The Brown Paper Towel Test - Eden Prairie, MN

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I have waiting for almost 2 decades for the...

I have waiting for almost 2 decades for the invention of MiraDry. I have tried everything short of the ETS surgery (which I won't do even though, oddly, it is covered by insurance). This is something, like many others I have struggled with. Hyperhidrosis is completely life altering. As we all know here the vast list of things we can't wear. Its hard. On my wedding day, standing up there saying my vows I could feel sweat running down the back of my arm. What is more upsetting is that sometimes I prefer winter over summer. And I live in Minnesota. But at least in winter, I can get away with wearing layers of clothing that hides the problem better.

Anyways, after much searching I found a skin clinic here that does MiraDry. There are only 3 in a 50 mile radius of me that offer it. They were able to book me the day after calling which made me excited and nervous. I had 21cc of lidocaine injected (no idea of many actual injections that was but it was alot). Yet not quite enough in a few areas. I am guessing they treated me at a Level 3 since they only do 3 and 5 there. She had to stop mid-treament on my left pit to inject some more because...omg... wowza. Still not as painful as getting your bikini line lasered but... a close 2nd.

My bruising and swelling is MUCH less than other people photos here. It kind of just looks like i have chubby arm pits right now. There was hardly any pain after, or even these days following. The morning after it felt a little like razor burn. But yes, as many have mentioned, ice ice ice will be your best friend. I have packs in my work freezer. The first day after, my left pit had almost no sweat all day, just a little crept up when I had to make a long walk in the heat of the afternoon. My right pit had some sweat in the crease. It seems my creases need to be focused on last time, and I kind of knew that about myself. Those seem like the worst locations.

Its now 2 days after and ... sad to say there is a little more sweat coming back. BUT, compared to my ability to soak (4-ply) paper towels which each dab, this is a huge reduction. I will have to keep watching going forward though to see how much comes back. Without a doubt I will need my second treatment, which is the assumption right? That why they sell two treatments together. I also will be interested to see how much I sweat once the swelling goes down enough to stop icing.

So far Im happy but its only been two days. I will def keep updating.

It's been alittle over a week now...

So it has been a week. I still have some swelling but it no longer feels awkward to put my arms down. At times it feels like, when you cut yourself on a bending part of your body, and as it heals and the scar stretches it feels tight and almost makes you feel like your going to break the wound open. Thats what it kind of feels like sometimes, like scar tissue. But that feeling is going away too. I am getting the feeling back, but there's still numb-er spots.

Now for the important stuff. How is the sweat problem.... It's definitely improved. And yes, there is phantom sweating. Where you feel damp but you really aren't. I have two long walks every day to and from work, which is where i tend to sweat majorly. I've done my paper towel test every morning when I get to work. Previously I would soak a towel folded 4 times over, now hardly any wetness is visible!

A word of advice though, definitely give up using antiperspirants in the morning ( if at all). I figured out my clinical strength deodorant was causing me to sweat. I used it earlier this week and was sweating by the time i got to work. Then i stopped using it and ... nothing, no sweat. Don't ask me, I just know I won't be using them anymore.

I am still not 100% confident on clothing choices. But was able to wear a light blue gauzey shirt and went the whole day with out sweat marks ^.^ I am looking forward to my second treatment.

Less Impressed

As the swelling goes down I notice the sweating comes back. I am at about maybe a 30-35% reduction at this point. It's still less, but again I am having to sensor my clothing. The odor has not disappeared either. Probably because it goes hand in hand with the return of sweat. Sigh. I guess we shall see what happens after round 2.

2nd round scheduled for Nov. 11, 2014

I am about 3 months out now. I scheduled my next procedure for November 11th. Honestly, I feel it's only reduced about 30% of my problem. The more the swelling went down, the more sweat came back. I had to go back to using deodorant because with sweat came the odor. I am a little bummed out and not sure what to do it if doesn't work. The clinic said they always use level 3 or 5 on people. So I will probably request the 5 for sure next time, feeling a bit leery though.

I am Lidocaine resistant. So it took quite a lot for me not to feel things. She had to stop and re-inject at times. The Lidocaine makes me jittery too which causes me to tense up trying to stay still. But I paid for this so I definitely am going to do round 2. Back to watching what I wear unfortunately. I do feel that wearing deodorant makes things worse. I feel like I sweat more with it on. Still trying to find functional alternatives. Luckily winter coming (Terrible thing to say), but its an easier season for this problem.

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