Breast Reduction 38ddd to c/d

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I had my consultation on 8/12 and we submitted for...

I had my consultation on 8/12 and we submitted for pre-authorization with my insurance company (Blue cross blue shield). I confirmed with my insurance that it was received on 8/16. Review process can take up to 10 days. Very nervous and excited all at the same time! Will try to schedule surgery ASAP after approval because my insurance changes mid October


Waiting is so hard..... Anyone else have back pain that got worse after you had your consult. Ugh.


I'm approved!!!!! Yay!!! I called BCBS to check on my pre auth and they told me I'm approved!! I'm so excited. I have a call into my doctor to see when we can schedule!

Rush rush

Oh my goodness! They can get me into surgery on tues 8/27, as they just had a cancellation. That would mean viewing before & after pictures tomorrow and pre op appt Monday. Guess we just fast-tracked this whole situation.

Fast track update!!

I met with my ps today to see some before & after pictures. Little backwards considering my surgery is already scheduled for Tuesday, but I figured I'd have more time between approval and surgery. Pictures were wonderful. Very natural looking, symmetrical, nicely shaped. Most Picts were only 2 months post op but they looked so good. He said he tries to not do an incision all the way to the sides if possible. Healing is much easier if he just stays under the breast. My mind is totally at ease now after seeing pictures.

He will take 550 from each size and I should be a C at least but possibly (hopefully) a D. I told him to be conservative and take out just the 550.

The nurse went over my current meds and no issues there. Just no Advil or naproxen. They will not use a surgical bra. They will have me wrapped in an ace bandage instead and will keep that on until my post op appt later next week. I will be staying overnight in the hospital. My surgery will probably start around 1:00 tues. I'm third in line.

This weekend will be school shopping, meal planning and hopefully some relaxing.

A swimsuit that will fit

I'm looking forward to actually fitting in a swimsuit! No more busting out!!

Pre op today

I had m pre op visit today and I'm all marked up. Very nervous and excited. I hope I can sleep tonight. Maybe I better download a good book in case I'm up reading instead if sleeping.

No sleep!

Ugh I didn't sleep a wink! I started watching a tv series on Netflix called scandal! Pretty good! I think I watched 6 episodes! I finally relaxed a but when I saw the main character wearing this beautiful dress that someone with size DDD could never get away with. Not relaxed enough to sleep but I will catch up later today.

I'm done!

Out of surgery and in my hospital room. I was so worried and nervous all last night and all morning. Wondering what am I doing, am I sure? Yes I was sure. All done now. Procedure lasted about 5 hours and an hour in recovery. I'm sitting in my room with ice packs. One above and one beloe. Pain was about a 5 when I woke up but had some meds and now I'm at a 2 will probably request more soon just so the pain doesn't come back. Ps took about 600 from each side. He had to take a little more so he could safely get me closed up. He said my skin isn't stretchy. Guess that means I'm youthful even though I'm 40. I'm very happy so far. Yay I'm done!!!

Day 1 Post op

I feel really good. Pain is minimal as I've been taking Percocet every 4 hours to keep the pain low. I'm wrapped in just an ace bandage and I have cleavage even in just that!! I slept like a rock last night. Should be getting out of the hospital around noon.


On Pinterest I saw how to make ice packs that are similar to the gel ice packs you can buy in the store.

Use gallon size freezer bags. Add 3 cups water and 1 cup of rubbing alcohol. I double bagged them. I made two. Use one of your bigger sports bras over top of your surgical bra or ace bandage. Then tuck these ice packs inside the big sports bra! A bag covers each breast perfectly and the bigger sports bra over the top hold them in place.

Good so far. Doc didnt have time for me to see pictures of results at my consult though. They said I will have to make another appt to come back an review the before and afters.

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