Tired and a bit sore. Eau Claire, WI

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I have always had a large breast size since I was...

I have always had a large breast size since I was young. At 31 I now have a DD but very close to a DDD. I decided to get the surgery for the main reasons of back and shoulder pain but I also want to be able to run without having to have 3 sports bras on AND hold them down as well.

My back has curved big time to support my large chest and well I'm just done with it. Yea my large breasts look good in an outfit and guys like that but I want smaller! Doc says he will probably take 2 pounds from each. Making me either a full B or a small C. I can live with that! It's one week away now and I'm getting scared. I'm worried of course about the cost, about my husband having to take off work to be with me, and how much pain will I be in.

My surgery is on a Friday, will my husband be able to go back to work on Monday until the job is done? (Like 2 or 3 weeks gone type thing) Can I return to everyday mom stuff right away? Biggest is me cleaning the cat box and laundry. I can get my kids to do everything else. I have no support except for him and my younger kids. They would have to go to school. I'm excited to have this done and yes nervous. I don't have to worry about kids as I had to have a hysterectomy last year. I'm nervous that I will look bigger. I gained weight and want to exercise better to lose the weight. I'm scared of the up to 5 hours in surgery. Even a hysterectomy only takes 45 mins! Will post pictures soon, I have to alter them as I have a very distinctive tattoo that i want to erase lol.

Got some pics updated for the site. I'm just so...

Got some pics updated for the site. I'm just so shocked at the difference. They doctor came back yesterday to tell me they took over 800 ccs from each breast. That's 2 lbs each! He found 3 cysts as well so that's being sent to pathology. This is day 3. I'm tired still and a bit sore. My breasts are perky and don't need a bra! They are TINY. Can't go back now lol. They are still very swollen and hard as rocks but hopefully they will settle in the next couple of weeks. I go back to the doctor tomorrow. He will take the wrap off and check my stitches. I will then be wearing a sports bra. He thinks it's a Full B or small c. Guess i don't remember what that is on me. I kinda jumped from a b to a D when i was growing up.
I'm still undecided yet as i want to see the final result. Not a bunch of bruises. Will update every once in awhile til the final result is here!

Ell I tried to post 2 weeks ago but it erased...

ell I tried to post 2 weeks ago but it erased everything :(

Hmm so I slept in my recliner for one week. If I laid in my bed all I wanted to do was roll to my side and that hurt a lot. I did okay the first week but by the second my ribs started to hurt. I took the steri strips off at about 12 days. They were starting to fall off anyways and I saw that my skin was closed so off they came. It wasn't as bad as it looked once things closed. I did get woozy every time I looked at my breasts though. Just wasn't a sight that was enjoyable.
I did end up doing a lot of housework. My husband left for work 2 days after my surgery so I was the only one to do most of the work. I may have over done it a bit but I don't think too much. Never lifted too much anyways.
I continued to be sore mainly with the swelling and stitching until about the 3rd week.
At week 2 1/2 I did go in to the doctors for fear that I may have a tag. He said everything looked good and he pulled off the glue that was around my nipples. WEE I had nice pink non freaky nipples lol. I pulled the rest of the glue off at home so that made it a bit better.
At 4 weeks I stopped in at the doctors on my birthday. Good news things look good. The tag is gone. But I do have an opening where the 3 corners come together on left side. (pic included). It's healing up pretty good now. The doc gave me a cloth to put on the wound and then Bandaid over that. It's helping. My rib pain was probably from a vein that was cauterized. He said it probably just pooled with blood and that's why it was hurting. At week 6 it's pretty much gone finally. He says it's kinda rare as he's only had like one other person that had weird veins.
Oh and I have weird skin lol. It's just the way that it's healing. It's also kinda thin so veins are noticeable around the stitching from being stretched.
The cysts that were found were nothing. I go back on March 6th for a 2 month check up because of that open sore but he says all is good. I'm kinda worried about one of my nipples though. It hasn't flattened out like the other one did yet. At almost 6 weeks you'd think it would be done by now. Swelling is gone and I'm still a C :) I'm happy with that size. I still have to lift to see under but it's not so big that they are in the way. I started doing sit ups again and it's so nice when they don't flop to the side.
I've been walking at 4mph since week 2 and next week I will be doing a bit more of a faster walk. I don't think I want to try running just yet. I'm not doing any arm strength exercises. I will wait til my next doc appt and then ask about doing that. I will also avoid 10 pounds til then too. I did start sit ups last week though and knee stuff again. As long as i don't strain too much. I've been trying to slowly stretch my sides. It's a bit tight so just daily take a min or so and stretch just straight up.
I feel stitching wanting to come out but nothing poking thru. Omg I popped the stitching at 1 month. That was the weirdest feeling. I was rubbing cream to reduce the scars and pop pop pop. But it was sooo much nicer when the stitching area was finally flatter!
Got a whole bunch of pics to show my progress. I just now have to hope that the scars fade! With such light skin it will be hard but at this point I can live with it.

The surgery cost was just over 14 grand. 7 grand for the surgery itself. 1500 for the night's stay and like 2 grand for anesthesiology. It was also A Grand for my meds! Holy cows what did they give me!

After insurance went thru I now owe about 2500 bucks which isn't too bad.

I'll try and add pictures next time. Everytime i do everything gets erased.
Eau Claire Plastic Surgeon

DR. Banich did a wonderful job as far as i can tell. I'm still alive and he took what he said he was going to take. He is the one that changed my dressing not a nurse. He checked to see if i can feel sensation in my nipple. (I do!) I hope it stays like that. The staff at the hospital was great too! Going to send a card to all the nurses that were so good to me while there.

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