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I had kids on the late side and really wanted to...

I had kids on the late side and really wanted to breast feed, so the reduction got put off for a long time. After my last baby, I wanted to get down to a healthy weight before the surgery...but it wasn't happening, and I didn't lose any breast tissue once I stopped breastfeeding. My sister told me that I should just do it, and the timing was right. I scheduled a couple of consultations, and scheduled surgery ASAP.

I am too tall and they were too saggy to have it covered by my insurance. I decided to get the abdominoplasty at the same time, to get rid of the 3rd boob. I love running and was tired of needing the Enell and heavy duty shaper panties to do so comfortably. I'm 5'7", 205lbs, but fairly fit, good muscle tone.

Today I am 3 days post-surgery, finally feeling more human. The first couple of days are in a haze of pain. I'm so grateful my Mom came to help, I definitely needed her and my husband to manage me and the girls (3&5).

Each day a little better

So 4 days post-surgery, and getting in and out of bed is much less painful. Managed to handle my own food all day. Washed the nasty compression garment, and did a quick sponge bath with baby wipes. Healing is going well. The only concern I have is the bruising below my armpits, I didn't start with ice packs until the second day and it looks like a fair amt. of blood pooled, puffy and dark, sore. It's not getting worse, but not better either. I'm really enjoying being able to wear camisoles w/o bras! I was a very saggy 40DDD+ before surgery. Seemed like the girls would just fill any bra I gave them, and overflow by the end of the day. And seeing my belly just brings me to tears with joy. I'm eating well, no nausea, giving up sugar. I'm trying to focus on food as nourishment and healing, rather than a way to manage my moods, "treats" to get me through the day.

I have a Dr. appt. on Wednesday (day 6 PS), so I need to remember to get my before pix. I think I'll be able to have the drains taken out, at least one of them. Tomorrow I start tapering off the Oxy.

6 days post-op pictures

One drain out, healing going well. I think the armpit swelling/pain is the worst of it, and the annoying drain. Getting in and out of bed is getting much easier.

Side view 6 days post-op


Had my 14 days post-op appt. today and hurray they removed the last drain!! So happy. Healing well, but having some bloaty pain in my abdomen this evening. So these were taken a couple of weeks before my surgery...

Two weeks post-op, and feeling great!

After my dr. Appt. yesterday I stopped at Old Navy for a couple of cute maxi dresses, and $3.50 camisoles! Size L!! I could have cried, it's probably a little early, but it was good for me. Seeing my before pix was really difficult to wrap my head around...I'm trying to connect with this new body, but there is so much numbness and swelling around the breasts/armpits, and weird achiness. I feel like I have a 'phantom pooch', in spite of all the tummy rubbing I'm doing. Unbelievable amount of flesh he must have removed from my abdomen, I think he said almost 5 lbs! And he took over 800 per breast! Can't wait to start running, doesn't help that it is 65 degrees, and all fresh spring greens and flowering crabapples right now...as I get ready to take an afternoon nap (really want to keep fluid production down since the drain just came out.)

I keep thinking of other things I should add. My skin is really starting to get flakey, bruises under armpits are just about gone. Drain removal is SO ouchy, takes a little longer than expected. I just can't believe I finally did this! And everything went so smoothly, no complications or near death experiences. Yes, I'm a mom and gave myself a bit of a guilt trip for being selfish, and doing this risky thing to my body. But ultimately I trusted myself, my health, and my decision. Phew.

Almost 2 months post-surgery and energy level much improved

Well I had a Dr appt. 4 days ago and he gave me the OK to start running, and swimming in the pool. I have one small scabby area under my right breast that is almost gone, but he suggested staying out of the lake until it's gone. So I ran a wee bit on Saturday, biked 3 on Sunday, and ran/walked 3 miles today (ran about a mile of it. Feeling fabulous! Love that mild soreness in my legs and glutes.

Dr. K said I can buy bras now, that I should be stable. Funny how the increhase in energy level definitely correlated with the breast tissue softening, I have a little more jiggle this week. I think I'm a 38 C, which is just about perfect...I still have about 25 lbs to lose (to be 5 lbs away from healthy bmi). Under my armpits is still a tad swollen and sore occasionally, and my numb belly zone is starting to shrink. It's been a couple of weeks since I've needed an afternoon nap, and been able to carry my kids around. My scars are quite red and a little shiny, which is normal. I need loose underwear. I find tightness around my scar very uncomfortable- I'm loving wearing dresses. Feels like it will be a while before I buy non-stretchy pants with a waistband. SAHM here in my yoga pants...

Dr. Kobienia is very down-to-earth, personable, and professional. I liked him very much. After 2 months, and several appointments my initial impressions have been reinforced. While the visits are short, he is very present and kind. I'm very pleased with the results-everything is healing well, and symmetrical.

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