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BA has been on my mind since I was a young girl....

BA has been on my mind since I was a young girl. Two years ago, I was set with a surgery date, but life happened! Now two years later I am set and ready to go again. Nothing is stopping me this time,and I am so excited! I am a 34 year old, mother of two and step-mother of two more. My measurements are what my husband calls "thick". I am 5'3 and 165 lbs. I have always been a big bottomed gal and am looking to round out my proportions. Currently I wear a 36 B, but most of the time I feel like I don't fill it out. I found this site, and have turned into a BA addict! I have spent considerable time researching and studying to make sure I have the most information possible. My surgeon and I decided on a Dual Plane with 450cc round smooth mentor implants. My PS thought that the slight lift I would receive with Dual Plane would be just what I need at this time.

Daughters and how to explain this!

Hi ladies! I have three daughters, 17, 12, and 10. I am not sure how to approach my BA with them. I know they will be totally supportive, but I'm concerned about how my desire to change/fix my body will impact their own self images or self esteems? Any thoughts about this?

One month to BA!

I am about a month away from my BA and am funding myself to be completely obsessed about it! Sizes, profiles, etc! I have created a great list of questions thanks to all your experience and I truly appreciate that!

Rice sizer fun!

My husband and I are having fun with the rice sizers! I started with 475, as this was my planned size. However, neither he nor my children noticed for two solid days that I was wearing them. Now, I am wearing 575, and even though they seem huge, they seem to fit my frame better. I have such a large bottom, that I think I need to go bigger than 475. In fact, one of the MD answers to my questions was that he thought from my photo I could tolerate 600+!!! My biggest concern is overstepping that line between curvy and just looking heavier. I guess I will have a ton of questions for my pre-op on the 11th.

Sizer photos...thoughts ladies?

Okay, check these out. It's really hard getting the photos alone!!!

You ladies are the best!

I tell you! I would be lost without this site and all if you wonderful ladies! Honestly, I have learned so much through your experiences, I really feel I am more educated about the process. When I went to my consult, I didn't have many questions for my PS, but after reading all of your stories, I have a ton of questions for him when I go to my pre-op next Monday. I am not sure who mentioned, but this site could use a chat feature! I would really like to engage some of you in real time conversations when I have questions or when I am dealing with anxieties over this procedure. Regardless, you have all been a value to me, and I hope you know you all have made a difference!

Pre-op Tomorrow 550cc Round Silicone Unders

Good Morning Ladies! Tomorrow I will be headed to my pre-op, and I think I have finally narrowed down my size. We will see Dr. G has to say about it, but the general consensus of my hubby and my closest friends is "go big or go home". Having worn different sizers for awhile, I almost feel nothing when I wear anything less than 500cc. My mother will be with me tomorrow, and I expect that she will give me her honest opinion as to how each sizer looks. I wanted to bring her for this reason. She has never steered my wrong, and although she doesn't feel I need this procedure, she understands why I want to have it.
I dreamt about my new boobies last night, or rather the first day of recovery! I had to work as soon as I got out of surgery....not cool. In my dream I wasn't in a ton of pain, but I was absolutely useless! I imagine that is a fear for me (and most women) being useless, when we are used to doing so much! I have been preparing the house, doing deep cleaning, so that it will not get too out of hand when I am out of commission. My husband is a great support, but he is not always great at keeping up on the housework! Thankfully my mom is making herself available to us during this time. Tomorrow I will update you all on what Dr. G has to say about size. Thanks for reading!

Pre-op completed!!

Had my pre op today and man did I ask a ton of questions!! Interesting to me how different doctors choose different ways of doing things. Mine doesn't do a pregnancy test the morning of...strange. He also doesn't take other implants into the operating room for sizing. He explained he likes to plan and research out side of the OR and execute when in the OR. I guess I see the point, but I kinda liked the idea of a last minute change if he felt the need to change my size. Anywhoo.... I am going with 525cc moderate plus unders. My mom was a great help in deciding what to choose! It was nice to have her there and get her opinion. I am all paid up, so now I just have get to the day and I am golden!!! I am so nervous now, and realizing just how fast this is going to happen now. I had a mini freak out in the car, and my mom just laughed at me.

9 day countdown begins!

I can officially begin the single digit countdown. Remember when you were a kid at around Christmas, and you would say " well if we don't count today, and we don't count Christmas, then we actually have this many days?" That's what I feel like! I have 5 more days of work, one more weekend, a board meeting in between...and then poof it's Tuesday!! My husband told me last night that he is secretly excited and he has been trying to curb his enthusiasm, so as not to make me feel bad about what I currently have. He's a funny guy...if I felt good about what I had, I wouldn't be doing this!! I'm happy that he is excited, it makes this whole process easier. The kids are excited for me, and are thrilled to be going to grandmas to be in charge of thanksgiving dinner! I am still going back and forth in size, but I guess that is part of the deal. It's amazing to me how many emotions one goes through in this process. Definitely a Roller coaster, but I am grateful to have all of your support on this crazy ride!

Now I'm excited!!!

A week from now, I should be posting my first pictures of the new girls!!! I am so excited, that I can barely stand it. The only thing keeping me grounded is all the stuff going on right now. Sadly, we had a tragic accident this morning in our community, involving 4 kids from our schools. Tragically, one of them passed away at the scene. The entire community was affected, as we are a quite small and close knit community. Our families are all holding our kids a little closer this evening, Teaching them once again to appreciate all that you have in each moment because it can all be gone in an instant. The hardest lesson they learned today is that the kids in that car will never see their sibling girls were never so close as they were tonight.

Last minute touches

Ladies!! I received the call from the surgery center on Thursday, asking me all the pertinent questions. Up until that moment, I was a pretty cool cucumber....when she started explaining what time to be there and how long the surgery would take palms started sweating, my heart rate went up...I was nervous! I thought...holy moly! This is actually happening!!!

I picked up my prescriptions and thankfully, I only had to pay $23.00! Recovery area was all set up this morning. Last minute housecleaning today and I think I will be set!

My husband and I went to an annual November party last night, and it was interesting explaining to friends why we were not staying up there as usual or why I wasn't drinking alcohol. I actually had a couple people ask if it was cuz i was pregnant!!, but I am expecting twins on Tuesday!!!! Thank you ladies for all your candid stories and wonderful experiences!

Tomorrow is the BIG day!!

Sheets are clean!
Laundry done!
Kids set up!
Meals prepared!
2 showers taken! (One to go)
Alarm set!
Bag is packed!

I am READY!!!

Thank you to all you wonderful women for helping me get here!

Today is the day!

5am and we are on our way! Post for you ladies later!!!

I did it!

I was up before the alarm at 3:30, so as I sit here, you would think I would be dog tired, but I'm not really. I am sitting in my recovery recliner with my dog in my lap, husband, and daughter by my side.

Today went well! I was not nearly nervous as I thought I would be when I got to the surgery center. I was checked in, and brought back right away. I changed into the beautiful surgery clothes The nurses came in one at a time and introduced themselves, and asked me my stats and what surgery I was having. Each of them asked me, which I find funny, but totally understand. I signed consent forms and got my IV, and then the anesthesiologist came in. We talked for awhile about the history of his field and he left. All very nice people, I would definitely recommend this center to anyone in our area. Dr. Joe then came in with the implants in the boxes and did all his markings. He is very calming and gentle. After that, my husband was able to come in and give me one more kiss and then it was off to surgery!

The nurses joked about giving me a Mickey, and poof, back to recovery!

I woke up thinking I was at work and wondering why, then I started to cry! I couldn't help it....I apologized to the nurse, who told me it's quite common. Then I asked for my husband. I then started to notice the immense pressure on my chest. The Nurse gave me IV pain medication each time I asked for it over the course of 40 minutes. It actually felt a lot faster than that! I was transferred to a chair, and my husband came in. I was not nauseous at all (yay!) I ate pudding, crackers, drank water and took a pain pill. I really needed to pee, so they helped with that! We went over discharge instructions and they let me go home.

We needed to stop for an underwire bra cheap to bring to my post op tomorrow. Apparently the doctor does some modification to it. Haven't heard that before!

The pain has been minimal, just INTENSE pressure in my chest, the sternum and on the lower outside portion of the breast. I have kept on the pain med schedule, and have had two nice meals made by my loving husband. No issues with feeling sick at all, so I am thankful for that!

I have added some first day pics and have my post-op tomorrow and will keep you posted!

Day after.

Good afternoon ladies! My first nights sleep was tough, but I made it. I was stuff and uncomfortable, but I was able to sleep a few hours.

Woke up stiff as a board, but got through morning okay. My mom came to take me to my post-op, which was easy. PS said everything went well, and looked good. He told me I would be riding high so, I get the strap for 2 weeks! Yay! Also, they showed my how to massage my new girls, and said that my swelling looks normal.

I have rested most of the day, but I moving around noticeably better than yesterday! I'm going out for a nap right now!

Day 5 Post

Good Morning Realself friends! I guess today with be day 5 PO. I am not in any pain except the pain that this bra is causing. Everything still feels tight, but has loosened considerably from last Tuesday.

I tried the mall yesterday with a friend just to get out of the house, and that was great but pretty tiring. I haven't had any pain meds since Thanksgiving Day, but nevertheless I felt lightheaded and foggy the entire time. I needed to sit a few times which was fine with me, and my friend completely understood.

My PS has me wearing an underwire bra, (unique I know), with a section cut out the bottom of the cup. He claims this helps round the bottom of the breast. It does not seem to be bothering my incisions at all, but is digging into my left side, so I had my husband put a piece of moleskin right where the bra rides....ahhhh...relief.

What else? The smooth move tea was a lifesaver! Gentle and natural. I was having regular movements at two days post.

I slept last night better than I have since before the surgery. I am able to sleep on my sides a bit, not completely with all my weight, but enough to take the pressure off my back.

I will do some comparison photos later when my husband returns!!

1 week post-op

Good Morning everyone! I am one week post op today and I am headed back to work. I am a little nervous, but I will make it!!

I have discovered the nipple sensitivity as of last night, and boy they are sensitive to the point of painful! I even woke up in the middle of the night because of them!! I will relieved when the tightness goes away for good, hopefully my nips will be back to normal too!

Thank you ladies for helping me through this process, being with me during recovery and giving me a place to be honest about this whole process!

I added a progress collage for you all! Have a great day!

Modified underwire bra method

SleepingBeauty007 asked me to share this with the group. The day of my surgery, Dr Joe asked me to bring a "cheap underwire bra" with me to my 1st post op the following day. So on the way home from surgery, I stopped at Walmart to use the restroom and grab this bra. They cut a moon shape out of it and told me to wear it with the strap 24/7 for two weeks. Uncomfortable to sleep in, but dr knows best right?

So when I first put it on you could only see part of the tapes covering my incisions. Now, you can see much more, plus an increasing section on the sides. I never thought to take pics of the progress underneath, but it's quite different from day one. Dr joe said it was his preferred method for creating that nice teardrop shape to the bottom of a breast. "Works like a charm" he said.

1 month post! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you on Real Self!! I thought I should update since I am officially one month post, yesterday. To be honest, I have been on and off the fence about my breasts. I knew that was a likely experience, so I have been okay with the process. I have been listening to all of your stories and have learned to be patient with the changes that are happening, even though they are subtle. I have some serious stretch marks underneath both breasts, but most prevalent on the right breast. This was also expected, but I do hope the marks fade a bit with time. My right breast us more tender than my left, and sleeping is still not 100% back to normal.

If I could give anyone a piece of advice surrounding this whole process, it would be to not get too worked up about people noticing afterward. I wore sizers for about a month prior, and I don't feel like anyone notices anything different. I did however, have serious anxiety over this prior to the surgery.

My husband really, really, really enjoys the change! He was a gem of a man during my recovery, and during the "getting to know them" phase. Now that I am more used to them, we are both a little more comfortable!

I'm still in the strange bra method, but have cheated a few times with sports bras when I needed to wear something specific. I have a few tops that I have had to give away, but I am mostly in all my same clothes. I am looking forward to an upcoming shopping trip!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and have a great new year!
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Joe and his staff are great. They were able to answer all of my questions and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I felt informed and received plenty of materials that referenced pre and post operative care. The only drawback I found was the limited time I actually spent with Dr. Joe. Maybe it was my fault for not asking for more time, or specifically stating I wanted to see him for my first post op. I think I will rate this again after my post-op care is complete.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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