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Time to do something for me! :) Super nervous but...

Time to do something for me! :) Super nervous but excited. I don't work during the summer so hence the reason for my surgery date. I am concerned about the pain so I am hoping a can tolerate it. There is such a variety of responses to how the pain really is that I don't know for sure what to expect.

Preop pictures

I thought I would add some before pictures. Can't wait to add the after photos. Full tummy tuck with lipo of hips and thighs.

2 days away!

Getting very nervous. Was all cleared today with my bloodwork and received my instruction for Wednesday. Wish me luck!


A couple more pictures. Sitting down. Can not wait for that to be gone! Yuck!

Today's the day!

Getting ready to head out of the house! Was supper nervous last night but more excited today!

I made it to the flat side!

Home and resting in the recliner. I will update more tomorrow.

1 day po

It's been 24 hours since my surgery. Hoping to get through the next few days. So far it's been manageable, I have one drain. Most of my pain is from muscle repair I believe. Keeping on top of my pain meds even though I don't like how they make me feel. Very happy I came home with a catheter. It's nice not having to get up to go to the bathroom all the time. I go back to see my ps tomorrow morning. I will have my catheter removed then and hopefully will be able to see my belly although I am nervous about that. I will have my husband take pictures.

2 days post op Before and after

6 days PO

On my 6th day and it's been the best so far even though it's only 10 am! A lot could happen by the end of the day but I'm super happy now.
Actually wearing regular clothes for the first time since surgery. No robe! Yay! Although the bra is a little constricting, maybe I should switch to a sports bra. Anyways, still happy to wear clothes.
I go back to the sx tomorrow for a recheck and hopefully have the drain removed but in all honesty I would be perfectly fine with it staying in if need be. I'd rather have it then the fluid collecting in my abdomen.
No pain meds today so far, just ibuprofen. Hoping to keep it that way and maybe just take a pain pill at night if need be.

I week post op

I had my one week post op appointment today. Things are looking good. Dr did not remove drain as it is still putting out a lot of fluid. Probably next week. Other than that he said that things look really good. I just need to be patient for this swelling to go down.

Before and after

Sitting before and after!

13 days post op

13 days later and I am getting really restless. I did go out yesterday for a dr appointment, target run and then a romantic dinner with my husband to celebrate our 24 year wedding anniversary. Needless to say I was very swollen by the end of the night. Things are better today. I don't really have any pain just tight and uncomfortable at times. I took off my compression garment this morning to do a little skin care (so dry) and I changed my tape over my incision. This was the first I had a look at it without the tape. I feel it looks really good! So I took this opportunity to try on a swimsuit and take a few pictures. I am starting to see my waistline coming back. I will be happy about that. Also I think I might actually be able to wear a bikini for the first time in my life! Once all the swelling is down I think it might actually be possible. Also I can't wait to get back to the gym! Going stir crazy!

One more before and after

Drain gone

My drain was removed today and now I just need to keep my fingers crossed that I don't build up fluid! Fingers crossed! I was nervous about the drain removal but it was a piece of cake. Didn't hurt just felt weird.

Compression Garment

So I am including the picture of the compression garment my ps supplied to me. He gave me two, one to wash one to wear. I do love most things about this garment. Fits nicely and it is crotchless so I don't have to remove to use the bathroom. I am coming up on 3 weeks and he did say I could switch to sometime of shapewear at that time. I am looking forward to this for a couple reasons. This garment is getting too big so it is bunching on the sides where the zippers are. Plus it would be nice to have something that is easier to wear with summer clothes. I think I am looking for something more just around my abdomen. Maybe like a "tube sock", something that doesn't come up high in the back and doesn't cover my legs. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

3 weeks post op today

3 weeks post op and things are going ok. Going a little stir crazy, not a little a lot! Go in for a post op appointment today so I thought I would add a few pictures.

Stage 2 compression garment

I tried out many shapewear garments for my stage 2 garment after my full tummy tuck and nothing worked. I knew I loved my stage one garment which was the same garment but with zippers and straps. I wanted to go with something with no zippers for more comfort. I'm so happy with this garment. Love the fit and feel, also so happy it has open crotch! I put my measurements in and it told me what size to go with and it fits perfect. I was a little worried because my first garment was a size bigger but I suppose some of my swelling has gone down so this fits better. It is a Marena Mid Thigh Girdle.

4 Weeks

5 weeks PO

just thought I would add some photos of my progression. I am now 5 weeks po and doing great. I have minimal swelling. Mostly in one side. I keep this tape the dr gave me on at all times. I change it every 5 days. I had asked him about the scar treatment strips and he told me I could if I wanted but in his experience this tape works just as well. And I would have to agree. I am almost completely healed and I love my belly button!

One more side by side 5 weeks

Six weeks today!

6 weeks today and all cleared for exercise. Still a little swelling but it looks good. And no more garment! Yay!

9 Weeks PO

Feeling good and back to working out. Went for my first run/walk on Tuesday. That was a challenge but not because of the surgery but because I haven't worked out in so long. I still have swelling but it's not really that bad. My jeans feel weird still but I am fitting into 5/6 so that's nice.

12 weeks

Working out daily and loving it! And I love wearing low waist jeans and nothing rolling over!

8 months post op.

Just thought I would update with a few pictures. Things are going good. Had a little touch up lipo on the right inner thigh yesterday. I'll update pictures for that area in a couple weeks.
Dr. Robert Wilke

I am so happy with my surgeon choice. Dr. Wilke has been great as well as all the staff at Edina Plastic Surgery. I am so happy that I chose them!

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