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Im 29.. I have a ten, eight and 2 yr old. Ive had...

Im 29.. I have a ten, eight and 2 yr old. Ive had two csections and my gallbladder removed. Im so happy I'm actually getting a tummy tuck in july! I paid cash this past friday and theres no turning back! I have a really big gut! Its been a major problem for me.. It makes me extremely insecure. I have confidence and i feel pretty but my stomach holds me back from a lot.It sucks standing up cuz i dont want to sit and have my big gut stick out...being nervous that someones going to snap a bad pic of me where im not sucking it in. I cant wear form fitting shirts ever! Its usually baggy shirts.. Or dresses. Im good at covering it up.. But i hate having to worry so much about it. Id love to just put on a pair of jeans and cute top with no hesitation. All the stretching has even made my crotch look different. I hate that too. My fiance has never had a problem with my body but i know how we will both be reaping the benefits after the tt. Im excited to actually wear some sexy panties and know i look sexy. Mike is my fiance; he will take off a few days of work to help me after surgery. My surgery is on a thursday and he will go back to work on monday. I have a good friend that lives down the road and shes going to stop by after work to help me out and change my dressings for me. The kids will be out of school.. So i will have their help too. Honestly tho.. Im nervous about the pain. Im going to take the pain killers and stay on top of it.. I just hope i can handle my 2 yr old alone.. Well after mike goes back to work. Were planning on getting married in january at the courthouse and having a nice reception.. Ill actually be able to wear a form fitting dress for the party:) ive been reading everyones reviews and decided to write my own and share my story. Im so grateful and lucky to be able to get the surgery.. Money wise. So excited to wear all the clothes i want to wear and to have even better sex! Lol i rarely ever go on top cuz of my nasty stomach even tho i want to. I hate always wearing a shirt or feeling insecure during sex when I'm a sexual person.. It just sucks. Anyways ill keep updating! I hope someone out there reads my story!

More before pics of my big nasty lol

A dress I plan on wearing... I better be able to wear it lol

I have about 7 weeks to go.. But im not wasting anytime!

I bought a full length mirror:):) I also got my prescriptions! I tried on a bunch of clothes today.. Took before pics... Some Of the clothes I was able to wear before my last pregnancy.. Other clothes Were clothes I bought for someday! Lol so hopefully after tt.. Will be my someday!!! Woot woot!

55 more days!! So excited!!

Losing some weight

So im going to lose ten pounds before surgery... About 6 weeks away. Has anyone else tried to lose a certain amount of weight right before surgery??? How did it work out???

Sooo anxious! More before pics... Cant wait to post.. post op pics...

Hoping to have great results like a lot of you women on the site!

Emotional wreck

20 days til surgery... Feeling really emotional. Not sure if its because of surgery or what. Anyways...

12 days... Oh my!

Time has been flying by. I bought a recliner today... Since everyone says its worth having:) Im hoping that my results will be sexy. Im a curvy girl.. So I hope a smaller waist will make my butt and boobs look even better lol how long does it take til I can actually go out and enjoy myself after surgery? 6 weeks after surgery is the state fair.. And I want to go. Do you think ill be feeling up to it?

9 days to go..

Only 9 days to go... Oh wow! Cant wait for my fiance and I to see the results together! I know it takes time for final results.. But having this big fat blob gone is going to be life changing alone. :D

Shit just got real!

Holy smokes! I had my pre op appointment 2 days ago... That was crazy... I was so nervous... Like omg I'm really getting a tummy tuck! Then my dressings came today! 6 more days... Gosh i cant wait to strut around in my bra and panties in front of my man:):)

4 DAYS!! Questions!

So what are good things to eat while healing? I need to prepare.. Since surgery is thursday. I know at first I wont have much of an appetite but I will need to eat something.... I dont like fruit any suggestions? Also.. I know my ps office is calling tomorrow to give me preop directions but how often will I be changing my dressings? Aww jeez I just have that crazy anxious feeling.. I never thought I would ever get a tummy tuck... The cost. And here I am 4 days away... I feel incredibly lucky and grateful! Im also thankful I found realself... It makes this experience even better... Not as scary. It feels like i have a bunch of women holding my hand thru this! Lol

3 days! Feeling a mix of emotions! Happy tho:D

The end of an old.. Start of a new...

Today has been pretty laid back. I have a lot on my mind tho. Im finishing up on all the piled up laundry.. I hate laundry. I feel better tho.. Now that a majority of it is done. This little waiting period is so crazy to me. Its like I'm waiting for this life to end to start up a new way of life. Meaning.. Im going to be so much happier with a body I'm not embarrassed of. Ill be able to walk against the wind and not worry how big my stomach looks.. Ill be able to go to the gym and not feel like a big fat ass cuz my stomach... Ill have a better variety of gym clothes too! Im going to take showers with my man...I'm going to be happy to go to parties and events I'm invited to... Instead of stressing over what I'm going to wear that will hide my stomach... Then coming up with excuses not to go...I'm going to be able to wear jeans with a belt and not have to wear a long tank top to hide my extra man will be able to hold my hips when we have sex.. Instead of trying to hold on to my flapping stomach lol hahaha omg its sooo sad but its true! Ill be able to watch him do his business... Instead of trying to look over my stomach. There has been sooo many times that I've been in a horrible mood and treated mike ( my man) differently because my insecurities with my tummy...and he will always say.. Whats wrong.. Why are you acting mad... Well I'm too embarrassed to tell him that I feel my body is UnProportioned and makes me angry and sad. We finally talked about it in more detail recently... When I said how bad I want a Tummy tuck and how much it would change my life... And his lol I'm not going to be so damn crabby! Im just so excited to be a new woman... Its inside me but doesn't show on the outside! Im sooo excited to just go with the flow instead of letting my tummy control everything! And once again .. Im so thankful to have this opportunity... I pray for a good recovery and the strength I need to get thru the difficult parts! Happy healing ladies on the flatside!! And I hope time flies to the ladies waiting!!

Tomorrow is my big day! Dream come true!

I have to be at the surgery center at 6:30 am... So ill be waking up at 4:30am... Take a shower and get dressed in the loose sweats and a loose zip up hoodie.. Drs orders! I cant have lotion, makeup, hair product , nail polish or perfume on. The surgeon office is about an hour away from home but were going to leave an hr and a half early... Just to be safe! Im dropping my kids off at my dads tonight.. They will be with him til friday.. Then they will come home and my two girls will head to summer camp til monday. My baby boy will be home with his dad and I. The hardest part of the surgery will be not being able to pick up my boy... Hes sooo sweet and Im just hooked to him.. It makes me cry just thinking about it :'( I just have to keep reminding myself that its not forever and it'll be worth it! I just hope he doesn't really notice...ill still squeeze him tho and give him tons of kisses when I can. Oh man I just cant believe this is really happening... Well ill be posting soon on the flatside!

I cant stop thinking!!

So I just hope I look good... I hope my results stun me in a good way... I just am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that my tummy will be gone tomorrow! Im so use to this stomach that it just seems like having a flat tummy isn't possible for me... Ya I know.. Im thinking too much... But this is just something that has always been in my dreams.. Im having such a hard time believing that this is really going to happen and that I'm going to be able to look at myself in the mirror naked and smile. :'( I wish tomorrow would just get here.. I need proof! Lol I'm so emotional right now.. If you cant tell.. Ill be going to sleep soon.. Well in a cpl hrs....


And its done!

Well... Im home.. The ride home sucked.. But thats cuz the pain meds were wearing off from surgery.. And I was craving a pain pill... But had to wait to get some food in my tummy. So now im sitting in recliner waiting for the pill to kick in. Ive laughed a bunch... When I woke up I told the nurses i felt drunk.. Then I asked if they were playing music.. Cuz eminem was playing in my head.. They were laughing. They were playing music but not eminem lol ive had my drains emptied twice . Mike helped me with the drains when we got home.. Hes sooo squeamish.. I said suck it up! I love him lol my binder is on tight as fuck! Sorry about the language.. I do tend to have a potty mouth. Ill see tummy tomorrow when i get my dressings changed at drs. I can tell a difference tho. My crotch is higher up... Well where it belongs.. Thank you god! Dr smith was sooo nice... He kept reminding me that the surgery was perfect for me and id be one happy woman! He took off 9 pounds.. Skin and fat. Anyways ttyl! And rip to all those who lost their lives today in the airplane crash...sooo damn sad. Some ppl make me sick!


Well thursday after surgery I went home and was doing alright.. I felt better than expected. Well after a few hours I got a dizzy spell... A bad one.. I started sweating really bad and I felt like it was hard to breath... I prayed and finally it went away. Even tho it went away it reminded me of an incident that happened to me 9 yrs ago... I was on the depo shot and hadnt had my period in 6 months.. Then i got it and it was sooo heavy that i was losing too much blood at once and went to er and had an emergency dnc. That all began with those dizzy spells. So anyways back to the tt... After the spell passed I was scared it was going to happen again... And it did repeatedly... Every time I stood up i felt very faint... A super scary feeling. I told my fiance mike around 11:30 pm I have to go to the er. I could barely talk... Mike brought me to er and helped me in wheelchair and the nurses brought me back right away.. I was as white as a ghost and had blue lips. My hemoglobin went from 14 at pre op a week prior to surgery to a 6. They did a scan on my stomach to see if I was bleeding abnormally... Everything looked normal... My body is basically very sensitive... When it comes to blood. My hospital transfered me to a larger hospital just incase... I had a blood tranfusion... A bunch of fluids. Yesterday i was taken from the icu to trama floor.. Which is good. My hemo has been fluctuating but the dr says everything is looking up and I should beable to go home tomorrow. I had to reschedule my follow up with ps for monday... I can kinda see my tummy but its sooo dang swollen so its not something to stare at. I just am trying to stay positive and pray that I continue to heal fine and that ill be happy when I look in mirror in a few weeks. Im a rare case thats forsure... Anyways... Ill talk to you all later! Please say a lil prayer for me.. This has been scary.. I just want things normal again...

Going home

Hemoglobin has been steady.. Blood pressure looking good:) i get to go home today! I think it'll be a lot easier to get around to when I'm home. I also get to take a shower today. Ive been able to get in and outta the hospital bed by myself... Its not easy though. Im taking my pain meds.. And I'm not afraid to take them either! I have to poop.. But haven't yet... So I've taken a few stool softener and miralax... I have stuff at home to take too. Hopefully i poop today or tomorrow. Still haven't seen the tummy.. From what I have seen.. Im swollen and its icky looking.. The nurses say that they think itll look great once healed.. I freakin hope so!! Cuz this has been a crAzy scary draining emotional painful ride so far! Im looking forward to dressing up.. Makeup.. Perfume.. Cute clothes and feeling sexy:):)

Follow up today

I have my follow up today and am very nervous. One side is more swollen then the other and I'm praying thats normal. I pretty much feel depressed. I hope that the dr says its normal and nothings wrong and that I'm still going to look great. :(

Follow up complete

Dr says that The swelling is from the fluid and I need to start draining the one bulb about 12 times a day.. I agree with him. They put a new binder on me.. And it feels soooo much better. I have another follow up next monday.

Swelling is going down.. But still feel HUGE

Okay so swelling is getting better in tummy but still very swollen and my whole body is swollen! Im pretty sure i weigh like 190 and b4 surgery i weighed 170. It takes time tho. One thing thats forsure is my big ass belly is gone!! Still waiting to take that shit! Omg!!! I hope it comes today....

More b4 and after pics.. I have binder on tho

Day 7

Feeling a helluva lot better than day 2, 3 and 4. Every morning getting outta recliner is the worse. Sitting so long and bladder full.. Then sitting up on my own. After I get up and moving.. I loosen up and feel a little better:) Im not going to lie... Im still taking the pain meds... But farther apart then before. My fiance went back to north dakota for work yesterday... So last night was my first night with the kids alone. It makes me cry that I'm not able to pick up my boy yet.. But he's okay with it. The hard part is getting him to get on my bed when I have to change his diaper. Usually I would just do it on the floor.. But this morning he listened.. It took a cpl minutes but he climbed up and let momma change his poopy diaper!! My two daughters have been helpful.. Especially my ten yr old. Ill be paying them once I no longer need them as much as I do now. They know that too.. So every time they get frustrated about helping so much.. I ask.. "Do u want that money"? Lol well i mean my daughter has even wiped my ass for me.. She seems really good about it tho.. Maybe she will be an RN someday:) my girls understand why I had the surgery.. They seen my big flap and understood how much it bothered me. Im not worried about it affecting my girls in any way. They're pretty confident, strong minded little ladies. I finally took a poop last night! It was such an amazing feeling! I called mike right away... He was soo happy for me too! Yesterday after my shower I called mike in the bathroom and showed him my tummy for the first time ... I could tell he was happy:):) it felt so good standing there... With nothing on and not being worried. Its like go ahead and look and my big ass and thighs.. Im just happy that big nasty tummy is gone! Mike comes home in 6 weeks... Thats a long ass time! But oh maaa god I'm excited to see him then! Im going to look sooo damn hot for him! I cant wait to make him feel bashful:) before he left yesterday he handed me a Victoria secret brochure... He said.. Im prolly going to shoot myself later for this.. But here.. This was in the mail. Lol I've already spent sooo much money on perfume and panties and lingerie from there for after surgery. He loves me tho:):) drains have been filling up good...which makes me happy.. Since I'm still so swollen. Well I don't have much more to say right now... Happy healing ladies! And to the ladies waiting for surgery...enjoy your last few days of doing whatever you want however you want....Id have to say the first 4 days are a bitch!

So emotional...

I have to be honest.. This recovery is driving me crazy. One hour im thinking positive... Thinking.. I got this.. Itll be worth it. The next few hrs im feeling worthless.. Defeated.. Unhappy with the way im swelling.. Yesterday when I looked at it.. The swelling was improving.. It was still bad but improved. Then today it looks sooo awful! I took a shower.. It was sooo damn hard getting the binder back on.. My daughter was helping me.. It wasnt working.. I felt like just giving up.. So I cried. So freaking swollen.. I cant see the light at the end of the tunnel. My thighs r bigger than they have ever been. Cant even try on panties cuz the drains r right there in the way and so is the binder. I feel full of regret. If i knew my results were going to look good in the end.. All these struggles would be easier but I dont know if everything will be okay:( im not trying to scare anyone out of getting the surgery.. Everyone is different... But im venting for myself... Otherwise ill really go nuts. I couldnt even put the teds on by myself. My daughter had to do it. Im usually so in control with my house.. My looks... My children.. With everything. Now im just helpless.. I feel like a baluga whale. Mike is gone and so I dont have him. Im scared too. Like im going to be the one case that has tons of issues with recovery. The swelling is ridiculous. Im trying to find pics of other women that have been as swollen as me but im having zero luck. Sorry to be a downer.. I dont want to be.. Im usually very optimistic. :(

One week

Im hanging in there.. I really don't have a choice tho lol ! A friend of mine is stopping by after work to help me put on my binder after my shower. Gosh I cant wait... My binder is way too loose. Im hoping in the next few days I can start wiping my ass by myself. I ordered a cpl of pjs from victoria secret today.. Next day delivery. I have a few things that are easy to wear right now.. But I figure buying a cpl of new things would lift my spirits and help with making recovery easier.... Ill post pics of the pjs. I cant wait to get them:)

Feeling better.. Just a lil worried.

So overall I'm feeling better. Its easier to get off and on the chair and toilet. Its easier to walk around... Im standing straighter.. Back is not hurting as bad. Today I was swollen but not as bad as yesterday. The problem is.. Im waaay more swollen on the left side. Its very very noticeable. Its even noticeable thru the binder. Well last monday ps kinda mentioned i might need drains in longer than expected.. But then he ended up changing the next follow up date to 2 days sooner. I have a feeling he's thinking that he might have to remove the fluid. He didn't say that but I'm sure its because he doesn't want to jump to conclusions or scare me and he's prolly hoping when I go in on monday that both sides are the same. Pretty sure thats not going to be the case though. Its been 5 days since i seen him and its still more swollen than the other side. Praying that the worse case scenario is that he removes the fluid and the problem is easily fixed! Other than that my spirits are up. Im just praying and hoping that the end result will make me happy... Thats all.

10 days post

Everyday things are getting a little better. But i defintely was putting the fantasy of having a normal stomach before the reality of how hard recovery would really be.. With 3 kids all alone 24/7. Mike told me in the very begining to wait til winter.. When hes working close to home so he could help more. Well stubborn me.. Didnt want to wait and i told myself and him and everyone around me that I could handle it. I just wanted it done sooo bad. Honestly tho.. I prolly should have waited. There was a few days that I really just wanted to fall to the floor and give up. The hardest days are behind me...which makes me soooo happy... But those days drrrraaaaaagged by. Im so curious as to whats going to happen at my appt tomorrow. Im thinking one drain will be removed.. Well see. Im mostly looking forward to 5 weeks from now. Im also looking forward to sleeping in my bed. Ill post tomorrow after my appt. bye for now...

11 days post

I feel 75% better than I did 6 days ago. I even dusted a little bit.. Folded some clothes without my back making me want to cry. Every day gets a little better. Still more swollen on one side but it has gone down and the drain is still collecting fluids. My second follow up was today; I have to keep the drains in for another week and a half. My surgeon said.. Just let mother nature do her job... He did so much lipo on me so its going to take longer for me to heal. So I'm hoping, praying and wishing that everything works out! Im looking forward to a few weeks from now.. I want to lighten my hair and eventually start tanning again. So ya.. The drains suck so bad.. I hate when my clothes rub on it .. That really hurts. Cant wait til this is all said and done for good!!!

12 days post

So the swelling is going down! Yes! I still have some more fluid to drain... But the really swollen side has gone done and looks better everyday. Heres some pics.

2 weeks post

I drove today.. It was kinda uncomfortable getting into the driver seat... And my really swollen side has been aching all morning.. Even before I went anywhere. So hoping its normal.. I know its a hematoma and I've heard those do hurt.. But it never felt like this before. I don't know. I really miss mike.. Its sooo hard doing all of this by myself.. Im managing but I still have breakdowns. Im not able to try on any pants but pajama pants cuz of the drains.. I have no clue how other women do it. Ive tried and the drains r too much in the way and I don't want to pull or yank on them. I have a feeling that I will not be getting my drains out for another 13 days... Which is a bummer... I just need these next 3 weeks to fly by!!! Im moving around my house alright..I'm still hunched a little bit cuz it still feels like if I stand straight up I'm going to tear or something...but overall im hanging in there!

Help ladies!

Sooo... A few days ago I noticed a spot that looked irritated and was bleeding a little bit. But the scab was still there... Well a few days later.. (Today) that same spot is pretty gross looking and the scab is gone. I called my ps and told him and he said he thinks its from my binder rubbing on it... And increased activity. Well i have been way more active the last cpl days and I could see how my binder could have caused it too... His advice is to sit around and not do anything the next cpl of days and ill see him in 5 days. He says its normal. Anyone else have this problem?? And did it heal on its own?? Thank u!!!


Fingers crossed!

So i took a shower today and had a look at the wound. It looks like its closing back up. I have someone helping me take care of my son for the weekend so I can just sit on my ass and heal!

So fed up!!!

So I looked at my wound this morning and that same spot looks like crap again and stinks like hell!! So im in the er in my hometown waiting to see a dr. I should have been told by my ps to come in to see him but no.. I was told to sit on my ass all weekend which hasn't helped shit! I had to pay a babysitter 200 to help take care of my son for two days... And she hasnt been much of a help either. I cried to mike today and told him im hitting rock bottom and to please come home for a few days. So hes waiting for a call back from his boss. The er prescribed me antibiotics. The dr told me besides that outer skin infection everything looks fine.. So ill be following up with my ps wednesday. This journey is sooo crappy...ugh!!!!!! Wish i could fast forward time...


Im always getting nervous right before Im about to take off my binder and dressings... Im nervous to see what everything looks like.... .. Anyone else feel like this?

Annoying drains...

So my body is telling me that I can do most things.. But these drains wont allow me to! And as low as I have to wear my binder.. It makes everything uncomfortable. I stand up.. I sit down.. The binder presses on the drain openings and hurts... I cant wear anything but baggy pants and baggy shirts... My appt is tomorrow and i know he's not going to take the drains out.. Itll be 3 weeks! I know i complain a lot.. But hell.. Who wouldn't in this situation. We went out for lunch yesterday.. I was hunched over and had a big awkward bulge in my shirt... Defintely not feeling or looking my age.. (29). Then i used the restaurant bathroom and accidentally caught my hand o a drain.. Felt like I was about to rip my vagina off! Ive been really loving and making the best outta this time mike is home... And i pray so bad that when he comes home at the end of the month that I'm actually able to enjoy myself and dress up... By that time i will be 6 weeks post op...

Yesterday pic

This pic is backwards but you can see how my left side is still big.. Cuz its still draining old blood! It was waaaay bigger b4. Im happy that its going down but not fast enough! I dont even give a shit how my belly button looks.. I dont plan on ever wearing a bikini lol i did find the cutest one piece at victoria secret tho.. So a bathing suit isnt outta the question. I have such a small torso that it looks like my belly button is so close to my crotch.. I dont even know what normal looks like.. Since ive always had a tummy on me and was dealing with a big saggy stomach and crotch for the past 10 yrs! Lol

21 days post op 3 weeks tomorrow

Had another follow up today. Ps said most lilely my drains will be removed next wednesday. Other than that he said everything looks wonderful. Soooo im praying the drains do come out next week. Thats all..


So I was bored and decided to take binder off and try on some shirts... Im 3 weeks post op and still have fluids draining but im starting to get really anxious about my new body...:) I gave mike a lil show... He might have even popped a boner! Lol hahahaha jk

22 days of healing

So mike left early this morning.. I already miss him.. But hopefully the next time I see him.. Im able to have some fun! Im wondering when ill start sleeping in my bed.. Im scared to lay flat... My ps said Im able too.. But i guess im scared of ripping open. My belly button is leaking and its brown crap and it stinks.. Im on antibiotics too.. I have been since sunday. My ps told me to just use a little peroxide and stuff some gauze in it. So thats what im doing.. Trying not to worry about it. The split is finally closed again. I doubled up on my dressing for more cushion. My binder is dirty.. With sweat. I asked my ps if I should wash it and he said I wont be using it much longer and itll just fall apart if I wash it. I guess hearing him say I wont be needing it much longer made me happy! Soooo im
Wondering what kind of garmet i should buy.. Spanx whatever you call it.... Any suggestions? I want one that only covers tummy... As soon as these drains r out.. Im going to be sooo HAPPY!!!

25 days post op

So... My belly button has been leaking for weeks and I told my ps last wednesday. He told me to put gauze in it to soak up the drainage. I did as I was told. Yesterday my belly button looked like a black hole. I called ps and he told me to come in the follwing morning.. Which is today... He ended up taking the stiches out of my belly button and then stuck gauze into it about an inch it seemed.. He didnt give me any explanations and to what was going on. He told me to start sticking gauze way into it and changing it 3 times a day with neosporin. Then he took a stich out of my imcision... On the very end of my insicion and it hurt like hell!felt like he was cutting my skin... I said ouch... Trying to hold back tears.. He then says.. That didnt hurt you because your numb there. I look over at it and its dripping blood. Like what the fuck!? And dont tell me that im not feeling any pain... I know what pain is. This is my 4th abdominal surgery. Im
Just sooo sad with this experience... I feel violated and kept in the dark. I feel like im being treated like shit. Also.. As he was sticking the gauze into my belly button.. It kinda grossed me out... So I was wiggling my toes and I said holy crap... He told me not to swear.. He dont like those words. I said crap first of all.. And am i really suppose to care what "he likes" .. He got paid and im the one dealing with this bullshit. If saying holy crap helps me get thru it.. Then that should be fine :(. He then tells me itll take atleast a month for my belly button to heal... still have drains in... My next appt is in 9 days. I just want all of this over with. My body and mind tells me im close to normal again... I can do all my household chores.. Except vacuum cuz its a heavy vacuum... But everytime I feel Im moving forward I end up taking 3 steps back. I know some women have really easy recoveries... But I think more women have complications but dont talk about it... I was never told by my ps that any of this could happen.. And even as its happening... Im still left in the dark as to whats happening. Im starting to get use to being miserable.

Feelings of regret

Im one of those ppl that always says life is short... And now i feel like im wasting away as life is going by. I look like im hiding something under my shirt whenever I go somewhere because of the drains... Im still not walking straight. I feel 80 yrs old. The part that was splitting open somewhat closed up and is now splitting open again. I CANT just lay here and take it easy. I have a 2 yr old to take care of. I had plans to go to state fair in 2 1/2 weeks... And a babystitter for a night.. Because mike will be home for labor day... Im starting to lose hope that ill be better by then. Im still wearing dressings under my binder. Is that normal? I dont even know... But either way i have to wear it.. Cuz of my leaking bb and my nasty split. I feel so nieve that I thought things would go a lot smoother. I really thought after two weeks the drains would be out... I really thought that my bb would be okay.. I really thought that this surgery was right for me. Going on 4 weeks and im still a mess. 4 weeks is a VERY LONG time when you cant do much of anything at all. Life is just passing me by....

31 days post op

So I must say that even though I've been dealing with a lot of hurdles that I am sooo very thankful that the worse part is over. The first 2 weeks were so hard. Pain was way worse than a csection. Depression has been on and off. Now after having a tummy tuck, I think to myself that its definitely not a quick fix and not something to take lightly. Its very invasive. You pretty much lose control of everything for what it feels like an eternity. Like I said tho... The worse is behind me! Im walking around like nothing... I get up without any pain or discomfort. Sometimes the drains hurt but the drains are hell all together anyways. Ive adapted to living with them but that does not mean I don't mind them. Hopefully the drains are removed this coming week. Then ill FINALLY be able to wear something other than pjs. I mean even yoga pants would be awesome! These drains do not go well with tight fitting bottoms. Its crazy cuz before surgery I read ppls reviews so casually...but now after going thru it myself... I had no idea what I was in for. So where my inscion keeps splitting open... It looks so gross today. Its like a hole. Im guessing since its now healing from the inside out that the scab fell off and thats why it looks ferocious. I don't even know anymore. Im not too worried.. I guess. I see ps on wednesday. He's prolly going to tell me to stick gauze in it. Other than my hematoma.. My dead belly button... My drains.. My open wound.... Everything is looking okay lol .... Im just hoping that nothing else goes wrong. I need to be ready for some sex in two weeks. I've been wanting it... So fingers crossed!

Yesterday was a GOOD day:)

Sooo... I seen a new surgeon yesterday and he was everything a ps should me. He listened to my whole story and never cut me off once! He listened to all of my concerns and agreed with me even. He cut all the dead skin off of my wound seperation. He removed one drain and put me on antibiotics.. Told to me to keep track these next 3 days how much is in the one drain. Hes hoping to remove it Thursday. As he was working on my body he explained everything he was doing. I never felt worried or in the dark. He is confident but not at all arrogant! I wish I would have not settled with the first surgeon I found in the first place. I believe that no matter what complications you may or may not have with your tt.. That have a professional, caring surgeon helps 100%! Whether you have to pay a cpl grand more... It makes all the difference.. Emotionally and physically. I mean the man made me feel so good ... I thought to my myself .. This journey could have been like this the whole time. Hmmm maybe a should get a breast lift lol. To top it allll off.. He even gave me a hug at the end! Simply amazing! A complete turn around from what I have been dealing with! :):)


Well I havr both drains out! Last thursdAy the other one was taken out and wow do I feel 100% better. I still have a hematoma and my new ps is keeping an eye on it... We might have to aspirate it. I see him tomorrow. Ive been doing a lot lately and im freling super swollen from it but it beats the hell out of having a jerk dr and two drains in!!! I bought a compression waist clincher from leonisa and it was 40. I tried it on today and its perfect... My belly button is healing good, my wound seperation is still healing but making progress!


Well hello there, its been a while! Im doing great! So much better. A complete turn around. Im super happy! Loving my new body.
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2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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