Smart Lipo Scheduled for Feb 15th! - Eden Praire, MN

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I am getting Smart lipo of my pubic area. Alot...

I am getting Smart lipo of my pubic area. Alot different than most peoples areas of choice! I have always been embarrassed about how my pubic area sticks out in swimsuits and underwear. I did some research and found out this is something that can be fixed! So here I am, my surgery is scheduled Feb 15. I'm not even feeling nervous, just super super excited!!! I will be awake during the procedure. I'll be given a Valium and vicodin to calm me. Hopefully they work! I've got 6 days off, although I don't think I need them. We'll see! :)

I had my surgery done on Tuesday! Everything went...

I had my surgery done on Tuesday! Everything went soo well, and I'm so glad I did it. Here's a recap of my day/week:

Day One:
Got to the appointment an hour early, like they told me to since I was having just local anesthesia and they wanted time for the drugs to kick in. They were running a little behind but when they finally got me back I got undressed and they gave me 2 Valium and 1 Vicodin. They let my boyfriend wait with me in the room. I always thought that I would be super loopy or sleepy, like the nurse told me I would be, but I wasn't AT ALL! I think it relaxed me a little, but thats it. They got me back into the surgery suite and the procedure began! He first numbed up the two sites (which are really, really low in my pubic area, which I was happy about) and that didn't hurt at all, just felt like a little pinch. After that was numb he started putting in the tumescent solution. That was the only part that hurt, and even that wasn't TOO bad. There was only a couple times that I said "Ouch!" Once that was done the suctioning began, and I didn't feel that at all. Well no pain anyways. I kind of felt tugging, but no pain. It went super fast and we just chatted the whole time and listened to music. It was a really pleasant experience. Before the procedure began they asked me if I wanted a drape up so I didn't have to look, but I told them no it was fine. So a few times during I looked down and watched and told him "Good job," LOL. When it was all done I took a final look and it already was so much flatter! They gave me my post-op instructions, bandaged me up and put an abdominal binder around my waist. She brought me back to the exam room and I got dressed, all the while feeling amazing! No pain, no dizziness, no nausea.. (all things I was worried about!) I was doing so well that they just gave me a Sprite and crackers and sent me on my way! Right when I got home I had to take the bandages off to take a look and take pictures. I was surprised that skin was a little loose and saggy! But it was much flatter already. That day it leaked quite a bit of fluid. I had it done at about 12:00 in the afternoon and didn't start feeling any pain until about 10 at night. Already by the end of the night the skin had firmed up and wasn't saggy anymore.

Day Two:
Still not having too much pain except if I laid on my stomach too long or bumped it. It wasn't leaking anymore and was a little bruised. There wasn't much swelling at all and it looked sooo good. I tried on all my swimsuits and cute undies :) I was very happy.

Day Three-Five (today):
A little more swollen so I'm trying not to look at it as much (LOL). I keep looking at the pics I took from day two and hoping that in a couple weeks I'll be back to that! I have a follow up appointment Tuesday with my PS, I'll be interested to see what he says then!

Overall, I'm so happy that I did this. Even with the swelling I have right now it already looks so much better.

It's almost been a month since I had my procedure!...

It's almost been a month since I had my procedure! It's gone by so fast. I wore my compression garment for 3 weeks, only taking it off for a couple hours a day. After my one week check up I started doing the massaging to help with swelling. It never really got THAT swollen, like others I had heard of. At about 10 days post op it started to get really hard lumps under the skin. I got really nervous that it was going to be like that forever! I was diligent about the massage and everyday the lumps are smaller. You can't see them at all, but you can feel them a little. It's looking so good and I know it will still go down even more in the next couple months. So happy I did it, I wish I would have done it sooner! I feel much more confident now.

Dr. Wilke

The doctor was very thorough with answering my questions. He was very kind and made me feel comfortable during the whole procedure. I highly recommend him!

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