5'8", 160lbs. LOTS of Skin and Fat Rolls After 130 Lb Weight Loss!!!

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I haven't even gone for a consultation yet. I was...

I haven't even gone for a consultation yet. I was going to do so with one doctor because it was free if mentioned realself. Then I started asking on Facebook about him and got some VERY frightening answers. I cancelled my consultation. Now I am waiting for my physical with my GP to see if I have enough documentation regarding sores and rashes to at least have insurance pay for a panniculectomy. I am so uncomfortable. My stomach and back are difficult to "put away" and I have difficulty exercising the way I'd like because things get in the way. Not to mention the sores and odors. Feeling frustrated and know that it's not really in the budget. But I am tired of feeling mentally and physically exhausted by all this extra stuff. It's not just vanity, it's physically uncomfortable. Argh! What to do now?????
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