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Well here is my story! When I was in middle school...

Well here is my story! When I was in middle school I was a size 10 with large breasts, but by high school I was a size double zero (00) with saggy mom boobs. Now in college I am a healthy, 118- 122 llbs and I run regularly with a good diet! I have known I have wanted this procedure done since I was 15! At 21 I finally did it! I actually even had a hard time even showing my breasts to my doctor I was so upset with them! I could always hide them very easily although this was something I felt I needed to do! I've already been through the surgery so I will post pics through the journey I have gone through so far :)

Post OP day four

So I went in and had the procedure done on Wednesday, and I pretty much fought tooth and nail to get in I was so nervous! I walked in to the waiting room and said "if I speak I might throw up, paper work please." But it was actually a very easy process and I have still yet to feel pain. All my nurses were so sweet and even the guy who gave me my IV (as I cried) stayed with me and made me laugh a lot. I am still in shock I went through with this, but I am so happy that I did and going through it I now realize I had nothing to worry about.

I have yet to experience any pain, at all. Like literally none. I asked about that on here and I got a lengthy response in great detail about how it has to do with how well your surgeon performs and my nurse told me the same in less words and patted me on the back for being a good patient.
The first few days I was beyond tired and stayed in bed, even today will probably be spent in bed. I quit the pain killers on day 2, went to tylonal and have been just fine on that! For anyone getting this surgery done work your abs out before! I have been using my abs like crazy to swivel my way around my bed and really do limit use of your body and eat and drink a lot. I'm healing very fast and I think that is why. I am even drinking protein shakes before bed.

I am beyond happy with my breasts so far! I can't stop looking at bikinis online. I went from a saggy DD to a perky C. I still have tape on so I can't see the ugly little details really but I do have bruising on the under parts of my breasts and my right one has yet to take the shape my left has, from other reviews on here I have found that is normal.
My nurse and doctor told me to shower yesterday, I didn't. I will today. I am pretty nervous. Being as this is my first surgery I am pretty careful with myself I am just worried. We will see how today goes and I will leave a first shower update and maybe more pics!

First shower

I took my first shower! Not as bad as I thought it would be. I started the shower and got the room warm before I got in. And I had my boyfriend come inside and stand behind me to wash my hair for minimal use of my arms. I never let the water directly hit my breasts but pool around and off of them from my shoulders. I mostly let myself air dry and I really do feel so much better after showering! No pain at all! Just really weird. And I couldn't help but feel like my breasts were going to fall off! But they didn't haha. I am super bloated!

After first shower

Little cleaned up!

I'm so happy wow

I can do this!

Drive today for first time

Taped up

So I saw my doctor today! He took off my tape, then put more on. Yay.... Haha. 5 more weeks until I can really kinda enjoy looking at them. It wasn't too painful but it will get better each time. He wants to see me again next week to do the tape. It has to be changed every week until I stop wearing it. I got to actually kinda glance at my nipples today, it's strange how different the tape makes them look. I was super pleased. Maybe next week I'll ask him to snap a pic for you guys ( and myself) !

Post op 1 week

It's officially one week since I had surgery! I'm careful not to lift things but I'm not as slowed down as I thought I would be. I just have to be gentle with myself. I really need to get a new bra today. My surgical is too big for me now. Or maybe it always was, I just don't have the surgical padding in anymore.
I am posting an up close pic with this to show how they are healing along after a week.
I think the picture makes it look more painful than it really is. I am totally off of anything and have been for a couple of days now. Showers are fine, sleeping is okay (still sleeping up), but no pain. I took a video for you guys, but I was listening to a podcast and the audio is pretty annoying so I won't post it!

Swelling going away

I am now post op 10 days! Feels a lot longer! My breasts are finally less swollen. I am curious how much more they will go down! I am happier with them going down! I think it looks my natural for my body size. They are still pretty bruised and not cute. But, oh well. They will get there. Also, I think the left breast, is slightly bigger than the right. I honestly can't tell unless I am taking a photo though. Even now sitting here in my towel I had to think about if it was left or right. It was that way before the surgery too.
I have been so excited for summer I bought a couple plunge neck line dresses. I'll post pics when I get them, yay!
No pain, but I randomly get.. Feelings? Tickles? ( I am not sure how to describe it) in my breasts. I was told it's the nerves trying to "talk" again. Mostly in my left. My nipples are SUPER sensitive too.
I bought my first zip up sports bra. And wow was that hard to find. To find a sport that zipped in the front, with no wire, and no shape, that fit, I had to go to 6 different stores. I am wearing my surgical they sent me home with to bed at night though.
Showering is almost back to normal now too.
My life, other than running.. :( , is pretty back to normal. I take extra vitimins and I am careful not to do too much but I am feeling really good! I signed up for a 5k this summer as a promise to myself I will get back at it! I want to do at least another, a mud run and I would love to get myself ready for a 10k. We will see ;)
This is not my last post by any means, but I just want to thank everyone for the encouragement and support through my journey. I am fine now, but this was by no means a easy process emotionally! So again, thank you all!

Minimal scarring

Hello! I had my two week follow up appointment today! Yay! Healing super well! No issues! And I've noticed on here in everyone's selfies that no one has tape on their breasts ( or at least not many I've seen) like mine do after what seems to be the first week. So I asked my doctor why he is making me wear mine for six weeks, waiting to use any scar treatments or oils and he said it helps with minimal scarring to do it that way. I've seen many other breasts (in person too) done by him with hardly any to no visible scars so I trust his method! If anyone is interested I can post the tape he gave me. Next week will be the first week I will try doing it myself. I am pretty nervous! But that is a whole week away still!
Bruising has gone down a bit. Swelling by a lot. The sports bra I wore last week is too big for me now. I had to put medical gauze in my sports zip up to fill out the space. My doctor said to do that until I can make it back to the mall for a smaller sports. That makes me so happy hearing the phrases "smaller bra" and "stuff to fill out bra" and referring to my breasts! I will post pics tomorrow of the bras!
Tonight I was taking my selfies in bed, I rolled on my side, AND they didn't flop over!!!! Oh happy days! Laying down they don't flop to the sides either! I'll post a few pictures I snapped!
Thank you again everyone who has been here with me through this experience! Truly life changing!

Mind blown

Just wanted to have a picture where I compared before and after

Healing Fast

PO almost 4 weeks now, crazy!
Really nothing new to report. I bought a shirt I would have NEVER been able to wear before and it's crazy! Summer is so close and I am so excited!
I still get random tingles in my breasts and my nipples hurt sometimes. Nothing bad though.

The tape

Hey guys! So my last post with my low cut top, it says PO 4 weeks, it should say three! My mistake. Exactly now I am 3 weeks PO.
Today I got to take the tape off my breasts myself and re-tape after my shower. And, I will not be doing that again! I will be going into the doctor every week until the tape is done! For anyone who has been reading my posts, I think I have made it clear I don't do well with medical things. I fainted when I saw the bruise from my hemoglobin test.
Anyways, it was not painful. It did not look bad, but I still had a hard time with it. For anyone else I think you will manage just fine though. Today was the first time I really touched my breasts. They are rock hard at the bottom where the T incisions meet. And for some reason ever since I changed the tape I have had a weird pain on my breast randomly. But when I go to look the tape, all looks fine. I don't know what to think of it. Right now the shape of my areoles look.. Off to me. I showed my mom who works in plastic surgery and she said that as time goes on they will take normal shape. And as for the tape, being only PO 3 weeks the incision going verically down on my breasts, are already pretty unnoticeable and I think the tape is to thank for that.
Something else to add, and this is SUPER weird. But when I pinch a certain part of my face, ( I am gross and was popping a pimple) I could feel it pulse down through my breast.
Other than that I am really starting to feel normal again!

PO 1 month

I am PO one month now (well in like two days), and I can hardly believe it! The tingles I had were gone. And I am starting to feel very normal again. I almost have to remind myself not to run or jump, stuff like that. I am wearing my zip up bra during the day and at night my surgical bra with gauze.
I still sleep in a weird pillow fort. One to elevate my legs and then two at my side. Just because I am still worried about rolling on my side even though my doctor gave me the okay.
I can't wait to start running again!!!

PO 1 month and a week

I can't believe I am finally here! So I got the okay to lightly work out. Feeling super back to normal. I sorta jogged today. I went 1hr, 4mph, at a 1.0 incline. Broke a sweat but was eager to really run. Hopefully soon!
My doctor says I can take my tape off now. But I want another week. He also gave me vit E to rub on my breasts. I have yet to see another woman on here wearing the tape I have and I don't get why. My scars have healed so nicely already and he says it's the tape. My breasts have gone down again. I am actually a little sad. But I LOVE my side profile.
No pain.
OH! And I got permission to wear regular bras. I have no idea what size I am yet. I have yet to go shopping. And in two weeks I can wear stuff without a bra! So exciting!

PO 2 months

Whoah, I seriously can't believe it was two months ago I got my breasts done! I feel totally back to normal. Although I still will not totally sleep on my side or stomach. And I still am not letting my boyfriend really "squeeze" them even though he tries. I think he forgets I had surgery. And I'm wearing two bras when I run because I don't want them to bounce. I have fully returned to my work out routine and I no longer hide myself shyly in the shower at the gym afterwards, it is seriously an amazing feeling to freely walk nude in a public place.
I have defiantly noticed the "drop" happen that I was so afraid of. It really is not too bad. My breasts in the last two three weeks have sort of lost their round, and uppidy look to them. They look like just normal boobs now. I don't mind but I am a little sad. I kind of liked the round bubble shape they had for the last month.
Bra shopping is still not fun. Sorry my big breasted friends, it never gets fun. I really think I am going to stop shopping at Victoria Secret other than sports bras and underwear. I'm still a DD there which I find so hard to believe. I can fit my breast in my hand and wear a shirt with no bra happily and I am a DOUBLE D?
At target I am a C and I like that letter a lot better haha.
Sorry I waited so long to post again!
Dr. Wilkie

So great! Him and his whole team did a wonderful job and made me feel so welcome and safe! Could not have gotten through this without them! No pain through out this whole thing!

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