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My family has referred to the generally large...

My family has referred to the generally large breast size on my mother's side of the family as "The Family Curse". There are 4 females in my mom's generation and 10 female cousins in my generation. Of these 14 women, I am the third to have a breast reduction (One aunt did as well, but it was because of breast cancer). I finally decided to go through with the procedure when a good client of mine went through it and was beyond elated about it.

The first step was finding a surgeon. My family is spread across the country so I could not use their surgeons and my client used a surgeon who was not under my insurance plan. I went through 4 consultations with different plastic surgeons and decided to go with Dr. Kobienia. He was very calm and matter-of-fact about everything which made me very comfortable. He also talked to me like a person in terms that I could understand and I felt he took the time I needed to feel confident in my decision. After a pre-approval from my insurance company I set up a date for surgery in mid-July.

I felt aware of all of the things to expect after surgery. I was told:
-I will take antibiotics and be given pain pills for after the surgery
-The procedure is outpatient and I will likely not have any drains
-I will be wrapped in a bandage that will be removed the next day
-I can shower after the bandage is removed
-I will not have a surgical bra and can wear whatever is most comfortable
-I can not lift my arms above my shoulders
-I will likely be most comfortable in a reclined position
-I will not be allowed to lift more than 5-10 pounds
-Dont waste money on a bra for 3-4 weeks afterwards as the shape and size will change
-He would perform liposuction on the sides (rib area) where some fat deposits
-I will be very tired- taking a shower and getting ready will be enough to need a nap

Today is July 21st 2016- 8 days after surgery- and I am so happy!!

Day of surgery: My mom and I made it to the surgery center in Plymouth, MN bright and early at 6:30 am. After check in I was set up in a room where a few nurses, my anesthesiologist, and Dr. Kobienia came to talk to me. Dr Kobienia measured and marked my breasts as needed for surgery and shortly after I was escorted to the OR. Next thing I knew I was in recovery and being brought back to my mom. I don't remember much more at the hospital, but I remember Diet Coke, Saltine crackers, and a pain pill. I think I slept the whole way home (~30 mins) and my mom set me up in the recliner. I woke up 6 hours later and my pain pill had worn off. Yeah... That hurt. I immediately took another and my mom set me up with dinner. After dinner I stared at the TV for a while then fell asleep propped up by 8 pillows for about 13 hours, waking up with an alarm for my antibiotics and pain meds. I wasn't going to fall behind on those again!

Day 1: I woke up for my appointment to get the bandages off. The nurse took me in and cut off the bandages and gauze to show me my new breasts. The first thing I said was "Oh! They're so cute!" There was surgical tape around all of the incisions and I was told to let that fall off naturally. I was also told all of the stitches were internal and will dissolve and that the swelling will peak in the next 24 hours. The ride home was not very pleasant because roads have bumps- I never realized just how many until this day. I held my breasts in my hands the whole ride to prevent them from bouncing and went home to take a shower. The shower felt great. It was the first place I felt a difference in my size. I found that I wasn't moving my breasts around to shave under my arms or shave my legs! I slept for about 4 hours afterwards, woke up for dinner, watched some TV, and went back to bed. The swelling definitely peaked that night. My breasts felt hard as rocks and like they were being pumped like a balloon and could burst any moment. Sleep did not come as easy that night.

Days 2&3: Sleep, lunch, 4-hour nap, dinner, TV, Sleep for 12 hours. I was never awake for more than 4 hours. I was still taking pain meds, but less frequently. The liposuction that was done on my sides was very bruised and the most painful part. None of the pain was sharp, it was all dull, almost like a burning sensation.

Day 4: This was the first day I stayed awake all day and only took pain medication at night. I figured out how to lay on my side while sleeping if I held a pillow to my chest.

Day 5: Pain was worse than the day before. I no longer had any prescribed pain medication so I was taking extra strength Tylenol and using ice packs.

Day 6: I did almost nothing but lay on the couch this day which was nice, but I did not sleep well- I think because I didn't exert any energy.

Day 7: I felt fantastic so I went to brunch with a friend and asked her to help me with a target run so I would have help carrying my items. We got pedicures and even did a little shopping. I didn't go crazy, but I tried on a few shirts and this was the first time in YEARS that I can remember going shopping and not feeling worse than before going into the fitting rooms. I almost happy cried. I found a shirt I wouldn't have even looked at before because it would have shown my 2 inch granny bra straps all over. I even got bandeaus! After running around for about 5 hours I was quite spent, but it was worth it!

Day 8: TODAY! I am going back to work in a bit for an hour and a half. I am a hairstylist so I am slowly starting back with shorter shifts and less days because of the use of my arms. I am well rested and ready to get off the couch!

I have full sensation on the inner halves of my breasts and in my nipples, but touching the outer part of my breasts is odd. I can feel there is pressure, but not what is touching them. My nipples are partially responsive to cold or stimulation, but not fully yet. The bruising has gone down significantly, but what is leftover is an odd yellow color. That prompted me to call the nurse yesterday to make sure that is normal and it is. I have had some questions throughout and i have easily been able to reach Dr. Kobienia's nurse and she has given me confident answers.

I will update as soon as the site allows me to upload more pictures!

Day after pictures

It's taken a whole to figure out how to upload picture .

Here is all pictures I have until this point. The most recent pictures are tonight at 3 weeks and 3 days. I have since gone in to the office for short visits at 1 week and 3 weeks. These were very short visits to make sure all incisions are healing well. At this point gravity has started to make my breasts feel more real-- less surgical. The scars are healing nicely as you can see. I am beyond happy and would do it over no question. My clothes fit better, I have not had heartburn, I have no neck/upper back pain.

The feeling on the outsides of my breasts has started to come back. The most annoying thing at this point is getting cold or getting a chill. When that happens my entire breasts radiate a tingle that is very uncomfortable, almost painful, but it goes away if I put pressure on with my hands. This isn't always possible whIle in public, but all my coworkers know of the surgery and don't seem to pay attention if I use pressure while in the breakroom. Otherwise I try to do it without attention using my forearms to relieve the tingle. Even with this annoyance it is very tolerable.

I still have a lifting restriction (gallon of milk) and cannot stretch above shoulder height as this puts stress on the incisions.

So happy!

He was very calm and Matter-of-fact about the procedure which made me comfortable. He spent plenty of time with me to make sure all concerns were addressed. I am very impressed with his work at this point and would definitely recommend him to others.

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