35 Year Old Tummy Tuck with Dual Plane Breast Augmentation - Edina, MN

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Meet with Dr. Joe 8/24/15 and scheduled surgery...

Meet with Dr. Joe 8/24/15 and scheduled surgery immediately after the consultation. All questions answered.
However after reading all of the reviews on real self of others who have had this procedure done by others, I'm starting to get cold feet. At first I was overly excited but now I read "swell hell" "worst pain ever." I know it's surgery and it is very invasive. After having 4 c-sections I kind of have a feeling what it is like for pain, but this is starting to scare me.
I have dreamt of a make over since my first child in 1997 & ever since having diastasis recti.
8 days out from surgery...
I am 4 hours away from the surgery center.
Nervous as ever right now.

Survey complete

My procedure date changed to TODAY!!!
Checked into Centennial Lakes Surgery Center in Edina, MN. Pre op process, marked up in pen, consents signed. So positive and relaxed, this helped so much.
Taken back to surgical suite and given General anesthesia for 3 hours procedure. Woke up in recovery room very alert and very comfortable. Drank water, had snack. Reviewed discharge instructions. Husband taught on care of 2 JP drains, Foley catheter, and restrictions. Mild discomfort prior to getting dressed so took oral pain meds and Zofran ODT.
Husband Drove me to relatives house so we could to stay the night in town for connivence of follow up appt in the morning.
So pleased and comfortable. Not as terrible as anticipated.
Oh my gosh I am so pleased with the results so fat!

Post op day 1

Follow up at clinic before making track home.
Taking pain meds on schedule due to uncomfortable burning.
Waiting to take my Foley out till the morning.
JP drains are putting out minimum, possibility of taking out tomorrow also.
Not much to report. Lost of water and rest

Post op day 2

Here is a picture post. Swelling but that is expected. Foley catheter out. Voiding without difficulty. JP drains just came out as there were minimal output the last 24 hrs. Easier to get in and out of my recliner chair today. Put pillows in my chair to make more comfortable. Taking collapse twice a day and Waiting on having bowel movement. Driving making lots of water and napping frequently. Staying on pain med schedule (1 Percocet every 4 hours) or burning sensation gets real uncomfortable.

Post op day 3

Showered for the 1st time today since surgery. Used a tub chair to sit on while showering. Got light headed but quickly passed. Was feeling so good that I started to clean up the kitchen while my family was at church. Not the brightest thing I've ever did. Paid for it the rest of the day. Had 1st bowel movement today. Continue to take Percocet and flexeril for pain/burning sensation.
No drainage from incision or drain sites.
Binder on continuously every day.
Wearing Ted socks to prevent blood pooling and doing ankle pumps as ordered by Dr.Joe.
Drinking lots of water and consuming low calorie high protein diet. Getting recommended daily servings of fruit and vegetables.

Post op day 4

Uneventful. Showered and rested most of day.

Consult pictures

Weight #179 on consult day 8/24/15.
Down to #160 on surgery day 11/12/15.

Post op day 5

Here is some before and afters.
Mild swelling but not surprised. Bruising where Lipo done is fading to a green color from purple.
No pain just some mild burning. Standing straighter with help of flexeril and Percocet.
No problems with nausea, eating, drinking, or going to bathroom.
Still sleep in recliner. Will transition in a week back to bed.
Follow up appt on 11/20 in afternoon. Probably get sutures removed.
Really is not as bad as I was perceiving it to be from other writers. No regrets on doing these procedures.
Can't hardly wait to get new bras, underwater and jeans.

Post op day 10

Each day is easier. Off pain meds and able to lay flat in bed. Able to bend over. Was given permission to wear spanx last Thursday which was 1 week post op. Not sure size so still wearing my brace. Still mild swelling. Up 5# from surgery, unsure if it's fluid retention, weight, or my implants. Not sure how much was removed from my abdomen.
Was able to engage with my husband for 1st time since surgery & surprisingly it was Not painful at all.
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