Mini TT, Lipo and BBL - Ecuador, EC

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Hello , i am a mother of 3 girls, 3 cesarians so...

Hello , i am a mother of 3 girls, 3 cesarians so the skin of my tummy got stretched and i have a little puch i would like to remove, alsow i would be getting a bbl , i work out alot but my butt is never get where i wanted, i wish more roundet and bigger butt! After my second pregnancy i got my body back in 1 year by doing tons of work out and strick diet. My last baby was born in january and i am working aout and eating healthy but i can tell that my tummy wont be flat even if i loose more weght. I am 5.7 and 140 lbs , i have lost 35 lbs so far in 6 month. My surgery will be done on july 15 in Ecuador , Guayaquil city by dr.Carlos Marengo. I will be posting pictures soon..

Blood work , done!!

Ok so my blood work is all good! I got my self a faja and ready for my surgery , 4 more days! Here is my wish picture... I love her bum

1 day before..

Tommorow is the day! I am so nervius , and today i got my monthly period grrrr, my back and tummy hurts so bad and i can nottake any pain killers.. My Doctor told me no food or fluids after 8 pm, tommrow at 9 am is the surgery, lipo, Mini TT and BBL , kind of scared .. I have 2 little kids 4 years old and 6 month old baby, it will be tough to take care of them after the surgery , my mom is here with me for 2 weeks and then i will be on my own.

1 day before..

Todays picks 145lbs

Thaaa thaaa all done, i am in recovery room, i was awake all the surgery it was not bad

Surgery was 3 hours, not bad at all , my husband was with me all the time holding my hand, i am resting now, i was awake all the time, i had an epidurial anestesia, did not feel a thing. Right now i dont have any pain or anything. I ll write tommorow an update.


All done looking good so far .. No pain or any thing yet

Less then 24 hrs from my op

Ok, so last night i could not pee, it was so annoying, i had pee at 9 am then i tried to go to the bathroom at 6pm and then at 8pm and NADA, so i had some tee, i trow up right away and then at 9pm finally i did! So i sleep all night fine, no pain really just little discomfort . I woke up at 7am , had a yogurt and coffe, then i felt i need to go number 2 .. I was really scared that it may hert alot on my TT , i had to take a faja , and i did it ! No pain what so ever! So I showered and put on fresh faja, so far so good, pain from 1-10 would be 3 i think, it was soooo much worse after cesarian ! So i am attaching some pictures for you ladies...


Not much going on, 3 day post op, sore from the lipo, BBL dont bother much but i miss sitting, i am not bleeding anymore , scar from TT healing nicely .

Trying on jeans

I did not realize how huge my butt is untill i start trying on jeans ..

First massage... Ouch!!!!!!

Last night i got my first limphatic massage and OUCH!!!! That was painfull!!!!! Plus i got ultrasound massage alsow .. Remmeber you have to do the massages to get smoth and bumbs free skin, plus it helps to eliminate liquid form your budy.

6 days po

Ok , so pain is almost gone , in a scale from 1-10 i would say today is 1, my bruises are becoming yellowish, i have done 2 massages with 2 ultrasound treatments. With each day it is easier to get in and out of faja. I have beed driving from day 3 but a short distance. Today i am swollen which is expected .. So nothing ealse the report, in 2 hours i am having another massage ( they are torture lol)

12 days po

Swolen.. Nothing much new, 5 massages complite

Pics 13 dpo

13 days pdo

Ok todays is very good day! It is getting easier with each day! Massages helps alooot!!!!

Looking better

Abb board

Is any one use this tummy board? Does it works?

Abb board

26 days po

Some days i am more swolen mostly in my flanks and lower part of the belly.pain olnly when i do massages. The only regret.. I wish i went bigger with my bbl.

Jeans ????

1 month post op

When is lumpiness go away? I feel like a monster:(

5weeks post op

Hello beauties! Well my butt is got nice and soft very natural lookibg, i cant wate to to start working out to make it bigger lol as for my lipo area is still sencitive to tuch and lumpy , some days my belly is swolen, my flaks hurts the most and swolen still . I still wish i went bigger on BBL

Still lumppy

My tummy is still lumppy, but sweling is going down, got my self a new jeans


Love my butt / hate my tummy

Info about the scars

scar’s healing progression consists of two phases, immature and mature.

Immature – Immediately after a wound heals, the scar is immature. During this period it may be painful, itchy or sensitive as nerve endings within the tissue heal. While it is typically red in appearance, most scars fade to normal flesh color with maturation. Exercise, massage and heat application will have the greatest positive effect on an immature scar.
Mature – Depending on the size and depth of the wound, scar tissue will cease production 3 to 18 months following wound healing. When scar tissue is no longer produced, the scar is considered mature. While techniques to reduce scar tissue in a mature scar are effective, a more disciplined and vigorous approach is necessary.As soon as the wound is knitted, massage therapy can be performed. During the initial immature stages of wound recovery, it is imperative that a gentle approach be taken. The following six techniques are well-known ways bodyworkers can improve scar tissue:

Manual Lymph Drainage optimizes lymphatic circulation and drainage around the injured area. Gentle, circular, draining motions within the scar itself or a firm stretch to the skin above and below the scar, first in a straight line and then in a circular motion, are two drainage techniques. Placing the fingers above the scar, then making gentle circular pumping motions on the scar also helps drain congested lymph fluid. As the massage therapist gently works down the scar, the tissue will feel softer. Drainage techniques should not hurt or make the scar redden.
Myofascial Release helps ease constriction of the affected tissue. To stretch the skin next to the scar, place two or three fingers at the beginning of the scar and stretch the skin above the scar in a parallel direction. Then move the fingers a quarter of an inch further along the scar and repeat the stretch of the adjacent tissue, working your way along the scar. An alternative method is to follow the same pattern of finger movements using a circular motion instead of straight stretches. Work your way along the scar in a clockwise and counterclockwise fashion.
Deep Transverse Friction can prevent adhesion formation and rupture unwanted adhesions. Applied directly to the lesion and transverse to the direction of the fibers, this deep tissue massage technique can yield desirable results in a mature or immature scar. Never progress beyond a client’s comfort level.
Lubrication of the scar helps soften and increase its pliability. Mediums such as lotion, castor oil, vitamin E oil or other oil can prevent the scar from drying out and re-opening.
Stretching aids in increasing range of motion. This is most important when approaching scars that cross over a joint. Scar tissue will lengthen after being stretched, especially if the stretch is sustained for several seconds and is combined with massage.
Heat Application helps the pliability and flexibility of the scar. Common tools used to apply heat are paraffin wax, moist heat packs or ultrasound.

6weeks po

So it has been 6 weeks po, i start work out and buy it feels good! Still have lumps and swolen a bitt, but stretching and working out helps alot, alsow i am massaging my self every day i hoppe the lumpiness will go way soon.


6 weeks po .. The bumbs and lumps are not getting any better.. I am massaging them every day stlll looks same if not worst :(

7 weeks po

Still lumpy and swolen

Canula track marks ????

I am 8 weeks port op, my torso
Looks ok if i dont lift my arms.. But when i lift my arms i can see all the canila track marks ???? Looks terrible depressing

One side is bigger..

So one side is still more round and bigger ???? I hoppe it is just swolen like this and will even out with the time

9 month post op

Well in 9 month i was trying to get my weght down, not much luck , i am getting what you call flyff but for a few month, i honestly do t want my butt bigger .. it is huge already , may to big for my legs . I am trying to work out my legszmy tummy is still looking bad, but much better then 3 minth ago.
Dr.Carlos Marengo

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