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When I was 18 years old I was fit and 115 lbs. I...

When I was 18 years old I was fit and 115 lbs. I had my first child at 19 the day before my 20th birthday he has changed my life as well as my body. I packed on almost 100 lbs whip pregnant with him. I had my daughter 5 years later. She is a happy beautiful girl. 18months after her I had my youngest son. You can probably imagine what my body went through. He was the biggest of all of them weighing in at a total of 9.6 pounds. My fit petite body was used up and nothing but a big blob of nasty. I went into a depression stage after my youngest child. I ate and ate and got even bigger. That was 8 years ago. I hit my biggest at 234 pounds and I am only 5'4". My husband said I carried it well But my step daughter kept cracking jokes about me being big. It hurt.. I had a Dr appointment just a yearly physical, and was told to lose weight because my cholesterol and blood pressure were really high! I was borderline diabetic I got scarred. I wanted to be healthy so I could grow old and see my kids grow up and play with my future grand babies. I started working out and eating right I started really paying attention to my eating habits and portion sizes. I lost almost 70 lbs in less than a year! You can probably imagine the jelly roll I have to tuck into my pants. I started talking to my husband about the TT surgery. He told me if I can balance my weight and hold it at 150-160 for 6 months he would pay for the surgery. It will be 6 months in July. I have set up a consultation with a DR Rucker in Eau Claire, Wi for June 9th I am really excited to meet him. I have decided if he gives me a good vibe I will start my process so I can have the surgery in Sept. I will post photos one I crop them and modify them so you can't see my face but I have a before and after. Its a huge transformation. I have to look back at it daily to remind myself how much progress I have made. Thanks for reading watch for updates.


Here are a couple of photos from Almost a year ago and one from today! Don't let the last pic fool ya. There is a lot hiding under that shirt.

Had my consultation!!

Yesterday I had my consultation for a tummy tuck. I was contemplating on getting a mommy makeover but was unsure due to cost and my husband's insecurities. Well my husband and I met with Dr. Rucker and right off the bat he made me feel very comfortable. He made it about me and what I wanted not what my husband wants. He made my husband feel comfortable with my decisions. I could honestly say he made him feel so at ease that I talked him into a full mommy makeover. I am so excited. I will not set the date until next month but I'm shooting for the middle of September.

I am right now a small A cup going to an average C cup. The only time I ever had boobs was when I was overweight. I am so pumped!!!

I am going to get the body I have wanted for so long! The tummy tuck is the big one. That alone will change my appearance.

The Dr. Praised me for my weight loss and quitting smoking. He was very impressed. I am very happy with myself as well. I don't praise myself enough.

Updates to come!


Forgot pics!

Set the date!!

Shi* is getting real!!


Lots of emotions today. I gained a couple of pounds and I am very emotional about this. I am so afraid of gaining weight cuz it was so hard to get it off. I keep going up in weight since I quit smoking I am ready to give up! I am still under 160 so that is a good thing I guess but I was so proud of myself when I was at 145. It didn't last long. Ugh so frustrating. My emotions are on over drive. now I only have 2 months before surgery I need to lose at least 8 pounds to be back to 150. I am trying so hard to stay on track with my diet and exercise But with all the stuff going on this summer it has been so Damn hard!


So I quit smoking in April and since I did I have gained 19 pounds back..... :-( very discouraging.....

I am now trying a detox and I am going to get back in the swing of things. I want to get back down to 147. I worked so hard at getting there the first time I just need to get my mindset back on track. This is so hard for me. I am going through many emotions and I am scared but nervous at the same time. I am scared of the recovery process from surgery. I'm excited and sad and happy and mad all at the same time. My moods are out of control. I can't wait to feel normal again!


In the last few weeks I have been gaining weight. I hate this. I have been exercising, and eating right and the weight keeps coming on. Ugh. How frustrating!! I have worked too hard to lose it and now I ha e gained backalmost 20 pounds! My surgery is in a little over a month. How do I start shreding the pounds before my surgery. I am half tempted to cancel but I already paid for the entire surgery.

Some before photos of my itty bitty titties.

32 days before I get a new tummy and new ( . ) ( . ) lol I'm getting everything ready and ordering like crazy to make sure I have what I need for post op! In the meantime I thought I would share some before pics of my boobies.

Oops didnt post..

Left side didn't post

Sizing it up.

375c.c. sizers I think i want to go bigger. Maybe 425 c.c.

Here are a few pics of my muffin top

Less than 2 weeks!!

Oh my God I can't believe I'm 12 days away the checking and flabby and checking out flat! I can't believe this is happening so soon time is going to drag for the next 12 days! I am scared, nervous, excited and unsure! I don't know how to feel. Lol


I figure I would have my 10 year old daughter help me take some measure ments today she is pretty good at art!!


I had gotten no sleep last night! I keep thinking of my surgery, I have a mix of nervousness, anxiety, and excitement. My husband is havei,g a hard time understanding my mood swings and I know they will get worse after the procedure. I tried to give him a heads up but I don't think he really knows what he is in for. He will only be with me for the first week to help.
2 more sleeps my procedure is set for monday at 12! I am going to be really cranky that morning cuz I can't have coffee. Ugh! I wish the days to go by faster!


Omg omg omg!! Today is the day. I didn't sleep at all last night! My husband's nerves got the best of him too he decided to have a few cocktails, and he ended up getting drunk. Ugh, nothing like making mama mad. My kids are wound up and acting like nobody has ever taught them manners. I am a wreck, I am going to take a long hot bath and relax before it is time. I will post an update when I'm out on the flat side!!!

I made it!!

I have successfully made it to the flat side!!!! Please forgive the photo my husband is not a good photographer, lol he tries. Dr said not to take binder off at all until one see hope to get pics then. I think my right breast is larger by a lot than my left. I guess we will see once I have dropped and fluffed.. Husband is happy with breast results. He has been very worried about how big they would be .. I told him there was nothing to worry about.. I haven't even looked in the mirror yet. I can't wait to see my results. Any night everyone. My 10 year old nurse said " put down your phone and get some sleep mom" lol I love her!!!


35 Year Old Mother, 5'3" 160 Mommy Makeover

Dr Rucker was awesome, I felt at ease when I met with him for my consultation, he was easy to talk to and listened to what I wanted. I had my surgery and on the second day post op he called me personally to see how I was doing. He is very straight forward and to the point. I have not taken off my garment to see what I look like because I am waiting for my first post op appointment, I am so excited to see my results so far, I am sure I will lo e what I see. The really cool thing I found out was that I got my surgery on DR Rucker's birthday!


My husband took these photos for me so he can have an image of me before and after. He will take more when I get bandages of on the 8th. So excited to see my belly button, and my scar. I am pretty sore this morning due to not taking any pain meds last night and I did a lot of walking around yesterday. I am getting up by myself and I can really feel that I over worked my body. Relaxing today, lots of swelling this morning and muscle pain. I have major itching going on under my bandages. So annoying!!
My hubby has been very testy with me this morning. I know it's because he is not used to doing the mommy duties. On a plus side my kids have been more helpful than I would imagine. My 10 year old is a great nurse!! Anyway time to rest.


The last two days I have been feeling a stinging pain where my drains are. It is more annoying than anything.. Anyone else have that problem???
I feel great, tired but great. I am walking almost straight up and down, still have more of a tugging and more pain on my right side more than my left.
Tomorrow is my Post Op appt and I finally get to see my insicion!! And I will get to see my belly button!! I'm so nervous and excited.
Lots of itching going on, trying not to rub or itch is really hard, it's so bad that it wakes me up at night.
Will post pics after I shower tomorrow evening. My husband is excited too. :-)

Binder free!!

Got my bandages and stitches removed today!! It was good to see Dr. Rucker and the girls! I do have a little problem area along my pubic line. :-( very sad about that. I am really hoping it doesn't turn into an open wound! That is my biggest fear!!! Anyway I managed to get a photo before my shower I will post more once my swelling goes down, probably in the morning when I change my bandage.


Ugh!! This morning I went to take a shower and my right breast incision opened up!! All the way!!! I instantly began to historically cry, not because it hurt but because that breast looked. So perfect!! Yesterday while applying my scar cream I felt a popping and heard a popping sound and it left my incisions nice and smooth not bumpy like they were. I am assuming that was the internal stitches popping.

I am so angry!
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