**7 Months Post** Tall Skinny 32A Hoping for 32D! - Edina, MN

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Hello everyone! I am a very tall 5'11, 135lb 25...

Hello everyone!

I am a very tall 5'11, 135lb 25 year old hoping for my dreams to come true! I am currently a 32A (sometime I wonder if I'm even that), and have a very dainty rib cage. I have always been tiny, and never really thought it would be possible to have big boobs. I have seen my bob envy as a harsh reality that I would just have to get over and deal with. I have always loved myself and my body, but I've always felt that my body was missing a part of my soul when I looked in the mirror.

I have always wanted to model and look sexy. I look for every reason to dress up, and have wanted to fit low cut tops, bikinis, and lingerie forever. I grew up waiting for puberty so that I would finally have boobs! It never happened :'( I feel that getting my BA done will help me live the life I have always dreamed of, give me the confidence I've been missing, and feel like my true self. My husband agrees :)

The only things that have been holding me back have been money, and my family's opinion on plastic surgery. After getting older and making more money, doing a little research showed that the financial bit of it wasn't that bad after all! I always felt that it would be some outlandish amount of money that I would never have! Save up your money, live frugally, and this is what you can have. As far as my family goes, I grew up in a household where fake breasts were stupid and insane. I lived in a house full of overly chivalrous, over protective males. They would always gawk at celebrities that have had implants, while I sat there secretly wanting them. I have moved on from their opinions. It is my body, and mine alone. If they see me after my BA and notice a huge change, so be it. If they want to find out if I've had implants, they are going to have to ask. And most likely they will be too shy to ask me up front. I have been stuffing my bras for the past couple months now to hopefully minimize the shock for my coworkers and family. All my family has said so far is "sure looks like you've been working out!". ;)

I met with my PS Dr. Joe Gryskiewicz on August 13th, 2013 in the Twin Cities for a pre-op consultation. His staff were all awesome and very happy to see me. My husband came along for the consult. He gave me a ton of helpful and informative information, including a copy of his book "Your Body. Your Beauty. Your Safety." which I would strongly recommend reading if you are thinking of plastic surgery! I tried on sizers and took tons of pictures. When I was trying on the sizers I had already done a bit of research and knew that I wanted to go to the 400cc range. I really liked the 425cc silicone. I will be having it under the muscle, so I do expect to lose a bit of the projection than what's in my sizer pictures.

After trying on the sizes, Dr. Joe and I discussed the axillary incision, under the muscle, 400cc, high profile silicone, with a medium pocket, and that he would bring my wide sternum in a bit. I let them know that I have axillary hyperhidrosis (an excessive sweating of the armpit) and he said that there would be absolutely no complications with this in terms of the operation and the incision. I emailed them later and told them I would like to go with the 425cc if possible. I don't want to regret going too small! I am hoping to make an appointment for November, but have to figure out some details first.

I hope this post has been helpful for anyone researching breast augmentation. If you have any questions please write!

2 Weeks Away!!

I'm two weeks away from my surgery and I'm as excited as ever! Scheduling my surgery was extremely easy, and the office has been very flexible. I picked my surgery date 1 month ahead of time, and that has been plenty of time for me to get everything ready.

I live out of state, and will be traveling to the Twin Cities for my surgery in two weeks. I am having my pre-op physical in a couple days from my doctor where I live. Once my physical is done, and I know everything is good to go I will feel a lot more ready. In two weeks I will be traveling to have my surgery and will be staying in the area for a week, then back to work if I'm feeling ready! Since I will be going with silicone, I will have stitches that need to be taken out two weeks after surgery, which I will have done by my doctor where I live. If everything goes well, I will just need to visit Dr. Joe at the 4-6 week mark and have post-op pics taken :)

I have always been afraid of underestimating myself. After thinking about it quite some time, I feel that I now want to go with a bigger size. I just don't think 425cc is going to plump me up to where I want to be. With how skinny I am, and with how little tissue I actually have, I feel I'm going to need more cc's than what other girls have gotten to reach their results. I understand that everyone's results are different, so I will be getting Dr. Joe's expert opinion.

Btw, my husband's family now knows what I am going to be doing :) We will be visiting them while in the area after the surgery. We will be staying at a hotel the first couple days of recovery, then with his family. I'm afraid I'm going to be really loopy right afterwards and don't want to freak them out. lol

Less than a week away :3

Alright! I'm in my final stretch before my BA! I've been anxiously waiting for all of the dominos to fall into place and the time has finally come.

I had my pre-surgery physical a few days ago, and the results were faxed to my PS's office. Tina, the surgery coordinator just let me know that everything looks good and that I'm ready for surgery on Monday! I've been trying to gain weight , but during my physical I found out I'm taller and weigh less than I thought. 5'11.5" and 132lbs. I'm a string bean, but I can out-eat my brothers and husband. I've been working out, trying to gain muscle weight, and feel and look better than I ever have. Feeling so ready for my boobies!

I also spoke to Ashley at the office last week, she is my go-to gal. I asked her about going bigger than 425ccs. I asked her about 475ccs and she let me know straight away that amount would probably be too big for me. She said Dr. Joe would put any size that I wanted, but she warned me that my breast width is 11cm, 425cc High Profiles are 12.5cm, and if I went up to 475 High Profile the implants would be 13cm. I know that at 425ccs I'm already pushing my breast width boundaries and probably don't want to go any bigger. I do admit that I'm going to tell Dr. Joe that when he's doing the surgery, if he feels I can accommodate bigger than 425ccs to do it. I trust him completely and will be happy with what he does in surgery for me.

I'm not a big "Wish Picture" collector, because I feel that if you show your doctor too many different pictures, it might just make things confusing. I am posting two of my long time favorite pictures just so you guys can see. The first picture is my favorite result in my plastic surgeon's before and after portfolio online. He takes before and after pics 4-6 weeks after surgery, so you can see that the girl in the pic is still dropping and settling, but I still really like her slope. The second picture is my all time favorite BA picture. I found it here on realself from another user, but it can be my favorite, too! Gorgeous boobs, I so want them!

Well, I feel that I have everything I need for our vacation. My husband is going to be my guardian angel taking care of me. I've done all my pre-op shopping and have everything on my list. It is so hard to find normal button up shirts! We will be leaving and getting to our hotel Sunday night, and surgery will be Monday morning!

Walmart $8 Fruit of the Loom Post-Op Bra and more pics

I got my post-op bras in the mail today. After being referred to these bras for post breast augmentation, and seeing that most of the reviews were from post-oppers I ordered them from walmart.com. They are Fruit of the Loom front closing Sports Bras. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Fruit-of-the-Loom-Comfort-Front-Close-Sports-Bra-Style-96014/13997192

The reviews say that the sizes run very small. Normally I wear a size 32A bra. I took the advice and ordered a 34", 36", and 38". I just got done trying them all on and the 36 fits the best, but after surgery and being swollen I will probably be wearing the 38. After trying them on I could have even ordered a 40" (sounds insane!) and still have been snug. From what I could tell by wearing them for 5 min, they are extremely comfortable, easy to get on, and the hooks in the front are not bothersome.

Fruit of the Loom Pics

RealSelf doesn't work the best on my comp. Trying again to submit pics.

Day of Surgery :)

Just woke up, and will be taking my last shower this morning, then leaving at 7am for my BA! I'm super excited and happy, no nervousness at all....yet :) I will check in at 7:15am and am scheduled for my surgery at 8:45am. I hope to keep you all updated with After pics. I just don't know what to expect for recovery, so I don't know how often I'll be updating.

I am going to tell my doctor 425cc HP, but if you are doing the surgery and feel I could go bigger, then go for it! See you all later!

4 hrs After Surgery!!

I'm a bit tired, so I won't type too much, but decided to take some pictures after surgery! I came out of surgery at 10am this morning, and my new boobies are only 4 hrs old! My camera makes them look smaller than they really are! They are so beautiful, Dr. Joe did such a great job. I'm so happy with how they are laying right now, no embarrassing phase to go through! We went with 425ccs and I can tell anything bigger would have been pretty difficult to accomodate.

I have felt absolutely no nausea, and can get my arms above my head fairly easily. I'm so swollen, and everything around my ribcage is very squishy and bubbly. I can't wait to be able to take a shower and get all the inks off.

Can't wait for them to drop and get my crease :) Off to take my antibiotic and a little nap. I've been watching TV since coming home trying to stay awake, but I'm going to get some sleepies now. Bye bye!

4 days Post Op and Boobie pics :)))

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't had a chance to update or reply to comments. I've been without internet since visiting with family.

Just want to record some stats, for your reference and mine to look back on. Day 1 went amazing, much better than expected. No nausea, no concerns, and I was so excited I had a hard time sleeping. By the end of day 1 I had only taken my prescription pain medication every 6 hours. I had also taken Colace stool softener 3 times during the day. I applied my Arnica Gel all over to get a head start on the bruising that hadn't started yet. My doctor recommends arm stretches over your head every hour, laying on your breasts for 15min a day, and massage if needed.

Day 2 was a little bit more painful, since the swelling and bruising had set in. I was very swollen in the armpits and down my sides. I could see bruising starting on my sides and applied more Arnica gel. It was hard for me to get up out of the bed, or chair. My pecs and abs hurt. I was still taking my pain meds every 6 hrs, and took a Colace in the morning and evening, along with a hot cup of Smooth Move Tea morning and evening. My husband and I went to the mall for an hour or so while waiting for my post op appointment. I had my post-op appointment with Dr. Joe and he said everything was looking great. He shared with me that during the operation he had to lower my natural creases quite a bit, about 1" to fit my 425cc hp implants. I informed him that my armpits were very numb, and he said feeling may never return if it feels numb right now. To me, that is not a big deal. I have complete feeling in my nipples and breasts right now which I am super happy about. Before the augmentation I suffered from underarm hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). After my BA I haven't sweat at all! Sweating was one thing I was concerned about with recovery, but I guess I got a special bonus! I could get my arms over my head, but laying on my breasts hurt a lot.

Day 3 was another sore day. Still hard to get up out of a resting position, but I had switched to Extra Strength Tylenol. I was using the Arnica gel which completely took care of the visible bruising on my sides. I was still very sore and swollen. I tried to put on the Walmart sports bra I bought for post op (the huge 38" size) and it was just too tight to wear. I had a BM and was feeling pretty alright in my tummy. My implants started to get a lot softer, and I could tell my pecs were a lot more relaxed. I could still get my arms over my head, and laying on my breasts didn't hurt quite as bad as the previous days. I did notice that my left arm had a sharp pain when lifted at certain angles. I have read about Mondor's cord and think I may be experiencing it. It was still hard for me to get zip up shirts and coats on.

Today would be the end of Day 4. We drove 5 hours back home today. I was feeling very good today. Just taking my Tylenol when needed. Regular BM. Swelling has went down dramatically, and the bruising on my sides feels so much better. Still using the Arnica gel, I can only imagine what it would be like without it, but I swear it works! I can use my abs and pecs again without pain, and my massaging and breast laying went really well. My only concern is the tight painful cord in my left arm. It runs from my armpit incision to my elbow. At first I thought it was the stitches pulling at something, but later read up on Mondor's cord disorder. I will be calling my BA tomorrow to see what he recommends in making it less painful. I makes putting shirts on really tedious. Other than that everything seems to be going well. I took some more pictures after my shower. I am very happy with how symmetrical they are. Still pretty high, but they are definitely getting soft and squishy. So far they look a little small on camera, but I think that will change once they drop and I get my crease established. I took a picture with my 34D bra I used to stuff before my BA. I am very happy that my new boobies fill the cups already :)

Well, better get some sleep. I have a few more days before going back to work. Hope to recover as much as I can before then. Bye!

Funny Story and Bra Update :P Day 6 Post Op

Just wanted to share a funny tid bit about when I woke up from anesthesia. When they were lying me down on the operating table, they put the oxygen mask on me and I fell asleep after about 5 deep breaths. When I woke up I was smiling so big and giggling. I immediately went to grab my boobies to see how big they were. The nurse had to say "keep your arms down!" and settle me back down. Lol :D

So I've been going braless since my BA, eagerly awaiting my Victoria Secret wireless bra to come in the mail (was backordered and mail is going slow, just my luck). I ordered a 34D in this wireless style- http://www.victoriassecret.com/bras/shop-by-size/wireless-bra-body-by-victoria?ProductID=158766&CatalogueType=OLS.

When I took it out of the package I exclaimed to my husband how HUGE it looked! I held it up to my boobies and I was so surprised that they filled them up! It is such a soft and gentle bra, with a large amount of play in terms of how tight around the band you want it to be. I think there are 4 sets of hooks you can set it to, great for resizing after the swelling goes down.

Things have been going well. Tenderness lessens every day and my arm mobility is improving. I just can't reach super high into the cupboards yet. I'm feeling like I'll be just fine going back to work on Monday :) (technically day 8 post op).

Day 12 Update- Survived Work! Getting Squishy :3

Hello everyone,
I hope that by reading this RealSelf girls can learn from my experience and feel more comfortable about the recovery process. Dr. Joe uses a "quick recovery" technique which involves very little physical contact with the ribs during surgery. This eliminates a lot of pain and recovery time. No matter what, as long as you get active and try to get yourself moving as soon as possible after surgery, you will do so much better. I definitely feel as though I have recovered a lot faster than I expected.

So today is my day off after having gone back to work and working the past 4 days. I went back to work on my 8th day after surgery. I was really nervous to go back to work, because my arms were still very sore, and I was not used to having layers of clothing over my stitches. Everything went well. After coming home the first night after working 9 hours straight, and it being bitterly cold, my body was soo stiff and sore. Being out in the cold for simply long enough to start your car, brushing the snow off, and getting gas, makes me shiver so bad and get really cold and tight. It has been consistently freezing here, with the average temperature when I go to work and drive home being around -10F. I took the rest of the night to try to recuperate. Other than that, work has been easy going. I work as a sales associate at a big chain hardware store, so I have to be on my feel and healthy at all times. So far I have been comfortable lifting things under 20-30lbs, and haven't really been getting that tired. My reach is still a little impaired with my axillary stitches, but it's just getting better and better from here. No one has noticed my surgery at all, as far as I know. I would say that before my surgery I was stuffing my bras to about the size I am now. I look pretty much the same to people that see me at work. At HOME though, that's another story ;)

My breasts have gotten very soft and squishy. I have been massaging them a lot, and lie on them every night for about 15 minutes while going to bed. My husband loves them, and I can't wait to buy some cleavage showing tops. I really don't own any yet! I am still wearing my VS wireless bra, and it has been working great. I can tell they are dropping very quickly. I will be a little sad if they drop further and I lose my current upper pole fullness, but I can always wear a push up bra. If that happens, I wouldn't be shy to go to a larger size in the future. I could tell that my 425cc High Profiles were the fullest my body could handle at the time of my surgery.

As you can see in my pics the only bruising I ever got was on each side of my waist/hips. It doesn't concern me at all, but I am curious what caused a contusion in that particular area. Is that just where the blood and swelling settles? The creases under my breasts are still sore to the touch, as well as my underarms and biceps. Feeling has been returning to my armpits, and so has my hyperhidrosis sweating. I'm used to the sweating, so it's no big deal. I was so glad to not have had to deal with the sweating during my first week of recovery, though :) Everything seems pretty symmetrical to me still and I am very happy. You can see in all of my pictures that the crease of my left breast needed to be lowered further than the right. You can see the "ghost" of my old crease above my new crease. Again, I am not concerned, and am sure it will fade away with time. When I took my pictures today I can definitely see that my tummy and chest were so swollen before. I can see that I've lost a lot of the swollen water weight, and am getting back to normal.

Next week I am going to be having my stitches taken out. I am planning on then putting Silicone Sheets over them to continue to protect them, along with trying to flatten and fade them. Axillary incisions are quite the beastly sight. The anatomy of them is quite interesting, and I haven't really figured them out yet. My incisions have black stitches on the outer edges, and then dissolving stitches in the middle. There is a swollen "ridge" under the incision which makes me imagine skin being folded under and then sewn shut. Whatever it is, it's amazing. I just can't wait for it to start smoothing out, though. Lol

Thanks for reading!

32DD!! 1 Month Post Op!

Well, it seems like just yesterday, but tomorrow will be 1 month since my surgery. I haven't updated since day 12, I've been so busy. Since day 12 my boobies have gotten very soft. I still massage them whenever I can during the day, and lay on them when I'm falling asleep. I have noticed a lot of dropping, but I still look pretty round up top. My crease under my breasts is starting to form from my boobies dropping, and I'm really enjoying it.

As far as how I'm feeling, I would say by week 3 I was feeling pretty close to being back to normal. I had been back to work for 1 week, and the bruising and soreness was totally gone. I had no trouble with morning soreness. I started post op with a Mondor's cord under my left arm, which disappeared by week 1, which was then replaced by one under my right arm. Since week 1 I have been living with the right one, which would be 3 weeks now. It doesn't bother me too much, just means I can't lift my right arm as high and straight as my left. It hurts if you flick it or hit it, and sometimes gets sore pressing against my shirt sleeve, but it's ok. No big deal. Most doctors say they resolve themselves within a month. I had my stitches taken out about 2.5 weeks post op, which was such a relief. It felt so freeing for them to be out. Since having them out I have been rubbing them with my Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil a few times a day, and have been massaging the bumpy spots. I have silicone sheets, but they don't stick to my armpits :/ I am also using the oil now on my breasts to prevent any stretch marks (which I haven't seen any of so far!)

I've been having a lot of fun shopping for new lingerie and buying new clothes to accentuate my new boobies. Before Christmas I went to Victoria's Secret and had them measure me. I tried on 34D, which was too loose in the band. She then gave me a 32DD to try on and, oh my god!, I was sooo excited it was my size! I was so happy and felt great! They don't look like ginormous boobies or anything compared to some women, but I feel so confident with them. I would go bigger if I had another surgery in the future, but for now I am very happy.

I have caught a few people at wrk staring at my boobs, but no one has asked me about them yet. Not sure if they can tell, or maybe they can but don't want to ask :) I visited my family for Christmas and I don't think they noticed anything either. I'm so excited about them that I want to tell people, but know keeping it personal and private is probably for the best :)

Happy New Year, everyone!

6 Weeks Post Op

I took these photos after my 6 week post op visit with Dr. Joe. I have been so busy that I am just now getting around to uploading them. So sorry for the delay! Everything about my appointment went great, and my doctor said I was good to go, and to see him once every year for a check up. As you can see by my photos, my Mondor's cord had completely disappeared, I would say around week 5. I continued to use Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil on my breasts and incisions every day. I was also continuing to lay on my breasts 15 min every night. Things were looking great, and was loving it.

3 Months Post Op! So Happy!! \( `o` )/

Hello everyone! I am updating now at my 3 month post op mark! Dr. Gryskiewicz says that 3 months is where his patients find their final results. If this is my final result, I am most than happy and excited! They feel like a part of me, and feel that my surgery was more than worth it. It is a dream come true.

Now that Spring is rolling around the corner, I am looking forward to being able to show them off. My boobies have been bundled under sweaters all winter, and I haven't even gotten to wear a dress, or low cut top in public yet. I have a nice collection of bras, but now that they are very soft, I am hoping the Victoria's Secret Bombshell bra will finally work. I tried on the Bombshell bra right after surgery, and my implants were too stiff for the bra to work on me. I am excited to see if I can get really good cleavage now with a Bombshell bra. My breasts look very big under clothes, but with how wide my sternum is, it is pretty tough to get cleavage. I wouldn't mind having to wear a super push-up bra to get that look every once and a while.

My incisions are slowly fading after using Palmer's Skin therapy oil every day, and so far I do not have any new stretch marks. That was one thing I was concerned about. I am looking forward to the sun, so I can get a little bit of a tan on my babies. They are pretty pale right now, and you can see my pale blue veins. I'm sure the sun will help. I am still laying on my breasts for 15 minutes every night. Dr. Joe recommends doing this for your first 16 months. I can definitely tell it helps stretch your skin and pectorals, and makes your implants feel and look a lot more fluffy. Mine are definitely soft and fluffy, but still don't bounce all that much. That's ok!

I am slowly regaining full feeling in my arm pits. After surgery my armpits were numb, and every passing day I can feel more and more. Right now there is only one area that is still numb, but it doesn't bother me at all. I never lost sensitivity in any of my breast or nipple tissue. So far I have not noticed any rippling, or any time I can definitely see the implant. I am very happy with everything!

I am hoping to continue to update this review in the future, and I will try to get back to anyone that has questions. Sometimes I get pretty busy though, so I'm sorry if I'm slow at replying.

Thank you very much for reading!

Comparison photo of my results!

Just wanted to upload a pic of comparison of before my surgery and after.

Comparison photo of my results!

Just wanted to upload a pic of comparison of before my surgery and after.

Correction to 3 month post

I uploaded the wrong photo for my 3 months post left incision. Here is the correct photo for how my left incision is doing. Almost can't see it :)

7 Months Post!

I thought I'd give you guys a little update to show how they are doing 7 months post op, after having my 425cc High Profile impacts under the muscle through my armpits. They just keep getting better and better! My implants continue to feel great, and I am loving them.

Last time I updated was 3 months post. Not too much has changed since then except they have become even more soft and real. They get jigglier, and squishier, and softer every day. I can tell that since 3 months post my pec muscles and skin have continued to relax more, and are giving the implants more room to move freely. I continue to massage my breasts and lay on them every day. Some days after work I will take off my bra and my breasts will feel very tight and solid, but after massaging them they fluff back out. I use my pecs a lot at my retail job, and I have noticed that I cannot use them like I once was able to. My pecs are now pulled away from my body, and have implants under them, so they are slightly weird feeling to use. If I am lifting objects, my breasts will tighten, which is noticeable if I'm wearing a low top. Just so you are aware of that :)

The feeling under my arms by my incisions has come back which is great! From time to time I do get strange tingling sensations when I touch my armpits. It's not painful, just a really different feeling. It's like hitting your funny bone, but not painful. I never lost any feeling anywhere other than my armpits.

My scars really disappeared by month 5 by using Mederma scar cream, but I use the cream still every so often to see if they'll disappear even more. I feel confident wearing sleeveless shirts without being worried about people noticing scars.

Overall, I love them very much. It is a little tough finding 32DD bras, and I will even overflow them sometimes. In my pics I am wearing my Victoria's Secret Fabulous Multi-Way Bra in 32DD. I am overfilling the cups slightly, but this is my favorite bra. If I need to have more room in the cups I can move up to a 34D, but I didn't feel like going up another band size and making it a looser fit was worth it. This Fabulous bra has given me the best cleavage and plumpness out of all of my bras! I have a wide sternum, and need to pull them together a lot to get cleavage, but it's definitely possible with this bra, and wearing tight shirts. It is a gorgeous bra! I have had to move up to size large for buying shirts lately. I have a tiny bit of trouble fitting into some of my old clothes, but I can still fit into most of them that I previously owned pre-BA.

I will note that a couple weeks ago, I woke up and the crease under my left breast was painful. I have a feeling I may have slept on it wrong, and was putting strain on the crease pocket that was created during surgery. It felt bruised, very similarly to the bruised feeling right after surgery. Since then I have been wearing my wire-free bra and keeping the band a little looser to help the area relax. It feels completely better now after a week or so.

Please send me an email if you have any questions or want to know more about Breast Augmentation. Thanks for reading!
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

I did a lot of research to pick out doctors I wanted pre-op consultations from. I pursued Dr. Joe first based on his beautiful resume and huge collection of before and after pics, and didn't have to look any further! From the very first email I sent everyone was on such a personal and warm level with me. I felt like I was the only patient with all the focus being on me, and felt I got all the attention I needed. The scheduling was very flexible, which was good because I was traveling for my surgery. Dr. Joe and his staff are always there to answer your questions via email, or on the phone. Payment went very simple, and everything fell into place perfectly before my surgery. The day of surgery went amazingly simple and calm, and would definitely recommend the Minnesota Valley Surgery Center to anyone. Thank you Dr. Joe!

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