39 Years Old, 3 Kids and 50 Lb Weight Loss - Edina, MN

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I went for my consultation after years of praying...

I went for my consultation after years of praying I would one day do this for myself. Husband thinks I am perfect the way I am but just want to feel sexy again. I am 5'3", 135 lbs. I am calling tomorrow to schedule my TT for 9/29/15. Hoping to lose about 5 more lbs before then. I have not done much research in how to prep and what supplies to buy. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. I am also thinking of adding lateral lipo on the thighs. I am an RN(labor&delivery) and hoping to return to work in 4 weeks on lifting restrictions. Advice?

Post op day 1

So, I had my tummy tuck with Lipo of flanks and thighs. Surgery went well. I am so sore but know interior be worth it. Dr said everything went perfectly. Nhen

Post on day 1

I had my surgery on Tuesday. Today is Thursday. Everything is a blur. Pain is so bad. Had to get out of recliner. I have a walker and my mom is here to help me. Taking Percocet and vistiril. Go back on Monday to have one drain removed .

Update on Tummy Tuck done 9/29/15

I am post op 12 days now. I am doing great. Haven't needed pain meds for about 4-5 days now. I do take Vistiril to help me sleep at night because I can't get comfortable. I am a tummy sleeper usually. Anyway, I am still really puffy. My legs look like I didn't have lipo on thighs. Although I didnt get puffy feet like they said I would but I am peeing up a storm. Hoping that changes and my thighs become nice and tight. PS says it sure will. He told me to be patient. I wear my binder and black compression suit all day. Take off to shower and I want it back on immediately. Feel uncomfortable with it off. When does the stomach go skinny and flat. I am 5ft3" and was 133 lbs going into surgery.

Go in Wednesday to have second drain removed. My biggest complaint is my back aching from laying down so much and sleeping in recliner. Back is so sore and I just want to twist and crack it.

I dont know how people are wearing jeans at this stage. I am in sweat pants and feel like I wouldn't want to even try because I would cry. I feel fatter than before I went in even though I know its swelling. My stomach is super hard, feels so weird.

Tummy tuck and Lipo of thighs

These were taken 11 days post op. Hoping my thighs end up thinner.

13 days post op photos

13 days post op. Need to put binders back on. Hate it without. Feel like I'm gonna split in two.
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