knees. It worked great and I awoke this morning feeling good. I also decided that undies go under it rather than over and that put an end to the rubbing and chaffing. Tonight I will wash it and find out how it holds up to that. So, at least for now, the cg is again part of my life. I'll try liberation again at a later time.

10+ Weeks PO

Last weekend I spent both days working around the house and taking it easy. I've stop sleeping in my cg (at least for now) and on Sat. I wore the cg during the day and on Sun. I wore a "firm control" Maidenform stage-2 all day. Sunday night I was delighted when I realized that I wasn't swollen, my tummy wasn't hard and I felt great! I think the lessen here is that my body needs a break every now and then and I need to just slow down. I am slowly getting back to my "new normal" and it feels wonderful.

From a cruise to the flu

Went on a cruise from Feb 7-14th. We had a wonderful time, got lots of sun and had lots of fun. Then, (talk about timing!) while sitting at the Orlando airport on 2/14 waiting for our flight home, I suddenly felt like I'd been hit by a truck. Went to urgent care on Sunday morning and after a nose swab (that was a treat let me tell ya) I was diagnosed with Influenza A, a/k/a the good old-fashioned flu. Got a script for Tamiflu and went home to rest. Missed two days of work but that Tamiflu really works! I was back at work on Wednesday. I've noticed that I have residual swelling, either from my bad food choices on the cruise or the flu, or both. I have a few pics from the cruise that I will share at a later time.

Those old doubts and insecurities creeping in...

I've spent the last 15-20 years 20-30 lbs over weight. I have lost and gained the same 20 lbs so many times there should be a hole in it by now. After losing weight I always gained it back (usually adding an extra pound or two) within a year. Over the years, it became an impossible task to lose weight and keep it off. Now that I love my new body, I find I'm having some trouble enjoying it because I'm constantly worried that I will put the weight and belly back on. I'm constantly thinking that I shouldn't get used to this because this isn't going to last and in a year from now I'll be fat again. I don't know how to get those doubts and fears out of my head.

Not quite 12 weeks PO

Had lots of wonderful pics taken while on our cruise. We got lots of great "couple" pics, then hubby asked them to take individuals of just me. So glad he did! Here are three of my favorites. Picture-taking was a whole different experience this time! I wasn't trying desperately (and in vane) to hide my tummy! We had a wonderful time!

O...M...G!!! I am sick AGAIN! (Pardon my whine!)

This time it's strep throat. For those of you who follow my story, that makes 4 illnesses in 9 weeks. Started with a cold on New Years Eve, I was so happy that the cold didn't move into my chest. Then a couple weeks later it was a viral throat infection that only lasted a week so I was grateful for that. Then on Valentine's Day I came down with the flu, Tamiflu took care of the aches and pains but I was left with two weeks of post-nasal drip, but again, I was grateful that it was manageable. Then last night I woke up feeling like crap and now doc says I have strep throat. That adds up to 5-6 weeks out of the last 9 that I have been sick. I'm that person who never gets sick so this has been really really challenging. Okay, enough of my whine.

For what it's worth...

Saw my reflection in a store window yesterday... and I liked what I saw.

Dr. Mesna is a wonderful PS, he is extremely experienced and knowledgeable about all aspects of PS. I liked that he didn't try to up-sell more procedures, he stuck to just what was asked of him. I casually mentioned that I would like thinner thighs so he added lipo of hips and thighs to my quote in case I decided to do that. I did and I love it.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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