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AWESOME! First, I'm glad I opted for lipo vs....

AWESOME! First, I'm glad I opted for lipo vs. tummytuck. I always had a poochy tummy; it bothered my since I was little (elementary school)...menopause & poor habits added to tummy and waist. Photos coming.
First, early July was spent on this site, others, and YouTube -- educating myself.
On 7/8 I went to Dr. David O. Smith for TT consult; opted out.
In the same building, Sonobella had consult availability the next day! On 7/9 the Sonobella consult went quickly. The price was within researched parameters, and they had a surgery opening the next day. I paid with my credit card, signed on the line, and returned a few hours later for my pre-op. Dr. Volk was going to do 5 areas - upper/lower abdomen, waist, flanks.
On 7/10 I met Dr. Volk. He marked me up and I was in and out in a few hours. Pain was essentially as expected - moderate (only painful first 5 minutes & near ribs & pubic area). The doctor got 8# of fat!
Post-op pain and drainage as expected (not pleasant, but tolerable - only used Rx'd meds for 1 day). I had a lazy weekend and was back on my motorcycle 5 days later (though taking it easy). (Since I'm a teacher, I don't have to go back to work for another month! YAY!)
I still have swelling (1.5 weeks), but it's less every day. Waist is already down 5", tummy bulge GONE! I'm 54 yrs old; I expect to have loose skin once the swelling subsides. My clothes already fit 100% better and it hasn't even been two weeks. I'M THRILLED!!

2.5 wks - be kind with photos please

Still shrinking!
I'm still pretty swollen (tummy & pubic area very firm w/ fluid). I'm wearing my CG all day & a seamless waist cincher about 1/2 the night (then I'm just too hot and take it off). My waist is down (started at 43", 1 wk post op was 37", now almost 35"). I'm kind of lumpy (as warned) and the evening itching is tough (massaging kind of hurts but it helps the itching & lumps).
I'm still avoiding carbs and losing the weight slowly, but one day pigged out with sodium and paid for it for 3 days (waaay swollen; live and learn).
Rx update - Of the 5 preop Xanax I was prescribed, I only took 2; I only took 1 of the 5 pills for nausea; and only 4 of the 30 Oxy's. I used Tylenol a few times for pain as well as hoping it would decrease the swelling. Mainly I wear the CG, add the elastic binder, and take it easy when it bothers me too much.
Preop shorts / jeans / slacks do NOT fit - they look ridiculous! YAY! I find myself most comfortable in tshirt dresses (loose on midsection & cooler). Yesterday I wore a pair of my old, smaller size slacks but used the old rubber band trick so they wouldn't pinch my waist when sitting.
Though I'm still 175#s (not slender), I'm very happy with my silhouette. My tummy is a whole lot flatter and I have a waist. My goal is to get down to 150#s over the next few months.
Regarding the photos, no, I am NOT going out to the beach in a bikini, but it was fun to see what it would look like (I had some from younger, fitter days and they cover the pannus / lumps / loose skin).

4 Wks 2 days (30 days post op)

I'm continuing to wear either the CG they provided or firm / extra firm shapewear I've found elsewhere (I like the variety). I'm still a little swollen, mainly in my lower abdomen and pubic area. I massage the bumps and lumps a couple of times a day. But, IN CLOTHING, I feel really confident. I have a waist!! I have a flat tummy (something I've never had). I'm down to 173# (-20# from my max weight; but only -10# from my preop photos). I only lost 2# since last week...but who is complaining. Two pounds is two pounds! My goal is 150...loose skin will be a reality, but it's definitely something I can either live with or decide to have removed in the future. Not on the agenda for's about looking okay in clothing.

8 weeks

Between week 5 & 8 I only lost a pound, but I've gone down two sizes! I was 171# and now am 169#, but I've shrunk! YAY!! I started with my size 14s being tight. At one month I was quite comfortable in my 12s. I pulled old 12s from a storage box; a week later they were baggy! I was able to fit into 10s! A measly week later, I was back into the storage boxes, looking for more clothes. I'm now wearing 8s and 10s! Quite thrilling! And now that I'm back at work and we've done the 1st crazy week (teacher), I can get back into an exercise and eating routine. I still want to get down to 150#s, so I have a ways to go. But I'm getting LOTS of compliments. It's great to have a waistline (for the first time in my life). Photos will be posted soon.
Atlantic City Plastic Surgeon

If you're ready to do this, call the clinic (not their 800-number). You'll get in faster. If you're really ready, be ready - do your research; know what you're getting into! My timeline was really quick - less time to worry! YAY! My expectations were very reasonable: "80% flatter tummy, a waist, loose skin, and lots of pain." I'm pretty tolerant to pain (this was MUCH LESS painful than getting my tubes tied or gall bladder out - and the recovery was a LOT quicker than either of those). The ONLY thing I didn't like about the clinic was each time I went in I had different people (initial consult/salesperson, pre-op appointment nurse, prep nurse, operating room nurse, 1-week post-op nurse - all nice, but all different people).

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