44 Years Old Mother I've Had Several Procedures - Columbus, OH

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I'm getting implants to my butt 712 cc implants...

I'm getting implants to my butt 712 cc implants under the muscle round with Dr Grawy in columbus Ohio I've put my deposit down great staff and her work is amazing I've had tummy tuck fat transfer to hips fat somewhat bbl I have implants 800 CCS in my breast my Dr was Dr.kovanda in edina Mn the reason I'm not going back to him is because he doesn't do Buttimplants but I love his work on me but now I'm team Dr grawy she doesvgreat work the pic below is the begining will post later

Granny 2926

So I'm paid in full I'm about to be team Grawy granny with the big butt I know y'all like why I leave my PS kovanda oh don't get me I love him tummytuck fat transfer breast implants 800cc but he don't do Buttimplants i wish so leaving Minnesota and Columbus Ohio here we come yes my daughter inlaw going to same procedure big butt seekers lol we are getting 712 implant yes big Bootie's is our mission intramuscular so far the staff is awesome Tracy is amazing the whole staff wonderful made me feel like I've been a life long patient and yes I can be a handful but u know what made me so at ease is when I was trying to explain how big I wanted my butt and I couldn't find the words I said Tracy which is one of the nurses I said I want a big dumb stupid butt and she laugh and replied OK we can do that this was when I was doing my intake and deposit for my consultation so two days later when i open my email from Dr grawy it said u are a great candidate for implant and I would love to give u a really big Smart butt I died I couldn't believe that one sentence meant the world to me I felt my consultantation was personal and I wasnt another butt job so I'm going to do my journey with real self cause for one thing there isn't alot of 712 implants on here cause its kind of the biggest implant unless u go customs and I praying I don't have too because I have some butt but I want projection and round yes I want a bubble butt I guess so I going to put all my before pics on here my surgery is 08/05/16 I'm going to try and do videos from all sides and picks for the first 6 months I'm so excited I'm going to post my befores today and I'm start journey on 08/2/16 and my big day is 08/5/16 at 10:30 here go my befores and after the 5th of August if all goes well I will be walking in places backwards from now on lol keep me in y'all booty prayers lol

Big Booty

Hey loves I'm about to be a Dr Grawe doll 712 implants to my butt all the way from Minnesota failed fat transfer to butt not consider bbl but great fat transer but great to sides of legs under hip and great. tummy tuck and breast implants 800cc as u can see I like big so these 712 better wow me going to do a play by play of my recovery from all angles because it hard to fine

712 buttimplants

8/18/16 Team Roxy

Big day is here

712 implants size and feel
All pics are from consult today
8/1916 Big day 712

Saturday day one of recovery

Out the hospital at hotel doing fine s little sift thou picking stuff up with feet lol fine s little pain

Drain removal

Dr.Miami took out drains today lawrd yes

I'm sorry I've been going through something but my implants were a success

Here are some pic my journey was great I'm doing so well I love my new body I wish I would of done it sooner I love u roxy

Size shape and place

712 cc intramuscular implants they are great

712 intramuscular

Pic commin

712 intramuscular implants

Columbus Plastic Surgeon

August 5 I will be getting Buttimplants from Dr Grawe in Columbus Ohio and the cost is 7517 for 712cc implants I can't wait so excited about procedure will post pics very soon

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