I finally did it!!!!! My Name Says It All.... Mini tt, flank lipo and muscle repair..

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PUMPED! OK... My story... I am 49 years old....

PUMPED! OK... My story... I am 49 years old. Married 31 years to the best man on the planet. I had the last of two very large children 25 years ago. (9.2 and 10.6) At that point, the damage was done... Through the years I have lost and gained 40 pounds or more about six times... Could never figure out how to keep it off. About four years ago I started on a quest. I wanted to be that healthy fit lady. Not skinny, and not jacked. Just healthy. I am happy to say I have finally figured it out! Clean eating, weight training and realizing that its a lifestyle.. Not something I can ever give up... and I don't want to! Anyway.... a tummy tuck was always joked about but was in my mind always a dream. Besides the fact I had to get over the guilt of using so much money for my own vanity and of course there's the issue of finding said moula. It just never felt right. UNTIL: NOW! I don't know what it was... the fact that I'll be 50 in January, or that I work SO hard... it just feels right...
Went to my doctor today and I LOVE him! Soooo comfortable. Checked out my muscle situation and I was beaming happy that he said they were strong... Only issue is I have a high belly button aka long torso... SO he recommended the mini. Which I am SO happy about. The recovery time was starting to scare me... especially being away from the gym for so long. I'm scheduled for exactly a month from today. I cant wait. To be able to wear jeans without looking like I have a sausage rolled up in there... Yes!!

Some pics...

Is this really real????

The office called. post op on Monday. Makes it a bit more real... I couldn't sleep last night I was so excited. And its still three weeks away! Bought a matching set at Vickies Secret, even though it looks absolutely ridiculous. The bulge can't decide if it wants to go over or under the panties. Gave my hubby the news that we won't be sharing a bed for a while. He's 6'4 and I'm 5'9, in a full bed. So yeah..., that's not happening... He took it pretty well. Oh, and by the way. 5' 9" 160. Down from 210 four years ago. :)

funny stuff..

Got the old " why do YOU need a tummy tuck?" at the gym yesterday. So I pulled out the beast. Shut them all up real quick.

Post op tomorrow.

Nervous as heck...

pre op makes it really real..

It went great. Doc went over the procedure again. If all goes well I'll have a super low scar. Going to do a little lipo around my belly and my flanks. Makes me feel like a steak. He seems to think my post op shouldnt be too bad. I'm really hoping he's right. LOL They gave me all my scripts plus some Arnica. And they'll provide the binder I nees. Super. One less thing to worry about. I'll have one drain which should only be in for a couple of days and a cath for the first night to pee easier. I CANT WAIT!!!

weird thoughts....

So I was thinking today, I'm kind of going to miss the old pouch in a weird kind of way. I mean I got pregnant at 21 and he showed up (Yes, he's a boy), He's been with me ever since... almost 30 years. Kind of like an annoying old friend who bugs the crap out of you. Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to his departure, but it's just gonna be weird looking down and seeing a whole new body. I cannot even remember having a decent belly. hmmm. Just my thought for the day.


My drawer full of extremely unsexy sucker inners. I hope to bid them farewell.

One week from tomorrow! A reason why...

I just realized this is not only for others to see how my "journey" is going, but to look back myself and see where I've been... Here's a pic of one of the moments where I realized it was time to do this. Did a mud run with my girls and hubby took my picture. Thats me with the hot pink bandanna and blong ponytail... Looking allright I'm thinking... But wait?? Whats that THING hanging off my front. THE BLOB.... Just looks deformed....

getting so close...

Every day brings up a new feeling. Yesterday it was anticipation. Nested like a maniac. Cleaned out on my closets, organized the Tupperware, vacuumed the car, got a haircut, you get the picture. Today I'm feeling more philosophical, or something. Not quite sure. Its been a long road. Thought I'd post a pic of my before and after I did for my gym. I love my gym. Love the ladies there, the support they give each other. Cant imagine doing this without them. So close.

My husband is the best....

So he sees my belly... In the dark and after consuming some alchohol. And he always says I look great. He's awesome. Today showed him the flubb sober and in the daylight. After much thought he agreed. It doesn't " match" the rest of me. Seriously love the man.


I cannot BELIEVE this is really about to happen!!!!! Anesthesiologist called. Blood work says I'm healthy, :) Going for a spinal. Have to be there at eight thirty and surgery at nine thirty. HOLY CRAP!!!! I am not gonna sleep tonight. Not at all......

alll donnnne!!!!

Hurtin like hell but its all good! It went super smooth. The doc did have to repair some lower ab muscles..one drain... just peed likea race horse... and no nausea at all! Get to actually see tomorow when I go back the the docs office. Stocked up on every drug imaginable. Drug store and health food store items. Oh and pineapple. Hoping it hurts a little less in the morning. :) thanks for everyone's encouargement. Oh and great story. I have a friend who lost 100 pounds but never had her excess skin removed. She's going monday for a consult!!!

got to take a peek!

Went for my day after chech up. My scar is so straight and pretty! I wasblaying down so couldn't get the while effect but I'm a happy girl. Pain is being well handled with some oxy. But only when it gets bad. And apparently the one place that really hurts is frim the drain under my skin.its hitting a nerve. But that will come out tomorrow. :)

Day three was a good day!!

Slept like a baby last night... Woke up and took a poop!!! I was so worried about that. Hurt like the dickens but my plan seemed to work. Magnesium citrate and dried apricots. And lots of water. Went back to the docs and got my drain taken out! That felt super weird. Tomorrow I get to take a shower then yes ladies, I will take pics! Still really love how low and straight and skinny my scar is. Also love that my ps has provided me with just about every supply I have needed. They'll even give me my second cg. Really love that place.

As promised... pictures!

Now keep in mind I am MEGA swollen. You can really see it in the side shot. But the flap is gone! Actually teared up when I saw it. I'll try and explain....
We have a very old house built in 1927. Our walkway was a poured concrete gross thing that hung around for 25 years until we replaced it with an old brick walkway last year. And hardly anyone ever notices. Thats because it just fits. It looks like it BELONGS there. Thats how I feel about my tummy. Like after 25 years it finally belongs with the rest of me. I think some of you will get it. :) So anyway. Pooped again. I highly recommend the magnesium citrate. If it had been a regular density poop... ugh. Took a shower and it feels wonderful. Down two one pain killer twice a day. Also thought I'd give you a list of the goodies I'm taking that my doctor prescribed...
Celebrex, pineapple, bromelain,Valium (only took 2 of those suckers), Arnica gel, arnica tablets, oxycodone, Amoxocillin (sp?), x strenth tylenol, milk thistle... It all seems to be working!

Weighed myself this morning...

I'm not a big weight person. But I thought this was cool. With all my clothes and my binder on... Still really swollen, I weigh exactly what I used to weigh naked first thing in the morning. This is a good thing.

it's amazing...

Every single day I feel 100% better and it looks 100% better. ...I SO grateful for this site. The few concerns I have are answered by all of you lovely ladies and docs. Go back again to see my doc tommorow... :)

sooo happy...

I can see its time to work on those inner thighs. LoL Cant wait to get back to the gym!

Words of wisdom... Kind of.

Number one. Don't wear your binder too tight! It can actually cause little creases in your skin that get red and raw. Like under my belly button. Number two, rest in the afternoon if you can. My procedure was minor compared to most and I am exhausted come two in the afternoon. Just my body healing but I need to learn to slow down...

Soooo tired.

Like when I was pregnant. Used to call it "put me on the couch and don't touch me" tired... And swollen. Ugh. So thankful my kids are old and gone... And I don't have a job outside the home, sooooo tired.....

day ten... turning point

I feel almost normal. Maybe it was the nap.. maybe just time. But today was the day I finally feel pretty normal. Hope it carries into tommorow. :)

12 days... scar pic.

I'm off to my fourth doc visit post op.... All scheduled visits. Nothings wrong they just really stay on top of things. Every day I feel better. Swelling along the top of the scar, especially on the one side. I'm not worried. I know it will go down. The other side already has quite a bit. And it's still way early. :) Because I only had a mini I still have some loose skin around my belly button. But I'm good with it. Much better than grabbing a couple handfuls of lard....

oh...and I should add...

I just got out of the shower, so its a bit redder than normal. :)

Huge milestone!

I sneezed a real sneeze and it didn't feel like someone was stabbing me!!

Ugh... Bad day. :(

So I couldn't figure out why all of a sudden my scar was tender. It hurt so much. Then I realized I had changed the tape on it. Sure enough when I took it off I had wrinkled some of the scar.. And it was pulling. Next time I need to remember to lay flat when I put it on, like at the docs. So after that I thought I'd give it a rest and not wear my binder. Holy Toledo. Within an hour I had puffed up right above the scar far more than I ever have... Ughhhh.. So now I'm going with the flexes... And laying down a bit. I hope this isn't a sign of the future... :( and I want to go back to the gym on Wednesday... I miss it!!!!

some pics...

three weeks tomorrow. As you can see from the pics, actually getting bigger. lol I'm ok with it though. Its mostly swelling and the fact I haven't worked out in three weeks.... You can see in the one where the tape left a mark. Not sure if its because I put it on wrong or my skin is all of a sudden sensitive to it. But no more for a while until it heals. Other pic is the swelling above my left side. Its on the right too, just not so bad. Its been there since day three. some days worse than others. Doc said its just blood pooling to where my body needs healing. If its still there in a couple of months then I'll worry. And pardon the cute dog. Totally unintentional. LOL You can also see that yup, I still have stretch marks and some squish on my belly. Its the downside of doing a mini. But I knew that going in. My main goal was to get rid of the roll and be able to wear normal clothes. :)

oops... forgot the other two pics.

one more thing... about weight.

I was 163 the morning of my surgery. Pretty much have been that for a while now. 159 the morning after. He must have lopped off about four pounds. I've been able to keep it right there for three weeks now. Just drink lots of water and we eat stupidly healthy. My only vice is my nightly couple of glasses of wine. And the occasional peanut M & M's...

four weeks update..

went for another check up. Looks good! There is a little swelling still right above the scar, so they put me on Lasix every other day. Man, already peeing like a racehorse. Also started on Bio Oil. And back to the gym a couple of times! Feels soooo good. And all of my worrying about what to do and what not to do didnt even matter. My body says NOPE if its not good. Pretty much anything with abs is a no no... but everything else is good to go!

been a long time!

doing well! Did want to let some know of the things that might need to be taken care of later down the line. I have a little lump of excess fat at the one end of my scar. Thought it was swelling but nope. Still there. Sooo. going in to get it sucked out and hopefully that will take care of it. Doc said its like no more than a dentist visit. If the skin there sags I may have to go for a little revision but taking one thing at a time. :) Still can't believe that used to be my tummy up there! lol

six months out... and thrilled

OK. Had a little lipo on one side because I was lopsided. Now thats all done. I'm six months out. For those of you pondering full or mini heres what I think. I love my mini. Now I'm not going to wear a bikini because I do still have stretch marks and a bit of belly yuck. But if I gave up my nightly cocktails it would go away no doubt. But I love how I look for the first time in years. I tried on summer pants and no belly falling over. Weird and wonderful. I set out to look normal and that goal was achieved. Now if you want tight bikini tummy you may want to go with a full. But the recovery and belly button moving thing just weren't worth it for me. I wouldn't wear a bikini in public anyway. lol Heres my docs before pic and an after pic from today. As I said, very happy. :)
Eatontown Plastic Surgeon

I can't say enough good things here. Right from the get go he and his staff treated me with respect, listened to what I wanted and took time with me. He did not pressure me into more than what I asked for. The whole process of the actual surgery went smoothly. The surgery center was immaculate and professional. When returning for check ups at dr Lombardi s office I was taken in immediately as I was in obvious discomfort. His work is exactly what I was wanting, with a low and straight scar, removing what I didn't want and keeping what I did. His lipo left me without the love handles but also without lumps. The office provided me with everything I needed. I highly recommend them.

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