20 Year Old Disproportionate Girl - Sydney, AU

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Age: 20 Height: 174cm / 5'8 Weight; 88kg /...

Age: 20
Height: 174cm / 5'8
Weight; 88kg / 194lb
After getting boobs extremely early they'd always been part of who I was. When I was twelve at my primary school formal I was already an Australian 12C (pictured below). At twenty I was measured as a 12J or 10K and had to buy speciality bras typically costing between $95 and $150 each. Though my self esteem was never an issue, I was often singled out by not only men's rude comments but also women's bitchy gossip aswell. My back, neck and shoulders suffered and resulted in me getting weekly massages and physiotherapy. After swapping into a more active career I decided that now was the time. I scheduled in with my doctor two weeks ahead and got a referral to Dr Jeremy Hunt. I'd already selected him out of three possible candidates due to his informative website and perfect results albums. After having my initial appointment with him it confirmed that I had made the right choice. A week and a half later I was booked in for my breastfeeding reduction surgery - 19th May 2016 at the Prince of Wales Private Hospital.

Day of Surgery

I attended Prince of Wales Private Hospital at a check in time of 8am. I done the usual paperwork and was informed I was third in line the night prior in the phone. After doing the usual three hundred question by the nurse I was asked to change into a gown with compression socks. As soon as I was done the surgeon came and marked me up and my anaetheaist gave me some sedatives to calm me down. This was around 9am and I was surprised when I was told I was ready to go in (other two operations were small ones apparently). I said goodbye to my mum and I was wheel into the preop room. I had to take put my nipple piercings and more sedatives were put into my IV. I was being wheelled off to surgery and I remember asking the porter how many operations there are a day at the hospital and he said between 90 and 100, I was amazed. I remember being in the operating room for about two seconds then I was out thankfully. I woke up at about 2:30pm in recovery and was in and out for an hour before they took me to my room. In recovery I was asked several times what my pain level was and given some drugs accordingly. In my room I had family there to see me which was nice. My night in hospital was drowsy and my nurses were all very pleasant. All the food was good surprisingly and I wasn't disturbed very often. I got some sneaky photos that night of my boobs which I have attached to this article. I had my drains removed the following morning which didn't hurt at all (probably all the endone). I asked the nurse how long they were and she told me she'd tell me afterwards. I just put my hands on my hips and she said breathe in heavily, then when I exhaled she pulled them out which didn't bother me at all. She showed me afterwards Tha they go in under the armpit near the ribs, then curve under the breast and upwards! These things mustve been the best part of a foot long! The tubes had holes in them everywhere and she explained that the little grenade part on the end is kept squeezed so when it draws back in it kinda draws the excess blood through the tubes and out into the little collection grenade like things at the end. I was dispatched at about 10am and I felt in pretty high spirits.

Three Days Post

The title indicates the days where I'm at, I've decided a week post op to fill I'm all the photos and wrote the reviews now I have more energy. I've been pretty much like a newborn baby, I sleep a lot and like to complain. The pain is bearable but very annoying. I've mainly been watching TV shows and sleeping the majority of the day. I find regular icing brings a lot of relief to me and helps with the swelling. A little tip for you ladies is to defiantly have laxatives when you get home from surgery, I hadn't been to the bathroom since the day before surgery (wednesday) and didn't end up going until Sunday evening/Monday morning which is nearly five days. It took me about 10 senna tablets and 4 laxatives before things started to get moving.

Day Four Post

Lost of bruising coming through, looking quite sore and messy, this is just a quick update. I get my dressing changed on Monday (30th May) which I'm looking forward too! I'm sick of looking at yucky dressings. The pain in my ribs is starting to come through and I can feel my incisions a bit more towards the ends of my dressings.

Day 11 Post

I'm feeling a lot better the last few days. I've been able to go from a 2.5km walk with my sister. It's very slow mind you but I do it in about half an hour. I still gave swelling on the sides of my beasts but overall they're quite settled. I got to the surgeon tomorrow to change the dressings and I can't wait to see how nice the look all cleaned up and know when I get the go ahead to drive again, etc. I'm on the last day of my twice daily painkillers and find I'm getting along fine. If I get particularly sore after I walk I just take one of the panadine tablets and I get by just fine.

Week and a Half Post - DRESSINGS OFF!

I had my dressings removed today and I was amazed by the results! I have perky boobs! They're still slightly boxy on the sides but that's expected to go away once my swelling eases off. It was a bit painful to get all of the dressings off and with a few sly stitches it made me wince but it was over and done with fairly quickly! I have to tape my incisions now for a few weeks before moving onto my silicone scar strips during mid June. I'm off all of my drugs now and get by with the odd painkillers if I struggle. They're starting to feel "real" again, they're a lot less hard. I've put a few photos in now that my boobs are far more aesthetically appealing without the old dressings. Enjoy guys x

Six Weeks Post - clear to do anything!

Hi guys, it's been six weeks as of yesterday since I had my breast reduction, time flies when you're having fun! Life has been infinitely better, I cannot begin to explain how much easier everything is. I still wear my surgery bra because it's very comfortable but I also got fitted for a sports bra the other day and I'm easing back into physical activities. I've been keeping up with my silicone strips and massaging the scars every night as told by my surgeon. I am over the moon about how they look and I can't wait to see how much they change in another six weeks. I'm back to full duties at work now and find I can lift almost anything and I even had the pleasure of lying facedown for an hour for a massage without too much discomfort. I had a little trouble with my right breast closing up at the T incision but with time and persistence it's fixed itself up. Everyone is constantly commenting on how much better I look with my body in correct proportions and how it's helped my posture out. If you have any questions feel free to keep inboxing me or comment below.

Ten Weeks On - Feelibg Fabulous!

Hi guys, it's been just over ten weeks now since surgery. Life has been business as usual, I've been able to wear underwire bras with minimal discomfort and I've gotten myself back into running again. Everyone still continues to compliment me on how much better my proportions are since the surgery and I'm continuing to buy clothes that no longer make me look far too top heavy. I am still 100% convinced that this was the best decision I have ever made. The scars are improving a lot, keeping up with the massages and silicone strips sure do wonders! I've been fitted and I sit around a 16D/DD. Hope this helps you all :)

Dr Jemery Hunt was very prompt and informative. He was straight to the point and understood my needs. Everything was very fast and there were no delays whatsoever. He was very professional and has done a fantastic job.

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